School memories are reminiscent of the time when one was carefree, with fewer responsibilities, and where kids would enjoy their day without having to constantly worry about presentations and deadlines. Even for grown adults, till this day, their school was the best. Things have changed a lot over the years with growing technological advancements in the educational field but the emotion and one’s bond with their school remain the same. On that note, here are ten things that kids love about school. Let us start from the bottom.


10. Extended greenery in and around the campus

Nowadays, most city kids live in modest apartments in skyrise buildings surrounded by many of its own kind. The ‘concrete jungle’ is not another distant term rather a reality for most children of this age. Little plants in their homes are the closest they can possibly be with mother nature. In such cases, the breathtaking view of the school garden and the cool shade from a dozen of trees nearby the school playground is all that they need to relieve their stressed minds. Needless to say, the kids loved it.

9. Inter – School Cultural Meets

Children tend to defend their school’s name no matter what. Brawls between children attending different schools are quite common and each individual will claim that their school is the best.

So, it is safe to say that inter-school cultural meets are official fights!

Jokes apart, these events induce a higher level of competition among students and expand their knowledge about the world outside their respective schools. To glorify their school’s name, aces are chosen as a representative in various contests and mind you, the kids don’t take it easy at all, they give their best in each and every situation to lead their school towards victory. But not just fights, sometimes rivalry gives way to new friendships as well. Overall, it is an amazing experience for every lucky kid who gets to participate.

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8. Annual Sport’s Day/Annual Function

The Annual Sport’s day and the Annual Functions are the two most awaited events for school kids. Rehearsals, practice matches, and qualifiers are completed in advance and then arrive at the D-Day. Fancy parades by different houses, fun events prepared by the school cadets, and numerous sporting events keep the kids entertained for the whole day. Numerous dances and singing programs, skits, and recitations – keep the kids glued to their spot along with their accompanying parents. Not to mention, the nonexistence of academic periods for a whole week prior to the celebrations. The lighting of the torch and the chief guest giving medals to the winners. These events are not short of any pageant show for the kids.

7. The school Library

A good book can influence anyone, kids are no exception. They are a key part of character development for young kids, what they read in their books will greatly determine their actions in real life. A school with a library that boasts of numerous collections of storybooks, novels, omnibuses, academic magazines, and comics, attracts the attention of kids who are often bored of reading their core course books day and night. Such non-academic books will enable kids’ extensive reading capabilities as well. It is like a fresh breath of cool air on a hot summer day.

6. Scholastic Book Fair

Speaking of books, we cannot turn a blind eye to the book fairs that are held in schools. The palpable excitement in each and every kid is undeniably strong. When it is finally their turn to visit the fair and engage with hundreds of storybooks, they are overwhelmed with the thought of all the comics and storybooks they need to buy before the fair inevitably ends. Consequently, the endless persuasion for a larger allowance starts as soon as they reach home that day.

5. Carpool/School Bus Journey

Those kids who are dropped off at school by their parents miss out on the fun ride to school. The school bus journey is unlike any other. Once the kid gets on the bus, the first thing they do is save seats for their favorite partners. When the whole group is gathered at one place, then begins the tomfoolery. Even after a very tiring day at school, while returning home via these carpools, the kids get energized out of nowhere. Fun and games aside, this also teaches kids a lot about punctuality and harmony. Since the school bus won’t wait long for anyone, in particular, the kids are very careful about getting ready on time.

4. Vocational Periods

Let us all agree that classroom study was never an appealing factor for young restless kids. They are always busy in their quest for exploration through practical activities. Their hyper-energetic minds are more drawn to things which ignites a sense of creativity in them and allows them to freely express their lively emotions through some means. The vocational period includes co-scholastic subjects such as Art, Dance, Music, Sports, etc., and the kids are encouraged to choose one whichever they think suits them the best. Children have varied interests and hobbies besides academics, since this particular period allows them to unleash their creative potential, it is a hit among students.

3. Lunch Hour/Recess

Here comes the best part of school hours – The Lunch Break. The most anticipated time has finally come. If one has not already secretly finished their lunch in the previous periods then they get to eat their lunch, and for those who already have, well, there’s always others’ lunch boxes to munch from. The school canteen, at this point in time, is as crowded as the local train and the playground is bustling with children. All in all, it is a chaotic mess but in an adorable way.

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2. The school Playground

Teaching staff, overall infrastructure, and quality of education are the common concerns for parents but kids are interested in something completely different i.e., the school playground! The bigger the playground the better they like that school because let us all agree, nothing beats the fun of running around in the grass and playing hundreds of different games with your friends in a lovely humongous field. Since kids love to play, it is even better if the school has separate courts for tennis, basketball, etc., then the students’ attendance surely will remain consistent as their varied interests are being taken care of.


1. Circle of Friends in school

Even if a school lacks proper infrastructure, a huge playground, or modern electronic/sports equipment, kids still won’t mind as long as they have a good friend circle in school. The urge to wake up, even in biting cold mornings, and go to school mostly initiates from wanting to meet your friends in school and have fun together for the rest of the day. No kid wants to miss out on a single day’s worth of entertaining and unknown possibilities. God forbids! They miss school and that very day the annoying teacher falls off the chair! Can’t miss out on that, right?


(Bonus: Once in a Year – Birthday Celebrations)

Birthdays are very special for kids. It is that single lovely day when they are pampered the most, showered with gifts, grand parties are held for them and they get to cut a beautiful cake and enjoy the day with their friends. But a school birthday celebration is more exceptional since the birthday kid gets to share chocolates among their friends and is even allowed to visit other classes to distribute chocolates, (of course, tagging their best friend along with them). Some schools even allow the student to bid the monotonous uniform goodbye for a day and instead wear their special birthday outfit to school. The birthday kid undeniably remains the center of attention and everyone’s affection is directed towards them. Such a lovely experience cannot be topped by any other.