“Money and materialistic possessions mean nothing without joy, peace and love. We are made to serve people, not serve things.”

Why do you work? The most prominent reason to study and work is to earn a livelihood. To get knowledge and work for pleasure is a secondary aspect. Money is the way we can purchase anything we want, get access to the basic needs of food, clothing and shelter while enjoying a luxurious life. The two major classes in humans are Haves and Have not which are also differentiated based on the money they possess. Along with that if you want to help others even for that purpose you need money. It is good to keep the money as a priority, still, money’s not everything.


Money is essential but it has its burdens. For this purpose, we have listed 10 important things money can’t buy to tell that there is a life other than money.

10. The important thing in life is to be happy and enjoy every moment- Money can bring temporary pleasure or enjoyment. But, money cannot buy happiness. On the other hand, the reason to acquire money is to become happy by purchasing whatever we want. This is the reason why all the wealthy people are not the happiest. Happiness is not for sale rather it depends on a lot of other factors other than materialistic pleasure. Some people are happy with all that they have while some never get happy with anything.

9. The irreversible phenomenon of Time-The time that passes by cannot return by any given amount. Money cannot buy time. When someone dedicates their life to earn money, the biggest regret they have is losing out on time. It is available to everyone but it can’t be brought back. You need to decide on how to want to utilize it in the best possible way.  Money can be earned again but not time. You might have seen that people are always fascinated with the idea of a time machine because there is no turning back for it.

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8. The purpose of life makes it meaningful- A purposeless life is like a plain arrow with no direction to go. The decision to plan life, set goals and work is the purpose for life. Majority of the people set their goal in life to earn money. But, it’s not relevant. Money can support you in your purpose in life. People feel that earning money is their ultimate goal. However, people don’t realise that money cannot give a purpose to live, you need to decide it on your own.

7. The beautiful feeling of love cannot be purchased-Love is the strongest feeling known in humans. Money can’t buy love because love is not available for sale. Love is a feeling that grows and formulates with time and you can not force anyone to love you back. It is a natural phenomenon. This is the reason why rich people are not the luckiest in love while poor aren’t necessarily bad in love. Sometimes, money can be a problem in love because an emphasis on money will take you away from love.

6. Good health is the true wealth that can’t be bought with money- You would have heard the saying, “Health is wealth”. The reason behind this is that good health will facilitate you to enjoy life. While money cannot purchase the phenomenon of good health that is once lost. Health brings confidence, ease and wellness of senses to live life in a better way. Money alone can not help you to enjoy life. Paying medical bills will not give natural health. This is the reason that rich people are not immortal.

5. Good friends in life make it beautiful that is unconnected to money- Good friends make life worth living. Real friends remain unaffected over the amount of money you possess. They will always be there for you to celebrate your success and help you in the time of need. The friends made over money would disappear when you would not have money. Additionally, good memories and experiences with friends are unmatchable. Those moments are not sold at a fixed price.

4. Sometimes all we need is mental peace for satisfaction- Good quality of mental peace or inner peace is necessary to keep you going in life. There are tough times that will let you down. But, inner peace will help you cope up with the most difficult situations. Inner peace is essential for everyone to help them pause the complexities in life. Mental peace gives the much -needed satisfaction in life and it’s a fulfilling experience. Money can not give you peace and complete satisfaction. Sometimes money can be the reason to take away your mental peace.

3. Great talent will take you to the highest heights-Some people have a unique talent that is improved and nurtured by them. This talent brings them fame and money. Many successful singers, dancers, artists, actors and athletes are examples of such great talent. Everyone wants to possess a talent that makes them unique. However, money can’t buy talent to make you different and give you a good future. Still, talent brings in money.

2. Valuable knowledge can make life easy to live-Knowledge is a powerful weapon in life. Good knowledge can make you strong and intelligent. It will help you to find better solutions to problems and it will make your life easier and more convenient. This is the reason that education is provided to give knowledge to people. But, all the wealthy people are not knowledgeable. It needs to be learned and taken because money will not bring knowledge. Also, knowledge is useful to earn and spend money.

1.Truth always remains unchanged and money can’t change it- Truth is a reality that cannot be changed by any force. Even money cannot modify the truth. Money can temporarily suppress the truth but it can’t change it. The truth will always be dominant in the long run. It is a presence that can’t be denied. Truth is a priceless possession of honest people. Due to this reason, there is no fixed financial status of true people.

Everything is not for sale. Along with these things, you can not purchase good manners and acceptance. All these things are not availed by the presence of money. All the people who yearn for money say that ” Money is everything” but this is not true. Money has a significant place in life still there are some more important aspects in life and money has its limitations. The desire for money is not bad. It is crucial to remember that there is a life beyond money.

Wealthy people don’t necessarily have these things in life. All these things are achieved in the course of life with good work and good intentions. Sometimes poor people have better sleep than the rich because they are content with whatever they have. A big regret in life can be your inability to value things at the right time.

In place of running behind what you don’t have. Be happy with a decent amount of money and cherish all the other things that can not be purchased with money.

“Money is numbers and numbers never end. If it takes money to be happy, your search for happiness will never end.”