Birthdays are important for a lot of people. It is also the day to show how much you appreciate them being in this world. This sentiment especially goes out to your partner, who loves you and chooses to be with you. You need to be able to give a proper gift that clearly portrays that sentiment.

However, choosing a gift can be quite difficult. You can always go for things like 3D Moon lamp that are all the hype or you can do a lot more thinking for the girl you love. So here are 15 gifts you can gift to your girlfriend on her birthday.

1. The Classics

You can never go wrong with the classics. Roses, chocolates, and stuffed toys. It is not necessary that your girlfriend will appreciate all of these, so you can always change or remove some things. For example, she isn’t the biggest fan of roses, change it up, pick out the flower which she really likes, they may be lilies or daffodils. Another option is to remove the bouquet completely and just give her a teddy and chocolates. You can add a little note to it if you wish to.

2. A Relaxing Day

Everone has their own stresses to deal with, but a birthday is a special day. Your girlfriend shouldn’t have a lot of stress on that day. If you can’t remove her work you can atleast help her freshen up.

Its the little things, so, help her relax. Get her a spa day coupon if you can’t give her a relaxing massage yourself (which I’m sure she’ll prefer). After you’ve gotten her her morning coffee. Don’t hold back, it’s the day to pamper her. A nice lunch and early dinner. After all is done, make a bowl or two of popcorn and watch that movie she likes (or the new one she wants to watch).

3. A Local Date

This is where you can be really flexible. You can arrange an entire day of doing everything she likes. It is also advised to throw in a few things that you both can enjoy so that you can also stay engaged and interested.

You can take her to eat at all the local joints, then go for a bit of shopping, maybe even get her that new tattoo. You can even include “silly” things like going to the theme/ amusement park. Be wild and make sure she enjoys.

4. Handmade Card/Gifts

It can be any ocassion, absolutely any, and handmade gifts or cards will fit right in. They show a high degree of personal touch, which everyone can appreciate.

There are a lot of DIY options you can among for. There are complicated ones and much simpler ones. You can make her an exploding box, or a simple roatating photoframe. Try figuring out the kind of thing your girlfriend likes and try going as close to it as possible.

Talking about cards, these are not those cards that you make by cutting an A4 sheet in half, these are extravagant cards. These cards require labour but the results can be absolutely stunning. Such cards can make a strong impression especially if when a beautiful message is also added to it.

If nothing, you can do something as simple as writing her a poem on a scroll. This looks nice, appealing and if the poem is good then there is no escaping the hugs and appreciation that she’s gonna give you.

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5. Sketch

This is good option to for. Whether you yourself are an artist, or have a friend, or plan on hiring someone a sketch is a good option. You can go with the conventional portrait, a coloured one or a charcoal one.

There are other things you can also do that are a bit more fun that the conventional option. Rather than going for just her portrait, try adding other elements and designs to it.

You can change the type of sketch, you can opt for a caricature or another drawing type. You can further add other elements like her pet(s) or maybe make it so that the drawing includes her favourite famous personalities standing with her.

6. Book of Love

This can be a bit cheesy, but if your girlfriend’s birthday is far from today, then you can still prepare for it. Try making a kind of book for her, this can include anything you wish to. The best part about it can be that you hand-make the entire book and then get it either hard-bound or spiral-bound.

You can make the book in such a way that it appreciates her and expresses your love at the same time. If you are a creative person try using that, include poems for her, or the best photos of her with comments about what you like about that picture or her in general. You can make the book a bit funny by following the format of an actual novel. You can write about her past, include all the funny instances that she has experienced that you know of and end it with a summary of the book.

7. Candles and Self-Care Products

Most girls love dwelling in self care and having peace by themselves especially if they are busy women. Get your girlfriend some scented candles or other self -care products. These will help her enjoy her alone time much better, which she should be able to do atleast on her birthday if not on other days.

Some options for self-care products are face masks, mud masks, under-eye masks, aromatherapy shower kit some nice robes that are hodded or silken, or may be just some nice nail polish.

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8. Accessories

There are some really cute accessories that jsut really make sense. So, these don’t only make her appreciate the cuteness of the gift but also the practicality of it.

You can get here things like a minimalistic necklace, anklets, chokers, or rings. You can always make them more special by customising them for her. Some cute earmuffs might be a good idea for the winters other than the regular stockings. If you get her a purse, a purse organiser can be an add-on to that. Get her a make-up bag for her make-up if you want to.

For these there are a lot of options, you can even get companies and businesses that customise accessories or make new ones.

9. Clothes

Girls love dressing up pretty in her comfort zone. Why don’t you help her do that?

These kind of gifts will be appreciated by her and stay with her a long time to come. You can gift her something seasonal like a scarf, shawl, , a cashmere sweater, hat or something that she generally enjoys maybe like a dress, a certain kind of jacket or some top.

You really need to know the kind of fashion she enjoys.

10. Customised Map

This is where things get interesting. These aren’t just any maps, but customised maps, you can get really creative with them.

Say for example, your girlfriend remembered a certain place a little bit wrong about which you laughed for hours. Gift her that map as a present, it is cute that you remember that conversation and will surely make her laugh (just make sure she remembers it as well).

If you travelled a lot on your first date (or an important one) you can get a map of the local area with all the places you went to and the route you took marked and highlighted.

There are a lot of memories people have associated with places. Try to think of what places are special to her and how you can incorporate that.

11. Birthday Star Map

A birthday star map is simply the starry sky your other half was born. These make really nice gifts.

Ofcourse birthday star maps are basically star maps, so if she has a special day that she holds close you can also gift her the star map of that day.

If your girlfriend is into astrology she bound to really appreciate this gift (if she hasn’t gotten herself one already)

12. Musical Box

Music boxes are little boxes that can mesmerise you. These work by rotating a lever at its side, upon turning the lever turns a cylinder on the inside with bumps which play the music tune by striking the set plates. There are various sites that offer these, there are various sounds and tunes to be found as well.

13. Short Trip

Has been work been troubling her a lot lately? Don’t you think she’d apprecaite a getaway? You can plan her a little trip, maybe just for the weekend. Give her the company she enjoys most (this may or may not be you).

14. Jewellery

This one can be a little expensive, so don’t go around gifting it just like that. Make sure you and your partner appreciate eachother enough for her to be able to appreciate this gift. This is a gift that will stay with her forever and that she will always look at. In that sense this will enable you to always be on her mind, if that is not the case already.

If not jewellery itself you can get her a monogrammed jewellery case.

You can gift her a diamond necklace or a necklace with another stone that she likes. A good option to consider can also be her birth stone. The gift can also be of something of gold, copper or silver cast into earrings, heavy anklets or maybe a simple (or extravagant) rings.

15. Something She’s Been Wanting

The most important for the last. Price of this gift can be absolutely anything, but the purpose of it, only one, to make her happy. For this one you’ll need to dig deep into your memory and remember your conversation.

What are the things that she has said she “needs”? Get her one of those, it may be for pleasure or for her work. This is one of those practical gifts, while the emotional sentiment may seem low to the general public but the fact that you remembered something she told you. Got her that gift that has practical usage for her, she will deeply appreciate it.