Ellen J Barrier rightly quoted “money can buy some things to create happiness, but it can never buy happiness”.  Therefore chasing money can sometimes lead us to a dead-end because the more you have it, the more you want. Moreover, the path to making all this money is to sacrifice your time because to put it frankly, time is happiness.


Imagine a world where there is enough money but no time to spend it with or on anything. Sounds depressing? This is because with the money that we make, we are searching for experiences that we want to have and this is what makes life worth living.


10) Money is never a constant

Folks who depend on money and find it difficult to part with it can end up in adverse situations. This is because money is never constant. You may be fortunate enough to have the wealth that you have today but isn’t tomorrow uncertain? Therefore money and happiness should never be in direct proportion.

In our own country, we have come across very many cases of people who lost their good fortune and were left to fend for themselves. This is precisely why our elders ask us to save some money for a rainy day because the only constant thing is change.


It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness.

Charles Spurgeon

9) Money can’t buy people

As human beings, some of the things we hold most dear to us are our people. Friends, family, and relationships of a varied kind fill our lives with joy. Can we buy them with money?

Absolutely Not! These relationships are carved out with effort and time and shape our lives in a significant way. It is also worth the mention that the experiences that we cherish the most can attain their true value only if they are shared with people who are dearest to us.

8) Happiness is internal

Happiness at its core is internal. If we have a disturbed mind, it is difficult to be happy even if we can possess our dearest treasures.

For example, most of us feel excited and happy upon achieving our goals or milestones. These are feelings that come from within and are triggered by our innermost selves. It is rooted in our experience.

On the other hand, money is external. You could be disturbed and unhappy even on the day you get your paycheck. It can however be a solution to your financial problems, but the extent of its use in giving happiness may be restricted to just that.

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7) Money can’t buy love

Who isn’t looking for love?

As human beings one feeling that we crave for and cannot exist without is love. To be able to be loved is a blessed feeling. Amid all the chaos in our lives, this feeling is a sure sense of happiness and is necessary to living. Imagine a situation where you are in trouble and you feel a sense of panic. Can money erase that? No, but a couple of loving words from someone special, may help to calm you down.

One of the most ideal examples in this respect would be arranged marriage. Especially in India where arranged marriages are prominent, it isn’t rare to give due importance to the grooms financial standing but ultimately what cuts is always their personality and their compatibility with the bride, precisely because the feeling of love towards a person has nothing to do with money.

6) Money can’t buy health

One of the most accurate of all sayings is that ‘Health is wealth’.

As human beings, we live in a society where the above fact isn’t emphasized enough. But truth be told, if we cannot be healthy, how can we make the money that we so desire? And even if we have the money, will we be in a happy state to spend it if we are unhealthy?

5) Money can’t buy respect

Respect is earned and it isn’t easy. Moreover, it is a feeling that arises out of facets of a person’s personality, work, and other such things.

For example, Roger Federer, the Tennis wunderkind is respected across the world, not because of the amount of money he makes from the games that he plays but because of the way he plays the game and his sheer determination and perseverance to win the game. The cheering crowd and the insane fan base of Federer and the fact that he is said to be ‘The greatest of all time (GOAT)’ is a form of showing him respect. Had he only focused on making money from his games, he would not have perhaps had the stardom that is currently dominant.

4) Money can’t buy peace of mind

It is often said that a true sense of happiness can only be achieved when we are at peace. The reason why human beings meditate is also to find peace and mindfulness.

Sometimes money can be the reason for the loss of peace. To elaborate on the latter, there was a guy whose father was conned by his colleagues only to be left with a baggage of debt for no fault of his own. Such instances aren’t rare and can be a major source of a disturbed mind. So if peace of mind is what you are looking for and money is what you are chasing to achieve it, you may be on the wrong path my friend!

3) Money can’t buy experiences

When a person is asked about what they wish to do with money, their answers are always deeply rooted in the experience of the process along with the material things. For an instance you are all set to buy your dream home and today is that exciting day when you are about to go and see it and finalize the purchase positively. Upon reaching the destination you figure that the neighborhood, where the house is situated is unsafe and unsavory. Would you feel the same way about the home?

Therefore even though we refer to them as material things, what we cherish the most in them are the experiences that come along with it. In the absence of that, it becomes empty.

2) Money can’t buy a dream job

Neither can money buy the job that you have been dreaming of nor can it buy you the satisfaction that comes from it. You could be earning lakhs in a year and may even be getting excellent perks related to travel, home, and other expenses but what if the stress from your job is keeping you up at night and in the wee hours of the morning? Does that seem ideal?

1) Money can’t buy or fix relationships

Good relationships are treasure worthy and they do not happen easily. They are a result of years of effort and love. Have you ever been disappointed with a childhood friend or someone you consider closest to you and used money to fix it? Absolutely not! Relationships can only be fixed through communication and effort.

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There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved.

George Sand


Money is important in life. A strong financial standing can give us a comfortable life which is essential for human beings. But it is important to understand that most things are internal and cannot be bought with money.

Like someone once said ‘If you want to feel rich, just count the things you have that money can’t buy.