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Top 14 Awesome Tattoos Ideas For Couples

‘LOVE’ – just a four lettered word yet a word that holds an entire world in itself. It’s not just a feeling to be in love, it is an experience; an experience that can change your world for good. It’s all so fast that you don’t even realize that it has happened to you and one day it just occurs to you that Oh! You are in love. You let the beautiful feeling sink in and the next thing, you are figuring out ways to express your feeling to your love. And once you know that it’s not just a one-way street, you set your feet forward to embark on a beautiful journey with the one you love. Suddenly, everything is just about them. All the romantic songs begin to make sense and from your feelings to your lives, you share it all with them. Everything is beautiful and then you reach a point where you just can’t hold it back.

You want the other person to be with you always, you want the entire world to know how lucky you are to be in love and that you have found your perfect one. At such a point, considering getting matching couple tattoos inked may be a good idea. It’s a way in which you can keep the other person alive in yourself and at the same time it can serve as a shout-out to the world that you are totally into someone. Though there are enormous ideas that revolve around couples, from couple merchandise to couple accessories, but couple tattoos are the perfect thing if you are looking for something that lasts forever. It is not just a fashion statement but also carries a deep meaning and strengthens your bond. There are a plethora of ideas that you can choose from: typical ‘lovey-dovey designs’ if you wish to flaunt your passionate love to the world or mysterious, secret designs that only the two of you can decode.

14. The Vintage ‘I LOVE YOU’ Tattoo

What is better than to engrave a statement of your love? This cliché`, simple yet amazing tattoo saying I LOVE YOU on both of your hands will serve as a sweet declaration of your love until forever.

13.  The ‘LOCK AND KEY’ Design

Can you relate to the story that one of you had locked him/herself inside unseen walls that nobody could cross and then the other one just managed to have the key to your heart? Then this lock-key design is just the right one for you that says ‘you are the key to the lock of my heart’.  Being the key to someone’s heart after you have waited long enough being unsure if this would ever happen or not. The best thing about this design is that you can customize the lock into a heart shape and it says it all.

12. Royal Design

Do you believe in treating your partner as your queen or king? This design that says that he is the king and you are his queen is the one for you. Feel special for now you are somebody’s queen and someone is your prince charming.

11. Fingerprint Heart Tattoos

Heart is considered to be the forever symbol of love since times immemorial. Every I love you ever written was incomplete without a heart being attached to it. If you have decided to eternalize your love with matching tattoos, then there can’t be any better idea than having a tattoo that says: you rule my heart!
A fingerprinted heart tattoo, his on your hand and yours on his stating that he has left his mark on your heart and you have left yours on his. This is the most romantic tattoo design ever made for any couple who are totally into each other and if you are one of those, go on with it without any second thought.

10. Quotes that binds you two

If you are one of those literature or poetry lover couples, then you must be well aware of the beauty of quotes. Choose a quote that has a special story for the two of you, that revives a flood of memories every time you read it and get it imprinted on the bodies of you two. The best thing would be, that half of it would be on your body and the other half would be on his and the quote would be incomplete until it meet the other half just as you two are incomplete without each other.

9. Anchors

An anchor which literally means “a person or thing which provides stability or confidence in an otherwise uncertain situation” is the perfect choice for you two if you think that you serve the role of anchors in each other’s life. You provide stability to one another, and you can’t imagine where you would have landed up if it wasn’t for your partner. This simple tattoo holds a very deep meaning to itself and for the ones who like it different, this is it.

8. You are my lifeline

The typical joining heartbeat tattoos for the passionate couples who believe that “you are my lifeline.” For them, it’s not just a relationship, but a matter of life and death and they can’t imagine their lives without their partners. This tattoo is not visually stupendous but also holds a meaning that can make anyone go aww!

7. Infinity loop

If you think that your love is never ending just as an infinity loop, then this simple design having infinity loops engraved on both of you guys’ fingers is the best option for you.

6. The Long Distance Design

For the couples sharing a long distance relationship and still adamant and sure that their love will make it through, this cute design is the right choice. Every time you see it, it will remind you that your love is strong enough to make it through.

5. His-Hers

His-Hers tattoos are a unique way to show that you belong to someone and are ready to devote all your commitment to them. They portray your united front and undying love for each other.

4. Matching Roman Numerals

Having a memorable date engraved is a good option if you want to savor it forever and roman numerals just add on to the beauty of it. Go on, choose a date that means somethings to you two and let it get inked.

3. Matching Initials

Have your name initials engraved with a little heart to show how much you love one another. Simple yet perfect!

2. To Infinity, And Beyond…

This is a symbol of everlasting love ‘to infinity, and beyond’
If you are one of the toy story fans or even if you aren’t but you believe that your love is the kind that can survive all odds and come out of all obstacles even stronger, then this tattoo is meant for you and your partner. TO INFINTY on your wrist AND BEYOND on your partner’s and this will be just the perfect symbol of your pure, everlasting love. This is one the most beautiful designs for the couples.

1. The BAND

Visually beautiful, emotionally connecting and knotting you two in a bond to never let go: that’s what this tattoo is meant for. The ones who doesn’t like to wear rings, this is the perfect alternative. You can commit to each other by having similar ring bands and from a simple line to beautiful intricate ring designs; you will have a gamut of options to choose from.

It’s time to set some Relationship Goals and tell the world that you two are meant to be.

Top 15 Most Common Skin Problems

Blame it on the rising level of pollution, radiations, stress or uneven lifestyle that is directly affecting our skin. Hence giving rise to several skin problems. Our generation is suffering from the burden of skin diseases worldwide and stats are continuously on the rise. Conditions like eczema, psoriasis, allergies have become very common and almost every other person is found suffering from one or another. Hence making it really important to take in the note the health of your skin if you notice it reacting differently, the appearance of stubborn acne or rashes.

Remember an early treatment is always best to prevent the severity of disease, scars, and further damage. And that’s why I am going to provide you with Top 15 Most Common Skin Problems which should be your first priority to defend your skin against.

These are topmost problems which are usually caused by factors like pollution, use of cosmetics, excessive production of sebum, sun, clogged pores, hard bleaching of skin etc.

15. Acne

About 17 million Americans have been found having acne making them one of the most common problems worldwide. Acne is also a big putt off for some people as they may lead to loss of the confidence. Acne can be of different types and can spread to different body parts for different individuals. The appearance of acne is also majorly by hormonal functions in the early adolescence. Acne can be both Inflammatory and non-Inflammatory. Clogged pores are a major reason behind happening of many types of acne such as papules, pustules, nodules, and cysts. The pores get clogged due to many reasons such as the excess production of sebum, accumulation of dead skin, the growth of bacteria, hormonal functions.
There are various ways of treating the acne but the most important thing is to be very wise and patient as any impatient approach or wrong product may make them severe or they may end up leaving marks and forever ending digs on your skin.
If your acne is old and stubborn then you should always consider approaching a dermatologist first as there can be various causes behind them which the common skincare products may not resolve. Out of various causes, the most common are varying weather conditions, excessive production of sebum, consumption of junk food, etc.

14. Eczema

Eczema is a skin condition in which patches of skin become inflamed, dry, itchy, rough and sometimes blistery. It is a widespread disease and it affects around 31.6% people just in the UK. The most common type of eczema is ‘Atopic dermatitis’. It takes in its grip the immune system and also leads to inflammation of the skin.
The proper treatment of eczema hasn’t been found yet. Doctors suggest different treatments based on the age of the patient. There are also various precautions to be taken at home which can prevent further severing of the condition but it is always advisable to seek out the medical help first.

13. Hives

Hives are the itchy red welts on the skin which can appear most commonly as a result of allergies reactions but there can be other reasons too. They can appear on any part of the body. They are red patchy bumps which can vary in sizes. People allergic to drugs and food may get hives more commonly than the other people. Stress can also cause hives. They usually disappear within 24 hours but if the reaction is severe and painful then medical help should immediately be sought.

12. Rashes

There can rarely be a human on the planet who hasn’t have a rash on their skin. Rashes are one of the most common types of the skin condition. They are often indicators of other major conditions like atopic dermatitis, psoriasis etc. Rashes cause a patch of skin to get red, swollen and itchy. It is highly advised to not scratch the rash and treat it with some cooling agents, ice massage or skin ointments. But if the rash is persistent and spreads to other parts of the body then one should always turn to doctors for advice.

11. Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a very common chronic skin disease which is directly related to the immune system. When a person’s immune system becomes overactive it causes inflammation inside the body and the psoriasis is the result which shows up on the skin. Psoriasis can be of different types and intensities. While in some people it may be of the level that it starts affecting their health severely, the other may face only occasional swelling, cracking or itching of the skin. Psoriasis hit about 79.7 million people around the globe and is usually found in adults. The common symptoms of psoriasis are patchy skin, dryness, and roughness, cracked skin, itching, plaque etc.

10. Sensitive skin

Sensitive skin is a whole different problem which many people have to bear with. It is a lot painful and can be a result of lack of hydration and essentials oils from the skin. Usually, people with dry skin problems have to face this skin condition. This condition leads to itching, redness, blisters, cracks etc. To avoid sensitive skin one should take extra care of moisturization, and protection against the harmful sun rays.

9. Photosensitivity

As the name suggests this type of allergy happens because of sun rays. It causes hives to show up on the skin and lead to patchiness, itching, dryness etc. It is advised to use a good sunscreen with SPF whenever exposing skin to the sun.

8.Irritant Contact Dermatitis

This is the type of skin conditions which happen because of the use of cosmetics. The skin becomes irritated, sensitive, red and itchy.

7. liver spots

These are caused by ultraviolet damage and doesn’t really have to anything with the liver. These appear in the form of brown spots on the skin. Exfoliation, good cleansing and hydration routine are advised to combat them.

6. Scars

Not only do they tell stories but also remind you of the pain you once had to go through. Scars are the result of damage caused to skin’s collagen due to the injury. So when it heals, the skins pull through together even tighter which causes the appearance of the scar. Scars are often very stubborn and don’t go easily if old. It is relatively easier to treat the new scars.

5. White Spots

Again a condition the sun is responsible for. The harsh sun rays kill the melanocytes, the color producing cells and hence the skin discoloration happens. Visit the derma to consult and restore the skin pigmentation.

4. Stretch marks

The diminishing of skin elasticity due to sudden weight gain or loss is a major reason behind the appearance of stretch marks. The best way to treat the stretch marks is to treat them when they are fresh with moisturizers, retinoid cream etc.

3. Moles

Moles are often black clusters which your skin grow. Generally, moles aren’t dangerous but if you find your mole to be irregular then you should always get a checkup as it can also develop into melanoma, a dangerous type of cancer.
Ingrown hair
Sometimes hair curls back and grow inside the skin instead of growing out and it leads to various problems such as the growth of bacteria, pus, acne etc. Exfoliation and warm water treatments really help in this condition.

2. Sweet’s Syndrome

It’s a very uncommon skin condition which is generally marked by fever and red bumps on the skin. It doesn’t transfer from one person to another person. The causes behind this syndrome have been identified as genetic links, reaction to some medication etc.

1. Oily/Dry skin

Oily and dry are the types of skin but the type of your skin may also posses a threat to its quality and cause many problems such as excessive production of oil or sebum leading to acne, blackheads, sensitive T-zone etc while excessive dryness leads to sensitive irritated red and patchy skin.

To conclude the above list I’ll just advise you to go see a dermatologist if your skin problems are persistent and aren’t fading away with the use of normal skin care products. It’s always better to prevent a disease rather than curing it. In addition to that, a good skin care regime is also of utmost importance as it will hamper the growth of bacteria, acne, sebum and will also provide a good hydration which will balance out the PH levels of skin and will make it good in texture and health. Do comment down below and let us know that one step which is a significant part of your skin care regime.

Top 12 Likely Ways Humans Will Further Evolve

There are many people in this world who still believe that the theory of evolution has no basis in fact. There are still others who believe that while evolution was the reason we look and behave the way we do today, modern humans have, however, stopped evolving – at least physically.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. With the recent breakthroughs in science and technology, the human race is advancing at an exponential pace and there are quite a few theories about the future of human evolution. Let us take a look at some of these theories.


12. Bigger Brains

Many scientific studies already show that the size of the human skull may be growing, generation by generation. A larger brain size may result in increased brain activity leading to a smarter human race. Several scientists argue that the evolution of bigger skulls is impossible since it creates complications during birth since it is more difficult to push out a baby with a large head. However, if we keep in mind the recent trend of preferring C-sections over natural births, this theory begins to make more sense. With an increasing number of babies being born through C-section, the possibilities of children with larger heads surviving a natural delivery are growing smaller. Thus, natural selection will most probably come to favour bigger headed humans.


11. Cognitive Rewiring

Have you wondered how people of older generations used to be better at memorising whole books than we are? Tests of intelligence often used to rely wholly on an assessment of memory. This was because back then, knowledge wasn’t as accessible as it is today. In an age when a person can simply look up a fact on their phones in a matter of seconds, a sharper memory isn’t as valuable. So evolution is instead focusing on efficiency with respect to how we utilise the information available to us instead. Hence, humans could end up with a shorter memory span but finer creative and analytical skills.


10. Increased Height

Back when famines were widespread and globalisation hadn’t made available a host of food items and medicines to a larger population, humans used to be shorter. Better nutrition and better healthcare today have allowed humans to grow like they never did in previous centuries. Studies have shown that our species’ average height has been increasing over the last two centuries – by almost 10cm! The future may see even taller humans if we continue to grow at the same rate.


9. Lesser Hair

If you believe that humans have descended from apes, you would agree that we have lost a significant amount of body hair to look the way we do today. And if this process still continues to unfold, we might even end up bald! Societal norms have convinced us that women look more attractive without body hair and this may also be contributing to the evolution of a completely hairless human species.


8. Smaller Teeth

In our hunter and gather days, food used to be harder to chew. Biting meat right off the bone required considerable strength and so humans have larger teeth. As humans learned how to cook and process food better, our teeth size gradually decreased. According to studies, the size of our teeth is now almost half of what it used to be 100,000 years ago and they could grow smaller still depending upon our consumption habits.


7. Decreased Physical Strength

With our increasing reliance on technology has come a decrease in physical prowess. Humans have learned to enslave machines to do a greater part of their manual labour. Therefore, it only makes sense that while our brain size increases and we become better equipped at finding easier and quicker ways to execute the hardest tasks, we also lose most of our muscle mass. After all, sitting at a desk all day, we can hardly be expected to evolve into a physically stronger species than we used to be thousands of years ago.


6. Weaker Immune System

Better healthcare may ensure a better chance of survival for our species but it might have a detrimental impact on our immune systems. If all diseases can be fought with medication, evolution will fail to focus on the body’s natural processes to fight pathogens. Over time, every little ailment will require medical aid and the human race will depend on the survival of those who can easily access this aid instead of the natural survival of the fittest.


5. Lesser Toes

Back when homo sapiens used to live in forests and used to climb trees all the time, they had bigger toes which helped them grab onto branches to better balance themselves. In today’s civilised world, however, toe size has decreased considerably and is still decreasing further. With our smallest toe being subjected to all kinds of frequent injuries and accidents from simple oversights, it is probable that evolution might just eventually erase it out of its unnecessary existence.


4. Blurring of Racial Differences

A large section of evolutionists believe that homo sapiens originated in Africa and later migrated to different parts of the world where they evolved differently from each other and that is how different races came into being. Now many argue that these races might be gradually evolving into one single race again. With cultures mingling with each other and intercultural marriages becoming more and more common, racial differences are slowly blurring and might even become nonexistent one day.


3. Artificial Selection

It has been said time and again over the past century that human race is on the cusp of directing its own evolution. For many decades now, with the use of increasingly advanced technology, humans have attempted to breed certain traits into and out of their own species. Eliminating these undesirable genes allows humans to decide their own biological future on their own to a great extent. They might no longer need to rely on natural selection in the coming centuries.


2. Genetic Engineering

This artificial selection could be made even more specific through genetic engineering. By separating populations and eliminating interbreeding, certain genes could be enhanced to bring about certain changes in the biology of the human race. We could modify humans to become smarter, stronger and live longer by using viruses and certain advanced techniques.


1. Transhumanism

Dan Brown’s Origin is a great introduction to the field of Transhumanism. While we already have devices like artificial hearts and lungs that have brought humans and technology closer than ever before, new inventions continue to emerge. Artificial intelligence is the future and there might even come a day when science fiction’s theories about the possibility of our consciousness living on even after our death could become true. Evolution is a web of infinite possibilities and humans are the smartest species on the planet. Who, then, can really predict what the true future of our species will look like?

Top 12 Important Things Money can’t Buy

“The best things in life are free.” We have all grown up listening to these wise words by some wise person. But what do they actually mean? Our practical senses tell us that everything costs money and the best things cost a fortune. So now to understand this old phrase, let’s play a game. Throw your logic and reason out of the window and think from your heart. Do these materialistic things actually mean as much as we build them to mean? What is food if we don’t have the time to eat it? What is a big house if we are so hassled in our lives that we barely go there to sleep? Value is in the meaning we give to things, not in the things themselves.

Live your life by looking at the value of things, not their price. Sometimes the line may appear foggy, so that’s what we are here for. Listed below are 12 things that are too valuable even for money.

1. Peace

In today’s fast-paced life, peace is a priceless thing. It is the thing that everyone craves but only a few have. Once you have mastered the art of living a peaceful life, you have already achieved the rarest joy in the world. People living in the hotchpotch of today’s world would know exactly and valuable peace is and no amount of money can bring you a peaceful state of mind. Peace of heart leads to a happy life and a happy life means a happy you. Take your mind off of money for a second and take a deep breath of peace, it’ll make you richer.

2. Loyalty

Look at your best friend, your partner, your family; is there a greater joy in the world than spending time with these people? Probably, no. Loyalty is the one thing that binds you in a relationship, be that any sort of relationship. We may not realize the importance of loyal people in our life, but just pause for a second and think. You would be torn in pieces if you didn’t have the support of those who love you and have your back come what may. No amount of money would be sufficient to heal the wounds left by people who stab you in the back. Be thankful for the utterly adorable people you are surrounded with and who’ll always be with you without being bothered by your monthly bank statements.

3. Respect

You can survive without love, without money but not without respect. This is a fundamental demand of a person to be worthy of respect. We can have all the money in the world but still lack the feeling of being respected. In the end, all that matters is how people see you and how you make them feel. Set your priorities right and keep integrity and morals on top. Be so good that when someone speaks badly of you, no one will believe it. Be so honest that you only attract the right kind of people. Be so respectful that you be respected by everyone. Don’t take the value of respect lightly, it is not that easy to give and even harder to receive.

4. Memories

This is the best word the humans have invented. Just hearing this word puts a big, earsplitting smile on everybody’s face and you can make out they have got lost in the world of beautiful moments lived and cherished. More than our brains, our hearts are full of memories. Memories of love, friendship, laughter and all things are beautiful. Just spending time with people and things you love to do will end you up building the best moments of your life. In those moments nothing matters, just you and your loved ones. Nothing materialistic or superficial has a place in your wonderful memories. Give some time to yourself every day, just immersing yourself in your memories and avoid thinking of anything else.

5.  Our Bluish Blackish Blanket

The sky in all its shades and hues is absolutely mesmerizing. Sitting beneath a skyclad with clouds or stars is immensely blissful. There are so many things that we take for granted but when we actually think about it, we realize how lucky we are to have them. The omnipresent sky is a way of relieving yourself of all the stress and the worries of life. Just lay down in the open and stare at the stars, find constellations or do cloud watching. Embrace and enjoy the beauty that rests over all of us.

6. Sweet Dreams

Our lives are a sum total of our dreams; the ones we see while sleeping and also the ones that don’t let us sleep. We put our head to rest to see the most beautiful and wonderful dreams and we open our eyes to work for them to come true. Dreams don’t cost anything but they end up giving you your reason to live. They fill us with a purpose and a goal to attach ourselves to. Go crazy for your dreams, make infuse them with life – your life.

7. Experience

Working for a job that takes everything out of you but only gives you money in return is not worth it. Do something that gives you experience. Work not for money but for the experience. It is not absolutely necessary for the old people to have all the experiences of life. Experience does not discriminate, every one of us is equally liable to gain experience of anything, at any age, only if we work for it.  Don’t underestimate the power that comes with experience. Don’t only look at the monetary aspects of a work given but look for what all you can take from it and how much it’ll add to you and your personality.

8. Personality

However much people need it, but you just can’t buy a personality. It is something you have to build for yourself. You need to delve deeper into your thoughts and opinions so as to make a personality for yourself. No two people have the same persona and hence it becomes more important to work on yourself and shine out from the crowd. This path of finding yourself has to be traversed by you alone and it’ll be your efficiency in finding yourself that will determine how people will see you.

9. Nature – The Biggest Present

Look around yourself. The big beautiful tree, the colorful flowers, the so cute bumblebee, the fresh grass, the fragrances of all the things that nature has provided us with. This is all a huge gift for the mankind. Start appreciating it and observing it. Our ethereal nature is a more precious than any sum of money. Feel blessed when you look around and see such beauty.

10. Common Sense

Ah! The most uncommon thing in the world. We wish it were for sale but sadly it isn’t. All your money goes down the drain if you lack common sense, bro. Everyone likes to have interesting and productive conversations with fellow beings and low common sense is seriously a big turn off. Open your minds a bit and explore to gain knowledge. Be aware of what is happening around you. Strive to be smart and you’ll be rich in your own fashion.

11. Sense Of Humor

Laughter is the best medicine and the one who can make you laugh is the best doctor. A good sense of humor is really important that we take it for. Laughter is an escape from the sometimes dull and sometimes tough life. It is important to have someone who can instantly make us grin like a fool over their silly jokes and it is all the more imperative to be that someone for others. Laughter is the purest sound people make, so fill your coffers with that purity.

12. In the End, Love is all we got!

There are different kinds of love and we crave for each and every one of its forms. The idea of love makes us fall in love, it seems so serene, so safe and necessary. We are incomplete without love in our lives. Love is what keeps us sane and happy. Never shy away from showering love all around. Love your family, your friends, your pets, your environment, your books and just love everyone in general. Love is the biggest asset you’ll ever acquire and once you get it, make sure you keep it safe and close to your heart.

The choice is yours, you need to decide for yourself what matters more in life, things with hefty prices or things you can’t put a price on!

12 Foods that are Proven to Cause Headache

In this fast-paced and stressful lifestyle of the millennials, most of us seem to be juggling multiple responsibilities and headaches. But for some of the more unfortunate ones, the headache is more often than not a literal one! Either it is an incessant and nagging throb in the head or a giant pounding on your head. Regardless, a headache is always an unwanted distraction keeping us away from performing our best. While women reportedly experience more headaches than men; both men and women can experience headaches caused due to food and other related dietary factors.

The influence of different internal and external factors causes the various types of headaches such as tension, migraine, chronic. The external or outer factors resulting in a headache are often the effects of certain foods, chemicals, tobacco, environment and stress. Some people are more sensitive to food triggered headaches than others. But the occurrence of the same is not uncommon. In fact, just a few changes in lifestyle and dietary habits would take care to keep any future headaches away.

So, if you experience such headaches, especially after eating a meal, here are the top 12 foods that might be the culprits you want to put the blame on.

12. Chocolates

Yes! As heartbreaking as that news might be, it is true. Chocolates happen to affect 22% of the people who suffer from migraine headaches. Some of the substances that chocolate contains include caffeine, tyramine, beta-phenylethylamine. Unfortunately, they are all infamous for causing headaches. Thus, chocolates can be the principal cause of someone’s headache. Whereas, for the lucky ones, chocolate remains to be the source of all happiness.


11. Caffeine

Shocked? Well, yes. Cannot blame you, but caffeine is that double-edged sword you would want to stay away from. Caffeine is in fact a popular pain reliever and is often suggested to ease migraine pains. But the habit of having more than two cups of coffee or two cans of soda each day can be rather risky. It leads your body to develop an affinity for and dependence on caffeine. Hence, consuming a smaller amount of caffeine on another day causes a headache, which is a result of caffeine withdrawal symptoms.


10. Bread

Food items containing wheat are known to set-off headaches. Foods like bread, pasta, crackers and other similar products contain wheat as a primary ingredient. These foods often lead to indigestion for people suffering from gluten sensitivity. In others, however, the manifestation of gluten sensitivity is seen in the form of nagging and recurrent headaches.

9. Ripe Bananas and Avocados

Rich in nutrients and invested with many other health benefits, ripe bananas and avocados also contain a high percentage of tyramine. As we already know, tyramine again, is infamous for causing migraines. Doctors remark that even if you are not prone to migraines, food products with such high tyramine content are still very likely to give you a headache.

8. Foods containing MSG lead to Headaches

Monosodium glutamate or MSG is a glutamic acid naturally present in our body. Considered safe to eat, MSG is used in preparing food as a food additive or a flavor enhancer. Chinese food, take-out foods, and other snacks commonly use MSG. The higher the MSG content in the food, the greater is the chance of it acting as a headache activator. It triggers 10-15% of people with migraine-headache issues and leads them to experience more severe headaches after its intake because of its effects on cranial blood vessels.

7. Aged Cheese

The older the cheese is, the better it tastes. But the longer the cheese ages, the more tyramine it contains. Tyramine is formed when the aging of food breaks down the protein content of the food item. Far from being a secret anymore, tyramine is unpopularly linked to migraines and painful headaches. Thus, people with a history of migraine-headaches would do better to stay away from old cheeses. These include blue cheese, brie, cheddar, mozzarella, parmesan, feta and even Swiss cheese.


6. Cured Meats

Deli meat, salami, ham, sausages and hot dogs, all contain a high percentage of tyramine and food preservatives like nitrates or nitrites, which is proved to dilate blood vessels and increase blood flow to the brain. Thus, they result in severe migraine-headaches, with pain on both sides of the head. So, if you are familiar with those post-lunch headaches after enjoying a turkey-ham sandwich, now you know what not to pack for lunch tomorrow!

5. Ice-Cream and Frozen Food

Cold foods like ice cream and soda can give you a headache, especially if your natural body temperature is relatively on the higher side during the intake of the food item. About one-third of the people report head rushes and headaches caused after intake of such food items. In addition, 90% of migraine patients mention an increased frequency of ice-cream sensitivity, often causing a headache.


4. Pickled and Fermented Food

Like chocolate and cheese, pickled, fermented and marinated foods contain a high percentage of tyramine which is  known to instigate migraine headaches and thus results in stubborn headaches. Some such food items that migraine sufferers best stay away from include pickles, kimchi, kombucha and pickled jalapenos amongst others.


3. Salt / Salty Food

It is still unclear as to what occurrence in the body correlates the intake of salt or salty food and a consequential headache. But a large amount of salt intake reportedly results in persistent headaches. Even if we are careful to not add or sprinkle salt from the salt shaker on the table, the amount of salt consumed through pre-packaged, processed, ready-to-eat and restaurant foods is not negligible and must be reduced and taken care of. One should also remember that cheese, canned veggies and soups, frozen entries and boxed Mac and Cheese, 2min-noodles et al, also contain high levels of sodium causing painful headaches.


2. Alcohol

Beer and Red wine are proven triggers for around 25% of people who regularly suffer from migraine headaches. Most alcoholic beverages are known to have a high tyramine content and thus set off headaches, particularly in migraine patients. The reason behind alcohol-triggered headaches is that tyramine is an amino acid that our body easily breaks down with the enzyme Monoamino oxidase(MAO). But in certain cases, if a person takes anti-depressants or has MAO deficiency, the process of tyramine breakdown is faced with inhibitions. Besides, alcohol intake often leads to dehydration which is another obvious cause behind headaches.


1. No food causing headache

Yes! You read that right. More often than not we tend to postpone and sometimes skip meals with the excuse of our busy and hectic schedules. But when you skip a  meal, there is a build-up of muscle-tension, fall of glucose level, imbalance in the levels of serotonin and norepinephrine. All of this leads to dilatation of blood vessels, finally causing a throbbing headache.


Top 12 Qualities that every Successful Person does have

We all grow up with the dream of becoming successful one day, don’t we? From our very childhoods, we are told that we must work hard and grow up to be successful. But merely dreaming of success has never been enough. One must make conscious choices and decisions about their lifestyle to cultivate some habits and qualties, which assure a successful future life.

If you observe any successful achiever, be it in any field, ranging from arts, medicine, technology or even sports, all of them seem to have something strikingly different about them that sets them apart.  These are the very set of qualities and traits that makes every successful person stand out as distinct from the ordinary crowd of people. However, we must remember that successful people don’t just happen to be the lucky ones who are all born with these qualities like a convenient and happy accident! These are all qualities that you must develop and nurture into your own set of values and beliefs if you wish to walk the path of success someday.

So, without any further delay, let us take a look at the top 12 qualities that each and every successful person does have.


12. Ambition

Successful people are always driven by a fierce ambition to achieve a certain goal. This motivating desire is the fuel behind all the successful ventures in their careers and life. They perceive themselves as capable and deserving and do not take no for an answer. They do not see giving up as an option. Hence, a few failures are not enough to shake their courageous spirit because they relentlessly persue their calling until they see the light of success.


11. Integrity

Success without integrity is as good as failure. Having certain moral principles in life ensures integrity of character. This includes a sense of honesty, uprightness and sincerity in the person, who values the price of time and effort. Integrity is therefore,the one of the most essential qualities of every successful person.


10. Passion

Passion is the unconditional love for what you do. Successful people always make sure that they love what they are doing. This way, they never end up bitter and frustrated with the task in their hands. Passion for doing what you love  only increases one’s productivity, thus helping him/her reach the desired goal smoothly and successfully.


9. Patience

Mere determination and will to achive targets is not enough to ensure success. Patience is a key virtue that one must cultivate. The understanding that frustrations and delay are often inevitable is crucial. Consideration and composure in situations demanding patience is a classic sign of a successful person.


8. Committed

The most successful people do not shy away from commitments. They have a strong belief and faith in themselves, along with genuine care and love for the work they do. This helps them to be confident in committing to various demands, which they successfully meet as and when required.



Self-esteem is the backbone of a healthy mind and personality. People with high self-esteem are confident and sure of themselves. They are aware of their flaws and accept them. But at the same time, they also acknowledge their positive qualities and traits which helps them to build trust upon themselves. This is in itself, is a step closer towards success.


6. Communication and sociability

Successful people are always backed by a supportive and loyal team. Thus, skills of communication, both written and verbal are must-haves for anyone aiming for success. Communication also involves understanding and listening, especially to what is unsaid. Similarly, the importance of being a smart socialiser is also undeniable. The ability to form and maintain healthy relationships with one’s peers and colleagues is another vital skill, elementary in the journey to success. This also helps in maintaing  a healthy work environment, suitable for everyone to perform to the best of their abilities.


5. Curious and continuous-learners

Another well-kept secret of high achivers is the ability to keep learning something new every single day. They are very well aware that if they do not keep learning continually, they are only regressing in this highly competitive modern world. These people also make conscious efforts to learn everyday, both, about their own field of work and outside it, as additional learning. They read books, listen to audio-recordings, podcasts,news or sometimes even take further trainings. This gives them a sense of utilising their time wisely. Besides, learning keeps the mind sharp and alert, providing a sense of accomplishment.


4. Responsible

What successful people usually have in common is an attitude of self-employment. They see themselves as responsible for the commitments and promises they have made and do not rely on anybody else to get their jobs done. They never engage in blaming others for their failure or defeat and own up to any mistake, if and when necessary.  The sense of individual duty and responsibility is very high in them and they never condone the habit of making excuses.


3. Prepared

Successful people are always in a state of preparedness. They plan and organise everything in advance and are never unprepared for any situation. They tend to review details multiple times and make many sacrifices. For instance, they do their homework before going into a meeting and they research intensively before giving a speech. They also take many more risks than the average person is willing to. This what sets them apart as extraordinary.


2. Self-discipline

A top priority for all successful people, self-discipline is something that one can teach him/herself. It can be developed simply by setting clear goals and targets. Once the aim is set, the means to achieve it is thought through and fixed.  The most important feature of self-discipline is the practice of self-conrol. This helps them in building resilience and flexibility in both, their work field and personal life.


1. Positive mental health

Unless one belives that the future is going to be better, one is unlikely to wake up and take charge to work towards it. This is why optimism is a key straregy for any successful person towards a brighter future. For the very same reason, it is almost impossible to think of a successful person who is persistently negative and continuously complaining. Instead, they look at the brighter sides of a problem and work productively to fix any glitches. A positive mental attitude is a sign of inner peace and happiness, which unfailingly reflects on the superior performance of successful people, both at home and at work.


Hope you will follow these top 12 qualities and characteristic traits that almost all successful share in common and try to inculcate them into your own life for an assured future of success and happiness!

10 Tips to Wake up to a Fresh and Healthy Morning

Do you wake up feeling tired and groggy every morning? Well, you are not the only one. Most of us wake up feeling sleepy and exhausted. We all find ourselves snoozing that alarm clock for the millionth time and spending the next few minutes glued to our phones, checking our social media.  Whether you are a morning person or a night owl, with our lifestyle, waking up in the morning often proves to be the most difficult task at hand.

But fortunately, there are some easy and simple ways for you to fix this hitch. A few positive lifestyle changes here and there are all that you require to turn the tables on these seemingly trying mornings. Believe me, there is nothing a healthy morning routine cannot take care of.

So, without further adieu, let’s jump into 10 tips for a fresh and healthy morning for you to rise and shine!


10. Get a good night’s sleep for a fresh morning

Getting 7-8 hours of sleep is most essential for any working adult. Only a good night’s sleep can help you wake up feeling fresh and rejuvenated, ready to face the day ahead. Getting less or more of the sleep required can make you feel tired and irritable in the morning. Thus, prepare a bedtime routine wherein you go to bed and wake up at the same time everyday. Be consistent with this routine and soon, your body clock will naturally wake you up at the right time in the morning, feeling awake and energised.


9. Ditch the snooze button

Yes! I know how how hard that sounds. But trust me with this. Get yourself into the habit of resisting the temptation to snooze that annoying alarm clock in the morning. If necessary, put your alarm clock across the room from your bed. So when the alarm goes off, you are forced to get up and walk up to the clock to turn it off. Once you get up straight away, you are ready to start the morning off without wasting any mintute, procrastinating in bed.


8. Drink a glass of water

Drinking a glass of water as soon as you wake up in the morning will instantly wake you up, feeling fresh and alert. After 7-8 hours of sleep, when your body was practically fasting, it gets dehydrated. So, it is essential to hydrate your body in the morning, right after you wake up. Besides, drinking water on an empty stomach has many health benefits, like kicking start your metabolism. So, after you wake up, either drink a glass of cool water or drink some warm water with  lemon and honey, to add a little flavour and nutrition. You can also keep a glass of water on your bedside table on the previous night itself. This way, you would see the glass of water as soon as you wake up and you would not forget.


7. Meditate in the morning

Starting the morning with 2-5 minutes of meditation is the best way to begin your day.  Before getting caught up in the hectic schedule of everyday life, develop the habit of meditating in the morning. This will help you calm yourself down, making you aware of yourself and your surroundings. Focus on your breathing and be grateful for all your blessings. That’s the simplest gift you can give yourself every morning, ensuring positive mental health.


6. Exercise/ Yoga


When you wake up exhausted in the morning, exercise is perhaps the last thing on your mind. I’m sure that even 2 mins of extra time in bed sounds more tempting than going to the gym. But it is crucial to wake those muscles up and stimulate the blood flow. Do anything that makes you feel good and fit. It could be a run in the park, some stretching in your living room and some light exercise or some Yoga instead. Exercising for even 30 minutes in the morning is bound to boost that energy which will get you going for the rest of the day.


5. Take a shower in the morning


Taking a shower early in the morning is the best way to wake your body up. The splash of water after a long strecth of inactivity during the night’s sleep, makes you feel awake and refreshed. It also makes you much healthier by washing away any overnight toxic-buildup and also helps with chest or nose congestion. The habit of showering in the morning also takes away feelings of fatigue and helps with anxiety.


4. Write a to-do list

Find yourself five spare minutes before you start the day. Sit down and write a to-do list, listing down all the things you want to accomplish or get done throughout the day. This will give you an overall idea of what your day is going to look like. So now you can start your day with something to look forward to and be excited about.


3. Eat a nutritious breakfast

Starting off your morning with a healthy, nutritious breakfast is important to prepare you for the day with the right energy. So, quit making excuses of not being hungry in the morning. Invest your time in making yourself a good breakfast full of fruits, whole grains and simple proteins. This will keep you full and content, helping you to concentrate and perform much better in the course of the day.


2. Keep the gadgets away

Most of us are guilty of phone addiction. We go to sleep with our phones and checking our phones is the first thing we do in the morning. Make a habit of not checking your phone until after an hour of waking up. If necessary, put your phone on airplane mode at night and don’t turn it back to normal before breakfast. This helps you stay in touch with the real world and living in the present.


1. Read something inspirational

There is no habit as precious as reading. If you are naturally a reader, get into the habit of reading a bit of the book you are currently reading before starting the day off. But for most of us, finding enough time to include reading in our busy morning routines is quite a challenge. So find yourself a book of motivational and inspirational quotes. Make it a habit to read one such quote in the morning. This will guide you with some direction and incentive to conquer the day ahead with confidence and positivity.


Follow these simple and effective tips in the morning to start your day with positivity and energy. Nobody but you can change the way you live your life. So, wake up and make that change. Make everyday count because the last time I checked we live only once. Might as well make the best out of every moment!

Top 10 Ancient Lost Civilizations On Earth

History has lost more than any of us can keep track of. One day, people are living in harmony, making do with what they have, next- they are adorning the pages of history books. Traces of lands, artworks, and hints of culture are the only proof of their existence. There is something hauntingly beautiful about them- a gentle reminder that humanity existed long before you or me. They also make for great tourists sites, places where you could take in nature in all its devastation.

Here’s a list of top 10 lost civilizations, in case you decide to visits some or all of them. What’s the point of visiting historical places if you don’t know the history behind it, right?

1. The  Maya

Remember when the conviction of the world coming to an end in 2012 was a thing? The cause of this belief could be traced back to Mesoamerican long calender or Maya long count calendar whose 5,126-year-long cycle came to a halt at this particular date. The Mayans flourished around 250 to 900 AD, existing with their own Maya language and religion. They were good at art, math, and construction. Deeply religious, they chose to worship all kinds of gods of nature and their cultural engagement is something one could only dream of in today’s world. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what led to the declination of such a rich civilization, hence a point of intrigue for historians.

2. The Indus Valley Civilization

The Indus Valley Civilization lies in Pakistan and northeast India today. This highly urbanized civilization reached its peak around 2000 BCE. Also referred to as Mohejo -Daro, and Harappa, evidence of a well-planned city life, with wells, bathroom, underground draining system and multi-storied houses-  through the sizes differed from rich to poor- is clear. This civilization which began declining around 1800 BCE left behind a complex writing system, leaving behind their stamps in their pottery, amulets, and copper tables, and which the scientists have yet to decipher. The origin of the city dwellers has been hard to figure out because of this failure.

3. Catal Huyuk

Anatolia’s pride, Catal Huyuk started its journey from 7500 BC, successfully marking its status as one of the oldest cities in the world. It’s unknown where Catal Hyuk’s people originally came from, as their existence feels very much like a work of God. As if people woke up one day and crafted jewelry, pottery, textiles, figurines and much more. The houses, with their own baking ovens, are all almost attached to each other, and the lack of breathing space is accentuated by the absence of streets and only wooden ladders could be used to enter them. Catal Hyuk is the first hint of an organized modern city life.

4. Heracleion

As far as lost civilization goes, this one takes the cake. Heracleion, which once stood at the edge of ancient Egypt, fell prey to nature’s cruelty, so much so that it was discovered at the bottom of the Mediterranean sea. Heracleion, also known as Thonis, is where Sparta’s Helen and  Paris of Troy sought refuge before the Trojan war, according to one Greek historian. You can imagine the scuba driver’s complete astonishment when they chanced upon pieces of Hapy, an Egyptian God’s remains of a statue, only to discover a whole city. A hub for international business among the merchants, Heracleion has seen its fair share of the world. Shame it had to disappear the way it did.

5. Clovis Culture

The end of the ice age was the beginning of Clovis culture, a prehistoric native American culture whose people are considered the first human inhabitants of the new world. Hunters and gatherers by nature, the proof of their existence can be glimpsed in the weapons left behind them.  Their appearance and disappearance is a large point of mystery, almost a work of magic.

6. Nabta Playa

The Nubian Desert once had a large internally drained basin known as Nabta playa, which is mostly considered a spectacular site today. The settlement which resided in huts with fire hearths soon became a site of breathtaking monumental structures which are also the oldest astronomical alignments in the world. There is evidence of a pre-historic cult in Nabta Playa, which could have been the original propeller of the Hathor cult in Egypt. People of Nabta Playa could possibly be the ancestors of the Egyptian civilization in the Nile, as is the popular belief of Historians.

 7. Niya

Deep in the Takla Makan Desert, Niya is also known as the Pompeii of the east, this great heritage site’s burial occurred as abruptly as ancient Pompeii’s. No one knows what caused the people of Niya civilization to abandon their houses in panic, prepared for some impending doom. Flying dragons, Buddhist paintings, and ruined artifacts strengthen the belief that China is one of the four ancient civilization. The Falu manuscript discovered in Niya has one of the most insightful takes on life,  relevant until the end of times. One of the oldest commercial hubs of the world, Niya was thriving along the famous silk road once. Niya was one the city that linked China to Central Asia, Europe, and Africa. Niya’s importance as a trade route tragically began to decline after the fall of the Mongol Empire during 1300.

8. The Olmecs

The earliest known civilization in Mexico, the Olmecs were a point of influence for the Aztec and Maya. Ritual bloodletting and Mesoamerican ballgame were two of the factors that the Olmecs contributed to Mesoamerican society. However, nothing would beat Olmec’s carved colossal heads, that is the giant stone replication of the human heads. The Olmecs deities are a peculiar one, supernatural even, as they were mixtures of male and female, human and reptile, birds and felines in one.

9. Göbekli Tepe

It’s somewhat baffling how very few people who aren’t history geeks know of Göbekli Tepe, considering it could change the nature of all previous historical revelations. 12,000-year-old massive carving of stones- potentially, the site of world’s oldest temples- lies in Southeastern Anatolia Region of turkey. Something that’s highly surprising when metal tools and even pottery was non-existence. Klaus Schmidt, the archaeologist who was responsible for excavating Gobekli Tepe was of the belief that the site was more of gathering place for people for religious purposes than settlement. The most noteworthy matter is that a good number of people back then knew how to build complex monumental structures.

10. Cucuteni–Trypillia culture

This eastern-European culture is a peculiar one in that they chose to construct organized cities only to burn them down every 60-80 years or so, only to replicate the same settlement all over again. The archaeological finding shows a culture of sophisticated building, sculptures of gods, and goddesses, and potteries with interesting patterns. Researchers believe the Cucutenis felt the need to rebuild their home in a quest for perfection. As a result, they practically uprooted themselves from the home they built every generation or so.


Top 12 Top Excuses to Skip School

As children, we too often detested from going to school. The practice of following regular routine day after day is really monotonous. Kids too need a break, apart from the weekends. So for the days when the teacher is a bit strict regarding homework, the day when you are well informed that your best friend isn’t turning up and for those days when your bed is not wanting to leave you too soon, we have some cool ideas for you.


12. Ouch! It hurts.

The most common of all the excuses ever recorded in the history of a student’s life is of course a stomach pain. It is something that can start at any time of the day, people cannot see it and will never want a proof of it. If any day you don’t want to attend the school,  just grasp your stomach tight and crawl on your bed. You may as well spend some good time in the loo if you want to make the drama more realistic.


11. We don’t have a teacher.

This idea works fine as well. Convincing your parents that the most important teacher won’t be turning up at school can even give you a day of leisure. Your mom too won’t force you as she will never want her child to waste his/her time just watching the clock ticking at school.


10. I need some time to study.

Now, this is the lamest excuse, but trust me it works great. All you need to do is to convince your parents that you have a test the next day and you need some free time for your studies. Your parents will surely understand that wasting your time at school won’t work as they too are concerned about your marks. Make sure to close your door and sit a while with your books pretending to study and you are absolutely ready to chill at home.


9. Hiding Your Books.

This trick might cost you some scolding at home but can save you from attending school. Hide your books in a secure place where no one can ever imagine and tell your parents that you have lost them. Unable to find them you are scared to attend the school as your teacher doesn’t like students coming to school without the books. Moms are anyway sweet and they love you. They would never want their kids to get punished for a bare minimum cause. So, you are up with a great reason to be at home.


8. Oh God! It’s raining.

Now how can you not take advantage of the natural disorders. Though you love to jump into the puddles and get wet, yet rains can help you to stay back at home when you are just not in the right mood to attend school. Rainy weathers are the best occasions to stay late in bed. You can just pretend to sneeze and cough a bit infront of your parents on a rainy morning and believe me they won’t send you to school. They will surely be worried about your health as going to school on a rainy day might lead you to roam about the whole day in drenched uniforms which might detoriate your health further. So, got an excuse, right? Now sit and enjoy your favourite hot soup on your cozy bed!


7. Hurrah! It’s a holiday

Excuses are all about how good you are at lying. If you and your best friend have already planned to skip school the next day, here is an idea just for you. Return from school with a big smile and excitement on your face and inform your mom that the school’s Principal has declared a holiday the next day. This technique works best when you perform it along with your friends. This is because to confirm the news if your mom tries to ring any of your friends or their parents, their answer will always favour you. A mass bunk can always call for a party!


6. Boring school functions

School functions are very common. Few enjoy participating in them and some are happy being good audience. But there are also some students who find these school functions awful. For them these days are the best to relax at home. Most of the time attendances don’t count on these occasions  but the school expects your integrity. If you are someone who hates attending boring school functions, you should not mind sitting back at home and enjoying your day with your playstation.


5. I forgot to do my homework

Another excuse among the list which might cause you some discomfort at home is to admit that you forgot to do your homework. This might not be very well acceptable to your parents and thus your day at home might become a bit troublesome. But getting scolded at your home when you are all alone, rather than being humiliated infront of fifty of them is always a good deal. So, bunking school for not being able to complete your homework is another excuse you can try, may be once in a while but not always.


4. I am late

You snooze your alarm four times and end up getting late for your school. Most of the schools are strict in terms of discipline. Thus, a punishment and some remarks await for you. You can plan to dismiss the thought of going to school at all and convince your parents about the tantrums that you have to face the whole day if you are late. They would surely be a bit offended by your decent sense of  punctuality but still may allow you to stay back at home. All you have to do is to assure them that this won’t happen again and you are saved for the day!


3. Not feeling that good

Another excuse you can always take up for not turning up at school is a bad health. Get up in the morning and visit the bathroom frequently making sounds as if you are puking. This really get mothers worried. While they sit over to think what might be the cause, you can crumble up on your bed and pretend to be a helpless child! This isn’t the right away to deal with your desire to skip school as you can make your parents really tensed. But if you are done with most of the ideas and are helpless you might try out this as well.


2. Bunk it!

Now this is the real meaning of skipping school. If you find it risky and end up failing to convince your parents to stay back at home, you can leave for school but take refuge in your most loved playground or just spend some hours idly under the tree. So, the point is, your parents think that you are in school, but you are not. But before performing this stunt make sure you don’t get caught as the circumstances can be frightening.


1. Speak the truth

If you find that you have exhausted all the excuses or are not daring enough to lie to your parents, you can always speak the truth. If you don’t feel like going to school for certain reasons or may be without any, you can surely confront your parents about your unwillingness. This cannot be repeated too often, yet on some fine days your parents will surely aprove your desire.


So, here are enough excuses at your hand that you can always use to your advantage if you are someone who doesn’t like school much. But these are surely not the right things to do. Everyone of us including your parents too have come across this age and will surely understand the sudden reluctance to go to school but not always.

Top 10 Rituals Performed Worldwide for a Newborn

The birth of a baby is celebrated with great gusto across many communities worldwide and over the years, each community has created their own traditions to welcome the newborns into the world. Most cultures have some kind of ritual to protect the newborn from the ‘evil eye’ or practice some form of religious initiation which quite often proves to be decidedly shocking in the eyes of another culture. Here are some popular, yet often bizarre, rituals related to newborns from around the world.

10. Spitting in the Newborn’s Face

Mauritania’s Wolof tribe has a pretty strange belief. According to them, human saliva has powerful healing powers! Spitting in a baby’s face is considered to be a way of blessing him or her. Mothers spit in their faces while fathers spit in their ears. Then the saliva is rubbed all over the baby’s face and head. This ritual is carried out to ward away the evil eye as well as ensure good influence over the newborn’s life. It might appear absurd to us but the Wolof people have great faith in this tradition!

9. Treasuring the Umbilical Cord

In many cultures, the umbilical cord is not just a physical link between the mother and the child. It is a spiritual connection that needs to be cherished. Hence, the Japanese preserve the umbilical cord after birth to ensure the well being of the baby and a close and lasting relationship between the mother and the newborn. In Japanese hospitals, it is common practice to present the mother with the cord, kept in a small wooden box, at the time of her departure. This becomes a part of family memorabilia and is preserved and treasured carefully.

8. Gifting Eggs Dyed Red

In China, a newborn’s first big life event happens on the 30th day after his or her birth. Kind of life is ‘Welcome to the Family!’ party, this event is basically a gathering of the parents’ closest friends and family members who bring gifts for the newborn and coo over the adorable tiny-tot. The parents, in turn, present the guests with red-dyed eggs. Eggs are symbolic of the changing process of life and their round shape represents a happy and harmonious life. Red is also associated with happiness in China and so the relatives give the baby money in bright red envelopes as well.

7. The World is a Sieve

The Egyptians have a peculiar tradition to make newborns acquainted with the numerous ups and downs of life. On the seventh day after birth, they hold a ceremony where the mother places her baby in a large sieve and gently shakes it, often eliciting wails from the newborn. To protect the baby from evil, he or she is placed on a blanket on the floor while the mother side-steps their body seven times and the guests murmur incantations. The baby is also showered with  gifts and gold as a blessing for abundance in his or her life.

6. 20 Names

Don’t be surprised if a newborn is known by twenty or more different names by separate family members in a Nigerian household. On the naming ceremony of the newborn, he or she is given a separate name by each of their relatives, most often accompanied with a gift of money. Apart from these, they are also given a family name as well as a name that hints towards a specific circumstance surrounding their birth. This ceremony is held on the seventh day after birth in the case of a baby girl, and on the ninth day in the case of a baby boy.

5. Braving the cold

Parents in Sweden frequently leave their children outside in the cold. While that may sound negligence, it is actually a pretty old practice in both Sweden and Sweden. Continuous exposure to cold air is believed to make babies stronger and better accustomed to the cold. Even the Danish National Board of Health encourages this practice! Perhaps it is a good idea to be used to freezing temperatures right from infancy when you live in places with such cold climates but to people in tropical countries, it sure does sound cruel and even heartless.

4. Feet on ground

Many cultures believe babies to be a reflection of God Himself. Their innocence and purity is considered holy. So it goes that the people of Bali consider babies to be divine being who have ascended straight from heaven itself. Thus, it is considered inauspicious to let their unblemished feet touch the ground in the first three months after their birth. Family members must carry around the baby at all times until the 105th day after birth. The moment the newborn’s feet touch the ground, it is considered that he or she has crossed over from the divine plane and become fully human.

3. Head shaving

In many Asian cultures, the first shaving of a baby’s head is performed as grand and formal ceremony. It has several religious connotations as well. In Hinduism, where reincarnation is a widely held belief, the ceremony is called a mundan and is considered to rid the baby of the negativity of his or her past life. At the same time, it also cleanses the soul and the body. The shaved hair is often scattered in the Ganges. In the Muslim tradition, head shaving reaffirms the faith that the newborn is a servant of Allah.

2. Baptism

The official christening ceremony in Christian traditions, baptism, is carried out differently in different traditions. The oldest form of this practice involved total immersion of the newborn in basin full of water. Baptism may also be done by pouring water over the baby’s head or simply sprinkling a few drops on his or her forehead. This is accompanied by the Christian recitation of “In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” Performed by a priest, this act is seen as a process of purification, riding the body of ‘original sin’ and also as a recognition of the infant’s official admission into the Church. The child is named after this ritual.

1. Circumcision

Male circumcision is a widespread practice across Jewish, Islamic and Christian cultures across the world. It is a ceremony in the form of a surgical operation involving the removal of the foreskin from the penis of an 8-day old baby. Despite the fact that it has caused quite a few debates around the world over the pain experienced during the procedure, it continues to be a carried out by various cultures due to its strong religious basis. For instance, circumcision is related as nothing less than an indisputable command from God to Abraham. Like most other similar cases, here too, religious beliefs manage to trump questions of morality and human rights.