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Sibling Rivalry: 10 Common Reasons Why Siblings Fight

Just as a pizza is incomplete without cheese, a pair of socks is useless without shoes and a sandwich is tasteless without butter, a sibling relationship is imperfect without petty arguments and fights over nothing. But unlike other fights, these often turn out to be for the good because that’s how we chart the growth of our relationship with them. It’s a gradual process that begins with the phase of jealousy or insecurity leading to sibling rivalry but just like every other stage, this is also temporary. With age, our maturity and level of understanding develop, and we realize the value of our siblings and their love for us.

All the arguments and fights pave the way towards a precious and valuable bond. We share a very unique relationship with our siblings, the kind where we have the ability to hate them and love them at the same time. We call them names and don’t pass by a single opportunity to tease them but we can’t stand if someone else does the same. We assume that we have all the right to control them to make them belong to us but when it comes to taking responsibility for some bizarre mishap that we have committed together, it’s all their fault.  But no matter how bitter-sweet this relationship is, we know at the end of the day they will be standing next to us in all dark times.  They are not just family, but a lot more. Sometimes a friend with whom we can share our deepest thoughts, sometimes a strict father that we are afraid of, sometimes a caring mother that cooks food for us to satisfy all our midnight cravings and what not. They are the people whom we trust and confide in. We know that they will have our backs at all odds and will give us the strength to bear everything.

Given all this, still fighting with siblings is as entertaining and mandatory as it is annoying and it’s an inevitable part of growing up. Here are 10 common, stupid and annoying reasons that siblings usually fight for:

10. TV Remote: It’s MINE.

The most common reason that every sibling on this earth has had an argument about is the TV remote and, consequently, what to watch. We all have grown up watching cartoons and weird shows. Though we would have fixed time slots so as everyone gets a fair chance to watch the TV, fighting for it was the basic thing to do. One wants to watch cartoons while the other feels too big to be watching them, one prefers romantics while the other is more of an action freak and with such varying tastes came the battle of the remote and both the parties fought with all the determination to win the chance to see their thing.

9. Who is Their Parents’ Favorite?

We all have watched Karan Johar’s “Kabhie Khushi Kabhie Gum” famed brothers who fought as the elder one teased the younger claiming to be the one whom their mother loved more. Let’s be honest and admit that almost every one of us who have a sibling could relate to it as we all have been at a point in life where we have either teased our sibling for being our parents’ favorite.
‘Mother loves me more’ used to be our favorite phrase and we could spend all day singing it out aloud until our baby brother or sister was annoyed to the greatest length. We all wanted to be the number one on mom’s beloved list.

8. The Name Calling, and Who Started It

As a child, a common favorite past time was to think of weird names to call our siblings and irritate them until they lose their calm. All hell breaks loose and it results in a petty fight between the siblings initiating the blame game into action- ‘He started it. He always does’ and all that the other person does is to stand in a corner with a puppy face claiming to be as innocent as an infant. We all have experienced it and we would still leave no chance to experience it all again.

7. I Will Get Ready First

Usually, most siblings have a rather small age-gap between them and end up going to school together at the same time. They get up at the same time in the morning and then begins the havoc of who will use the washroom first. The lazy one always gets in and spends an entire lifetime in there while the other one is outside shouting and feeling their blood boil.
“He takes too much time in there.”
“I always get late because of him/her”

Banging on the door relentlessly pretty much becomes an everyday story.

6. Personal Belongings

From toys to clothes, from chocolates to stationary- what’s yours is yours and you can’t tolerate the idea of your sibling invading into your personal possessions. They could easily share the same things with their friends, but the idea of sharing it with siblings is way too unlikable and they can’t stand it.  “How dare you touch my things?” or “Get out of my room” is the most commonly used phrases while maintaining a rivalry with our siblings.

5. No One Can Stand to be a “LOSER”

As children, we tend to spend most of our time indoors, enjoying the company of our siblings for a great deal of time. Willingly or not, we are often left with no choice but to play with them and such is the rivalry that we believe that winning is as necessary as breathing. We just aim at winning either by hook or by crook and we don’t hesitate to even resort to cheating if we have to, to make sure that we are the winner. And cheating, that’s really where the ultimate battle begins.

4. Revenge Mechanism

That’s the funny thing about sibling rivalry- we don’t miss a moment to quote something that our sibling did ages back, and we seek revenge for it in the present time. They might have hit you four days back but your conscious knocks in four days later and you suddenly feel an urge to have your revenge and this goes on forever. As we grow old, we develop a mechanism called coping mechanism that’s our way of dealing with things but sibling rivalry is definitely dominated by revenge mechanism.

3. Wanting What the Other Has

If and when you are given a choice to pick from two things, no matter if you like the first one but if your sibling likes the other one, suddenly your preference seems to change as well. You also want the same thing as them and this dilemma of choices has no end.

2. Need for Space

As we grow older, the petty reasons to fight seem to vanish. With the advent of adolescence, more practical reasons, like the need for personal space becomes the prime reason to begin a fight that neither of the siblings intended to start. It’s just that sometimes one needs to be left alone and when that is not respected, it can be infuriating.

1. Peer Influence

As we grow older, the importance of peers in our life grows proportionately. Amidst our fondness for our peers, we sometimes tend to be ignorant of our siblings and often, that can be a reason to start a fight with them in an attempt to gain your attention.

Sibling rivalry is very common and can be infernal at times, but remember as the saying goes- ‘today’s little fights become tomorrow’s precious memories.’

Top 20 Most Famous Towers in the World

What is a tower? Is it just a tall building made of steel from where you can get a bird’s view of the whole city? No, it is not. A tower can be anything from a skyscraper to an observatory, a watchtower, a bell tower, a clock tower or even just a monument of importance. There are several towers in the world that have existed from the pre-historic age, that have seen empires rise and fall, wars take place and so on. On the other hand, there are also towers that have been erected recently, some 10-20 years ago and has gain immense popularity since then.

Here is a mixed list of such 20 towers that are most famous in the world:

20. Minaret of Jam, Afghanistan

The Minaret of Jam, located in western Afghanistan is a religious and archaeological tower. It has been identified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It is believed that during a flood the Mosque along with its surrounding was washed away and only the tower survived. This 65m high tower, next to the Hari River was built in the twelfth century and is the only remaining part of the Mosque.

19. Canton Tower, China

Canton Tower popularly known as the Guangzhou Tower is considered the world’s 4th tallest freestanding tower. It is located in Guangdong Province, on the bank of the Pearl River and is 604m tall. The construction of the tower started in 2005 and was finished by 2008. This TV tower is World famous because of its unique twisted design.

18. Qutub Minar, India

Qutub Minar is known as the world’s tallest brick minaret. It was built by Delhi’s first Muslim ruler Qutb al-Din Aybak back in the year 1193. This World Heritage Site has 379 steps and is 73m high.

17. Three Pagodas, China

The Three Pagodas facing the Erhai Lake is located some 1km from the old town of Dali inside the Chongsheng Temple. The middle and the tallest tower was built between 824-840 AD by King Quan Fengyou. It is 69.6m high and is the symbol of the Dali’s history and the growth of Buddhism.

16.  One World Trade Centre, USA

Built at the exact same spot where the World Trade Centre used to reside before the 9/11, One World Trade Centre with its 546m height is the 6th tallest building in the world.  One World Trade Centre is located in the New York City and was opened to the public in 2014. This tower is known for its high-end design that makes it look like a Kaleidoscope.

15. Taipei 101, Taiwan

The Taipei 101 tower located in the city of Taipei until 2010 was considered the world’s tallest tower. This tower is still counted among the tallest and is known for its energy saver function. This 101 floors tall tower is famous for its historical relation to the feng shui traditions.

14. Space Needle, USA

Built in the year 1961, the Space Needle remains till date Seattle’s one of the most favorite towers. This 184m high tower was built as an observatory but in the recent times, besides the observation platform, it also includes a beautiful restaurant for the people to enjoy the view with some delicious food and vice versa.

13. N Seoul Tower, South Korea

N Seoul Tower, also known as the Namsan Tower is located in central Seoul. This 236m high tower was built back in 1969 as the first TV and radio signal broadcast tower. The tower was opened to the public in 1980, and since then its multi-colored night view has attracted tourists from everywhere.

12. Macau Sky Tower, China

Macau Sky Tower is one of China’s famous entertainment towers. This 338m high tower was opened to the masses on 2001 and since then has been a great spot for entertainment. The tower has an observatory, a sky-walk, sky-jumping as well as restaurants and casinos.

11. Petronas Twin Towers, Malaysia

These 88 storied, 452m high towers were built in 1999 and since then had been Kuala Lumpur’s pride. The twin towers were designed keeping in mind the Islamic architecture. The most fascinating thing about these towers is the sky walk that connects them at the 41st and 42nd floor.

10. The Shard, UK

The Shard or the Shard of Glass is located in London and is 310m high. Previously known as the London Bridge Tower this skyscraper is one of Western Europe’s tallest buildings. It was opened to the people in 2012 and since then it has been one of the favourite spots of the London people to get a bird’s eye view of the city.

9. Belem Tower, Portugal

Belem Tower, also known as the Tower of St. Vincent is mere 30m high, yet it is considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This tower is located in Lisbon and has a history of its own. Its historical importance states that the tower was built by the military in 1515 to guard Lisbon harbour.

8. CN Tower, Canada

CN Tower or the Canadian National Tower was built in 1976 and since then has remained as one of the tallest buildings present in the Western Hemisphere. It is located in Toronto and is 553m high. It hosts the thrilling adventure of Edge Walk where people can walk hands-free at a height equivalent to the 116th floor.

7. Shanghai Tower, China

Shanghai Tower with its 632m height is the world’s 3rd largest tower till date. This 132-floor tower was fully opened in 2017 and costs  $2.4 million. The tower is armed with some high-end design that allows the building to keep the air warm in winter and to cool the air down in summer.

6. San Gimignano, Italy

San Gimignano is a small town in Tuscany which is known for its Gothic architecture. The town was destroyed around 1348 when Black Death struck Europe and it is believed that half of Gimignano’s population died. The tallest tower of the town reaches as high as 324m and is considered a picturesque tourist spot.

5. Empire State Building, USA

The Empire State Building located in New York City is known as the fastest constructed skyscraper. This 443m high building was built in 1931, in just 410 days. Once known as the tallest building, the Empire State Building today is popular for its observatories that provide a 360-degree view of New York.

4. Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy

Leaning Tower of Pisa is one such tower which is mentioned in every general knowledge book. This 58m high tower was built in the year 1173 and that also in just 177 days. The tower is famous for its poor foundation which led to its titled structure.

3. Big Ben, UK

The Big Ben is the World’s 3rd largest clock tower. It was named after Sir Benjamin Hall, who ordered the construction of the 13-ton bell. The tower is 96m high and is located in London. No visit to London is complete, without seeing the Big Ben.

2. Burj Khalifa, UAE

Burj Khalifa, previously known as Burj Dubai is the world’s tallest building till date. It is a gigantic building of 830m and is located in Dubai. This 163 floored tower was inaugurated in 2010.

1 Eiffel Tower, France

Is there anybody who has not heard about the Eiffel Tower? This 324m high tower is the world’s most famous tower and is the pride of France. The tower was built in 1889 and is located in Paris. It is considered among one of the most romantic places in the world and is considered as the most visited paid monument ever.

Top 10 God’s Greatest Gifts To Mankind

“Judge not the God by feeble sense, but trust him for his grace; Behind a frowning providence, he hides a smiling face”

Man is possibly the luckiest living creature in the universe. From the tiniest proof of his existence, he’s been gifted with so many awesome gifts from the Almighty.

Remember when you were inside the womb of this beautiful lady and you used to kick her every now and then just to make her feel your presence inside? It was the first shelter you were given to, to protect you from any and every dangerous or life-risking environment. Since then gradually as you have been moving on, the supreme power has kept bestowing his showers of blessings on you.

If you will look around and take a deep insight into your own life, you will find that God is passionately busy loving the mankind.

Though the gifts we receive are endless, nevertheless here are some of them listed which will really compel you to thank the Almighty for whatever you have, before wishing for anything else.

10. Nature

Holiday plans!! We all love it. While planning a trip mostly we decide places such as hill stations or beaches. A place where we can enjoy in the lap of nature. The greenery of the forest, the coldness in the mountains and the warmth of the beach. These all are nothing but the bewitching gifts of God. The paramountcy of the time spent in the lap of nature is incomparable to any other feel of gaiety.

When the cold water touches your feet taking away all the pain there within, that solace which can be felt only when you decide to fall asleep in the arms of this enchanting nature.

Even a small walk in the garden or a warm cup of tea on a winter morning makes the inner us so delighted. This contrasting behavior of the universe, like the day for night, summer for winter, rain for drought are the best fancies of nature which are also God’s way to teach us that there is always a joy for sorrow.

9. Friends

“God knew my mother couldn’t handle us both together, so he made him my friend.”

The ultimate truth of life is, friends are that other half of us without which our lives are incomplete. They are the ones with whom we paint the town red and at the same time, they are the ones with whom we have sparring matches.

At times when our ship was going to wreck, they played the role of the ‘CAPTAIN’ and turned around the ship from drowning. With them we have had our best and the worst moments, ending up blaming the other for any wrong. They are the diamonds of our life, truly precious truly valuable, the other form of our siblings are friends, and when you don’t feel like talking to anyone they are always there to back you up.

Just imagine how our life would have been without that helping hand, friends indeed are one of the most valuable presents that the divine being has gifted us which we cherish till our last breaths.


8. Emotions

Your first cry after your birth and your mother’s beautiful smile as a way of welcoming you to this world. The anxiety you felt before the board results. Your excitement when you got your dream college or a dream job. Your astonishment when he knelt down to propose you. The passion you feel for your hobbies. These all add to our emotions.

Emotions are the most vital element of a man’s life, without them his life would be a complete void. Close your eyes and imagine a life without emotions! Not possible, right?? There will be no love, gratitude, expectations etc. Human beings would be completely like robots.

Emotions are those varieties of spices added by God into our lives that gives our lives the real taste. The best part of life is that we can express how we feel. Our smile can bring a smile on other’s face. Thanks for that emotions. Thanks to those expressions.

7. Knowledge

Man of the twenty-first century has stretched his feet from the depth of oceans to the immense height of mountain peaks. Technology in today’s era has made life comfortable and luxurious. Research activities are going on in various fields every day to find new solutions and discoveries for the betterment in all the areas – health, education, lifestyle, administration, defense etc.

Would it have been possible to achieve such great advancements if we weren’t blessed with knowledge and wisdom? Knowledge is power. Mankind has been blessed with the tool of knowledge to give shape to his ideas and device ways to find solutions to his problems. An investment in knowledge pays the best interest!

6. Human Body

Ever thought what would have happened if we were bound to drink with our tongues like cats and dogs? What would have happened if we were as bulky as an elephant? Or if we could just swim, and jump to catch our food like a whale? Life would not have been this easy, right?

The human body is the best work of art of the divine power. We all have been blessed with such amazing organs, senses and vital energy that enables us to be at par with any other creature in this universe.

5. Festivals

The aura surrounding festivals persists till date. They bring together the entire community on the same platform. Offering prayers, feasting heartily, singing and dancing and buying new clothes make us wait for festivals with bated breath.

Festivals teach us to live in harmony and give us an opportunity to get united together leaving all grudges aside.

This is God way to make us happy and celebrate our lives to the fullest with our loved ones.

4. Flaura and Fauna

Look around at those beautiful flowers, those beautiful trees that cover the road to your destiny. Flowers are our companions from birth to our death beds. Then do you hear those birds chirping early morning when you wake up? That’s among the most melodious voice. The sight of the peacock dancing – MAGNIFICIENT.

Animals, birds, plants, and trees are that creatures of the planet whose existence make this earth worth living. Our creator has been successful in gifting us with these admirable creatures which keep on surprising us with their charisma.

3. Creativity

We are ourselves creations. We are meant to continue creativity by being creative ourselves. This is the God- force extending through us. Creativity is God’s gift to us and using our creativity is our gift back to God.

Have you reflected on the fact that how creative the celestial being is? Each one of us has been blessed with unique talents and qualities. No two are alike. There is something creative about each one of us which is the evidence of God’s impartial love for every child of his.

2. Family

You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you. We have our father as our backbone, mother as our shelter and our brothers and sisters as our very first best friends. Here’s from where we first imbibe those values, principles, and culture.

Those stories from your grandfather or grandmother give you an insight of a different world. Parties and holiday with trips with your cousins render you with so many memories to cherish forever. That love and care from your elders and those pillow fights with your siblings give you that comfort and smile, which is hardly possible to find in anything else. Amongst our family members, our happiness is doubled and sorrow is halved. Listening to their voice itself gives peace and refreshment.

They are the ones you can trust blindly, for they never betray you. A family is the God’s perfect gift in the imperfect world.

1. Life

The list for the best gifts cannot start without this amiable thing. All the other gifts are only after this ‘LIFE’. There are different stages that we go through. We are an infant, then we grow to be smart and beautiful teenagers to adulthood, to grown-up men and women and then old us with broken teeth.

We have been gifted this life and the life as a human being is the most adventurous, lovable and full of fun with its ups and downs like the rollercoaster from birth to death. The quality and quantity of a man’s life are far better than any other living creature.

It is sad that many of us don’t live our lives to the fullest. We should make the best use of this wonderful present. Life is too short, a little hope, a little dream and then good night.

We are lucky to have this precious gift and we should be thankful for, not all the walking legs have got the life in the form that we have.

Aloe Vera and its 12 Wonderful Skin, Hair and Health Benefits

The incredible Aloe Vera needs no introduction. Its benefits are well-known, which is why it has earned a permanent place in the households of many. The green-cactus looking plant that sits out in your garden, isn’t just a plant with its roots in lore, it’s the heart of a million dollar industry that extends from beauty creams and skin care to healthy juices and diet supplements. Over time, Aloe Vera has seamlessly integrated itself into everything we use. The ‘plant of immortality’, as it was called by Egyptians, can perform miracles not just for your skin, but for your hair and health as well.

Here are 12 Benefits which will prove that the humble Aloe Vera has so much to offer and compel you to make the most of it.

12. Helps in Weight Loss

Each one of us craves for a gorgeous and slim body. With Aloe Vera by your side, this is no more a Hercules task. Metabolism rate of your body can be increased by regular intake of Aloe juice. It eases issues like acid reflux, ulcers, etc., and regulates bowel movements. As a consequence, the process of burning calories becomes faster, thereby accelerating the process of losing weight too. Daily consumption of the Aloe juice can lead to better digestion. It also keeps your belly filled for a long time, and hence prevents overeating, which in turn promotes weight loss.

Aloe Vera is a great source of polysaccharides and powerful antioxidants. It makes your immune system stronger and prevents the growth of free oxidative radicals inside your body. Aloe Vera keeps your internal system toxin free through its magical medicinal properties. It renders you a cleansed body which is necessary for healthy weight loss.

11. Promotes Hair Growth

Aloe Vera removes dead cells from your scalp that can clog the roots in your hair. Along with removal, it also has the ability to repair the dead skin cells on the scalp through Proteolytic enzymes. Aloe Vera has a chemical makeup similar to Keratin, which is the primary protein of hair. Aloe Vera rejuvenates the hair with its own nutrients, giving it more elasticity and preventing breakage. It maintains the pH of the scalp to avoid hair problems. It enables you to enjoy smooth, strong and bouncy hair by providing them proper nourishment and conditioning.

10. Lowers Risk of Cancer

In Naturopathy, there are innumerable methods of Cancer prevention. Aloe Vera based has proven to be the most successful one. The anti-tumor properties of Aloe Vera are mainly due to the presence of polysaccharides. Aloe Vera is capable of boosting your immune system which helps you to fight against tumors. Various studies have proven that it can shrink the size of tumors and serve as a boon to cancer patients by increasing their survival rates.

9. Reduces Blood Sugar Level and Cholesterol

Eating Aloe Vera pills can help you in reducing Blood Sugar levels. Studies have shown that it is useful in the treatment of Diabetes as well, which is why it used by diabetics as a supplement.

Coupled with this, Aloe vera gel, when used internally helps to improve the quality of blood and automatically reduce Cholesterol. Additional researchers have shown that consuming Aloe Vera gel reduces LDL or “bad” cholesterol and along with it also increases HDL or “good” cholesterol. This, indeed, is significant since many other natural remedies though reduces LDL but do not increase HDL. Here’s where Aloe Vera has an edge.

8. Protects Skin from damage after Radiotherapy

Radiotherapy in the treatment of cancer is seldom unavoidable. Cancer patients have to face a lot of side effects due to the same. Applying Aloe Vera gel to the radiation area brings wonders by bringing immediate soothing effects. It also accelerates the pace of healing. Drinking Aloe Vera juice under such conditions can be of great help in healing the radiation burns.

7. Reduces Acne and Infection.

Tried applying thousands of stuff to your face and drinking plenty of water but still, those red itching pimples refuse to leave? Its high time to try something better. Aloe Vera’s gentle cleansing and antimicrobial properties can come to your rescue over here. It’s anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties guards the skin against bacteria and other pathogens. On one hand, where gibberellins and polysaccharides stimulate the growth of new cells, glycoprotein reduces inflammation and redness. As an astringent, Aloe Vera helps to get rid of an excess of sebum, dirt, and microbes and prevent skin infection.

6. Reduces Dandruff

These white small pieces of dead skin, trouble you a lot and reduces your confidence. The moment has come to say “Goodbye” to them. Dry skin, fungal infections, oily and irritating skin are some of the causes of Dandruff. Aloe Vera is powerful enough to overpower all these conditions. It fights effectively with fungus and applying the gel regularly to your hair hydrate the strands and balance oiliness to restores the shine and vitality of your hair.

5. Maintains Oral Health

There have been claims that  Aloe Vera can be as effective as any Toothpaste when it comes to fighting with cavity-causing oral bacteria. Aloe latex contains anthraquinones, compounds that actively heal and reduce pain through natural anti-inflammatory effects. It also helps with diseases that cause gum inflammation, particularly periodontitis. Gargling the liquid around your mouth before swallowing can help in keeping your gums healthy and get them back in shape in a few months.

4. Moisturizes Your Skin

If you have Aloe Vera’s plant at home, simply tear a small part of the leaf, take the gel and apply it in the raw form on your face. It will prove more beneficial than all those costly creams on the market. If you have an oily skin complexion then Aloe Vera can moisturize your skin without rendering it that greasy feel. Those ladies who use mineral-based make-up should apply Aloe Vera gel, prior to the application. The gel helps in moisturizing the face and prevent it from drying.

Men too can benefit from it, by using it as an aftershave treatment, as it’s healing power can cure small cuts caused by shaving.

3. Reduces Stretch Marks

In order to accommodate growth, layers of the skin expand and contract. These marks appear basically due to sudden and excessive stretching. If the layers of skin stretch too far and too fast either due to pregnancy or rapid loss/gain of weight the elasticity of the skin can be lost leaving behind those blemishes. Aloe Vera has inbuilt abilities to speed up skin cell reproduction, fight inflammation and reduce red marks because of which it can be used as an effective measure to treat stretch marks naturally and lighten blemishes.

2. Reliefs Joint and Muscle Pain

Drinking Aloe Vera juice or applying Aloe Vera gel helps in reducing the pain of muscles and joints which results from inflammation of the same. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it cools down the target area and provides relief. Same anti-inflammatory properties also play an important role to treat third-degree burned victims and restore burned skin faster.

Aloe vera gel or capsules are magical in reducing the pain and swelling resulting due to arthritis. In fact, bringing in one’s routine to drink Aloe Vera juice, helps in curing Arthritis pain.

1. Delays Aging

Wrinkles and fine lines are bound to appear, yet Aloe Vera can help you in fighting these early signs of aging and retaining your youthfulness. Aloe Vera leaves contain a plethora of antioxidants including, beta-carotene, vitamin C, and E, that can help improve the skin’s natural firmness and keep the skin hydrated. It acts as a wrinkle fader and skin rejuvenator. The anti-aging properties help it to penetrate deep down the layers of the skin to keep it fresh, wrinkle-free and bright.

Top 10 Most Demanding Sports

In today’s world, it has become a major need for people to be fit and healthy. Individuals have become increasingly aware of their bodies and how they look. Gyms and fitness centers have greatly benefited from this influx of fitness-conscious individuals. However, lifting heavy weights and chugging protein shakes isn’t the only solution. Engaging in sports and physical activities is a great form of losing body fat and improving stamina. More and more people need to actively participate in sports – not only for themselves but also for the sake of creating awareness. Here’s a list of demanding sports that will test your stamina, and make you a fitter, fresher person:

10. Swimming

Swimming often seems to be an easy hobby. Only if you’re relaxing in one part of the pool. Being able to complete laps of even average-sized swimming pools is an exhausting activity, and requires a ton of stamina. It tests the strength and capacity of your entire body, from how fast you can paddle your legs to how efficiently you can swing your arms. In fact, it also keeps a good check on how well you can control your breathing. Swimming is a well-recommended exercise for cardiovascular workouts, and also helps boost your stamina.

9. Hockey

Twenty men chasing a small ball with sticks in their hands is not an easy task. The sport of hockey requires a lot of concentration and skill. When multiple players are aiming for one ball with four feet long sticks, a lot of precision is required. Also, injuries are frequent. The intense dribbling and balance that is required in hockey are what particularly makes the sport a stamina draining one. Maneuvering the stick from side to side and getting the ball through players add to the thrill of the game. Hockey is a great game to improve your fitness, speed, and body balance.

8. Tennis

If watching tennis can be so engrossing, playing it is literally an entire ballgame in itself. Played in the format of singles or doubles, the sport requires a lot of stamina to survive through sets. Knocking the ball from one side of the court with immense arm strength, and immediately running to the other end to smash the opponent’s response is not as easy as it seems. The sport requires a lot of agility, spontaneity, and hand-eye coordination. Above all, it’s a great activity to get fit, keep your muscles, and augment your stamina.

7. Rowing

Unlike the other sports on this list that require you to constantly run from place to place, rowing only requires you to be seated in a boat and to keep your arms moving. However, don’t be so easily fooled. While seated in the boat, your arms have to keep moving continuously, as they push the large oars. Rowing races are often a few kilometers long, and even though you have the support of your team members, things can get quite strenuous. The sport undoubtedly puts your stamina and resistance to the test and makes you stronger despite making only your upper body do all the work.

6. Football

One of the most played and popular sports around the world, football or soccer, is known to all for the sheer thrill of running around with and kicking the ball. Whether you lead the front as the striker or hold the fort as the goalkeeper, your body’s vitality will be put to the test while playing a ninety minute game of football. Every position on the field requires a considerable amount of running and can tire you quickly if you don’t possess adequate stamina. If you’re looking for a simple way to improve your physical activity, get on the field and get kicking already!

5. Cycling

While cycling is often perceived as a convenient pastime or mode of transport, professional road cycling is not the easiest of sports. Pedaling for long distances, in kilometers and miles, can be quite grueling on the body. One of the best ways of cardiovascular exercise, cycling not only strengthens and toughens your calf muscles but also toughens your core. Moreover, the constant pedaling requires you to demonstrate how much stamina your body has and also helps increase it. The next time you want to go somewhere distant and burn some fat simultaneously, grab a cycle and pedal all the way.

4. Squash

Another racket sport like tennis that requires intense physical activity, squash is not child’s play. The sport is played in a small court, against a wall and demands players to constantly move back and forth as well as side-to-side. There is a lot of precision involved, given the squash ball is tiny and moves at lightning fast speed across the court. Squash flexes every muscle in your body and is the ultimate test of your hand-eye coordination. The sport is bound to drain you out of stamina soon and is a great way to improve your body’s physical capabilities.

3. Wrestling

Wrestling is a sport that ironically requires a lot of discipline, dedication, and training. The combat sport can be very demanding on your body as it tests not only your physical strength but also your stamina. Besides maintaining body balance, planning your moves, and actually executing them, you need to predict your opponent’s actions as well in order to be victorious. Learning the sport can be tough, but if practiced and followed properly, it can improve your body shape, physical strength, and stamina significantly.


Basketball is much more than shooting balls into hoops. The sport, played by two teams of five, will not leave you standing still for even a half-second during play. Baskets are scored within seconds and players have to keep running with or without the ball back and forth. It all comes down to being able to score more, and preventing your opponents from doing so. The sport can be extremely intense on your body and will leave you on the ground if you don’t have sufficient stamina. You can burn a substantial amount of calories and enhance your physical capabilities and stamina by playing a single, entire game of basketball.

1. Boxing

The ultimate test of endurance and stamina, boxing is one of the harshest sports. Physical strength, agility, stamina, resilience, strategy – all are put to the test in this demanding sport. When you’re in the quadrangle with the opponent, victory does not come easily. The sport often results in various injuries, particularly to the face and ribs. Matches can get brutal and blood is also shed, despite wearing adequate guarding equipment. If you’re looking for a challenging sport that will push your limits, then boxing is definitely it. The sport is bound to improve your stamina, endurance, physical strength, and make you a stronger version of yourself.

Coconut milk and its 10 Amazing Health, Skin and Hair Benefits

Coconut milk is obtained from the grated pulp of a mature coconut. It is full of essential nutrients such as – carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats that benefit not only your hair and skin but also your overall health. You may have heard some of your friends rave about the benefits of inducing coconut milk in their hair and skincare routines. But is the hype really real? Let us find out.

Several health experts and doctors have spoken about the countless benefits that coconut milk offers. Health organizations such as the World Health Organisation, International College of nutrition, and The United States food and drug administration have spoken about coconut milk. It is a great substitute for you if you are vegan or are trying to avoid dairy for other health concerns.

Let us have a look at a few of these benefits:

10. Improved Energy and controlled blood pressure.

Apart from its awesome taste, coconut milk contains a beneficial fat called lauric acid, a medium-chain fatty acid that can be easily absorbed in the blood stream in order to generate energy. Although these fats are saturated, you need not worry about them raising your cholesterol levels. In fact, coconut milk will help you lower cholesterol and keep your blood pressure under control. This further leads to a healthy heart and prevention of conditions such as a stroke.

9. Antibacterial.

Ever wondered what causes acne? Bacteria does. Coconut milk is anti-bacterial and helps fight acne-causing bacteria that thrive inside as well as outside your body. While consuming small servings of coconut milk is advisable to maintain overall health, it would be wise to make sure that coconut milk is something that your skin likes. Due to its richness, coconut milk can sometimes prove comedogenic (substances that have the ability to clog the pores on your skin) and hence it is better to make sure that it really does suit you. In some cases, coconut milk may not prove to be beneficial, so steer clear of it.

8. Combating stress and muscle tension.

Coconut milk contains minerals important for circulating blood and controlling its pressure/flow, it eases the tension in your muscles thereby making you more relaxed. It keeps your blood vessels flexible, elastic and prevents plaque from building up. Its magnesium content will help release bodily tension. There is a reason why coconut oil is used in body and hair massages. It has soothing properties that help calm your nerves.

7. Provides Electrolytes and prevents Fatigue

Coconut milk, just like coconut water happens to be rich in electrolytes that will maintain blood volume, regulate heart health and prevent dehydration and diarrhea. This is a special benefit for people residing in areas that have hot/humid weather throughout the year. Following a bout of flu or immediately after exercising, consuming a serving of coconut milk can be of enormous advantage.

6. Helps lose weight.

Along with providing energy after you have exercised, coconut milk is also going to help you reduce the extra flab that you have been trying to get rid of. According to a study done by the School of Dietician and Human Nutrition, consuming a diet rich in ingredients such as coconut milk, will help you dispose of redundant adipose tissue. Coconut milk is considered a fat-burning food and hence helps a great deal in aiding people who are trying to reduce weight.

5. Improves Digestion and Relieves Constipation.

Constipation happens when there are some issues with your digestive tract or eating habits in general. Coconut hydrates the digestive tract, thereby improving your gut health and preventing conditions like constipation and other digestive issues. It also gets rid of impurities in your gut thus aiding the process of digestion so as to maintain overall health as well.

4. Helps in managing blood sugar levels and prevents anaemia.

Coconut milk contains a considerable amount of fat which controls the amount of sugar released into the bloodstream, hence controlling the overall sugar levels. This may further help in preventing extreme conditions like diabetes. Coconut milk provides plant-rich iron which can further help in preventing anemia (Anaemia is a deficiency of healthy red blood cells in the blood stream).

3. Coconut milk for Hair.

Owing to its excellent moisturizing properties, coconut milk helps nourish and repair dry and damaged hair.  It can be used as a tonic for dry and itchy scalp. A gentle massage for 5 minutes with home-made coconut oil can prevent brittle hair and split ends thereby improving overall hair health. It also promotes hair growth since it contains essential nutrients and vitamins that are required to boost hair follicles. It conditions your hair and adds volume to it.

2. Acts as a makeup remover and Prevents Premature Ageing.

Rather than using facial makeup removal wipes that can be extremely abrasive on your skin or harsh cleansers that may prove damaging to your skin, coconut milk can act as a good substitute to help you remove makeup. It is gentle on your skin unlike other jarring treatments and also nourishes your skin so as to rejuvenate it and give it that dewy glow.

It is a common complaint that the skin ages prematurely and there aren’t enough natural ingredients out there to combat it. Coconut milk contains Vitamin C, and copper which have several benefits for your skin such as – maintaining elasticity and flexibility, prevention of wrinkles, sagging skin and age spots. You can make DIY masks using coconut milk and other ingredients to deal with your current skincare concern.

1. Treats Sunburn, Moisturises the skin and treats skin ailments.

Coconut milk has anti-inflammatory properties which help in the rapid healing of sunburns. It helps in cooling the skin, reducing pain, redness and swelling. All of us have heard of taking a milk bath. It is time to substitute your normal milk with coconut milk. It combats dryness and promotes a healthy, glowing skin.

Due to its moisturising and nutritional properties, coconut milk can help deal with major skin issues such as eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis. However, different skin types have different tolerance and reactions to coconut related products that are applied topically. Therefore, it would always be advisable to perform patch tests for a little period so as to make sure that you will actually benefit from the product instead of having to face any side effects.

These are just a few benefits of coconut milk and there are definitely many more ways in which it can be of advantage to you. Make sure that you do not over-consume it, since it is only good so long as it is taken in limited quantities. Too much of anything is never good!

Top 10 Famous Noble Prize Winners

Over the centuries, mankind’s achievements and developments in a plethora of fields ranging from technology and medicine to economics and peace, have found their place in history as reminders of how the human race has gradually advanced. In the nineteenth century, as per the will of a Swedish scientist, Alfred Nobel, the Nobel Prize was officially established to recognize groundbreaking achievements in such fields. Ever since, the Nobel Prize has been awarded annually to pioneers, innovators, and leaders who have contributed towards the betterment of the world. A handful of such individuals have stood out due to the impact their discoveries and efforts have left behind. In no particular order, the following are famous Nobel Prize winners whom the world remembers even today for their contributions:

Nobel Prize Medal

10. Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein was better known as the ‘Father of Modern Physics’. His unmatched work in the field of theoretical, modern physics and his development of the theory of relativity made him one of the most brilliant physicists to have lived. What’s fascinating about his life is that he mastered the concepts of calculus at a very young age and was one of the brightest kids in his class. There is no wonder in the fact that he went on to become one of the most intelligent and insightful scientists the world had ever seen.

9. Marie Curie

A role model for women in the nineteenth century who aspired to make their mark in the field of science, Marie Curie was the first woman to win the Nobel Prize. She won it not once but twice in two different sciences – physics and chemistry. She was a true pioneer whose findings greatly propelled the quality of medical research. Her dedication to her research and work was so unwavering that she met her demise due to prolonged exposure to radiation, in the course of doing what she loved.

8. Martin Luther King Jr. 

He believed in equality for people of all colors, and at a time when racial inequality was widespread, he braved all odds and led the fight for the civil rights of people in America. Martin Luther King Jr. received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964, four years before he was assassinated. He left behind a legacy like none other. He was inspired by none other than Mahatma Gandhi and believed in his policies of nonviolence and civil disobedience to carry out his protests, which ultimately enabled him to succeed in his endeavor.

7. Ernest Hemingway 

A masterful writer whose words and stories left a lasting impact on Literature, Ernest Hemingway won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1954. His unique writing style and meticulous technique of narration are revered by both, veteran as well as aspiring writers all around the world. Known best for his works – The Old Man and the Sea and For Whom the Bell Tolls, Hemingway’s economical writing style, lucid descriptions, and attention to details made him connect with his readers in ways more than one, and popularized him as one of the best writers of his time.

6. Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa, born as a Catholic girl in Albania, came to Calcutta, India, as a teacher and ended up helping myriad poor people in her act of service to God. She founded a sisterhood called the Missionaries of Charity that took in the poor, the ailing, and orphans on the streets of Calcutta, and provided them with food, care, and shelter. She was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979 for her generous efforts towards the betterment of the underprivileged. Even today, decades after her death, the Missionaries of Charity is continuing the noble work she started and providing help to those who need it.

5. CV Raman

An Indian physicist who won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1930, CV Raman made his mark through his notable discovery in the area of light scattering. His discovery was soon thereafter named after him and was known as the Raman Effect. Hailing from a humble background, his contributions in academics were manifold and he was awarded India’s highest civilian honour, the Bharat Ratna, in 1954.

4. Malala Yousafzai

Few people survive bullets in the head. There are fewer who do so and use the ordeal as an impetus to fight for a deeper cause. The youngest Nobel laureate, Malala Yousafzai, was shot by a Taliban gunman when she was only fifteen years old. She miraculously survived and became an activist for the right to education, especially in the case of young girls who were often banned from attending schools in the region where she lived in Pakistan. Despite the multiple threats and criticisms she continued to receive, she never held back her ideals and advocated for what she believed in. Her story is nothing short of inspiring and she continues to fight for human rights, while she pursues her education at Oxford University.

3. Bob Dylan

In 2016, when the Nobel Prize in Literature was awarded to American singer-songwriter and author, Bob Dylan, the world was unsure how to react. While one side of the debate argued about his extensive contribution to American culture and literature, the other side pushed forward the point of there being more deserving candidates. Nevertheless, Dylan’s hits like Blowing in the Wind and The Times They Are a-Changin, among others, have transcended cultural barriers and borders, and are recognized all around the world. Particularly his lyrics on multiple themes like love, religion, and political protest garnered him fame and critical acclaim as one of the most influential figures in popular culture during his time.

2. Kofi Annan

As the seventh Secretary-General of the United Nations, Kofi Annan managed to achieve multiple goals for the betterment of the world – be it through his sustained efforts to promote peace among nations, or his determination to prevent the spreading of the HIV virus in Africa. He received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2001, at a time when the geopolitical scenario was briefly stable – a consequence of his commitment to ensure international harmony. He personified good leadership and diplomacy which led him to hold two terms as Secretary-General, post which he started the Kofi Annan Foundation, which works towards international development.

1. Barack Obama

A luminary known for his political correctness, leadership, and insightful speeches, the 44th President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, needs no introduction. Various policies and decisions undertaken by him as President during his double tenure were often the center of controversy. However, is no question about the fact that his involvement in geopolitics and efforts towards mitigating international conflicts are thorough and brilliant. His reverence for the values of democracy and the essence of human rights, besides his other contributions, led to him being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009.

Top 10 World’s Largest Pharmaceutical Companies 2018

The pharmaceutical industry is an extremely lucrative one, with intense competition and few major players competing for the lion’s share. Over the decades, it has grown multiple times over given the global need for drugs and medicines. Billions of dollars are spent annually on pharmaceuticals because of how research-driven the industry is. The industry was estimated to be worth $1.11 trillion at the end of 2017, and is expected to increase to $1.43 trillion by 2020 (Source). Year after year, increasing number of new drugs are approved and enter the industry, adding to its augmenting size and large-scale demand. A significant part of the market share is captured by American pharma companies; however, Asian, European, and South American counterparts have also begun to emerge. As per reports of 2018’s first quarter, the following is a list of the world’s top 10 largest pharmaceutical companies:

10. Amgen

Amgen is a pharmaceutical company that is based in California, United States of America. It currently is worth $22.85 billion and has been in operation for almost four decades. It’s most sold product is a pair of similar drugs called Neulast and Neupogen, which are administered to cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. Amgen was formerly called Applied Molecular Genetics and specialized in biochemistry and molecular biology. In 2017-2018, Amgen witnessed an unprecedented increase in sales which enabled its valuation to shoot up significantly. Fortune Magazine also called Amgen one of the most admired companies in its industry, in 2018.


9. GlaxoSmithKline

GlaxoSmithKline has consecutively been on the top ten list of pharmaceutical companies on an annual basis. It has its headquarters in Londan, England, and is valued at $24 billion. GlaxoSmithKline is one of the largest companies listed on the London Stock Exchange and is also listed secondarily on the New York Stock Exchange. The pharmaceutical giant has enjoyed a strong sales growth annually due to its HIV drugs – Trivicay and Triumeq, among various others. With multiple drug approvals in 2017, the future looks bright for GSK as it adds new drugs to its arsenal.

8. Gilead Sciences

Another pharmaceutical company based in California, Gilead Sciences focus its research and development on the lines of HIV/AIDS drugs. Gilead Sciences is valued at $25.62 billion and has grown over the years by expanding its product base to other segments. Besides HIV/AIDs, it also moved into the fields of oncology, virology, and respiratory drugs. A comparatively younger company, Gilead Sciences through its groundbreaking research has persistently grown its way towards the top.

7. Abbvie

As compared to other companies on this list, Abbvie is a rather young pharmaceutical company that was founded quite recently in 2013. It came into existence as a spin-off of American health care giant, Abbot Laboratories. Abbvie, in its short life span, has shown remarkable growth prospects. The company has witness double-digit growth figures, primarily due to its success in its research efforts. Abbvie’s sales have also grown steadily because of its widely sold cancer drug, Imbruvica, and bestselling drug Humira. Morever, Abbvie also received approval from the FDA for one its therapy based drugs which is believed to show great promise once it goes into manufacture.

6. Novartis

A Swiss pharmaceutical company, Novartis is valued at $33 billion, way ahead of some of its American competitors. The multinational giant not only outperforms its rivals in terms of sales, but also leads by market capitalization. Novartis’ expertise lies across a broad spectrum of areas, particularly neuroscience, oncology, and respiration. Although sales growth has not been particularly impressive, the company has managed to ensure overall growth and value generation across its divisions and segments. Despite divestitures in the past of its agrochemical branch, the company has stabilized its operations across economies and gradually made its way upwards.

5. Merck & Co.

Another American pharmaceutical company among the big players, Merck & Co. has been in the industry for more than a century. The company is the American subsidiary of its German parent, Merck, and is worth $35.4 billion. A company in the mature stage, Merck & Co.’s growth has been rather slow, but modestly stable. It still rakes in billions of dollars in revenue through the sale of its bestselling diabetes medicines – Januvia and Janument. Besides being a leading manufacturer of pharmaceuticals, Merck & Co. all produces reference books and journals for individuals in the medical profession.

4. Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson is one pharmaceutical giant that has made its mark not only in the pharmaceutical sector but also in the intensely competitive consumer goods sector. It is a Fortune 500 company and is valued at $36.3 billion. Over its life of more than hundred years, Johnson & Johnson has managed to become a household name via its child care product line, bandages, as well as skincare products. The company is based in New Jersey, United States of America, and has expanded its operations to sixty countries. Its pharmaceutical segment has also undergone above satisfactory sales growth primarily due to continuing drug sales and acquisitions of smaller pharmaceutical companies.

3. Sanofi

Coming closer to the giants at the top of the list, Sanofi is a pharmaceutical company that has its headquarters in Paris, France. It came into existence over a decade ago as the result of a merger between two companies – Aventis and Sanofi-Synthelabo, and is currently worth $36.66 billion. The company is primarily involved in the research and innovation areas. However, it does generate a majority of its revenues from pharmaceutical sales. Its top drugs consist of insulin injections for diabetic patients, anticoagulants, and pills that are used to treat sclerosis. Sanofi also happens to be one of the largest manufacturers of vaccines in the world.

2. Roche

Roche is a pharmaceutical behemoth based in Switzerland and primarily specializes in pharmaceuticals and diagnostics. The company is worth $44.36 billion and has over ninety thousand employees working for it. A fundamental reason for the company’s immense success is the huge amount of revenue it generates through the sales of its cancer drugs. Roche’s pharmaceutical sector has grown in double digit figures over the past few years. Because of its strong growth prospects, increasing sales, and global reach, Roche has managed to pay increasing dividends annually for three decades.

1. Pfizer

At the very pinnacle of the list of pharmaceutical giants, lies Pfizer. The company is the largest pharmaceutical company in the world, and is based in Connecticut, United States of America. It is valued at a whopping $52.54 billion and also features on the New York Stock Exchange and the Dow Jones Industrial Average. It manufactures drugs and medicines used in a variety of medical fields, as well as to treat rare diseases. In 2017, Pfizer received approvals for various of its drugs, and its primary products have also witnessed major sales growth. All these factors combined enable Pfizer to remain at the top of the pharmaceutical chain and lead from the front.

Top 10 Countries that are Dependent on Tourism

The tourism industry has been rapidly growing all around the world over the past few decades. Travel around the world has become easier and quicker due to the plethora of airlines that operate nowadays. Flight tickets can be booked instantly via online platforms and people can travel to their desired destinations as and when they want. Tourism happens to be a lucrative sector for various countries. It generates large amounts of revenue and also contributes to GDP growth. It also generates employment for people, thereby creating a win-win situation for all. While countries like USA and China generate the most revenue from tourism, their economies don’t entirely depend on it. However, there are certain smaller countries which heavily rely on tourism for revenue and sustenance.

10. Jamaica (8.9% of GDP)

Located in the Caribbean Sea, Jamaica is a large island country that is also an exotic tourist spot. Tourism contributes more than half of its entire economic activity, and millions of tourists visit the island every year. Jamaica is rich in culture, especially music, which forms a significant part of the country’s heritage. The island has various picturesque areas to visit – consisting of waterfalls, wetlands, mountains, and coral reefs. Although the weather can get quite humid, the beauty of the place makes it all worth the visit.

9. Thailand (9.4% of GDP)

Officially known as the Kingdom of Thailand, Thailand lies in Southeast Asia. The country is a hot vacation spot for those looking for tropical vacations. The climate is mildly pleasant throughout the year, and there are myriad things to do. Tourists can relax at the calm beaches in Pattaya or they can enjoy the hustle-bustle of Bangok, Thailand’s capital city. Bangkok’s malls and streets are famous all over the world for the availability of good quality, cheap apparel. A significant percentage of people visit Bangkok only to shop. The city is also famous for its wild nightlife and in contrast, its various Buddhist temples and Thai massages. Tourism contributes to almost 10% of Thailand’s GDP, making it a profitable industry for the country.

8. Croatia (10.9% of GDP)

The European country of Croatia makes for a scenic tourist destination. Old cities with detailed architecture, luscious hills and valleys, and a long coastline along the Adriatic Sea provide for a plethora of exciting adventures. One of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, Croatia boasts of varied nautical events at hundreds of marinas that line its coast. Resorts along the mountains and hot spas provide experiences and activities for people with all sorts of preferences. Moreover, being one of the major shooting locations for the popular drama series, Game of Thrones, has enabled Croatia to attracts millions of tourists yearly.

7. Malta (14.2% of GDP)

Malta is such a small island country that quite a few people have never heard of it, and most can’t even find it on a world map. It lies south of Italy in the Mediterranean Sea, and is a densely populated yet beautiful country. Over a million individuals visit Malta annually because of its warm climate and recreational areas. The very fact that Malta has more than twice the number of tourists than it has residents, makes tourism such an important aspect of its economy. Plentiful historical sites, scenic beaches, and the lovely vibes make Malta an ideal holiday location – for families as well as for couples.

6. Monaco (15% of GDP)

The small European country of Monaco, surrounded by France and the Mediterranean Sea, is an extremely expensive and posh destination. The gambling industry thrives here, with many casinos for the millionaires who form a part of its rich population. Tourism also adds significantly to the country’s GDP, and the GDP per capita is one of the highest in the world. The Monaco Grand Prix also draws in thousands of tourists and Formula One enthusiasts from all over the world annually.

5. The Bahamas (19.4% of GDP)

The sound of The Bahamas more often than not brings a mental picture of the bright blue ocean and white sandy beaches to one’s mind. The small country is an archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean, south of the American state of Florida. It relies heavily on tourism for revenue which plays a major role in enabling its economy to keep functioning. More than half of the country’s GDP is generated through tourism alone. Most tourists visit The Bahamas for the various luxurious cruises offered. The quiet and peaceful country is great for a long summer getaway.

4. Seychelles (21.3% of GDP)

Seychelles is small archipelago that lies to the east of Africa, in the Indian Ocean. The country once used to be an agrarian economy; however, it has now grown manifold times and tourism contributes majorly to its economic output. A group of several island constitute the country, which is also known for its diverse wildlife that comprises rare and endangered species. The tropical climate has led to the establishment of hotels and resorts where tourists can forget their worries and bask on the beaches under the clear blue sky.

3. British Virgin Islands (30.3% of GDP)

The British Virgin Islands, commonly known as the Virgin Islands, is a small cluster of islands in the Caribbean Sea. Its economy runs primarily on tourism, which brings in hundreds of thousands of tourists annually. Most of the tourists visit the islands via cruise ships, which anchor at the islands’ ports. Tourists who visit the islands often sail from island to island, exploring and relaxing away. The islands are rich in culture, allowing tourists to revel in the various forms of music and dance that are practiced there. However, it is the islands’ white sand beaches that steal the show, and are inundated with tourists all year round.


2. Maldives (41.5% of GDP)

Located in the Arabian Sea, southwest of the Indian subcontinent, lies the archipelago of Maldives. Its economy is heavily dependent on tourism, with over half a million tourists visiting it annually. The growth of tourism led to the development of lavish resorts and condominiums along the plethora of beaches. Tourists can also observe and explore the rich marine wildlife in and around Maldives by engaging in thrilling activities like snorkeling and scuba diving. Vacations in Maldives are not harsh on the pocket, which make it a very popular spot, resulting in a considerable surge in tourism.

1. Macau (43.9% of GDP)

A special administrative territory of China, Macau is a small territory with a large population. The high population density area is also famous around the world as a prime gambling hub. Millions of high net worth individuals visit Macau frequently for recreation and vacation purposes. Its dazzling casinos and gaming centers have propelled economic growth substantially. Although Macau is still a growing metropolitan zone, the influx of revenue from tourism and gambling has helped ensure financial success and stability for the region.

Top 10 Offbeat Movies Reviewed

Mainstream movies are lovely but we all need a break from the routine. A slightly different path from the boy meets girl or the hero who save the day, or the comedies in which every wrongdoing is undone at the end.  As the name suggests, Offbeat movies are slightly off center from the norm. The dark part of your mind, the part of you that’s twisted, cynical even, adores these movies as they compliment your unusual sense of humor and provides a different take on life. Offbeat movies, while made in abundance every year, are hard to come by- owing to the fact they aren’t high budget and have to rely upon word of mouth to make itself known. In case you’re searching for offbeat movies to watch, which is probably why you ended up here, the list below is a good go-to starting point.

10. The Beauty Inside (2015)

A remake of 2012 American film of the same name, this South Korean Drama tells the story of Woo-Jin who wakes up in a new body every day. He could be a young university girl one morning and a nine to five working middle-aged man the next. The only constant thing in his life is Yi-Soo, who loves him regardless. Every day, he has to find a new way to make her fall in love with him.

Entertaining with some good amount of comic relief that keeps the melodrama at bay, The Beauty Inside requires a large cast of characters because of its premise. The film asks a simple question that’s harder to answer than we are willing to admit. Is what’s on the inside the only thing that matters? A hit at the Cannes, The Beauty Inside is a must watch

9. Safety Not Guaranteed (2012)

Darius and her two colleagues working for a magazine investigate a man who left a classified advertisement seeking out a partner for his time traveling shenanigans. Things get complicated when Darius falls in love with the man.

The movie outwardly presents itself as a sci-fi slash comedy and it is, but the theme of the movie runs deeper. It’s about a sullen sarcastic woman who wants her loved one back, a weird and paranoid man, a guy who regrets what he has become, and a boy who is too afraid to move forward. Barely ninety minutes long, this film with its stellar script keeps it to the point, until its big reveal at the end. Fun fact: The movie is based on an actual classified act, obviously a joke.

8. Lost In Translation

Bob Harris, a fading American movie star, and Lydia, a disillusioned housewife finds comfort in each other while passing each other in the streets of Tokyo.

Loneliness, negligence, longing and cultural barrier, Lost In Translation is an incorporation of humane things that makes its characters likable and relatable. This movie will make you question your place in life on good days and feel you with an indescribable sense of aching on bad days.

7. Swiss Army Man (2016)

A man stranded on an island finds a dead body that talks.

This is certainly one of the most bizarre films the year 2016 has produced. Falling under the either you hate it or love it list, if nothing else, Swiss Army Man deserves a chance. Essentially a two-man drama, Daniel Radcliff shows off an incredible amount of acting ability, especially considering his character which is, well, a corpse. A refreshing take on life, friendship, and acceptance warped in fart jokes, Swiss Army Man is a slow-paced roller coaster ride that hits all the notes in originality.

6. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)

Not all relationships have happy endings. Some leave you with a bitter feeling for the rest of your life. What if you could erase those memories of your relationship? Won’t you live a happier life? Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind is about a happy could who decide to do just that.

The film offers an interesting take on the sci-fi part, where the ability to map out memories related to a certain individual and permanently remove them is a possibility. It plays out like a dream as the memories assemble and scramble, the more the protagonist tries to fight against them. At its heart, the movie is about two well developed three-dimensional characters who may have loved too much but was never mature enough to preserve it.

5. Stranger Than Fiction (2006)

“Like I’m a character in my own life.”  Harold Crick, an IRS agent, suddenly finds himself constantly subjected to a narration only he can hear. While this possesses a problem in his routine life, it isn’t until the voice mentions his imminent death that Harold begins to take things seriously.

Bound to appeal to literary lovers, this is the bridge that connects fiction to reality. Featuring a protagonist that you can’t help route for, a wonderful script, beautiful shots- Stanger Than Fiction is a suspenseful masterpiece that’s seemingly innocuous at first glance, much like the protagonist. We never know if our life is a comedy or tragedy, but we ought to give it a chance.

 4. Natural Born Killers (1994)

Two psychopathic lovers kill everyone in their path, except one person in every place to tell the story. They take advantage of the irresponsible sensationalization of them by the media.

Visually hypnotic, this 94′ release has some strong opinion directed towards it. A center of controversies in media, Natural Born Killers is a satirical take on the violence in media and our fascination with it. Brutal and gruesome in its portrayal, the film is outright outlandish. Somewhat hard hitting in that villains are sometimes looked at with respect instead of disgust in the real world, Natural Born Killers might not be for everyone, but its place in one of the most striking offbeat movie list can’t be denied.

3. 3-Iron (2004)

A young drifter spends his life by breaking into empty houses and living the resident’s life for a couple of days. His life takes an unexpected turn when he meets an abused wife looking to escape her marriage.

Noted for its distinct lack of dialogue, the cinematography is almost a work of magic. A film told through images, the story is mind-blowingly simple and light for its subject matter. The good acting ability finds you attached to the two leads who share amazing chemistry. Directionless in nature, with some drama and laughter thrown in, it leaves you with a sense of peace once it’s over. Or maybe you wouldn’t want it to be over, but alas, all things must come to an end.

2. Wings of Desire (1987)

An angel who is visible only to their kind and human children wishes to become human when he falls in love with a mortal being.  Set in Berlin, Wings of Desire is a beautiful romantic fantasy.

Sometimes proclaimed as two slow by the audience, Wings Of Desire is another film on the list with breathtaking still imagery. A love letter to what Berlin once was, the film doesn’t shy away from showcasing the beauty and ugliness that existed in the same space. Whether you like the film or not, one thing is for sure, you won’t be able to step inside a library without thinking of it.

1. The Lobster (2015)

No matter how much being single feels like a crime in today’s world, we can live with the knowledge that we won’t be arrested for it. Same can’t be said for the people in The Lobster, who are arrested and made to live in a creepy hotel for 45 days. If they fail to find a partner within the allotted time, they are transformed into beasts and set free into the woods.

A quirky portrayal of the illogical societal pressure we’re all subjected to, The Lobster is incredibly absurd and indefinably unique. Purposely chosen ugly imageries, awkward silences, and stilted acting follows every scene and while that would’ve been the formula for a terrible movie, The Lobster makes it work in a way only it can.