“Water is the driving force of all nature.” — Leonardo da Vinci

Water is one such precious gifts of God that the human race has taken for granted. But on contrary, it is indeed an essential thing that we cannot imagine our lives without it. The following statistics totally confirm that what comes for free is least respected. According to the report on average, one person wastes about 0-45 liters of water per day which accounts for 125 million liters of water wasted daily. According to a scientific report, 3% of the earth’s water is fresh and 2.5% of the earth’s freshwater is unavailable because it is locked up in glaciers, polar ice cups and soil or lies too far under the earth’s surface to be extracted at an affordable cost. So, to sum up, only 0.5% of the earth’s water is available freshwater.

Around the globe, if we see, there are literally millions of people out there who have to walk at a long stretch to get water for daily usage. According to a report, an average woman in rural Africa walks 6 km every day to haul 40 pounds of water. It is a fact that if we could put all the world’s water into a gallon jug the freshwater available for use would nearly be equal to just one tablespoon. Well, water scarcity is actually hanging in there, but the good part is we can overcome the problem of water scarcity. No government, no other institution can make us save water until we progressively and honestly put ourselves at the forefront for conservation of water.

Taking little steps at a time is the goal and here are the top ten ways through which we can save water:

1. Use minimum water in Household chores:
This point might seem you bootless but believe that this one is the most efficient and have excellent results. Not washing your everyday utensils under running water but rather washing them in a bucket will actually make you save a lot of water. Remember always, washing something in running water will always use more water. The wastewater from your filters can be used in making your plan’s life healthy and happy. You will be shocked to know that with only this much of efforts you will help save 400 to 800 gallons every month.

2. Avoid taking long showers:
Long hot water showers indeed are a therapy, agreed, but taking them more frequently will not only make your body get used to it but will also use a lot of water as compared to regular showers. One way to cut down on water use is to turn off the shower after soaping up, then turn it back to rinse. And talking about types of people while brushing their teeth, be the one who take a trip of their home while brushing and this would also help save you water. Never knew, saving water be this adventurous! Yes, but make sure you have turned off the tap first.

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3. Do not use tons of water in washing personal vehicles:
Instead of washing it with buckets full of water or many with a running pipe attached to the tap, as many people find it convenient, we can simply use a wet cloth for cleaning our vehicles. And that would hardly take you maximum to maximum a half bucket. And while you think that what you are going to do with the water you have just saved with your unmatchable efforts, remind yourself about your generation to come!

4. Pet’s grooming:
Well, pets rarely need baths but still, ensure while grooming your pet that you wash them in an area of the yard that requires water so you can carry out two tasks at a time. Be sure the soap you use is safe for plants. This will not only be good for water conservation, but your pet will also love showering this way! Because who does not want to have a fun time in the yard while bathing!

5. Drip irrigation system:
Water is essentially used in yielding crops. Installing a Drip irrigation system will help in increasing your yield up to 230% and will save 70% water as compared to the flood irrigation system. The drip irrigation system makes sure that the water reaches only the essential parts of the plants that were needed like roots. The rest of the water is anyway evaporated and makes no use to the plant. Working smartly will help you crop as well as save more!

6. Spread the word:
Most importantly, we must educate everyone, or at least the ones surround us about how essential saving water really is. The youth must come forward and understand the need of the hour. Artistic and literary work like the book ” Why should I save water? ” written by Jen green or other documentary films can be a driving force for spreading the word around the globe without any geographical barrier. This will show the world how urgently we need to identify the need of saving water today!

7. Fix before it leaks:
Even a small drip can make you waste a minimum of 50 gallons of water in a day. have a keen eye on all your leaks. Check if there are any faucets, pipes or toilet leaks, detect them immediately and fix them before you are put into water trouble. One of the prominent reasons that we are just on the verge of a huge water loss crisis is that nobody is aware of how to fix a water problem. One simple trick to check whether your toilet tank leaks or not is by putting few drops of liquid color in your toilet tank and check if the color appears in the bowl without flushing. If it does appear, quickly get the leak fixed by a plumber.

8. Use technology wisely:
The automatic washing machines and dishwashers certainly have made our lives so much easier and streamlined. But always using it according to your expediency will waste tons of water. Use the technology but competently. Use the automatic dishwashers and washing machines when you can fully load them.

9. Rainwater harvesting:
It may sound like an obvious point on the list but one thing that you might not know about this technique is that it not only saves you water but money too. Installing rainwater harvesting technique will cut down your every water expense, be it of toilets, machine use, showers, outdoors, or others. This will even raise your property value in the market. Now conserving water sounds a good deal!

10. Use less water in food making and save your nutrients:
It is a well-known fact, that over-cooking leads to losing the most important nutrients and vitamins from the food. Using less water in cooking will let you have more crunchy and healthier vegetables on your plate. The other way can be of using stalk water as your solution in cooking. Most of the times, one tends to throw off the water left after boiling pasta or other vegetables while making soups or other vegetables. But this stalk water has the most essential food components that your body needs to consume. So always save this stalk and use it for cooking your other meals.