If you’re a foodie who loves to experiment with, learn and try different delicacies from across the globe, you’ve come to just the right place. We live in a highly diverse world, and it is rather impossible to be aware of all the different types of foods available in every nook and corner of the world.

Life is about exploring the pasta-billities.

Here you will find some of the more bizarre foods the world has to offer, and you can decide whether you wish to try them or not.

  1. Haggis

This is a delicacy primarily found in Scotland, and it is a dish that includes the internal organs of a sheep. To be more precise, it includes the heart, liver, lungs, etc. It is a dish that is usually prepared with raw onions, animal fat, spices, and some salt to taste. It is typically a stuffing inside the animal stomach, which is then cooked by allowing it to simmer gradually, for at least 3 hours. In the most traditional form of this dish, the stuffing is encased in a sausage covering rather than the stomach. Although this may seem somewhat disgusting to many individuals, Scotland’s delicious specialty is loved by many.

  1. Fugu

This is a dish commonly found in Japan. In Japanese, it means poisonous pufferfish, and it is a well-known dish of the country. It is important to note that these poisonous pufferfish contain enough poison in them to be considered lethal. In order to prepare this dish, one needs to be a specially trained chef. Those who cook this dish are chefs who have been trained for at least about three years and have mastered the art of preparing Fugu safely and well. Some chefs also believe in keeping a certain percent of the poison in the fish while cooking it, and it gives a tingling sensation on the tongue and the lips. This is done as the taste of the fish, as such, tends to be quite bland. A lot of people put their life on the line and try this Japanese delicacy for the experience of it.

  1. Sannakji

This is a dish that is popular in Korea, and it is a preparation of raw fish. The dish consists of a small live octopus that has been cut up. This is because the octopus is supposed to be still slightly alive when served on the plate. The dish is always served immediately and is often seasoned with sesame seeds and sesame oil. It is important to keep in mind that one must chew the food well before swallowing it, as it is raw meat. Failure to do so can lead to serious health implications.

  1. Chicken Cartilage

This is a delicious preparation often served in Japan. It is without a doubt a bizarre food indeed, but those who try it can never get enough of it. It is usually served up in pubs and bars along with drinks. It makes for the perfect thing to munch on while sharing a drink with a friend and if you’re craving something crunchy. Although it can be eater fried, it can also be consumed grilled, depending on your preference and what you feel like eating. One must note that it can be rather tough to eat and takes a few mouthfuls to be broken up into bite-sized pieces. It is usually served with a slice of lime to add an extra zing to your pallet.

  1. Boshintang

This is a dish famously found in Korea. You may have probably heard about it, as it made the headlines quite a few times, and there were masses of people who protested against it. It is a dish that contains dog meat and is served as a soup prepared with dandelions, spring onions, and heaps of spices. The soup is reportedly one that increases one’s immunity and is commonly consumed when ill. However, although it is a popular dish, it is famously eaten among the older Korean generations today.


  1. Huitlacoche

This dish is popular in the region of Mexico and is loved by many. The reason it is on the list of the most bizarre foods in the world is that it contains corn smut. This is a fungus that usually turns kernels of corn into growths that resemble tumors, and they begin to get covered by spores that look black and blue in color. If you saw it, you would certainly believe it needs to be discarded immediately. However, it is eaten by flavor in Mexico and is a delicacy indeed. It is also well-renowned as a speciality in the culinary world and is enjoyed with earthy flavors.

  1. Muktuk

This dish is commonly found in Greenland and is enjoyed by people there. It consists of whale skin that has been frozen and blubber. Traditionally, it is served in its pure form, that is, raw. However, it is also often served after it has been pickled. It has a texture and looks like liquorice. It also has three layers, namely, the skin, which has hints of hazelnut when tasted, the fat, which is chewy, and a layer in-between, which is chewy too. Although this is considered a snack, it is a healthy one indeed. Apart from being just a snack, it is also high in vitamin C, and vitamin D. seems great, doesn’t it?

  1. Century eggs

These are a true delicacy in China, and you will be shocked once you learn what it is made of. Century eggs are made of rotten eggs and are enjoyed by all in the country. Sounds bizarre indeed, doesn’t it? The dish is also called a hundred eggs, or pidan. It is coated with salt and ash and kept aside for months together. This process transforms the yolk of the egg into a green substance that one may say smells like sulfur. It seems like an out-of-the-box snack, but what if you end up enjoying it?

  1. Salo

A number of health professionals advocate for removing the fat from meat before consuming it, but this delicacy of Ukraine is the complete opposite. The dish involves using only the fat from meat to create this delicious meal. It is eaten after being sliced into thin strips or after it is lightly smoked. It is usually accompanied by rye bread and enjoyed as an appetizer. In Ukraine, there is also a festival of lard dedicated to this preparation, and it can be eared either raw or cooked.

  1. Sheep Brains

This is a bizarre by famous delicacy found in part of the United Kingdom. Apart from being just a delicacy, it is also high in the nutritional benefit it provides to those who consume it. The preparation of this delicacy became rather scarce after the panic and stress that the mad cow disease caused, but this dish is still quite commonly seen around the world. Apart from the United Kingdom, this dish can also be found in parts of China, Turkey, and Bangladesh.

Now that you know about the top 10 bizarre foods across the globe, you were probably rather disgusted reading about them. However, change is the only constant in life and experimentation is what keeps things exciting and thrilling. So, which delicacy would you love to try for the first time?