“To Travel is to Live”– Hans Christian Andersen

Traveling is the food to our soul. To gear up from our day-to-day monotonous lives, travel is the best escape anyone can find. Whereas travel brings entertainment, change, experience to your life, it sometimes can also bring with it boring and extra-long traveling hours. Especially, the train rides can seem boring when traveling becomes too much of a task.


There are initially, two types of traveling. A tour where you are packing your bags up for a weeklong or four-day trip and a second one is where you are traveling to and fro on the train on a regular basis to meet your visits to a slightly distant place. So, while you are on board to reach your destination, you can actually make much better use of that time. Here are 10 such things you can do to pass your time on a train journey:

10. Keep up with your journal!
There is a set of audiences that loves journaling. Journaling is basically writing your heart out. Whatever that comes to your mind in a day, you pen it down so that all the thoughts that are cluttering in your head get a platform to rest. Some people also love to write their everyday tasks that need to be done so that their work is always up to date. Journaling can thus be done on a train journey so that you are always clear in your mind regarding what is the next thing to do when you step off from the train.

9. Interact
A lot of resumes read, “love to meet new people” well, this is your time to meet and greet! You can interact with the co-passengers and if they are friendly enough you can know their life stories and share with them. This can be really exciting and refreshing knowing other people’s stories. The long journeys will not make you feel any lingering. It is a great time to make new friends and pass your time!

8. Simply read!
Many people love reading but sadly in the hectic lives, one might not get time to actually take time, sit and read that book that you are waiting to read for so long! But train journeys give you that time that you can make fruitful use of! Why only the books? Magazines, journals, kindle, newspaper, etc. pick any of these and let your knowledge bloom.

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7. Beat on the music!
Music is free therapy. Does not matter if you are on a long train journey or making up and down, listening to music will always add more meaning to the sole reason for traveling- that is peace and openness. And if you are a music enthusiast, you have all the power to convert your train journey into a musical jam session. Write that song, look out of the window, compose it, sing, or simply listen to it.

6. Entertain with your phone!
Keep up with your social media. Know what is on-trend these days, write that blog you are procrastinating, or simply play your favorite game. Social media and internet games really are the best ways to pass time when you are getting bored in your train journey. You can watch YouTube videos to keep up with your favorite YouTuber’s content video. Make the important mails, this will save you a lot of time on work.

5. Eat, drink, relax!
Many people literally rush every morning to board a train and then return in the same in the evening. This has become their everyday task. So in order to make the best use of that traveling time period, do your chores in that. You can pack your breakfast, a board that train, sit back relax, be comfortable, and have your breakfast. This way you will not also need to have your breakfast in a rush every day.

4. Sleep your worries away!
The way you pack your breakfast in the morning and have it in your train journey, similarly, on your journey back you can take a nap to regain freshness. If you are having a long train journey, then you have got all the time in the world to complete your sleep and rest. Most people have long train journeys when they are going somewhere for a trip. Relaxing and completing your sleep at the beginning of your trip will allow you to enjoy and explore a little more.

3. Watch web series or a movie.
You do not want to have FOMO, right? FOMO – The fear of missing out. Fear of missing out on that popular web series or show that you are craving to watch for so long but have no time for it? Well, train journeys will surely save you from having FOMO! Watch as much as you can. Finish that web series if you have a long train journey. But if your stop is just 30 minutes away, be aware too. In order to not miss out on trendy shows, make sure that you do not miss your next stop! Well, but you have a great opportunity to catch up with the Bridgerton episodes that you have been putting off because of the work.

2. Do your miscellaneous chores.
There are literally so many things on one’s mind that need to be done. Though some chores are small they still need to be get completed on time. For example, clean your inbox, the plethora of messages that is burdening your phone memory must get deleted so that you do not face any technical issues with your phone. This might be the last work to do in your head but it still needs to be get done. It is important!
You can catch up with your old friends on phone. Catch up with the recent gossips through your friends, reminiscence the memories with them, update them with the upcoming events if any, or just simply discuss your weekend.

1. Lookout of the window and exemplify how beautiful life is!
Well, no one can deny the fact that the train journeys really let us have the time to look out of the window. Watching the trees flickering and the cities passing by makes one feel to exemplify how beautiful the journey of life is! A poet for this matter has the best time of his life traveling in the train on that window seat! All the thoughts and the stress wash away with that look when you gaze outside the window and imagine yourself as a character from your favorite movie. Well, everyone is a hero in their own story. Embrace your story as well!

Besides these ways, if you have any other way to pass your time while traveling on a train, do that! Just utilize that time and do not just let time consume you. Like a train your life is a journey, do not let life pass by you rather make the best use of that time that you have got! Travel safely with your masks on and take care of your belongings because the ride is always responsible for its own luggage.