From adorable puppies to majestic whales, all animals are amazing in their own special way. One of the reasons why our planet is so full of life is because of the huge variety of animals that are on this planet. Evolution has truly led to the creation of some beautiful creatures.

However, when people think about their favorite animal they usually tend to think of animals that are cute or animals that are graceful and grandiose in nature. But some of the most interesting and fascinating animals are actually the weird ones. In this list we’ll give you top 10 weirdest creatures on earth, some of these might just become your new favorite animal:

10. Axolotl

The Axolotl, also known as the Mexican walking fish, is not a fish at all and instead belongs to the salamander family. But, this animal has quite a different appearance as compared to most salamanders. Their skin is quite smooth and it possesses external gills that come out the back of its head. The reason that the axolotl has its peculiar appearance is because of the fact that this animal shows neoteny. This means that the animal reaches adulthood without any metamorphosis and therefore it stays in its younger form.

Although the appearance of the axolotl is quite surprising, the most significant feature of this animal is its regeneration. The axolotl can regrow entire arms and body parts without showing any scarring. It can also regrow parts of its spinal cord. Researchers are trying to figure out the secrets behind the amazing regenerative capabilities of the axolotl. This research could help humans to cure illnesses like paralysis. However, this animal is currently on the brink of extinction and it’s vital that we do everything in our power to help it survive.

9. Mantis shrimp

What image comes to mind when you typically think of a shrimp? A small crustacean with a reddish hue is probably your answer. The mantis shrimp on the other hand is a shrimp that is around 4 to 15 inches long and they have a wide array of colors. Mantis shrimp are extremely interesting because they capture their prey using their highly tuned reflexes and special adaptations.

Some species of mantis have bludgeon-like apparatus that allows them to deliver blows that can break fingers and even shatter glass. However, the most interesting part of a mantis shrimp is its eyes. These shrimp have one of the most advanced eyes in the animal kingdom and their eyes have a total of 12 different color receptors while humans have only 3. The world of a mantis shrimp is filled with colors that we could never imagine. This fact alone makes this animal a highly interesting specimen.

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8. Angler fish

The angler fish is a fish that embodies every person’s underwater nightmares. These fishes can be found deep underwater, although a few species are found in shallow water. Because of this most of these fishes live in pitch dark waters and need to use a modified dorsal ray like a fishing rod. These rays have a bulbous portion at the end that lights up and draws prey towards the fish.

Perhaps the most noticeable thing about this fish is its mouth that is full of spiny, sharp teeth. Once the prey comes within reach, the fish can easily use its huge mouth to consume it and then move onto its next meal. The fact that angler fish are able to survive at such deep depths makes them one of the most incredible fish in the world. This fact combined with the unique hunting strategy of this fish solidify its place on our list.

7. Blobfish

As the name suggests, the blobfish looks like a slimy blob without much shape. It’s not surprising that this fish is actually considered the ugliest animal on the planet by many people. The peculiar facial features of this animal also make it seem like it’s sad and down on its luck. These pictures have made the blobfish quite famous online.

However, most of the pictures of this fish are taken above land. The natural habitat of the blobfish is actually approximately 3000 ft below sea level. What’s more impressive is that the blobfish actually moves over the bottom of the ocean floor looking for food. Over here the pressure of the water is immense and this makes blobfish look like any other normal fish. The squishy shapeless body of the blobfish is the reason why it’s able to survive at this level without being crushed. Suffice to say the weird appearance of this fish might actually be its greatest feature.

6. Water bear

Contrary to its name, the tardigrade or the water bear does not look anything like a bear. This animal is the only microscopic animal on our list and it definitely looks like an alien that just happened to land on earth. Even though these animals may not look like much of a bear, they are actually one of, if not the most fascinating animals on the planet.

Tardigrades are able to survive without food or water for extended period of time and in extreme conditions. These animals are found in nearly every climate on earth from Antarctica to deep-sea volcanoes. They have even survived being exposed to outer space. We don’t know exactly how water bears are able to survive all these conditions. Therefore the tardigrade is a top contender for the weirdest animal on the planet.

5. Star-nosed mole

The star-nosed mole gets its name from the finger-like projections that are around its nostrils. These projections make the star-nosed mole look like it came straight out of an alien movie. However, this starlike nose is the ultimate tool of the star-nosed mole and helps it to forage for food.

This mole can’t see very well which means it needs to rely on its sensory organs to find food. These projections have around 100,000 nerve endings and they help the mole to pick up even the slightest movement in the soil. This adaptation is truly evolution at its finest.

4. Naked mole rat

The name of this animal describes itself perfectly. The naked mole-rat is known for its ‘bald’ appearance because of its lack of fur. Apart from this it also has extremely long front teeth that never stop growing. This means that if a naked mole-rat doesn’t wear its teeth down by digging through the mud, its teeth will simply keep growing forever. This animal might not look like much but its jaws are strong enough to go through concrete. They also don’t drink water as they get all their hydration from their diet. Naked mole rats are also surprisingly resistant to cancer which is very useful for research.

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3. Lamprey

The lamprey certainly gives the angler fish a run for its money. These jawless fish look like eels however their mouth contains several rows of hooked teeth. Once this fun-sized eldrich horror latches onto a fish, it won’t let go till it’s full. The suction mouth of the lamprey keeps it on the body of the fish while the hooks attach to the skin. This allows the lamprey to be a very deadly parasite.

2. Tarsier

This mammal belongs to the primate family. Unlike most primates, this animal is the only primate in existence that is completely carnivorous. However, the most prominent feature of the tarsier is its large eyes. These eyes can be more than half an inch in diameter which is massive for a small animal like the tarsier. The eyes of a tarsier are sometimes equal to or even larger than its brain. This gives the tarsier its signature appearance.

1. Platypus

Finally, the last spot on the list goes to one of the only egg-laying mammals in the world, the platypus. This animal has an extremely unique appearance to other mammals due to its duckbill. Although young platypus has a few teeth, they eventually lose these teeth and gain a duckbill in its place. The platypus has fur like most mammals and its flat tail helps it to swim through the water. Apart from this, the male platypus also has a claw on its front feet which it uses to inject its venom into its prey. This makes the platypus one of the few species of mammals that can produce venom.