14 Dangerous Signs that you are in a Toxic Relationship

Relationships form the core heart of our lives. Be it the ones that we share with our friends and family or some romantic relationship that we share with our better halves. The happiness that we find in our relationships keeps us going in all walks of life. No matter how hard a situation we face in our lives or how difficult of a phase are we going through, as long as we know that we have someone’s back on whom we can rely, someone’s hand we can hold on and someone’s shoulder we can lean on at the end of the day, all our problems cease to exit and we have the positivity to start the coming day afresh. That’s the beauty of real relationships: they not only make you have faith in yourself but also serve as your support system and your pillar of strength.

But what if rather than being your knight in shining armor, you are in a relationship that pushes you into the dark woods of nothingness? Rather than being your strength, it drains you, depletes you and leads you to a path of being a weak individual? Hard to imagine right? Because why would someone be in such kind of a relationship in the first place? But as much as it is hard to imagine such a scenario, it’s even harder to live in one and what’s worse is that majority of the times, people who are a part of such poisonous or toxic relationships don’t even know that it’s poisonous and what is it doing to them. They continue to live in a bubble of a dream relationship until it’s too late to realize the reality. What’s important is to identify a toxic relationship as early as possible before it becomes too venomous to handle and end up doing irrevocable damages to your inner self.
Here are a few warning signs to look out for if you think that your relationship isn’t on the same jovial track on which it started:

14. You Don’t Remember who you really are

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Happy relationships are all about accepting the other person with all their imperfections, as someone who they really are. If your relationship expects you to be a personality that you aren’t, to change your being in order to fit in the standards or expectations of some other person, then such a bond is really not meant to be. A bond that separates you from your own self may initially give you some short-lived happiness but eventually would end up putting you in a situation where you will miss yourself.

13. It is Never Enough

No matter how much you do for your partner, but it’s never enough for them. They don’t believe in appreciating your efforts rather prefer to crib about not doing more.

12. It is a one-way Street

If it is just you who are putting in all the efforts and doing all the compromises to keep it going, then it’s never going to work because you can’t clap with a single hand. In order for a relationship to be healthy and loving, it needs to be symbiotic where participation and equal contribution of both the people involved is a must.

11. Fear of Breaking Up is always Hanging on your Head

If every argument or a simple fight between you two ends up, with your partner breaking up every now and then or he/she holds you responsible for the same, then it is the high time that you really take the responsibility and start giving the idea of a permanent break up a thought.

10. No Room for Respect

If your partner can not respect your choices, ideas, and thoughts and always tries to let you down in some way or the other, then you deserve a much better person in your life. For real relationships help you to grow but the toxic ones always instill a feeling of self-doubt in you.

9. You Don’t Remember How it felt to be Happy

The reason that we choose to be in a relationship in the first place is that it makes us happy and cheerful. But if your happiness is subdued under the loads of heated arguments on a daily basis, then you should reconsider staying in such a relationship.

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8. Stress, Stress All Around

If the person who used to be your stress buster, sharing things with whom used to bring a moment of relief in your life, has now become the utmost reason of your never-ending stress, then your relationship is not on the right track. You seem to have exhausted the urge to share things with each other and it just doesn’t matter anymore what the other person feels because you have problems of your own.

7. Extreme Obsession and Over-Protection

Who doesn’t want to have a caring partner? Everyone loves to be cared of. But when the care takes the shape of extreme obsession and over-protection and starts invading your personal space, it is a sign that things are going to be rough. When your partner starts treating you as his private entity, it’s the best move to get yourself out of such a cage.

6. An Empty Void

Being in a relationship and still not feeling like being in one is the worst feeling and a potential sign that things aren’t working. You wear a mask of happiness all day long as if nothing is wrong but deep inside you know that there is an empty void that is getting deeper and deeper with each passing day.

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5. Uncertainty is the only constant

When all that’s constant in your relationship is the feeling of uncertainty at every point and above all, you start feeling uncertain about your decision of being in this relationship at all. There’s no room for uncertainty in a happy relationship.

4. When you start wondering “Where’s LOVE?”

They say it’s easy to fall in love but the fact is that it’s even easier to fall out of it. If you are at a point in a relationship where you or your partner don’t feel the same way how you used to be, then it’s time to accept that IT’S OVER!

3. No “WE”, Just “ME”

If your relationship is just about one person and not the two of you, then the toxicity has made its way in.

2. No Driving Force

If you two have no potential reason to keep your relationship going: no love, no understanding, no compatibility and no will to stay together, then there’s no point in dragging it.

1. ABUSE: The ‘END’

If your relationship is subjecting you to any kind of abuse: physical, emotional, mental or sexual, then it’s on the verge of toxicity and you need to get yourself out of it before it’s too late.

It’s hard to accept that the relationship that once filled colors of love in your life is filled with toxicity now and has become the reason of your strain and stress. It’s natural to have the thoughts of working it out in some way or the other but remember, a relationship once imbued with toxicity can never retrace the path of happiness. So it’s best to escort yourself out of it before it wastes some precious years of your life as life is too short to waste any moment with someone who doesn’t deserve it.


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