We all want to make our loved ones happy.  Don’t we? We want to surprise the people we love. Don’t we want to be surprised? Those smiles and excitement are the best gifts we can give. What is life without the people we love? Our life depends on the people we live with. And theirs depends on ours. With time, we start expecting from people. We expect our loved ones to make that extra effort. Love is a verb, isn’t it? It’s all about what we do for each other. And surprising each other with all the little gifts and dates – are always beautiful.

“In the end there doesn’t have to be anyone who understands you. There just has to be someone who wants to.”– Robert Brault


Starting from our life partners, to our parents and siblings, they all deserve that extra effort from you.  There isn’t a single way to do so. First, get to know them, their likes and dislikes. Understand them. Not everyone prefers the same surprise though.

surprise loved ones

10. Decorate the bedroom of the person you love —

The bedroom is a very favorite place for each of us. You can surprise your loved ones by decorating his/her bedroom. You can use his/her favorite indoor plants, beautiful home decoration lights, flowers, and paintings to decorate his/her bedroom. And you can put bedsheets and window curtains. Plan it with their favorite colors and touches. What’s that smell he/she gets attracted to? Go fetch a room freshener or a perfume. Give the room their favorite touch.


9. Cook your loved one’s favorite food and surprise him/her —

We all know more or less what our loved ones love to eat. So we can easily make their favorite food to surprise them and make them happy. Serve the food in a very nice way while giving it to him/her. And also give your loved one his/her favorite drink. If you can’t cook, you can buy his/her favorite food and surprise him/her with it. Otherwise, take help from a friend, or just go visit YouTube. Make the effort.


8. You can surprise your loved ones by giving him/her a portrait painting—

We all like the fact that we have a portrait painting of our self. If you gift a portrait to your loved one, it will be a big surprise for him/her and he/she is going to love it. If you can draw, nothing’s stopping you. Otherwise, you can consult a painter. When you give a portrait to your loved one, make sure it is nicely framed and wrap it in beautiful gift paper and give it to your loved one and surprise him/her. You can always add a note or a special message. That’s going to make them blush. Isn’t that what we crave?

7. Posting a picture of a beautiful moment with you and your loved ones on social media —

We are living in the 21st century and almost all of us are engaged with social media. And we share all our moments and feelings on social media say Facebook, Instagram. You can surprise your loved ones by posting a picture of a beautiful moment you spent with them and you can share your feelings and express your feelings in the form of an accompanied caption. That’s how you can surprise your loved ones. Imagine them logging in to their feed and the first thing they see is that memory of yours. It makes us feel special. Go on. They deserve it.


6. You can write a poem and song for your loved ones and surprise them with it —

Almost all of us love poetry and if it is dedicated to someone, then it’s precious. Go on. Write a poem for your loved ones and make him/her happy. You can write his/her contribution to your life, and how much you love them. Express how much they mean to you. Say that there are special indeed. And if you can write or sing songs well, then this is a great opportunity for you to surprise your loved ones. Write a song for him/her and recite it for them. Poems, songs are some of the best ways you can express your feelings to them. Do it out of nowhere. Surprise them. Make them blush.


5. Arrange a candlelight dinner for your loved ones—

Candlelight dinners are romantic, they are special. Most people still dream about having dinner like that. If you can complete this particular wish of your loved ones, they will be very happy and surprised. When they are off to work, plan and put your efforts in and arrange a surprise dinner for him/her. You can play their favorite song on that beautiful evening. And arrange his/her favorite food. This is a beautiful way to surprise your loved ones.

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4. Take your loved ones to their favorite place or plan a sudden trip with your loved ones—

We all want to go for a trips. We all love to travel. And there is nothing better if you are going on a tour with the people you love. Plan to visit his/her favorite place with them and buy a ticket for that place and then surprise your loved one all of sudden. The hills are a very romantic place. The feeling of walking on a hilly road holding the hand of your loved one – on a foggy morning is very beautiful. Or you also can sit with your loved ones by the sea and make a deep conversation in the moonlight. This is one of the best ways to surprise your loved ones.


3. You can arrange your loved one’s birthday party—

Birthday is a very important day in our life. We all want to celebrate that day. If you can arrange a birthday party for your loved one, it will be a great surprise for him/her. And not only they will be surprised, but they will realize how much you love them. And how precious he/she is to you. So arrange your loved one’s birthday party and invite their friends and family and surprise him/her. Decorate the party with what he/she likes. Play his/her favorite song.

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2. You can give your loved ones a phone of their favorite brand—

In the present times, the phone has become a necessity and a close thing to all of us. We all use phones and we all want to use our favourite brand’s phone. So if you gift their favorite phone, it will be a very dear gift for him/her and of course, your loved ones will be very much surprised. The phone is something which is with us 24/7. Now imagine him/her thinking about you whenever they receive a text or a call.


1.Present gifts to your loved ones on their special day—

This is an old and very effective way to surprise your loved ones. If your loved one is your mother, you can give her a gift on Mother’s Day, her birthday, and some other special day in her life. The same trick for your father. If it’s your lover/wife/husband, then there are numerous events, give a gift on your marriage anniversary, give a gift on Valentine’s Day in the form of his/her favorite thing. The special days, events, and occasions are to be celebrated. These are what we live for. What better day to buy them a gift?