If not love, then what? That mere feeling of being in love is enough for you to live your life. Doesn’t the world suddenly feel awesome, just like that? Can we really explore our life, ourselves, without love? Probably no. It’s important that we go all crazy every once in a while. Society suddenly stops being a problem. It’s just you and your love. That constant desire – just to be with them, that’s crazy. And you are right, love actually is – crazy…

We are often surprised when we get to see those sides of ourselves when we are in love. Life is no longer the same, life can’t be. You no longer think only about yourself, you spend almost your whole day thinking about the person you are in love with. They matter. They are all that matters. Just that feeling – when you hear yourself saying that you love someone – that’s it. That’s what we live for.

Well, one cannot define love. No one can really say what love is. The meaning of love for you might not be the same for someone else. You might love differently. You might feel love differently. There are these clear signs which can say if you are in love.

10. Your love is the only thing on your mind

Don’t we spend almost our whole day thinking about them? Even if we aren’t chatting. You start fantasizing. You might be at your work where your boss is asking you for the project and all you can think about is his/her face and that beautiful smile. Your mind is calm and it craves love at the same time. This might affect you badly sometimes. You might just prefer lying down and thinking of him/her instead of completing the assignment you are supposed to. But, who cares? It’s okay to miss some assignments for them.


9. You get jealous

How does it feel when you want to talk to them like crazy and you find them busy? What about the time when you call them and the phone pops up saying he/she is on another call? It hurts sometimes, doesn’t it? Know that it is completely okay. It’s completely okay to get jealous when you find them laughing with someone else. But that’s how life is, you can’t just spend your whole day talking to that single person, they do have a separate life too. But if you find yourself in any such situation, know that it’s completely fine and talk to them about it. Don’t just bury all of it inside you, it can get worse.

8. Life gets easier once you are in love

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When you are in love, you find your life a whole lot simpler. All those small things affect you a little lesser. You start appreciating your life and yourself. You stop worrying about those petty little things. You don’t care what that relative of yours says about you anymore. What only matters is you and them. It’s only what they think that seems important. You give a lesser damn about things that are less important.

7. You feel secure when you are with your love

Just as life gets simpler around love, the feeling of being secure also generated around it. When you spend the day with the person you love, you feel a sense of security. You feel as if the world can not harm you anymore. You don’t feel scared anymore because you know everything is going to be alright once you are with them.

6. You are more sensitive

You are full of emotions all day. You get happier, you laugh more, you enjoy your life more. At the same time, you get hurt more, you get sad more often. Even the small things affect you. You get more emotional. That ending scene of ‘Titanic’ might make you cry more than before. You will get upset seeing the kid begging in the streets. That’s what it does – it makes you more sensitive – it makes you more human.

5. You get comfortable doing those gross stuff with your partner

We might “Eww” at seeing people doing gross stuff together. But believe this, once you are in love, you feel okay doing the gross stuff. It’s because you have that comfort zone when you are with them. And because you trust them completely, you get to be more open and crazy. You can do all those stuff together and not be shy about it. Bob Dylan once said – “We can’t be wise and in love at the same time.”


4. You trust them more than anything

You trust your partner, you know that they will always confide in you and will always be honest no matter what. You trust them with your secrets, your truths. You take risks too. You believe what they say. Actually, you want to believe them, your heart wants you to trust your partner more than anything. Though, sometimes we get hurt because we trust them way too much. You might get blind sometimes.

3. You like doing stuff for them

When you are in love, you do things for your partner. It’s because you want to. That’s it. You like doing things for them. When you are out shopping – because you need a t-shirt for yourself, you end up buying something for them too. You love surprising them. It’s because you love that smile and that excitement on their face. That’s everything to you. You want to spend your time with them. And like people say – Love is a verb. Love is more about what you do, and not what you get. You don’t need them to ask for something, you already know and you end up doing all those.

You expect a lot of things from them too, and sometimes you get hurt in return.

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2. You start caring for more

When we are in love, we care. Because when they get hurt, we get hurt too. The fact that they are suffering from cold makes you uncomfortable. You start calling them every 5 minutes. It’s all because you care way too much. And that’s completely okay. You get worried when they are out late at night. You don’t like the fact that someone says anything bad to them (even if that someone is their parents). You just want them to give them the best of everything. And that feeling is special.

1. You become a better person

We have seen movies where a gangster falls in love, and suddenly he doesn’t like beating people anymore. Feels unreal? Well, it can be true. We become this better version of ourselves when we are in love. It’s not just them we care about, surprisingly, we are this different person to our friends and parents too. We start caring about them too. It’s because we get more sensitive. It’s because we are more human and a better person as a whole.

We feel a lot better about ourselves when we are in love.