10 Life Experiences you can learn when you Live Alone

In every youngster’s life, there comes a point of time when they have to leave the cradle of the comfort of their parent’s house and start a life of their own. It’s nonetheless a milestone in itself to start with. Terming the saga of living alone as an important benchmark of life won’t fall in the wrong detail. Coming out of the ease instills values that life at home will never teach. Whether you accept it or chose not to, living alone is something that everybody wants to try, if not follow, at least once in their life. The experience of living alone, away from the indispensable people, helps you develop into an individual. It is important to be comfortable with yourself before being so with other people.

Living alone comes bundled with its own set of ups and downs, like someday you feel like sitting alone and crying, someday you crimson in anger, someday you are the happiest, and someday the feeling of leaving everything and run back home shadows over. More than anything, life teaches to live and living alone only lets you face it. I am sure reading this would steer many to give it a shot.

To everyone who did, here are 10 extremely defining experiences you gain when you start living alone.

1. Your mess is on you, clear it!

Do you even remember the last time you got harangued by your mother on cleanliness? Well, as a harsh reality, living alone doesn’t make the place dazzling. No parents, no room service, nothing but you yourself. Consequently, you learn to clean up. And if you wait for the magic box to open up and come with a cleaner, you are in a dreamland; no magical transformation ever happens. The lazy lad won’t procrastinate for long if one day either your parents or your people crash over at your place. Time will take you through that tiring journey of getting your stuff in place. A long day of work is a dreary imagination but is also a unique experience in itself. Your manual labour and lost calories will poke you to mention how proud you are of yourself. Also, you never know if you land up in the stories of appreciation of people who keep their places spotlessly clean.

2. The onus of your finance falls on you

Days into all that mathematical mind-boggling, you realize how bills actually make people sick. Paying for you is just the start. Eventually, you learn to think twice before shelling out on luxuries. Cents are spent wisely, be it on food, water, electricity, or healthcare etc. You start cooking, as it is cheaper than ordering food daily. The slow and steady path to frugality gets head on from here. The sale days are at the tip of your tongue. You learn the art of becoming economical as being wastrel is no cooler. Bills start appearing enormous. You know that whatever you look at will cost you dearer and might go down the tangent. But then as a conscientious purchaser, you know your deals and have the knack of it.

3. You become your own validation

The identity and validity as an individual get established once you start living alone and cater to your set of responsibilities. Count of people in your life may be infinite, but then you will realize that you have an independent existence and you need no podium to declare it. The true realization of your worth comes by envisaging yourself as an individual entity. Not only is it extremely helpful in dealing with life situations, but also helps familiarize with them. An established validation helps you flourish as a person.

4. Independence- more than ever!

If there’s one thing that will come more than you need or ask for, will be Independence. Now there might be an immediate question popping up about what’s so different between freedom and independence. While freedom is singular, Independence combines different aspects- like validation, freedom, and autonomy. Living alone is synonymous with independence. What you do with it, attests to your maturity and intellect. You can exercise it to any degree you may wish to, guilt-free. Enthralling as it is, it feels tedious at times too.

5. You become worried about socializing

When living alone, socializing develops a wholly novel sense. You have a place of your own and you invite your circle of people over. Throwing parties around people more comfortably start and you get to socialize better. Also, you have friends you can call over on your own. But there’s a catch. With freedom comes a lot of responsibility. Different groups, different habits, and all that you have is your conscience to rule. You no longer share a family fridge so there’s a greater chance you stock it with alcoholic beverages carefree. Then you start with one, two, and the cycle goes on. A couple of drinks become a couple of bottles, and there is no one to make a judgment. It’s highly likely that you begin drinking regularly and end up more worried than ever.

6. What you can do on your own comes as a surprise to you

Seeing your friend, senior, or a family member grow and mature might have always fantasized you about how accomplishing life is. However, the real test of it lies in living alone. Whatever is to be done is to at you own skill. Times comes when you are unaware of your own potential and gradually realize the small accomplishments you have made while living alone, Things, large and small, render you a sense of self-accomplishment and self-satisfaction. A new confidence develops and you realize how living alone empowers in ways never known.

7. You learn the song of freedom

Freedom comes in forms more than that just meets the eye. Living alone, without an iota of doubt, is an energizing experience. Being non-explanatory and responsible is another stirring skill. The thrill of being the king of your own choice falls short of words with its matchless experience. With the rhythm of liberation on the tips, life becomes meaningful, its understanding becomes better, and perceiving others grows by leaps and bounds. Freedom, responsibility, and independence driven in without being assisted by others impulses personal growth and enriches your experience of life.

8. You learn the lesson of adjustment

A life in isolation teaches the art of adjusting in circumstances and with a diverse crowd. The maid, the neighbor, and the landlord, they all teach the art of tackling people and situations. A saying for children goes- ‘You won’t learn how to walk until you fall’.
A large chunk of troubles come handy in living alone. Troubling experiences carve out the tough character by removing the soft area of exposure. Life thus prepares for the adversities that might come.

9. The only person that can help you is YOU!

In facing a storm, a giant animal, a break-up, or an exam failure, the only person that comes to liberate is you yourself. In the adversities of your life, you’re on your own. It is wisely said that adversities make a man perfect. Our commitment to ourselves helps us stabilize better at the boundaries of smooth and wild.
Freedom and silence are great refreshments sometimes but then there are times when you get stuck in a confusing point, like what to wear on a date. Small but crucial, it lets you develop an insight and a correct approach to living alone.

10. You learn the difference between being alone and lonely

A striking realization makes way by learning the disparity between being alone and being lonely. You can be comfortable alone with yourself, most probably with your favorite novel, hopefully, happy and enjoy yourself. It takes the realization of being at comfort with you in order to be at ease around others and effectively communicate. It is sure to increase confidence and develop healthy relationships.

This piece of experience may sound little exhaustive, but these are the simple things that form the truth of life. Cherish if you have found it. And if not, take the chance, and face them. Live, learn, and develop, because life is endless.

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Saket Singh