It’s an old saying, “nature isn’t a place to visit” But the reality is totally opposite. One really needs to visit nature sometimes to contemplate how beautiful it is! More often than ever, we hear statements like,” I want to have a vacation close to nature”, “I want a peaceful trip around nature” etc. This clearly signifies how far we have come from the lap of nature that we really need to make a visit to the one.

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” ~ Albert Einstein


And it’s actually these beautiful lessons that one can learn from the nature that magnetize us to mark a visit! So let’s take a dive into the top 10 of the most beautiful lessons that one can learn just by staying around or observing nature:

10) Nature does not hurry 

It’s very much evident how each one of us is just in a hurry. Everyone has their goals, and one just chugs along to achieve it. And this journey rather becomes a race than just a ride. But being in the nature tells you that nothing is rushing.

Every single thing that is happening around you, with you, is just on time! The river is flowing timely with its speed, the plants are growing at their own pace and you won’t be late either if you take a deep breath and let go of all the impatience.

9) There is a reason.

Everything happens for a reason and has a purpose. Maybe you are not able to find the reason now but soon, all your questions will be answered from the universe. Observing nature makes you understand that every creature has its purpose and reason for their existence. You just need to value them to be valued in this world.

8) Freedom is precious.

Every creature that has ever been born or created in this world seeks freedom. A caged bird will always want to fly towards that sky and once you set it free, you will be blessed with all the chirpiness. Similarly, in our hectic lives, we tend to miss this freedom.

Being in nature makes us realize how much we are captivated by our money-making jobs and how much our souls crave for this openness. Nature always welcomes us with wide arms open to let us have the sense of that freedom.

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7) Sit back and relax 

It is good to be productive and finish your work on time. This makes you grow further in your career. But it is as important to sit back and relax sometimes and watch things pass by.

Nature teaches us sometimes to let things unfold by themselves and let them go as they pass. It’s just like recharging the batteries of your mobile phones. This practice makes you recharge your positivity levels that can further help you foster into something more exclusive and great things!

6) Light after every tunnel end 

One can easily witness the clear sky after a torrential rain or dust storm. Nature always tells us that no matter whatsoever be the problem in your life, it is always going to end on a positive and fruitful note. You will always be going to learn something from it.

You will always be a better and more beautiful person after it. You will always end up on light after every dark tunnel of your life. A clearer and the more beautiful sky is always going to await for you. Trust the universe and you shall pass every storm of your life.

“Art takes nature as its model.” ~ Aristotle

5) The leaves will fall.

After every season, the leaves are going to fall just to make space for the new ones. In this journey of life, everyone is going to witness different phases at different time periods of life. The truth is you will enjoy only if you let the old ones fall and accept the new ones.

A cocoon will only feel good until you will spread your wings to fly. The falling of leaves from the trees in the autumn season puts up an ideal example that makes us learn a lesson that the good or the bad times are always going to slip by.

4) The bamboo tree will always be jealous of the maple tree.

Just because the maple tree produces the sweet-tempered maple syrup does not mean that the bamboo tree is anything less. One cannot make everyone happy. You will always find someone in this path where you will feel someone is better than you in a specific job.

You might not know how to dance perfectly but know how to draw flawlessly. Each of your qualities and imperfections adds to life and spreads humanity. Supporting someone in their journey will not make any difference to you but might make a huge impact on the other. Appreciate other person’s art and let your flourish.

3) The beautiful night sky.

The dark night might scare you, but the sun rays will always follow. The night sky has its own worth. The beautiful starry sky lets you dream about the things that you can conquer in the daylight.

Pass the night sky with fear; your wait for the sun shall end, but its anyway going to end if you live by it feeling it’s beautiful under the charming stars. Ups and downs of life, both should be appreciated only then each of it would be valued.

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2) Imperfections are perfect.

If a zebra would feel that his black and white crossings on his skin have no worth just because he is not a tiger, everyone, literally every single person, would die out of grief. The nature has made everyone in the best of its capacities and for a reason. The zebra might not look like the tiger but can anytime try to hunt like a tiger. Tiger is not known for his scales but for his ability to hunt like a pro right!

The imperfections we feel we have might are our best of qualities. You are a part of nature and hence you are the best versions! You cannot change the way God has made you, the face cut, the eyes, the chubby cheeks, or the color of your skin, but you can surely evolve your mind to understand that it hardly makes any difference. You know people from their heart.

1) Patience and belief! 

Believe that everything you are doing today will multiply in the future. When a seed is sown, it is not expected that it will magically be grown into a big tree the very next day. It takes its course of time. It is foolish to expect this, right?

Similarly, it is as bizarre to expect that the product of your hard work will instantly get to you. Believe in your hustle! It is always going to pay back magnanimously. Believe that your belief is true! Believe that the universe will witness your journey! No one is too late, and you shall also be the achiever!

The nature surely has its own ways to make a human understand the nature of his existence. Whenever you feel you are stuck somewhere in your life, just let the nature flow into you. Make a visit to your nearest park and you will acknowledge its blessings. Sit, relax and observe. You surely will get back with more hundreds of beautiful lessons.