Every woman has an ultimate fashion checklist for her closet. She might not have everything from that list, but the list is just never-ending. A wardrobe tells a lot about a person that it belongs to, in fact, the choice of clothes, footwear, accessories have a lot to do with what a person’s vibe is for the day.

Well, having said that, your outfit plays an imperative role in uplifting your confidence and your mood throughout the day. Comfy, common pyjamas will always let you have a comfy and slightly unproductive workday whereas with a properly suited-up outfit with the fling of that mascara or liner you are just ready to pull off your meeting perfectly as it could be!

The first things that are noticed when one enters a room are their clothes and the confidence with which they carry them. So before going further in this article the one very basic as well as the most important thing that one should carry with their outfit or attire is confidence, everything else comes secondary.

For a girl, as one would relate, every time she opens the wardrobe, she might see piles of clothes, but one would still hear from her that she has nothing to wear! So here are 10 basic things that every girl should have in her wardrobe so that no one ever must hear the same remark again:

10. A pair of skinny jeans
Denim jeans are a go-to lower for every occasion. Be it a formal event, a casual get together or a friend’s night out. It goes with all types of apparels in every season, call it tees and tops, tank tops, leather jackets or summer or winter wear. It even goes nicely with every sort of footwear like heels, sports shoes, sandals, flip flops, boots. This is a thing about skinny jeans, seasons will change but your skinny jeans will always be at your side! So choose wisely, which one to give a space in your closet!

9. Black dress
It would be bizarre to think of a girl’s wardrobe without her sexy little black dress. Most of the girls are crazy about black dresses, be it a mini dress or a long gown with that extra sparkle. They would love to do a ramp walk in it on the red carpet.

“One is never over-dressed or under-dressed with a Little Black Dress.” —Karl Lagerfeld

The best part is it suits every body type and body colour and that is what makes ‘black’ an evergreen colour. Also, you can always style your classy black dress with pumps or sports shoes, or long coat or a denim or even shrugs. Styling always varies from person to person.

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8. Go to Blazer
A classy look is always incomplete without a good blazer. The new fashion trends involving blazers give out killer looks and represent the modern feminism era. Blazers are formal wear that gives out a strong style statement. Earlier blazers were only meant for men but with the evolving time, women have slashed the patriarch by wearing blazers in new styles and forms. A good part about blazers is the versatility of the outfit that perfectly suits a woman’s needs. Blazers can be formal, flashy, subtle or chic that are ideal for a variety of different situations.

7. Sneakers
Yes! We pick ‘The white sneaker’ when we are unable to make any choice. Sneakers seem to be the most comfortable foot wear and match perfectly with your every spooky and fashionable outfit. Also, sneakers come in a wide variety like those below the ankle or those big sneakers which are in the latest trend and in so many fascinating colours that you would love to shop. Widely, white sneakers are in trend right now and it is quite difficult to find a closet without one, really a basic wardrobe thing nowadays! One great thing about sneakers is its friendly nature, pairs up with almost everything! how cool is that!

6. Plain Tees
The necessity of every girl for day to day wearing is a cool and classic tee. You can pair it with denim skirts, jeans, joggers, long skirts. It lets your over-dramatic attire look a little casual and normal. The vivid colours of tees make the overall look prominent and eye-catching. Plain tees are subtle yet they give out a dominant styling quotient. Check out its usefulness! Have a night stay at friend’s house in a tee and get ready for work in the morning with the same tee. A not so NORMAL tee anymore!

5. Denim Jacket
Denim jackets with oversized tees and a simple lower are the most stunning casuals for a woman. It gives out a teenage girl feel with a trendy spin. Denim jackets can be paired with any given outfit and make it look fashionable. They are comfortable and flexible to match simple daywear to flashy party wear. A good casual look is imperfect without a denim jacket. Moreover, denim jackets are must for the spring seasons. Saves you from the untimely chilly weathers yet let you enjoy your event.

4. Good lingerie
Lingerie serves a very crucial purpose in your wardrobe but some people still duck it when it comes to basic wardrobe things. Good Lingerie is a must for a perfect fit. It comes in so many designs, shapes, colours that can go with every type of dress. Be it a bodycon dress, backless, off shoulder, sleeveless, corset, deep neck etc. Even your most expensive dress will look dull on you if you are not wearing the right sized and type of lingerie. Well, you see, it holds that much of importance! But never compromise on your comfort. But the basics one that goes with most of your outfits.

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3. Shrugs
Shrugs are a classic dress piece with a modern spin that can be paired with nearly any traditional or modern outfits. A simple outfit can turn into a style statement with the pairing of a shrug. They are a simple over-garment that is not only used as a cover-up but also as an extra layer over a thin dress. A shrug is a piece of clothing that can be paired effortlessly for a fusion look. What most people love about shrugs is that it can be easily styled even from the ones who have little knowledge about fashioning.

2. Pumps
Pumps basically pump up the whole outfit vibe. You just transform your look from casual to chic within seconds! It is adaptable to any sort of event you are getting ready for, be it the formal meeting event or a night out party with your friends. And one of the most amazing things pumps can do for you if you have a short height is that it will give you the right amount of raise. The best part is that you can find crazy colours like neon, yellow, red, for a bold look.

1. Long Boots
Every girl’s tempting wardrobe is incomplete without eye-catching long boots. They give a unique edge to the overall look with a perfect finish. Long boots can be paired with plain dresses as well as patterned wear for every important occasion in one go. Long boots are classic with some new contemporary details that are trendy and dapper.