Do you ever feel like running away and never coming back? 

Everyone likes to stay at home and spend time with their families. Home is a comfortable shelter where everyone relaxes after working hard throughout the day. There is a sense of comfort, stability, and satisfaction at home. It is a common notion that a person is more secure at his home than anywhere else.

But, everyone comes across a moment in their life when they desperately want to run away. Sometimes people are hurt by their loved ones, disappointed, or stressed by the problems in life. Most of the children run away from their homes because they are angry, hurt, or terrified. Young people run due to complex problems and unhappiness.

According to data by rhyclearinghouse, ” Nearly 6% to 7% of young people run away from their home with 1.5 million children and teenagers.” 

Your decision to run away may be taken in a hurry or you might have thought thoroughly over it. In either of the cases, you need to pack some essential items that are practically important and they shall help you for surviving in the external world. Let’s take a look at 10 things to take with you if you are planning to run away:-

10) Enough money will help to start a fresh life– 

Money is the most important and basic thing that you need to take while running away. Also, money is the reason that stops everyone from running away. So, make sure that you have enough money from your savings that will support you after running away. Make sure that you don’t steal or acquire money for any illegal reason. It will surely involve the police in the case. Money will help you purchase regular essentials and stay in a good place.

9) Medicines are a must for good health-

Essential medicines and your prescribed medicines are a necessity. You might not get a medical store near your stay. So, it’s better to take medicines along with your stuff. Don’t steal or take severe and strong medicines, you can take mild painkillers and paracetamol. A small first aid kit can also be taken for essentials. You can need medicines in uncertain weather conditions or other situations. Additionally, there is no replacement for the needs of medicine that are vital for your health.

8) No one will trust you or let you stay without proper identification documents-

Proper, original documents and identification cards are highly significant. It defines your nationality and secure identity. Without proper documents, you can’t apply for a job, travel, or stay anywhere. You can be arrested for lack of documents to credit and prove your honest identity. Along with the original documents take a xerox of them to make sure that you don’t lose them. Documents can include mark sheets, birth certificates, driving license, voters card, and other acceptable cards that prove your citizenship. Don’t share your original and important documents with any strangers.

7) Arrange your 2-3 meals rather than searching it everywhere

Take some snacks, fruits, and other food items that can make your 2-3 meals for at least 3 days after leaving the home. There is no surety that you will immediately arrange decent meals. So, pack food to prevent hunger. It will also enable you to save money from spending immediately when you leave. Take some packed food materials and some drinking water bottles. Don’t take food from any random place or person that would seem doubtful. 

6) Packing clothes is a regular ritual before going out to stay anywhere else-

Packing clothes is the first step to do when you decide to leave. Clothes are essential and you can not do without them. If you will not have enough clothes then you will be busy looking for adequate clothes immediately. Purchasing new clothes is also very expensive. Instead of different kinds of clothes, take good, comfortable and decent clothes that would suit different weather conditions. Try to take the clothes that you have worn the least number of times to prevent others from tracking you down.

5) Casual yet essential accessories have unclaimed significance-

Every time you leave the home, along with clothes other essential accessories are also packed. Accessories like toothpaste, toothpaste, comb, cream, watch, perfume, soaps, and sanitizers have unclaimed importance in life. It will be difficult to collect these small things and spend money while you can take them with other things. Hygiene essentials are especially important and you will not be able to manage without them. Make sure that you don’t lose these small amenities anywhere in negligence. 

4) Blankets and some basic bedding are more important than you think

Whenever you travel somewhere, either you take a blanket and basic beddings or make sure it’s available at the destination. For sure, you can not care about a mattress or big woolen blankets. Still, you can take a basic mat, pillow, and thin blanket to protect you from the harsh weather. It will give you a comfortable sleep. It is difficult to arrange for these things once you get away from your house. 

3) Pepper spray and knife are important for protection against strangers in this big world

This big world is filled with both good and bad people. It is difficult to judge the intentions of a random person. You would have been secure at your home, but it is difficult to protect yourself from strangers with the wrong intention. So, take some stuff like pepper spray or a small knife for protection and safety. Make sure you don’t hurt anyone unnecessarily. When you run away, you will be responsible for your security.

2) Take your home’s contact information if you decide to return at any given time-

You might never consider this option now. But, it is a popular saying,” Never say Never”. Practical life is different from glamorous ideas. If you ever feel unsafe or decide to return and deal with the situation then you will surely need this. Take a list of important numbers of your family and friends, with the correct address of your home. If possible, take a small and simple mobile that will help you contact your family when you decide to return. 

1) Unforgettable Recollections are your mental support in challenging times

A decision that you prefer today might have a deep impact on your loved ones tomorrow. You will realize the value of your home, once you leave it. When you decide to leave the house, take the recollections of your life to date for moral support in challenging times for the future. The moment that is lost today, makes us realize its significance later. You are changing the course of your life, so take your past to build a good future. You can take pictures of some memorable items that belong to your family that are inexpensive. 

There are countless reasons for running away, that will not end when you run away. You might have a valid reason to leave the house or any explanation. But, “running away from your problems is a race you will never win”.

Everyone feels like avoiding the problems but, running away is a serious decision that surely requires a second thought. It’s completely different from what you hear in stories or watch in movies. You might be under serious difficulties. However, just think about your loved ones and the potential repercussions of your decisions. In the end, you need to decide the best for yourself. 

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