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  Top 10 Indications that you are Friend-zoned

Updating relationship status on social media platforms is a new trend these days. From ‘single’, ‘in a relationship’ to ‘it is complicated’- social media platforms have all these options for their users to update. It is a shout-out to the world whether or not are they available. But an important status that has still not found its way to the list of relationship status options is the ‘friend-zone’. The most dangerous and the most heart-breaking zone to be, friend-zone is the place that nearly each one of us has found ourselves in at some point in our lives.
The situation where on one hand we are dreaming of spending our life with our love and on the other they consider us to be just a ‘friend’. They either really don’t have any idea about our feelings for them or pretend like they don’t know anything. It’s as if you are stuck in a place where you yourself are not able to figure out if you are available or not.

You see someone, feel attracted towards them and spend a lifetime to be in their good books and to grab their attention. Finally when you have it and you are all excited to express your romantic feelings for them, you end up getting the biggest shock of your life in the sentence ‘but I look at you just as my best friend.’ Suddenly all the instances when you were trying to win their heart and they referred to you as a friend comes flooding and you curse yourself for being over optimistic and believing that every relationship starts off as friendship. It’s heart wrenching to accept the fact that you have been friend-zoned. Here are 10 indications that says that you have been friend-zoned and it’s time to move on to save you from all the pain:


10. No BABY, It is BRO, BUDDY or DUDE for you

When you are romantically involved with someone, it’s natural to call them with sweet nicknames and baby is the most common of them all. But when you are friend-zoned, you dream of acquiring such sweetheart names, but all that’s served to you is bro, buddy or other such friendly names.
‘Hey bro!’
‘It is always a good time with you buddy!’

You get to hear all these phrases very often and the baby league is way too far.

9. You go out, but it’s never really a DATE

When you go on a date, it’s a very special and different feeling. You are nervous and excited at the same time and even though you guys don’t do anything special as such, but you can both feel the beauty of that moment and the romantic feelings associated with it. You don’t want the day to end. But when you are friend-zoned, you don’t go on dates. You simply hang out and all the romantic feelings are just one-sided. All you can feel from your crush’s side is a friendly feeling which you see when they are in in the vicinity of their other friends. No unique, special feelings for you.

8. His/her entire family knows you; you are friend-zoned and family-zoned

When you love someone, introducing them to your family becomes an important and a very difficult thing to do. You are nervous and scared as hell to think if your family will like him/her or and their opinion and approval matters. Oppositely, when you are considered just as a friend no such nervousness creep in your crush’s mind. They very normally and conveniently introduce you to their family and within a short span of time it’s as if you know your crush’s family better than they do.

7. They are constantly setting you up with other people

You guys check out other people together and while doing that, you don’t see a tinge of jealousy in your crush’s eyes. Rather they are very excited to set you up with other people. Initially you thought that they are just pretending to be okay or checking if you are interested in them but wake up! It’s the reality.  They really are setting you up with someone else and the thought of being with you as a girlfriend or boyfriend hasn’t even crossed their minds once.

6. You are the one they come to with all their ‘Crush Talks’

While you can’t stop dreaming about how beautiful life will be with them, they are doing the same with someone else. They seek your advice in all their crush related problems and you are the ears to all the crush related talks that they have to do. You tolerate it all and with a heavy heart listen to everything that they have to say in a hope that someday that will be talking about you in the same manner. They will realize your worth and you will get your happily ever after but that’s not happening any time soon.

5. No romantic hugs, just ‘Bro Greets’

Our gestures and body language speak a great deal about our emotions and state of mind. With friends, we share a different body language while with our girlfriend or boyfriend it changes.
While you wish to be greeted with a romantic hug every time you guys meet, all that you get is a friendly bro greet like a high-five or a side hug.

4. They shrug off all your flirting attempts

They themselves do not make any moves at you and when you do, they shrug it off each and every time. At first you think that they are probably too shy but then it has become a routine and a major sign that you have entered the friend-zone.

3. No extra efforts to look good

Usually looks really matter when you want someone to fall for you. You try to dress your best and look perfect. But when you are friend-zoned, looks really doesn’t matter. You share a great comfort zone and they can probably show up in front of you in pyjamas and loose fitted t-shirts.

2. No signs of any sexual attraction

Even if you guys are in close proximity, when your heart is beating at a racing speed and all you can picture is you two cuddling together, you see no signs of any sexual attraction from the other side. They are way too comfortable with you to such a level that they can easily share a bed with you without any physical feelings as such.

1. They leave no opportunity to remind you how awesome friend you are

Every now and then you get to hear ‘what would have I done without a friend like you.’ They leave no chance to remind you that you are just a friend for them and that you guys have no future as such. If you hear yourself being referred to a friend at least twice a day, welcome to the friend-zone buddy.


All these indications are a reality check that you have been friend-zoned  and that the other one is just not interested in you in the way you wish they were. The more you stay here, the worse it gets. So its better that you accept the reality and get yourself out of this dangerous zone before it ends you up in an emotional unrest that you can’t handle.



Top 10 Reasons Why Socializing is Very Important

Humans are social animals. They love mingling with both new contacts and old friends. Their innate need to develop deep interpersonal relationships has led to the creation of a interlinked world. Technological advancements aim at bringing people from different parts of the world closer than they ever were before. But in the midst of socializing through technology and social media, people are increasingly forgetting to indulge in real-time, face-to-face interactions. Lack of actual human contact is leading to mental health problems like depression and anxiety. Instead of tweeting every single detail of our lives on Twitter, we need to learn to put aside our phones and go out into the real world to communicate and socialize



Here are 10 reasons why socializing is so important.

10. Combats Loneliness

Social media may have been successful in bringing us closer to people who live thousands of miles away but it has alienated us from those nearest to us with regard to physical proximity. Communication within the family has suffered a great deal due to smartphone addiction. Further, people find it difficult to express their deep, complex emotions to even their closest friends in today’s culture of hashtags and tweeting. This results in feelings of psychological isolation in many of our lives. In such a scenario, spending time with friends and family can help us deal with this emotional loneliness.

9. Reduces Stress

The globalised world has made a vast variety of goods and services readily available to us but has also left us exposed to an increasing number of stressors. Work life is becoming more hectic and family pressures are becoming more frustrating. This fast paced life is leading to numerous anxiety-related issues which is further causing some serious health problems. Socializing has proven to be quite a huge stress buster in this stressful scenario. Just hanging out with family or a group of friends rejuvenates us and makes us happier and the happier we are, the less stress we feel!

8. Boosts Self-esteem

Like we said before, humans are social animals. They thrive on social interaction. Better communication and a better position in society boosts their self confidence. Humans like to feel validated. The praise and attention of someone we care about and admire has the potential of transforming our bad day into a good one. It gives us a more positive attitude towards life and a better self-image which in turn helps us in further social interactions. Thus, this cycle of socialising continues to increase our self-esteem.

7. Widens Your Social Circle

The more we socialise, the more contacts we develop. For a bigger social circle, we have to put ourselves out there. Besides each new friend we make opens up the possibility of being part of a whole new social circle! All we need to do is be a little more open. Personal growth isn’t possible if we always tend to stick with our same old friends. Of course, spending time with people you’ve known for years is extremely important and fun but you need to expand your horizons! You might even end up discovering a whole new side to yourself by hanging out with a different set of people.

6. Helps Overcome Hardships

Humans look to their support system for help whenever they’re in difficulty. It might be a fight with their partner, a problem at the workplace or some physical ailment. But every time a hardship befalls us, we call up either our mom or our best friend and seek their comfort and help. Strong interpersonal relationships are necessary to deal with life problems in a healthy manner. Friends and family provide us with emotional, physical, material as well as spiritual support. They cheer you up, provide you with encouragement and help you rediscover your usual enthusiasm. Thus, socializing with our close ones ensures the maintenance of our support system so we’re not left on our own when we need them the most.

5. Sense of Belonging

Being with like-minded people gives us a certain sense of belonging which is at the core of most human behaviour.Everyone wants to feel like they’re a part of the group. They want to both blend in and stand out at the same time. Our need for validation further reinforces this idea. We constantly want to be identified as a ‘somebody’. Humans want to be an integral part of the society and still maintain a sense of individuality. The more we socialise, the more we develop this sense of belongingness which leads to a better attitude towards life.

4. Improves Mental Functioning

According to the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin by SAGE, socializing enhances mental functioning. This is because the mind is kept occupied with real thoughts. Thus, anxiety related thoughts are kept at bay and our mental processing takes a more positive and healthy course. Having an active social life can thus be linked to a more optimistic view of the world and of life. This in turn helps us to expand our minds and think increasingly creative ways. We are also more open to new ideas and new opinions than before.

3. Makes You More Attractive

Being a social busybody and having an upbeat attitude towards the world instantly makes you a more attractive person. It makes people want to be a part of your exciting world. That is why popular people tend to become more popular. They are already surrounded by people and thus appear to be more friendly and open-minded. Approachability is a huge factor in increasing attractiveness. When you make an effort to socialize with more and more people, they look at you with a more cheerful attitude.

2. Increases Opportunities

It’s a no brainer. The more contacts you have, the greater the chances are of you discovering an opportunity to do something you’ve always wanted to do before! Perhaps you have some secret talent that comes out only when you’re with like-minded individuals and under the proper encouragement. Perhaps you are thinking about a change in vocation. Perhaps you’re looking to date someone who’s not usually your type. A bigger social circle will definitely help you discover something new!

1. Self Growth

Undoubtedly, socializing brings about certain personal changes in us. We learn from people and our relationships with them as well as discover new aspects of our own personality. Better interpersonal connections boost both our physical and mental health. They also help in transforming us into more confident, optimistic and friendly individuals. Socializing with a wider group of people also allows us to be more tolerant and wise as we are exposed to a wide variety of people and viewpoints. This helps us grow into better human beings.

Top 12 Ultimate Break Up Clichés To End Your Relationship

In today’s lifestyle, love has become a strange thing and finding true love is even stranger as nobody really believes in the idea anymore. Over the time, the meaning of being in a relationship has changed drastically. While earlier, being involved with someone was a big and a very special feeling, these days it’s more of a trend that everyone is in a hurry to follow. We just want the tag of being in a relationship with someone and we are so eager to get it that during the process, we miserably fail to acknowledge the most basic thing- is he/she really the one? Is it actually love or just infatuation? Are we ready to be committed to this one person?

Without thinking about all these things, we just rush into being in a relationship and it ends up with being nothing but just a ‘break up-patch up game’. Breaking up with someone, which was supposed to be one of the hardest things to do, have become a frequent action these days. We don’t give a second thought about the emotional turmoil that the other person would be subjected to; rather we start thinking of a genuine reason to put forward in order to get rid of it. We could have simply accepted the truth that we rushed into it or that our feelings are not the same anymore, but we prefer blurting out some stupid, made up reasons that are at times funny and hard to digest. Just as being in a relationship has become a trend, breaking up has become a bigger one and this unusual vogue has given birth to a certain ‘break-up clichés’ that we hear too often these days:


12. You deserve someone better, I am not the one

Deep down, that self-obsessed soul of yours knows what this really is and you don’t mean a single word of it. What you actually feel is that ‘you’ deserve someone better and he/she is not the one for you but obviously you can’t say it upfront and hence you end up saying it the other way round. This is probably the first developed and the most used break-up cliché.

11. It is not working; I think we should see other people

When you hear this line coming from your partner and you can’t figure out what is it that is actually not working, understand it’s over. They don’t just think that you should see other people, they are probably already seeing someone else and there’s nothing that you can do about it. It’s one of the most heart breaking clichés where the other person is left thinking what actually went wrong while the betrayer is enjoying it with someone else.

10. I think my privacy is lost. I need some ‘ME TIME’

Suddenly your partner starts feeling deprived of his/her personal space and is complaining too much about it? Consider it a sign that you guys are going to part ways soon. They seem to miss the space that they once enjoyed sharing with you. Suddenly sharing Facebook passwords has become a big deal and within a blink of an eye, your partner will be gone.

9. Maybe we should take a break, huh?

So everything’s going fine and smooth between you two and one day your partner feels that you guys are just too much into one another. All the things are just about you two and it starts to bother and irritate them. They come up with a perfect solution and very casually tell you, ‘baby I think we should take a break and see where it goes.’
While you are standing there wondering what does ‘a break’ really means, your partner is on the ninth cloud thinking that it’s over.  Reality check: it’s never just a break, it’s always THE BREAK-UP.

8. We don’t have a future together; it’s easier to part ways now

That’s the funniest cliché ever. You said yes to be in a relationship, you were in it for quite a time and all this while the future factor was never a problem for you. But suddenly, you realize that there is no future with this person and rather than finding ways how to deal with it, you prefer to end the relationship itself. If you ever see this line coming your way, it’s your partner saying ‘Bye-bye baby, Break-up time.’

7. I’m not ready for a relationship right now

This literally means that ‘I am not ready for a relationship with YOU.’ End of the story.

6. That spark is lost somewhere

For a lot of people, sexual satisfaction is also very important for a happy relationship. There is a possibility that your partner doesn’t feel sexually attracted to you anymore and is too afraid or awkward to say it on your face. Hence, in such cases this cliché is the most sought after.

5. We were better off as friends

Not many of you might have thought that the possibility of being ‘friend-zoned’ exists even after being in a relationship. This cliché might actually come as a shock to the betrayee as this would be no less than a nightmare for him/her. How easily the betrayer says let’s still be friends as if that’s EVER going to happen. You can never be just friends with someone that you once loved/claimed to love.

4. I am getting too serious for you

This one is seriously the stupidest break-up line ever. Relationships are meant to be serious you know? What were you even thinking before getting into a relationship if you were too afraid to be serious?

3. Career Calls!

Yea! As if married people or the ones in a relationship do not have a career at all. It is just a matter of priority and managing your time. If you really wish a relationship to work, you will have that understanding where career won’t stand as an obstacle but will be a binding factor. And if it isn’t working that way then maybe you are better without each other.

2.  I love you but it is not really LOVE!

And this is the most confusing break-up cliché ever used. How many types of love are actually there? To decode it, ‘I don’t have any other excuse to serve you so it’s better to leave you hanging and confused.’

1. It is not about you, it is about me

And this ladies and gentlemen, is the most used and the best cliché ever. Taking the blame on you in such a way that the blame is really not on you. You have played your sympathy move well and perfectly.


If one of these clichés have ever been used on you and you are still mourning about your loss then it’s time that you MOVE ON.  If there’s no will to make it work, there is no point in stretching it without feelings. Love is a beautiful feeling and each one of us deserves to be with someone who will cherish the beauty of it with us. Not someone who would need some lines to end it.

Education Is Important: Top 17 Reasons Why?

  “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
-Nelson Mandela

Education: one word that bears the potential to change your life and the world that surrounds you. This term or rather the concept of being educated is often misapprehended as being literate. Not a major proportion of people know that they are two entirely different things altogether. Being literate means acquiring the ability to read and write while being educated is a much wider concept. Education is something that helps you develop an identity and an optimistic view about self and others. It’s not restricted within the walls of theoretical knowledge rather gives more importance to the experiences that the various aspects of life have to offer.

It enables individuals to open their minds and perceive things in a different way. The main aim of education is to create a rational personality that is free from the pre-conceived notions of prejudices, superstitions and other evils that pertains in the society. It is not necessary that a literate person will always be educated and vice-versa. A person might be literate but completely lack any moral values or the ability to utilize his skills effectively or he might be educated and well-behaved but hasn’t necessarily attended any school or other institution.

Every country sears a dream to increase its literacy rate and to have literate citizens but we need to think is that enough? The answer is no. The road that leads to development demands its travelers to be both literate and educated.

Here are a few important points that will help you to realize why is it crucial to not just be literate but also be educated-

17. To have a confident and an appealing persona

People often judge you by the way you carry or conduct yourself. How you dress up, how you speak and how you treat others-all of it matters. You don’t even know how many eyes are keeping an eye on you, judging and making notions about you while you attend a gathering or any event. Education provides you with ample opportunities to learn from your experiences and inculcate a spark of confidence in you.

16. To give a life to your dreams

Acquiring literacy provides you with the tools to accomplish your dream whereas education gives you the clarity to give birth to a dream and the will to raise and realize it. Being educated not only helps you to give a direction to your life but also to know the importance of your dream and the right way to achieve it. It provides you the confidence that you have what it takes to stand apart and shine.

15. To have a comfortable lifestyle

No one wishes to have a meager lifestyle and the ultimate goal of survival is to be able to lead our lives with a luxurious home and a decent lifestyle. The most essential requisite in order to achieve this is education. Until and unless you don’t have a hold on yourself and the ability to implement your skills and realize your talent, you will not be able to hug a successful life. Literacy can teach you numbers, algebra, and math but the practical knowledge of calculations, where and how you should spend your money-education teaches it.

14. To help you realize that Family is precious

It is with an education that the realization strikes ‘no gem is more valuable than family.’ Money, luxury, and all other materialistic possessions are all short-lived and exhaustible. At the end of the day, what stays with you, having your back and ensuring your well-being is your family. No treasure is more precious than the bond of love that we share with our family and education helps us to strengthen the roots of that bond.

13. Facilitating socialization

We all have often heard this phrase that man is a social animal. Education serves as a platform for an individual to interact with fellow individuals and get to know them. It helps you to share experiences and learn from other people’s experiences. You get to develop your good-will, make friends and live your life in a peaceful and amicable manner. It facilitates one’s socialization process and helps to grow as a person.

12. Bid adieu to Identity crisis

Identity crisis defined as a period of uncertainty and confusion in which a person’s sense of identity becomes insecure; is resolved by the means of education. It helps you to be a part of the society and develop an identity of your own. It keeps all the societal expectations and norms at bay and enables you to meet your real self and perceive an identity that defines you. Education frees you from the shackles of all the stereotypical constructs like gender bias and enables you to live on your own terms and drive your life on a self-chosen path.

11. Introduces you to the realm of knowledge

The most basic thing that education provides is knowledge in abundance. Not any area specific theoretical knowledge but practical and rational knowledge about how things work in the real world. This worldly knowledge helps to protect you from the shrewd, cunning minds out there who do not leave a single opportunity to take advantage of someone’s innocence. Also, it makes you capable to understand the world around you in a different and effective manner.

10. Unleash the creativity within with education

Education helps you to introspect and meet the version of yourself that you were not aware existed. The creativity that was dumped deep within under the stress of leading a successful life gets some air to breathe and room to grow. It makes you cognizant with the fact that it is important to unleash your talents and engross yourself in some recreational activities to ensure that your mental peace proliferates.

9.  Say Hi to Hard work

Education compels you to know that life begins at the end of your comfort zone. We have heard the age-old adage that hard work is the key to success but very few of us actually implement it in our lives. Education makes sure that we stay away from the stagnancy of thoughts, emotions and actions and welcome hard work in our lives with open arms.

8. Emphasizes on empowerment

Education and empowerment goes in hand in hand. It makes you aware of your rights and responsibilities and puts a halt to our dependency on others. It empowers you financially, emotionally, socially and spiritually and endows you with the capability to make your life decisions without relying on any external source. If you are educated you won’t be subdued by any societal pressures and won’t ever make a silent cry about something that needs a loud shout-out. Education teaches you that tolerating an atrocity is as much of a crime as doing or being a part of one and one must have the courage to raise his/her voice against what’s wrong.

7. Creating a safe environment

Education helps us to develop a conscience that tells us the distinction between good and bad. We understand the worth of other humans and learn to respect their dignity.

6. Staying away from sedentary lifestyle

Having a healthy and balanced lifestyle is very crucial to ensure a happy and long life. These days, we seem to have forgotten about the need and importance that yoga, exercise or being indulged in physical activities play in our lives. All that we are interested in is becoming couch potatoes and sticking to our phones or laptops all day long. We are so entrapped in the cobwebs of the virtual world that we are drifting poles away from real connections. Education instills the much needed imbue of healthy life back to our monotonous, junk lifestyle.

5. Contributing to the Economic growth

Education enables us to do well in our lives in different ways. It enhances one’s communication skills thus helping him/her in networking with people whose resources might benefit them in any possible way. Also, it creates job opportunities thus making a person financially independent. And once you start earning, the country’s economic growth benefits as unemployment decreases and it brings economic prosperity to the country.

4. Embracing the diversity

India is a diverse country with different states having varying cultures. People following different religions reside together within our country and in such a scenario, the possibilities of having riots are very high. Education instills within you the respect for all the religions and makes you embrace the diversity of our nation with smile. We realize the power that lies in the saying ‘unity in diversity’ and extend a friendly hand towards people from every corner of the map. Judging someone on the basis of their race, color, religion or culture is not acceptable and we respect and love every individual on humanitarian grounds.

3. Keeping a track of the technology

With the advent of technology, it has become essential to be up to date and keep a track of all the ongoing innovations. There was a time when social media platforms didn’t even exist and now we live in an era where our mornings start off by checking our mobile phones for notifications. In such a time, education plays a pivotal role to help us understand such new adept technology, be a part of it and use it to our discreet advantage. Also, being able to discover our own innovations also requires getting education. It is not wrong to say that education is more or less the starting point of pretty much everything.

2. Having empathy for others

Being able to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes to know what they must be feeling or going through is empathy and it is a one of the most important emotions to exist. Having empathy is very much needed as it helps us to connect with the other person and know their situations in a better way. Education is the key to possess empathy.

1.Overall development of self and the country

Literacy provides the base for development and education facilitates and ensures the overall development of an individual as experiences teaches a great deal of things. In turn, an empowered, independent and settled individual proves to be an asset for the country as well. Thus, education benefits both the person and the country.


Hence, we can conclude by saying that education is just like the soft mud that is required in order to shape a pot in a beautiful and perfect way. It shapes our character, moral, capacities, talents and thus our life. Without it, we would roam meaninglessly in our journeys.

Stop, think and analyze: are you really educated or just literate?



Top 12 Reasons Why Friends Are Important Part of Life

From our development to our well-being, from success to sadness, from infancy until our last day, friends have a pivotal role to play in all stages that we witness. They accompany us through all walks of life no matter what, and there are times when we wonder: who are friends?

Friends are the ones who don’t leave a single chance to make fun of us but are ready to smash off other people’s faces if they do the same. Friends are the ones who scold us for all our wrongdoings but also have our backs always, in all ways. They serve as the family that we choose. We share a variety of relationships under one umbrella and it’s with friends that we create memories, experiences, and happiness. It is a blessing to have a bunch of people with whom you can share your heart without giving it a second thought.

For all those who follow the American sitcom titled F.R.I.E.N.D.S: at some point in time, we would have all wished to have a group like Chandler, Joey, Phoebe, Monica, Ross, and Rachel. Having people to sing ‘I will be there for you’ has always been a dream.
There is a gamut of reasons that can be listed so as to tell why is it important to have friends in our lives, but here are a few that pretty much sums it up all:

12. Survival Buddies

Friends are our hands to hold on in darkness, happy place to go in moments of contentment, shoulders to weep on when we are low, a diary to keep our secrets secure and a light to illuminate the way when we are lost. No matter which stage of life we are in or what experience we are dealing with, they are our survival buddies. They tell us just what we need to hear and make us believe that it will pass through. They are there through all thick and thin and are the prime objective of our survival through all spheres of life.

11. Bye-Bye Loneliness!

With your gang around, you never feel lonely. They seem to disseminate an anti-loneliness drug that gives you the strength to fight all blues. No matter how big a problem might be, a little time with your buddies and it’s all sorted. Just as your shadow, your friends never leave you out alone and it’s time you bid your goodbyes to loneliness with them around.

10. Mirror-Mirror On The Wall

Just like the magical mirror that snow white’s step-mom possessed, we all have magical friends who hold the mirror up for us. No matter how harsh the truth is, they tell us without coating it in sugar or mincing any words. They are there to guide us if we ever lose our way. Unlike others, they tell us what’s right for us and not just what we need to hear. They care for our well-being and they don’t fear being judged.

9. You can be YOU

With friends, you don’t have to wear a mask and you have all the freedom to be who you really are. You know they will never judge you and will always support you in all your decisions and choices. You share a next level comfort zone with them, the kind where you don’t have to think before you speak.

8. Even the weirdest of thing become ‘memories’

That’s the best thing about having friends: they create such circumstances that you see a side of yourself that you would have never seen otherwise. You do craziest, weirdest and silliest of things without thinking and later wonder- did you really do those? And all of it become stories to share with your children. You learn to hug craziness and let go of boredom.

7. Unconditional Love

Your friends have no reason to love you, they love you for who you are without any conditions, and that’s the best kind of love. They don’t expect anything, they don’t demand anything. They are just there loving you and caring for you.

6. Fun-element of Life

It’s just with friends that we share inside jokes that only we can make sense of. Right from using code words to snigger about someone or checking out someone without letting them know, only friends can do that. They spice up our lives in a funny way and let us enjoy it like never before.

5. Ears to everything that we say

Friends are the best listeners that are ready to listen to all that we have to say without complaining. They have the patience to listen to us ranting about things for hours and still be there. They neither judge nor preach, just listen and sometimes that’s all we want- someone to lend ears to our whines.


4. Help you to Grow

Your friends help you to accept your flaws and be the better version of you.  They help you to grow through all problems of life and inspire you to be a better person.

3.  Add life to Days

As it is said that don’t add days to life, add life to days- friends help you to do both. They not just assist you in enjoying your days to the fullest by adding colors and a sense of positivity to them but also help to increase your longevity says a study.

2.  Friendship multiplies the good of life and divides the evil

All the good things are even better when you have friends to share it with and all the sorrows are short-lived when you have friends to take you out of it. Life is a journey that becomes beautiful with the companionship of friends.

1. Having a ‘FRIEND-FLUENCE’, having a ‘FRA-MILY’

Your friends around you have a great deal of influence on you and your life. You share a deep bond with them and the friend-fluence they have on you tends to play an important role. You don’t realize when your bonds get deeper and you have a family apart from your family; a ‘framily’. It’s crucial to have a framily as there are some things which you aren’t comfortable discussing with the real family.


Having good friends is as important in life as is having oxygen to breathe. While choosing friends, don’t prefer quantity, prefer quality. Life is partly what we make it and partly what it is made by the friends we choose. We are all travelers in the wilderness of this world, and the best we can find in our travels is an honest friend.

10 Books on Indian Partition That You Must Read

India’s road to liberty from the British rule was a roller-coaster ride streaked with dreadful horror. Bloodstreams flew, and irrespective of the physical and psychological attributes, in freeing the once golden bird from the imperial clutches.

India did get Independence but it brought consequences far more than the eyes could see. By the time India gained Independence, it was already alienated from the world and, worst of all, from its own people. Two hundred years of agony and blood-lust slowed down. However, another poison of communal hatred was being planted in these two centuries, leading to the demand for a separate Muslim land by the name of Pakistan. Rounds of conferences and heated round-table exchanges led to the signing of the Partition document. This story, needless to mention, is known to almost all, but the personal experiences and eyewitness accounts of these do demand a read to get through the nitty-gritty of the country’s history and the walk towards Partition.

A seven-decade-long exposure to appalling resonances of apathy has been recapped in numerous books. A few of the most defining works have been listed below.

  1. Mr. and Mrs. Jinnah: The Marriage That Shook India by Sheela Reddy

Published by-Random House India in 2017

Sheela Reddy has meticulously penned down Mr. and Mrs. Jinnah. In the book, she has scribed the saga of a marriage that brought about a quiver in the Indian social system. The book makes the reader delve into the story of a progressive and tragic eloping of Jinnah (then 42) with Petit (then 18). It is the intriguing history of Ruttie Petit that gives this book its primordial thrust. For a woman whose parents were staunch British loyalists, it is indeed courageous to shun the stand-and-greet custom and adopt a Namaste. An immense research of Delhi, Bombay, and Karachi has gone into compiling this great work. Reddy has given a first-person account on the political and marital scenario of the time.

  1. Kingdom’s End: Selected Stories by Saadat Hasan Manto

Published by– Penguin Books on January 9th, 2007 (first published in 1988)

Saadat Hasan Manto’s name is in no demand for a lengthy foreword. His works speak for him and the honesty he poured in the stories he wrote. There is no tinge of doubt in saying that the man advanced in time. Kingdom’s End is a collection of Manto’s finest stories. His works were generally provocative and had a backdrop of partition. The selected stories are an assortment of the chilling accounts of the horrors of Partition. Powerful and deeply moving as they were, the relevance remains amongst us to this day.

  1. Amritsar to Lahore by Stephen Alter

Published by– Penguin Random House India Private Limited on 14-Oct-2000

Stephen Alter’s masterpiece opens an entirely new world to the eternal effects that Partition has had on the everyday life and the people concerned. The book is an exhilarating journey from the city of Amritsar to that of Lahore. What makes the cross-border passage story special is the year- 1997, Partition’s fiftieth anniversary. Alter’s work gives an insight of the troubled future and equally disturbed past. Amritsar to Lahore is a gripping tale about the legacy of divided lands.

  1. India Divided by Dr. Rajendra Prasad

Published by- Penguin Books India Private Limited in 2010 (originally published in 1946)

India Divided was a work by Dr. Rajendra Prasad, the 1st President of India.  Dr. Prasad beautifully sketched the genesis and intensification of the Hindu–Muslim conflict.  He critically analyzed and put forth the vagueness of Lahore Resolution and summarized various schemes launched at partition. The final conclusion drawn in his work is of a solution for the clash between Hindu–Muslims. As a responsible first citizen, he wanted a configuration of the secular state, with a balanced autonomy of culture and ethnicity.

  1. Midnight’s Children by Salman Rushdie

Published by– Jonathan Cape in 1981

Midnight’s Children by Salman Rushdie was first in print in 1981. The novel talks about a child who was born on the midnight of Indian Independence Day- August 15, 1947.  The book is a pioneering piece concerning India’s transition from colonialism to independence. It is a captivating family adventure set at a time when India achieved freedom from centuries of colonial rule. With The Booker Prize and many more accolades to its name, Midnight’s Children is an indispensable read.

  1. Basti by Intizar Hussain

Published byThe New York Review of Books on November 15th, 2012 (originally published 1979)

Basti is a beautiful work from the other face of the border– Pakistan. Intizar Hussain wrote the book and published it in the year 1995. The plot of the novel hovers around three curious questions- the constitution of a common world, the things bringing people together, and the distinguishing factor. Zakir is the protagonist of the work. He makes the reader believe that reconciliation isn’t just a dream but a possibility.

  1. Sunlight On A Broken Column by Attia Hussain

Published by– Penguin Books on January 1st, 1992 (originally published in 1961)

Attia Hussain, in 1961, came up with her novel with its main setting in Lucknow. The novel has a backdrop of the Indian partition and talks about Laila. Hailing from an affluent Muslim family, Laila, a fifteen-year-old orphaned daughter fights for her own independence. Laila’s father wished that she received a western education, which she did. What was unexpected was a new autocratic uncle as a guardian. Laila follows the purdah and is given very little freedom. She is entangled in the confined traditional life and was in search of ways to free her. With a striking detail of India and its insight, this work is a great classic of Muslim life.

  1. The Shadow Lines by Amitav Ghosh

Published by– Mariner Books on May 3rd, 2005 (originally published in 1988)

In The Shadow Lines, Amitav Ghosh shines as a young narrator. His writing talks about traveling across time. The book recites the tales of people around Ghosh, and how they navigate through the unpredictable jet of memories, unaware of the physical, political and chronological precincts. Half-weaved and half-imagined stories arrive in concert until he disembarks for an intricate and interrelated picture of the world. The Utopian world he imagines has borders and boundaries meaning nothing but shadow lines isolating people and nations.

9.       Pinjar by Amrita Pritam

Published by– Tara Press on January 1st, 2009 (originally published in 1950)

Written in 1950 by Amrita Pritam, Pinjar is a Punjabi novel giving a woman’s account of Partition. The story orbits around Puro, the protagonist Hindu woman. Rashid, a Muslim man, abducted Puro. Breaking off from the kidnapper’s captivity, she reaches home, only to be appalled to see how her parents treat her. They refuse to accept her, thus opening channels for her to imagine the pain women endured during the partition. Pinjar is a story of a mentally strong, yet helpless woman.

10.   Train to Pakistan by Khushwant Singh

Published by- Grove Press on February 11th, 1994 (first published in 1956)

Think of great works on the Partition and the best name that echoes through is Train to Pakistan by Khushwant Singh. Set in the backdrop of a small village on the India-Pakistan border, the book brings up the tale of agonies afflicted on the village due to the Partition. The village is house to a large number of Sikhs and Muslims living together at peace. All is well until an outsider spreads the reports of Partition. The hate-mongering elements perpetrated ill-feelings in the Muslim and the Sikh communities against each other. The shower of blood multiplied over time, leaving northern India ravaged. Even though the characters in the book are fictitious, the devastating truth depicted is real. 

Are you a history buff too? Grab a copy of one these books to add to your reading list.

Top 10 Popular Conspiracy Theories That Are Almost Believable

In 2003, Avil Lavigne died and her doppelganger Melissa has been moonlighting as a pop sensation since. Or that’s what seems to be the consensus amongst fans. Unlikely, but the theory sparked a good amount of debate and had fans conducting research and gathering proof.  True or not, conspiracy theories are fun to discuss. It speaks of secret organizations and amplified dark intentions. Implausible events are always easier to believe in than to deal with the force of sad coincidences that is life. Plus, they always make for a good tea-time story. Let’s take a look at some of the most believable conspiracy theories to date.

10. New World Order

Closely linked with the Illuminati and Freemason, there is actually a powerful elite hiding among us who plans to rule the world one day. A totalitarian government where democracy would be a foregone concept, this is supposedly the culmination of all the world events and history. Influential politicians, businessmen, people of the high-class society work under this person and will likely hand over the power they possess once all nefarious plans are set in motion. This theory explains all world crisis, economic falls and booms, and illogical policies as planned events to achieve the New World.

9. The Illuminati

Once a gathering of academically gifted liberal thinkers working secretly to change the view of the church, the Illuminati were bashed and outlawed by then rulers and priests.  Now, they’re a supposedly still working in secret society of politicians, bankers, entrepreneurs, actors, singers and basically anyone with power who control the world events with their target of achieving New World Order.  Other than having an actual place in history once upon a time, what gives their existence some credence is the confirmation from Paul Hellyer, former Defense Minister of Canada, that not only are they real, but most of these people are running the oil industry and have the technology that could reverse the effect of climate change but won’t use it.

8. Men In Black

The theory responsible for the Men In Black series, whether they are real or not, we certainly owe this conspiracy theory for providing us enough ammunition to make a film consisting entirely of great action, laughter, and Will Smith. Generally linked with UFO conspiracy theories,  these are men dressed in immaculate black suits from top to bottom, most probably working with government or secret organizations, who harass UFO witnesses so that they keep quiet. These men with plastic smooth skin who lack eyebrows, eyelashes and are bald individuals, the chances of them being aliens are high. There’s also the suspicion that these men have dug their polished clean nails on memory-wiping technology. There are actual hazy pictures and footages of these men, which makes the whole situation fascinating and terrifying.

7. False History

This one’s actually pretty high on the possibility scale, that is, if you compare it to the possibility of aliens. First hypothesized by Heribert Illig, it states that 297 extra years have been added to the early middle ages for the selfish purposes of Otto III, Pope Sylvester II, and Constantine VII. They were desperate to be part of the special year of 1000 AD, enough that they forged documents and destroyed evidence to effectively create a phantom timeline. Mainstream historians, of course, refute this claim entirely.

6. Fake Moon Landing

One of the most important historical events in science could very well be a Now You See Me movie coming to life, according to this conspiracy theory. NASA is actually the creator of an elaborate hoax- that is the six-man moon landing incident. That’s not all, tampering and destruction of TV and Radio transmissions are also part of the crime list. NASA also isn’t above falsifying moon rock sampled and killing witnesses.

5. The Cure For Cance Incident

The Food And Drug Administration department found the cure for cancer in 1964. When the pharmaceutical companies and medical industry began to bash the vitamin that could save human lives, the FDA had no choice but to deny the existence of the cure. Because the medical industry was unable to patent the vitamin, it was better for them to remove the cure’s existence. The billion-dollar cancer industry could turn into pieces in the case of a discovery of a cure, or that’s what the justification appears to be with regard to this decision. We’ll never know if it’s true or not, but let’s hope we do find the cure one day.

4. The Assassination Of John F. Kennedy

The subjection to various conspiracy theory of the assassination of John. F. Kennedy’s death has been so severe over the years that it’s hard to keep track or mention only one. An incident with a large audience as witnesses, the assassination has been the center of speculation for a long time, mainly due to its lack of a perpetrator. And so, the 35th US President JFK’s assassination’s suspects have ranged from CIA, mafia to his then vice president, to the Cuban Prime Minister Fidel Castro. It’s entirely possible one of the conspiracy theories is an actual reality or maybe even none of them are.

3. Roswell UFO Incident

1947 witnessed the release of a press release from the United States Air Force that stated a flying disk has been recovered near Roswell, Mexico. However, it was quickly reversed and revealed that a weather balloon had been mistakenly identified as a UFO. This led to widespread speculation over the years but it wasn’t until a retired Brigadier General claimed that a spacecraft indeed landed in Roswell and had aliens in them. The US governments covered this up for unclear reasons. Over the years, the Roswell incident has gone through numerous examinations and still continues to gather mass intrigue.

2. Flat Earth

Aristotle might have a few choicest words to say about this theory. Fortunately or not, he isn’t around to see the world after the Internet. As the word suggests, the believers of this theory claim the earth is flat because it looks and feels that way and ignorance is dished out to all evidence, starting with satellite pictures and videos to lunar eclipse and all associated logical arguments that prove otherwise. Earth’s actually disk-like in shape and Antarctica is a 150-foot wall of ice which NASA is currently guarding. This wall keeps people from climbing over the wall and falling off into the void. NASA is again the villain in this scenario who has created all kinds of illusions to make us believe Earth is round.

1. Ruled By Lizard People

In which world would this not be believable? Shapeshifting intelligent lizards who can take human form and plan to use this power to rule the world exists. David Icke, one of the most well-known conspiracy theorists out there, believes in this reality with his heart and claims Queen Elizabeth, George W. Bush, the Clintons belong to the group. Either Lizard people are part of the government or are working in cahoots with the government. They have their slimy hands on the Illuminati and Freemason as well. These people are original inhabitants of the constellations of Draco, Sirius, and Orion. In other words, we might be living with aliens and haven’t even realized it yet!

Everything about ISIS: 8 Must-Know Facts

ISIS- One of the most terrifying terrorist organizations in the history of the world. It has induced irreconcilable trauma on an international domain through the brutal tactics it employs. Pathetic news describing the brutality of this giant monster flood our screen every now and then. The rapid rise of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria as a major international terrorist threat has been the most unfortunate event striking the Middle-East. The jarring images of suicide bombings, beheadings, rapes, and stonings, bombing the internet, push us to ask ourselves, “Does humanity still exist?”.

ISIS’s rapid development is a cause of concern to the entire world. It bows down to no one. The only language it understands is that of barbarism.  It is high time we, as a collective, join hands to quell it, rather than just being a mere spectator. Its destructive potential can wipe off humanity from the only planet which is known to nurture it.

Let’s jump to some interesting facts about the most successful militant group ever.

8. The Origin of ISIS

Religion has never engendered a problem, it is the people who manipulate it to gain power. ISIS is a religious-fanatic group consisting of Muslim extremists involved in the Sunni Islamic Movement. Abu Musab al- Zarqawi, in 1999, laid its foundation. The group, from 2004-2006 was associated with Bin Laden’s al- Qaeda. It became popular as Al-Qaeda in Iraq or AQI.  According to a British online newspaper Independent’s report, dated 7 July 2015, the evolution of ISIS as a separate entity began in 2006. This was basically due to certain ideological differences pertaining to the violent enforcement of Sharia Law. Consequently, Al-Qaeda denounced ISIS and there was a split.

7. Main Aim – To Create an Islamic State

The principal goal of ISIS is to build an ultra-conservative Islamic state, called the ‘Caliphate state’, across the areas of Iraq and Syria that strictly enforces Sharia Law. The Law advocates some of the central teachings of the Quran. According to BBC’s latest news, dated 28, March 2018, ISIS has 10 million of the population under its control. A supreme religious and political leader, called Caliph, rules the area.

Another fundamental goal of ISIS is to eradicate and persecute Christians and other religious groups, in whatever way possible. The merciless genocide towards  Christians, Shia Muslims, Assyrians, Chaldeans, Syriac and any person who disobeys Sharia is evident of the fact that ISIS is firm in establishing its superiority.

6. The Richest Terrorist Group in History

Any guesses? You would be shocked to know that, according to The Fiscal Times Report, dated December 7, 2015, the estimated fund gathered by ISIS is more than $2 Million per day. Surprised? Now the question arises, “Where does this money come from?.” For the most part, it is earned through the oil fields under its control. ISIS has been selling barrels in the black market. It has indulged in massive bank robberies and looted hundreds of millions in US Dollars. It also earns a substantial amount by kidnapping people and collecting ransom. It has recently introduced a new form of currency so as to compete with Western Capitalism and emerge as a unique and powerful financial player. It imposes a huge tax on people residing in the area under its control. Someone who refuses or fails to pay the taxes is simply executed.

5.  The Reward of Victory in Battlefield – RAPE

Astonished? Yes, you heard it right. It is indeed lamentable to hear that these mammoths take pride in raping a female as a reward for their cruelty. In fact, most of the victims are underage. The survivors believe that if a woman converts in Islam she is sold to a fighter. If she doesn’t, then she is kept in prison and raped daily. The women are taken from their families and sold to random people. The most outrageous fact is that, younger the girl, higher the price.

4. ISIS Knows How to Hack!

No, it is not just about killing, looting, and digging tunnels. ISIS members are not behind in technological skills too. According to Business Insider’s report- ISIS supporters have hacked multiple Pentagon Social Media Accounts, of Jan 12, 2015, the hacking of the Youtube and the Twitter accounts of the United States Military Central Command announced itself as a nightmare.  Though it didn’t do any sufficient loss, yet it let the realization dawn on people that if such a well-secured account can be hacked, then hacking civilian accounts would be a piece of cake for them. The hacking capabilities differentiate ISIS from the traditional terrorist groups and give it an edge over them.

3. Branding Tool – “Beheading”

Nothing can be disheartening than this woeful deed of beheading humans as an effective marketing and propaganda strategy. The Youtube videos showing the same is the most crucial part of their terrorist campaign. Videos are used to leave an indelible impression of theirs on the masses.

These videos serve a two-fold purpose. First of all, they attract the Islamic-fanatic followers. The supporters consider this act as a symbol of supreme power and great control of ISIS. The potential recruits see this videos as a sign of ISIS’s willingness to be completely ruthless so as to uphold their duties as Muslims. Secondly, it inculcates fear in the masses and asserts the group’s ideology.

Children are frequently swayed away by ISIS and are forced to undertake executions. Young recruits almost always know nothing about the religion itself. They fall into the trap easily and follow their doctrines like puppets.

2. ISIS’s Greatest Weapon – Social Media

To reach out to a wider audience, ISIS makes excellent use of all the latest social media as a medium of its propaganda. The army is continuously growing and flourishing due to social media and virtual messages. In fact, ISIS loves Twitter. It uses it not only as a branding tool but also to recruit. A constant ban on their twitter accounts has led to death threats for Twitter employees. The sole reason why ISIS has attracted and gained support from Islamic-fanatic followers worldwide is their active presence on social media.

1. ISIS Members Consider Themselves as Agents of Apocalypse

The Apocalypse- an allusion to the Bible- means the final and complete destruction of the world. ISIS’s members are obsessed with this idea. According to them, from the establishment of the Caliphate state, all of their activities are oriented to bring the end of this world. ISIS holds a deep belief in the prophecy which states that only 12 caliphs will walk the earth with current leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi acting as their eighth incarnation. As per the sayings of the prophet, an anti-Messiah, known in Muslim apocalyptic literature as Dajjal, will come and kill a vast number of caliphate’s fighters. The second most revered prophet in Islam, Jesus, will return to earth, spear Dajjal, and lead the Muslims to victory. 



7 Major Reasons why you should avoid eating Fried foods

Is your first love food, too? Specifically, fried foods? Well, here’s the unfortunate truth for us fried food lovers. Eating fried foods is not much of a healthy choice. They offer practically no beneficial nutrients. In fact, they almost always contain a high amount of fats, calories and even salt.

Fried-foods – fried prawns, french fries.

Most of the popular commercially fried foods served in fast-food joints are cooked in industrially processed hydrogenated oils. These oils are high in trans-fat. They lower your good cholesterol level(HDL) and raise the bad cholesterol levels(LDL), thus leading to health issues. Although these fats and oils give the food a delicious taste and a satisfying crunch to it, they are unnatural and act like plastic in our bodies.

So, even though deep frying food is a common and inexpensive option all across the globe, fortunately, there are better alternatives available easily. In spite of knowing that frying almost any food makes it ten times tastier, you are better off roasting, baking, grilling or even steaming your food instead of frying it!

Now, let’s take a quick look into the 7 major reasons you should stay away from eating fried foods :

7. Obesity

Fried foods are known to be highly rich in trans fats and calories. While a gram of protein or carbohydrate contains 4 calories, a gram of fat contains 9 calories. Hence, if you eat fried foods regularly, you are most likely to gain weight rapidly and become overweight or obese. Obesity, in turn, will lead to many other health problems like heart diseases, blood pressure issues etc. Moreover, trans fat plays a significant role in weight gain because they often also affect the hormones that regulate appetite and fat storage.

Studies have also repeatedly shown that consuming fried foods more than four times a week increases the risk of obesity as opposed to consuming these foods less than two times per week.


6. Diabetes

According to the studies published in ‘Diabetes Care’ (April 2011), regular consumption of fried foods has a direct link with an increased risk of type-2 Diabetes. The risk of diabetes is not merely connected to eating deep-fried foods. Multiple studies show that women who eat even shallow fried foods regularly, are at high risk to suffer from type-2 diabetes than those who eat fried foods less frequently.

Another study found that people who eat fried foods more than two times per week are more likely to develop insulin resistance, compared to those who eat it less than once a week. Similarly, those who eat fried foods six or seven times per week are 40% more likely to develop type-2 diabetes, when compared to those who eat less fried foods less than twice in a week.


5. Heart Diseases

Several studies in adults have shown an association between eating fried foods and a risk of developing a chronic heart disease.

Eating fried foods contributes to high blood pressure, low levels of good cholesterol (HDL) and obesity which are all risk factors for heart diseases. A diet high in fried foods is linked with a significantly high risk of heart attacks. A study found that women who ate 1-3 servings of fried fish in a week were more at risk of developing a heart disease when compared to women who ate 1-3 servings or even less of fried fish per month. In fact, most patients who suffer from heart diseases and have experienced heart attacks, have been found to indulge in diets dangerously high in fried foods and fast food.


4. Cancer

Consuming fried foods on a daily basis has direct connections to developing cancer. Limiting the intake of fried foods lowers the risk of prostate cancer to a great extent. People who eat a lot of the common fried fast foods like fried fish, fried chicken, french fries, doughnuts and other such fried foods, at least once a week, have a higher risk of getting prostate cancer than those who consume these foods less than once in a week.

Besides, the chemical known as Acrylamide, which is present in most fried foods like french fries is proven to be a potential cause of cancer.


3. Stroke

You will increase your risk of getting a stroke by 41% if you eat fried foods six times per week when compared to people who eat fried foods less than six times a month.

Foods with trans-fats, made in partially hydrogenated or hydrogenated oils are most likely to affect your cholesterol. They eventually have a negative impact on your overall health and often lead to a stroke. The worst offenders are fried fast foods like onion rings, french fries, fries fried chicken.


2. The harmful Acrylamide connection

Acrylamide is another worry centering fried foods. It is a chemical that forms in foods cooked in high temperatures like fried and baked foods. This chemical can form in many different fried foods but is most commonly found in potatoes which are very high in sugars like fructose and glucose.

How deeply a food is fried also matters. For instance, a darker fried potato cracker or a darker fried chicken would contain more Acrylamide. So, the deeper a food is fried, the higher is the Acrylamide content.

Acrylamide is, therefore, a rather toxic substance which is even proved to be a risk for several types of cancers.


1. Acne

Do you still suffer from those annoying, pesky pimples? Well, you are not the only one. More than half of the women over the age of twenty-five happen to suffer from acne. While teenage acne generally appears on the upper part of the face, adult acne occurs in the lower parts, like the chin areas. They generally appear like cysts and are present under the skin. But if you thought these were all caused by those raging hormones, you might be mistaken.

Fried food is one of the biggest triggers of adult acne. Trans fats present in fried foods are extremely damaging to the health of our skin. So, if you are consuming these unhealthy fats on a regular basis, your body will be forced to use these fats in forming new skin cells. These cells will naturally not function properly and result in the manifestation of acne and other skin diseases. Some of the common fried foods that cause acne and you should best stay away from, include french fries, doughnuts, fried chicken, onion rings, mozzarella sticks and Chinese fast food.

The bottom line, therefore, is that regularly consuming foods that are fired in unhealthy oils often have several negative impacts on your health and well-being. So, it is best to severely and strictly limit or if possible, avoid, the frequent intake of commercially fried foods.


12 Friendliest Dog Breeds List

Have you been looking for true, unconditional love? Whether you are just lonely, or you want a cuddly partner to cozy up next to you in bed, dogs are here for you. They will be with you, be it the worst of your time or your happy hours. Here’s a brief look at the friendliest dog breeds.

1. Beagle

These small hound dogs are the best companions for kids and adults alike. They can weigh between 18 to 30 pounds, with a lifespan of around 10 to 15 years. They are traditionally raised as a scent hound to track little animals. Beagles are exceedingly dynamic, inquisitive little guys. Indeed, even in their initial age, they are prepared to go up against the world all alone. Due to their requirement for a considerable measure of activity, numerous Beagle puppies can get somewhat thick on the off chance that they are left to sit at home throughout the day.

2. Siberian Husky

Loved by many, this ball of fur can be fierce, as well as playful at times. They are calm, mildly energetic and quiet dogs with a beautiful physique bearing a multitude of markings and multicolored eyes. Their appearance truly adds to their appeal. These dogs are believed to originate from a tribe of Siberian nomads called Chuchi. They weigh from 30 to 60 pounds and have a lifespan similar to Shibainu.

3. Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu is known for its energetic disposition, little upright ears, and feline-like dexterity. Today it is one of the most popular dog breeds in Japan and the United States. They can weigh up to 17 to 23 pounds and live a life of 12 to 15 years. Due to its fluffy furs, it bears a resemblance to a fox, or maybe even a stuffed toy. The Shiba Inu is little and athletic, moving rapidly, deftly and easily. It is sharp and cautious. The Shiba Inu approaches the world with a quiet pride that is particularly his own, which is likely why he is additionally portrayed as obstinate. Due to its inclination to freedom, the Shiba Inu isn’t the easiest to train.

4. German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is profoundly smart and won’t like to laze around. It is a canine of activity, and it needs to live with a functioning individual who will give it a vocation deserving of its abilities. German Shepherds love youngsters and make incredible family pooches when they are given early socialization and preparing. A large portion of us think about the German Shepherd as a dark and tan canine, yet they can likewise be sable and strong dark. A German Shepherd ought to never be bashful, apprehensive or forceful.

5. Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Lively and athletic, enduring and reliable, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a big-hearted dog with tiny legs. Herding, dutifulness, deftness, or pursuing balls with joy are charming outlets for his eagerness and want to work. On the off chance that its days incorporate such direct exercise, alongside the adoring fraternity of his family, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is versatile and simple to live with.  He is well mannered with visitors and makes for a ready guard dog. When they bark, something is really up. Most Pembroke Welsh Corgis approve of other family pets and behave really well. This mindful breed adapts rapidly and reacts well to submission.

6. Chow Chow


Free and honorable, the Chow more often than not attaches itself with one individual despite the fact that it will have a fondness for the entire family. At the point when brought up with youngsters, it is typically fine with them, in spite of the fact that the children might be baffled that it is not a hugger. A magnificent monitor puppy and guard dog, it will ensure you against outsiders.

7. Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is an ideal family dog. Golden Retrievers love everybody, particularly kids, and coexist well with new individuals and weird puppies. They draw respecting looks and cherishing taps from nearly everybody they meet. The Golden Retriever is a functioning canine who will fetch a tennis ball until the point that your arm gives out. The breed’s devotion, knowledge, and stable demeanor have made them the dearest of the administration canine world.

8. Labrador Retriever

The Lab’s short, weather-resistant coat and muscular body are the perfect equipment for outdoor activities like hiking, camping and water sports. Labs are active dogs who need daily exercise and mental stimulation. Without that, they can become bored and destructive. Nurture them with the attention, training, and activity they need or suffer the consequences. Labs come in three colors: black, yellow and chocolate. Labs shed heavily, and brushing them once or twice a week will help keep the fur from flying. Labs typically have litters of six to eight puppies. A bonus is that puppies of age 6 to 8 weeks are more mature and more easily house-trained.

9. Saint Bernard

Saint Bernard hails from the Mastiff family, attested by its enormous head and tall, great body. It is delicate, however, its size alone is sufficient to intimidate danger. It is just reasonably dynamic, making it suited to homes with little yards. It should live in cooling comfort in hot atmospheres. A 25-pound Saint Bernard little dog absolutely looks sensible, yet it will eventually measure from 120 to at least 180 pounds. Its gigantic size is regularly what draws in the most attention, however, the tradeoff is a shockingly short life expectancy of roughly 7 to 10 years. What’s more, if you reach your home by stairs and ought to ever need to pull it here and there, you may be in a bad position. In the event that none of that bothers you, a Saint Bernard may well be your puppy.  It doesn’t eat more than some other vast breeds of canine, and it will be happy with two or three short strolls every day.

10. Cairn Terrier

The Cairn Terrier is a superbly inviting pooch. It is glad and happy, and it appears genuinely appreciate meeting individuals. It’s additionally all terrier: autonomous, extreme, and alarming. Like any puppy of the breed, it puts burrowing, yapping, and pursuing high on its rundown of fun exercises. It’ll pursue any little creature, including the neighbor’s feline if given a possibility. It’s a decent guard dog as well and will declare any guest.

11. Bichon Frise

A lapful of charm in a cotton-ball cloud of curly white hair, the Bichon Frise is one of the sweetest and most affectionate of dog breeds. It loves to be the center of attention, which isn’t surprising given that it used to be adored by royalty and performed tricks to the roars of the circus crowds. Letting it have the softest bed and just one little bite of your dinner makes you both happy. But don’t expect a Bichon to be “perfect” from birth – the Bichon is not a wind-up toy: it can be a challenge to housetrain and needs to learn its place in the family.

12. Maltese

With shoe-button eyes framed by a glistening coat of silky white, the Maltese have earned enduring popularity by combining cute with a lively, bright, and bold personality. Weighing less than seven pounds, these charmers are popular with the purse-dog set. On the off chance that you need a shrewd little pooch to run you and your home, this is your breed. Maltese pack a considerable measure of affection into their minor bodies, and are never more joyful than when snuggling in their owner’s laps. That doesn’t mean these mutts needn’t bother with exercise and preparing. The Maltese exceed expectations in learning traps and love to flaunt these skills.

No matter who you choose but your dog will always choose you. Never take them for granted.