First dates can be nerve-wracking. It is enough pressure having to decide the perfect outfit. Having to choose an amazing gift just adds to the stress. That stress, however, is necessary and gives you a great opportunity to grow.

First dates can be magical and really help progress the relationship. It can help make your bond much deeper and have her become really comfortable with you. A great propagator of this will be the gift that you give her.

Gifts are a great way to show love and affection to the person receiving the gift. They can also act as reminders of important events, things, people, and places. The gift that you give her will act as a constant reminder for her. It will remind her of the great date she had with you. The amazing time she spent with you, and ultimately of course make her think of you.

The ease of getting your girlfriend a gift is highly dependant on how much you know her. How long have you known each other before settling into the relationship? The most important factor is how much of what she has been saying have you heard. So in order to help you not stress about what will be the ideal thing to gift her and work from scratch on a gift idea. Here are 15 things to gift your girlfriend on the first date.


1. The Classics

A. Flowers

You can always go with the classics a single red rose, a bouquet, some chocolates, and/or a teddy bear. Permute and combine all these options, just decide whatever you feel good with.


Red Roses are a universal show of affection. Most girls like red roses. If your girlfriend doesn’t and her choice is different then try getting the flowers of her choice. You can even go one step ahead and get her a bouquet of her favourite flowers. Roses or otherwise.


If you don’t know what kind of flowers she likes even that is ok. You can gift the flowers that remind you of her. Another thought process that can be followed is to get her a bouquet of various flowers and assign each flower an attribute that makes you think of her. This can also be made into a cute card to go along with the bouquet


B. Chocolates

There are various chocolates available in the market. Almost every girl has a sweet tooth. Make sure to entice her sweet tooth and imprint yourself in her memory.

The chocolates can be coupled with either flowers or a teddy bear.


C. Teddy Bear

A big cuddle buddy is a good idea to give your girlfriend. It can also be a small cute one as well. It is sure to remind her of you everytime she looks at it, so make sure to give it to her while smiling.


2. Songs

Well, you can’t really “gift” her a song. What matters here is how you convey it. Again, there are two methods of adopting this option. The songs she likes or the ones that remind you of her.


If you’re picking her up, have a playlist of her favourite songs ready. If you happen to not like the songs she likes, try choosing as close to neutral as possible.


Go for either, songs that you both might like, or discover new songs together. Another option to this would be to play popular songs that you both will be aware of, songs that will help you set a tone for your date.


You can also play a song or two and let her know that they make you think of her. Try singing the lines that are especially important, even if you’re a bad singer.


Another way of “gifting” her a song is when you’re at the restaurant. If there happens to be a live band there, you can request a song that you can both dance to. This will for sure make a memory you both will not forget.

3. Personal Touch

Everyone loves personalised things. These things don’t necessarily need to have their names. It truly is the thought that counts.


Handcrafting gifts for people is the best kind of personal touch that is out there. Make your girlfriend a card, with a sweet message. The message can be anything, even something as simple as “Thank you, I had a great time on our date”.


If you are a little more creative or better with words, consider writing her a poem. If you happen to have the pipes dedicate a song to her by singing it, or maybe create an entire medley and dedicate it to her.

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4. Hobbies

Everyone has a certain set of hobbies, certain things they enjoy a lot. Whatever your girlfriend’s hobbies are, try to give her something related to that. Getting her something related to her hobby also ensures that every time she uses it, she’s reminded of you.


If she happens to be an artist, gift her that drawing equipment that she has been wanting to buy. Obviously, there are a lot of hobbies out there. Some of the most common things that you might wish to consider can be a special kind of guitar pick.


A travel pack for a traveller, or maybe a swiss knife. A jersey or a cap of her favourite sports team if she happens to have one. The book that was recently released that she has been wanting to read, give your bibliophile girlfriend that book.

5. The Little Things

Personal effects also make great gifts for everyone. They are small, can be kept on the person, and are a constant reminder of someone. She can keep and cherish the gift and the memories with which it comes.


While considering what to get, the first thing is always to go back to your conversation. Has she mentioned something earlier that can be used? Maybe she mentioned her dream car, you can get her a key-chain of the company.


Other small things that have a general appeal to them tend to be things like earrings, a minimalistic necklace, anklets, bracelets, and some girls even appreciate chokers.


6. The season of gifting

Seasonal gifts can also be a good option as they fulfil an immediate need. Gifting these can also portray you as someone who is considerate enough to consider two important things while gifting. The things being, how nice the gift is and the purpose of it.


You can gift pieces of clothing like sweaters and mufflers in the winter season. Some nice gloves would also be a nice touch. If it is the summer, you can give something like a sundress or a hat.


If there are local clothing fashions in your country or area pertaining to the ongoing season, you can always consider those as well.


Try and make sure that the colour and feel of it are appealing for her. You might also want to take a look at the appropriate size, otherwise taking it back to the store can be a tedious task.


7. Put it on paper

If you are an artist, digital, or otherwise, try making something for her. It could be something personal like her sketch. You can always dedicate an art piece to her, something that makes you think of her.


8. Write it down

Give her a note at the end of your date. This note can contain an array of things. It can be something simple and kind like how glad you are to be with her.

The note can also have descriptive things that show and tell her how you felt about the date and how you felt about spending time with her.

You can really up your game using the note. It can be decorated with a simple knotted ribbon. Another option is to put the note inside a little bottle which increases its appeal by 10 times.

This can also help you be fluent in what you want to say to her. Be honest in the note, she is bound to appreciate what you have written.


9. Be a stress relief

Everyone is working hard. All of us have our own stresses which tend to build up in our bodies. Yes, the suggestion is indeed to get her a massage and let her relieve her stress.


How about we keep you giving her a massage for a later date and you get her some spa coupons? Yes, that’s a good idea. You can also include yourself, you have your own stresses after all. So, you can even go for a couple’s spa day with her.



10. Make-Up

Every girl likes being pretty. Some girls like amping up their natural beauty with make-up. Maybe your girlfriend does too, try to know what kind of make-up she likes to indulge in. Once you have what you need, decide the right kind of make-up and gift it to her.


11. Self-care Products

Continuing with how you can make her like you even more while being even more comfortable herself. You can give her self-care products or other relaxation products. Bath bombs are a very nice option. You can even opt for candles, go for the scented ones, some girls really like those, try to figure out if your girlfriend is one of them.


If there are any self-care products that she has been wanting to buy, then your job is half done. The other half of the job is to simply just going, buying and gifting it to her.


12. Personalised Phone Cases

Please get the images of those cringe phone cases out of your head. Personalised phone cases can be really cool and have the potential to really be a great gift, provided you have the necessary know-how.


The said phone cases don’t necessarily need to be a photo of her or anyone for that matter. You can get your inside jokes printed on it. If there are some shows or animes she likes you can get those printed. A simple quote is also a great idea, or maybe a set of lyrics she really likes.


Be as creative as you can possibly be, try to go for something as personal as can be. Something that is sure to bring a smile on her face.


If you are the kind of guy who wishes to gift her memories, the following points will be a great consideration for you.


13. Something from the date.

While on the date, look out for something that you and she really connect on. Then later try giving it to her as a memento for your first date. It can be something that you found and talked about.

It can even be a prize that you won her if you went somewhere like a fair. Another thing to keep in consideration while going for this option is to have a contingency plan. What that means, is basically to have another gift ready in case you don’t manage to find that one gift.

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14. The perfect date

The purpose of giving a gift is to make the recipient feel nice and remember the gifter in a certain light. So, in order to do that, you can also gift her the perfect date.


Plan a nice date, it can be a conventional date. It can be something totally different and non-conventional as well. Try to plan it as much as you can. Planning does not mean that you need to be grand about the date. It doesn’t need to be a grand date, it needs to be a nice date.


15. Randomised

The other end of the spectrum is to introduce a truly chaotic and exciting element into the mix. The element being randomness. Plan a date, but in such a way that you have only an outline. See as to what you want to do on the date on the go, let her be a part of it. You decide where to eat, she decides the menu or the main course. The decision of the dessert then falls on you. Be a little flexible with this.


Of course, it is not recommended to not have anything planned. If that happens then there will be moments where you’re just looking at each other. Include contingencies in your blueprint, if you are unable to decide upon some variable of the date on the go, then go to a default place, that is pre-planned by you.

As an ending note, please keep in mind it is a very good idea to wrap the gift that you are about to give her. If you are giving her a physical gift, try to gift wrap it. It will help you increase the appeal of the gift.

Hope you are able you give her a great memory with the gift you hand her. All the best.