We often look for our dream homes in magazines or luxury stays and wish to make our homes so beautiful that they could capture every eye. You cannot completely make your spaces look like hotel rooms, but can definitely style and decorate your house and make them look more beautiful with these tips and tricks.


10. Add Mouldings to your house

Tired of boring walls and ceilings? Try adding up some beautiful moulding to enhance and make them look more attractive. You can add these mouldings to the baseboard, chair rails, accent trims, corners, walls, or ceilings to decorate them. Various styles and shapes of mouldings are available in the market to choose from. Mouldings also help in hiding the joints produced in the framing process of building a structure. It also creates an illusion of higher ceilings and grand spaces. Mouldings don’t even have to be too gaudy, you can simply choose a single-depth piece of moulding to do the trick.


9. Focus on the Paint in your house

Paint is one of the most important things that will change the look of your house. If you want to make your space more lively or dramatic with a bold color or tone down a color, choosing the right paint will help you with it. If you have smaller rooms with less natural light, use white color paint on the walls and ceilings to give an illusion of spaciousness and reflect more light. You can add pop colors on walls or window frames to highlight them and give them a cheerful, vibrant, and mood-boosting look. Painting ceilings in the same color as the walls will draw your eye up, creating a look of a larger room and higher ceiling. Using deep tones of colors (like chocolate brown) will warm up the spaces and make them feel cozy.

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8. Sprinkle in Some Greenery

Adding some greenery in every room never goes out of trend. It not only makes your spaces appealing and alive but also helps to improve the indoor air quality. Plants can add a pop-up of freshness to predominantly white rooms. Whether you choose a contemporary, modern or boho look for your house, plants play an important role to soften the areas, create certain expressions, fill out empty corners or act as accents. A wide range of indoor plants is available in the market to decorate your interiors with. Having a plant wall in the house as an accent will also help to enhance the spaces. Of course, provided that you choose appropriate indoor plants that would suit the condition of the environment.


7. Hang Beautiful Art Pieces and Mirrors 

Hanging some art pieces or mirrors will help the house look more attractive, that too on a budget. Unique art pieces, paintings, DIY family photo frames will make any house feel like home. You can also add up mirrors on walls or wardrobe shutters to make the house look more spacious. If you feel creative, you can also place some handmade art pieces which will not only draw the attention of the visitors but will also showcase your creativity. If you’re low on budget, you can head up to any local shop for craft supplies and custom artworks. Make sure that the artwork you select needs align with the elements of the room. And that they are of the right size and scale according to your walls, though you need not put art pieces on every empty space.


6. Accessorize your Spaces in your house

Adding up accessories in your spaces will actually reflect your personality through your sense of décor. Accessories not only bring about interest but also a function into the room. While layering or embellishing, you need to take care of the heights, textures, materials, and balance. Try adding a statement through whatever you have like trays or baskets or any showpieces. Huge lanterns, weather vanes, or topiaries, when adding these finishing elements to a room, your room will automatically shine and look outstanding. Just keep in mind not to add too many items to create clutter.

5. Add Textures to the Room

From area rugs to throw pillows, textiles add up interest and a cozy look to the room. Also, who doesn’t like a super-soft and beautiful rug underfoot? We have a wide range of rugs available in the market to choose from that will align with the design of the room. Throw pillows are an easy way to brighten a room or add accents to furniture pieces, whether you buy them from the market or make your own. Experiment with pillows of mix and match of various colors and textures. Or choosing some pop contrasting colors will never fail to impress your visitors. Make sure you keep changing your rugs and pillow covers with time.

4. Reduce the Clutter in your home

Who doesn’t like a room free of clutter? In every room of your house, try finding out ways to either hide or clear the clutter to help create a sense of beauty in your space. Your room could eventually look bigger and lively when you have tidy spaces. You can have multi-purpose furniture with storage to hide all the unnecessary items kept in the room. When it comes to looking luxe, less is always more.


3. Light up the Rooms in your house 

Natural lighting and artificial lighting are the most important factors to keep in mind. Never block the natural sources of light and make sure you add table lamps and floor lamps to add a statement to your room. Using fancy chandeliers, spotlights, and track lights will attract highlight the spaces you would like to get into notice. You’ll always find subtle lighting in luxury homes and apartments, bringing attention to certain areas. Similarly, you can add warm LED strips on the top of the bookshelf, above kitchen slabs, or under mirrors to add interest and dimension.


2. Window Treatments 

Do not completely block the natural light coming through the windows, use proper fitting blinds or curtains instead. Choose your curtains or blinds according to the size of the window, if you fail to do so, it would give a cheap look to the house. You can use Roman Blinds and Wide-slat Wooden Blinds for interiors of large rooms. And for bathrooms and kitchens, you can use Roller Blinds. There is a wide range of fabrics available for curtains in the market. Like Panel-pair Curtains, Single Panel Curtains, Window Liners, etc. in different styles and fabrics according to the functionality and design.

1.   Add Accent Furniture

Adding accent furniture pieces can give your room a crisp and lively look. Adding a pop of color contrasting the other colors of the room will create a focal point to grab the attention of the visitors and will also add drama to a certain space. Basically, accent furniture is the one that stands out against the rest of the décor of the room. In a room with all the furniture of the same fabric and color but one furniture piece (say a chair) of another fabric or color, then that particular odd-one-out furniture piece will be known as a piece of accent furniture. You can even choose a furniture piece of a different style as an accent to make your room look more dramatic.