The effect of physical environment and atmosphere on our moods is much more real than it is given credit for. For the same reason, most of us pay very little attention to the environment we spend most of our days in, i.e the atmosphere of our office space. Most adults find themselves involved in a 9-5 desk job which requires them to spend a large part of their day in the office. It is practically needless to mention that the mood and state of mind of an individual always has a reflection in his/her work.

So, it is obligatory for all of us to care enough to make a few changes in our offices, to turn it in into a more inviting and comfortable space for everyone to produce their best work in peace and satisfaction. Apart from being beneficial for the employees, an attractive office space is also important to impress any client or visitor.

Now, without further delay, let us jump into the top 10 simple and awesome tips and ideas that can instantly transform your office decor from drab to fab!


10. Paint the walls

A lot of times, the office walls are painted a boring and bland white or gray. This can often affect the mood of the worker negatively, arousing depressing and gloomy feelings. So, enliven the whole room by painting it something colourful and fun. It could be an abstract experiment with many different colours, like shown in the photo above. Or, you can choose a specific theme for your office room and paint the room in accordance with the selected theme. For instance, an ocean blue wall would go perfectly with the theme of tranquility and peace. Likewise, make sure that the rest of your office supplies are also preferably blue in colour, like the curtains, cushions or the paintings on the walls.


9. Add a plant or a flower pot

Since you will be stuck in a four-walled concrete room for the whole day, why don’t you let Nature come to you? Decorate your office with small plants and flowers. Opt for low maintenance,  cubicle-friendly plants like spider plant, cactus, peace lily et al to decorate your work space.  You can also select some easy to look after flowers which will brigten up your office desk. Studies have shown that the presence of plants and flowers do wonders to freshen up the moods of the employees, by making them happier and increasing their productivity.


8. Wall decor

As long as it is appropriate for your office, you can easily spice up those boring walls with fun and quirky wall art. Here, you are free to experiment with whatever your heart desires. Choose your favourite painting and hang it up on the wall or even better, paint one yourself!  You can also go for a creative and inspiring wallpaper or design. Your favourite motivational quote or even your favourite film poster, they can all deck up your office wall, provided, they serve the purpose of inspiring you to work better.


7. Fun storage and desk supplies

Ditch those dull and boring office supplies and replace these regular desk accessories with innovative and creative organisers. Customise the storage supplies and files and folders into something that caters to your personal choice. Print them with colourful designs, your favourite photos or quotes and make them more fancy and fun to use.


6. Photo frames

Photos of your family, friends, pets, your favourite travel destination or even a random photo of sunflowers – choose anything you wish to and frame it. Put it on your office desk or hang them up on the wall. You can even make a collage of your favourite photos and frame it up in your office room. There is nothing more personal and special than photos of your loved ones. These will serve as constant reminders of love and inspiration in your life, making you feel warm and comfortable in your workplace. Needless to mention, a satisfying work environment will naturally lead to better production of work as well.


5. Creative calendar

A calendar is an essential requirement of any office. It is regularly used to mark important dates of meetings, conferences, seminars and deadlines. At the same time, it can be the most affordable, quick and functional way of adding a little colour and creativity to your office. Look for interesting options online or design one yourself to make the otherwise boring calendar a vibrant attraction in your office.


4. Vision Board

Replace the dull white boards with a vision board. They are especially effective because they can provide a visual representation of all of your future goals and targets. You can add photos that inspire you to work harder or use sticky notes to write important deadlines and reminders. Paste motivating quotes or even articles and interviews that you think are relevant and interesting.


3. Personal mug

To make yourself feel more at home, use a personal mug in office. We all know how unimaginable surviving work can be without the constant supply of tea or coffee. So customise your beverage mug as you like it or get one with your name on it to avoid the confusion of anyone mistaking your mug for theirs.


2. Lamp

It is no secret that proper illumination is a must-have for any office for the employees to work without any difficulty. So, lamps have more roles to play than to just please the eyes. In fact, lighting designers suggest that desk workers should rely on two primary sources of light while working. An indirect source lighting to generally light up the whole room. Secondly, a small but direct source of light like a mini lamp. This helps with the finer details of work helping the worker to see things better and improves focus. So, apart from being an essential requisite, a lamp can also do wonders in brightening the entire appearance of the room. Therefore, invest in a lamp by choosing a fancy, modern table lamp or  a quaint vintage one ; suit yourself!


1. Quote/Mantra of the day

It’s all about the daily dose of inspiration that enhances personal growth. Get yourself a pack of magnets with inspirational quotes on them and unveil one each day to put it up in your office room. You can also get cute little sticky notes and write a motivational mantra on it everyday to paste it on your vision board. For this, keep a book of quotes handy so that you can readily find your quote of  the day. These daily reminders can help you stay focused and inspired and guide you to work towards your aims and goals.