We often hear people claiming that they hate liars. Ironically, we fail to realize that we have all been liars at some point in our lives or the other. We live with a pre-conceived notion that a lie is considered a lie only if it hurts other person’s sentiments. But the reality is slightly different from it. A lie spoken to defend ourselves from unwanted situations is also a lie no matter whether or not it is hurtful to someone else.
Ever faked sickness to avoid going to school or work? Liar!
Made faux excuses to skip a function? Liar!
Faked an emergency to get out of a boring meet? Liar!

We have all been there. Yay!

We have never had the realization that a liar lives in all of us. It’s just the degree and the nature of it that varies. Some of us are petty liars who doesn’t mean harm to others but just have a selfish motive of protecting ourselves. While some are the ‘pro-type’ liars who are nothing but a bunch of deceits. They would go to any level to forge genuineness but in reality have a masked liar residing behind that innocent face.

Some of us just believe that telling a lie is better than saying the truth which is not a melody for ears. Or that a lie said to save a relationship or to make someone feel better is not a lie. We also live believing the myth that telling the half-truth or molding the truth according to our convenience is different from a lie, but it isn’t. It is equivalent to lying. And not just to others, we are in an era where everyday people are telling lies to their own selves.  They are living a lie without even realizing. From little fibs to serious prevarications, here are top 10 most popular lies that we often encounter:

10. I’ll be there in 5 minutes: One of the topmost lies

Oh I mean that I haven’t even left my home till now and though I have to eat my breakfast, get ready, cut through that traffic and do a bevy of other stuff before actually meeting you- I will still miraculously be there in just 5 minutes!
Yeah, the 5 minutes actually mean till the time you can’t wait anymore.


9. I am almost done with it

That’s the instant reply that we get when we have some last minute submissions while the reality is the work has not even started yet.
We all live with this habit of procrastinating our work until the nth hour and then staying up all night a day before the deadline to get the work done.

8. I didn’t even get ready

This is the favorite lie of all the ladies who love to do make-up but never admits using it. They will take hours to adjust their eye-liner, have a perfect patch of all those beauty creams, wear a top-notch piece of garment and what not but in the end, still they didn’t even get ready. It’s difficult to ever figure out what actually is their definition of getting ready?

7. Come on! Just One more

These are the motivating liars who know just how to get a work done. A series of questions and you are tired of solving them?  Come on, just one more then we will wind up and the ‘one mores’ don’t end until you are really left with just one more.

6. Sorry, have some important work to do

That’s the most used and the perfect savior kind of lie. Not willing to join friends for an outing? Want to escape from a bizarre conversation and don’t know how to say it? This lie serves you just right. So, if a person uses this very often in a conversation and till now you just believed that he/she is a busy person, it’s time for you to have a reality check!

5. You look awe-some!

That’s a lie that most of the males resort to if they are in league of winning over a girl’s heart. After all, every girl likes to hear compliments right? But follow your instincts to know which ones are genuine and which ones just a try to win you when they actually don’t even mean it.


In the time that we live in, this phrase that’s meant to be the binding force between two souls; is the most heart-breaking lie. And the sad part is that it’s being used a lot and people don’t even hesitate or think twice before using it. It may be just a lie for you but it can mean a lot to the other person and can evade their trust in relationships once they encounter the harsh truth.

3. I will start working out from tomorrow

A perfect example of our procrastinating habits, this is the lie that we tell to ourselves almost regularly. We know that we need to hit the gym and start working out, courtesy that sudden weight spurt but we keep telling ourselves that tomorrow will be our way to fitness day but in reality that tomorrow never comes.

2. Single? What’s that?

We live in a generation where peer pressure has compelled us to be in a relationship even if we are not in love. Those who are single are made to feel out of the place and this fear of not being accepted or being thrown out of the group, it leads to the most drastic lie of having/faking someone as you boyfriend just to conform to the standards of your peers.

1. I am FINE

With a smile on our faces and a cheerful tone in our voices, we keep on saying ‘oh! I am totally fine’ but are we? I am fine is the lie that we often use to hide our problems or to avoid sharing our sorrows. We live in a fear that we will be judged for saying the truth but it’s time that we come out of our fake shells and address ourselves honestly. It’s okay to not be okay at times. Face it rather than faking it.

In a world full of lies, it’s important to acknowledge the importance of truth and honesty. Remember that one lie spoken leads to thousand others to cover it up. Even if saying the truth may not be favorable in the time being, but in the long run, it will always be better than the lie.

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