For an average person, the word ‘JOB’ is associated with a 9-5, 5 days a week deck-bound office job. But what if you were told that there’s a company which pays its employees just for sleeping? Yes, you read it right. You actually get paid around 10 lakhs for uninterrupted sleep of 9 hours for 100 consecutive days. Not only this, there are hundreds of such coolest ‘dream jobs’ all over the world which you actually wanted to have when someone asked you what you want to be when you grow up.

Surprisingly, its time to live in the world of your dreams. From a tea-taster to a waterslide tester, here are some 10 unexpected dream jobs of the world which can make you feel like work with a vacation or say, WORK-CATION:

Pending on work due to Cinephilia or Binge-Watching? What if the mainstream work is to watch the latest movies and rate them that too before the its release? Movie producers pay critics to rate and review the movie before its release.
Similarly, Netflix hires people called taggers who get paid for watching hours of latest contents on Netflix, then enter key describing words in the database for those shows for making searching easier for the audience. Netflix and chill? Actually, possible now. Netflix and earn sounds even more cool now!

Ladies, stop recommending latest must-buys in the fashion industry to your peers for free, make a career as a personal shopper and get paid. The personal shopper usually works with a renowned person, usually a celebrity or a businessman and is responsible for keeping their wardrobe up-to-date with latest trends in the market. Not only this, a well-established personal shopper can even make $300,000 a year! Well, you can now definitely get paid for your chic fashion sense.

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The name says it all. Literally, sipping a cup of tea can make you earn money. So, if you are, say, worried about your excessive tea drinking habit, the problem is not the habit. Instead, you are definitely on the wrong career. You get to travel and taste up to 200 cups of tea from all over the world every day! I personally have my sympathy for caffeine sensitive people.

This is a perfect example of a WORK-CATION. Imagine making money, $2000 – $3000 per month, by sailing over the world on a rich man’s yacht and that too with food and accommodation included. Savings will be huge with enjoyment included. An adventurous person will be the cherry on the top for this career option. I mean literally a vacation, that too sponsored. What else were you looking for? A bungalow?

The other day I was reading about a person named Sebastian Smith, a student, was reported to be the first waterslide tester to test the slides and review them. In simple words, waterslide testing is a paid vacation, in which you travel around the world and test waterslides and rate the rides on two factors- “Biggest Splash” and “Adrenaline Factor” and the money is huge- $30000 per year expenses excluded. All the adventurous peeps who love to experience the risks with fun, this one is for you! You can live your best amusement park life if you get to be the waterslide tester.

It sounds like a doctor of gums but as they say, don’t judge a book by its cover. If you are someone who loves chewing gums, this job is waiting for you! You get to taste the gums and review the gum companies for addition and development in taste and quality of gums. And an interesting fact- a gumologist can distinguish about 70 ingredients from a single gum. Who knew tasting gums could even make you around $40000 a year? Yes you read it right. Let your taste buds be the force to achieve your goal.

‘Snuggler’ perfectly rhymes with ‘smuggler’ but this job is ideal for you if you love to cuddle and have no one to cuddle with. The cuddle session is conducted in a studio and on an average $1 per minute cuddling is paid to the snuggler and can further increase to $1.5 depending on your experience. Each session lasts for around 15 minutes to 5 hours and it is not only limited to cuddling, the client and snuggler can even play games, have a meal etc. Every single person right now reading this, you know where to get your cuddles from, right?

I think this is the most underrated dream jobs of the world. Show it to your parents, people! In February, 2020 a company in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India came up with the sleeping job which will pay its interns for sleeping. Once you get selected you are paid 1,00,000 INR and if you win the competition you are paid 10,00,000 INR as a prize money and you are declared as ‘India’s Sleep Champion’. Get ready guys! 80,000 people have already applied for it!

Creative Engineer and want it to show it to the world? Stop doing a boring 9-5 job, run to Disney amusement parks and become a imagineer (Engineer + Imaginer). All you need to do is implement your creative wildest ideas and put them into reality at the amusement parks. You earn magnanimously and at the same time can make millions of people smile. Surely, a win-win situation. Engineers, no more unemployment and no more memes on you!

The childhood dreams are coming true! Ben and Jerry officially hire a flavor guru to taste their ice creams, candies blended into desserts for the sake of quality control. Unhealthy? Who cares when you are happy and make a lumpsum amount- around $200,000 a year? Also, the required experience is a knowledge of food science. Well, if you want to have your office inside an ice cream parlor, where all you need to do is taste the ice creams, this much of effort is worth it!

These are merely few of the dream jobs, the top 10, that exist. So, why only dream of a perfect career when you can actually pursue it? Does not matter how much you enjoy sitting screen job; the grass always seems greener on the other side. Gone are those days where your childhood dreams were called fictional and impractical and one always had to face the harsh adult life job. Don’t let the child in you die, make your child like spark push you for your career.

Today, with these amazing careers throughout the world, its time to experience the best reality of life and have a work from which you actually don’t want to take the time off and work 7-days a week. No more Monday blues, only happy days! So, if you want to do something out of the box, explore the options and turn your dreams into reality while actually getting paid for them. Sounds fun? It definitely is! All it takes is awareness and passion to follow these careers. All the best peeps!