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Top 10 Super Intelligent Child Prodigies

As we proceed in our day to day lives, we come across a lot of people, some of whom are average and some above average. However, there are very few who reach the ranks of brilliance and sheer perfection. Yes, I am talking about those highly-envied, super successful personas that an ordinary, common man looks up to.

Such people come with exceptional qualities, unparalleled IQ’s and a strong willpower, which allows them to excel and stand out amongst the masses.  These skills and assets need time, patience and dedication to develop, and thus, only after a lifetime of struggle does one obtain the sweet fruit of success.

Nevertheless, there are some who are blessed abundantly, and simply begin to stand out from an early age, proceeding to achieve what is thought to be impossible. In modern language, we refer to them as child prodigies. Such unique individuals are an absolute rarity and are known to possess extraordinary brains which are just too mature for their tender age.

Who am I talking about? Read on.

10. Akrit Jaswal

Clearly, appearances are deceptive. This seemingly regular kiddo has a whopping IQ 146! According to his mother, Akrit has been an early bird ever since birth. He began to speak when he was merely 10 months old, and, by the time he reached 5 years, he took interest in reading Shakespeare’s works. He began by observing surgeries at the age of 6, and went on to become the world’s youngest surgeon by performing a successful burn surgery at an unbelievable age of 7!

What’s he doing now? Over the past years. Akrit has been working diligently to find an effective cure for cancer, while at the same time, studying for a degree of BSc. in the University of Punjab.

9. Taylor Ramon Wilson

Taylor isn’t your average school-going kid. This budding scientist has always been deeply passionate about nuclear physics, so much so that he went on to build an actual, functioning fusor, at just 14 years of age, thus becoming the youngest person ever to achieve nuclear fusion. He also won the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in 2011, where he constructed an effective nuclear radiation detector.

8. Priyanshi Somani

While most of us hate anything and everything that has got to do with math, Priyanshi takes pleasure in it. Complex calculations and mental math are her favorite pastime. She developed her love for math at the age of 6, and, by the time she reached 11, she took part in the Mental Calculation World Cup of 2010. She was the youngest participant, yet that didn’t stop her from claiming the first prize. How did she win? In mere 6 minutes and 51 seconds, she solved the square roots of 10 six-digit numbers, all with 100% accuracy!

Over time, this little genius has been perfecting her skills. In 2012, she bet her own record and also set a world record, by mentally solving the square roots of 10 six-digit numbers in as little as 2 minutes 43 seconds!  Now, that’s something, isn’t it?

7. Ethan Jordan Bortnick

Now, let’s look at a child that excels in the arts, shall we? Speaking of Ethan, he is an American pianist, singer, songwriter, composer, actor, and musician who, at the age of 9, became a Guinness World Record holder of ‘The World’s Youngest Solo Musician to Headline His Own Concert Tour’.

How did he have such great achievements? Well, Ethan showed an interest in music from a very young age.  He started by playing the keyboard at the age of three and composed his first piece when he was just five.

As of now, he continues to entertain millions with his live concerts, music tours and guest appearances on a variety of television shows.

6. Onafujiri Fuji Remet


Little Fuji is a three-year-old street photographer from Nigeria. This tiny tot is has gained fame amongst millions of netizens, who are simply left agape, by the sheer talent and skill that Fuji possesses. At an age when most of us can’t even tell different colors apart, Fuji has managed to handle a Sony SLR and capture mind-blowing snapshots of the streets of Nigeria. And not just one or two, Lil’ Fuji has clicked around 3,000 images, which have been showcased in a Lagos exhibition.

5. Kelvin Doe

The resident of Sierra Leone, Kevin, is another super-intelligent child prodigy of the modern world. This boy was so intensely passionate about mechanics that he taught himself engineering and began inventing a sound amplifier, batteries, FM transmitter, a three-channel mixer along with a mic receiver, all using unwanted garbage and scrap metals. He used all of these inventions to establish his own radio station, where he gained fame as “DJ Focus” amongst the locals, who greatly enjoyed listening to his music and news broadcasts.

Now, would you believe me if I told you that Kevin achieved all of this when he was just 13?

4. Gregory Smith

Another contemporary genius who has left his mark on the world of medicine is Gregory Smith. Blessed with insanely high IQ, Greg had mastered basic algebra and had completed reading classic novels like “Journey to the Center of the Earth” and “The Last of the Mohicans” by the age of 5, He enrolled in high school when he turned 7. Later on, at the age of 10, he began his first year of college.

This young genius has a bachelor’s and masters’ degree in mathematics, a masters’ degree in computational biology, a doctorate in biological sciences, and is currently employed as a postdoctoral researcher at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.

3. Cleopatra Stratan

This little girl probably makes more money than you can ever manage to make. Meet Cleopatra, a phenomenal child sensation, who took over the world with her voice. She gained recognition and commercial success after her album “La Varsta de Trei ani” went viral in her country. She holds the record as the highest paid young artist, the youngest artist to receive an MTV award, and is also the youngest artist to ever score a No.1 hit in a country.

Now, having said all of that, I challenge you to try guessing how much she earns. No clue? Well, get ready to be shocked, as this little one started by making a whopping 1000€ per song, when she was just 3.

2. Aelita Andre

Doesn’t this photo make you go ‘aww’? This isn’t just any toddler having fun with paints, but a professional abstract artist, who’s famous for her surrealist painting style and, of course, her adorable little age.  Aelita began painting when she was just 9 months old. By the time she turned 2, her works- which are absolutely breathtaking, by the way- were publicly displayed in a renowned gallery. Then, at the age of 4, she opened her first solo exhibition in New York City, in the month of June 2011.

1. Terence Tao

Terence was an exceptional child since birth. At the age of 2, he would teach 5-year-old’s how to spell and add numbers. Then, when he turned 9, he took the SAT’s to have an epic score of 760, in the math section. The same year, he started attending university-level mathematics courses. At the age of 13, he won a gold medal at the International Mathematical Olympiad of 1988, thus becoming the youngest gold medalist in the history of Mathematical Olympiads.

He is considered to be the most genius man alive, having a sky-high IQ of 230! That’s a score higher than Albert Einstein himself!

Top 10 Scariest Horror Movies You Can Watch

For a lot of us, horror movies are like drugs- except it comes without the associated side effects. Unless you count starting at random noises and looking for the monster under your bed at night, even though logically nothing is there. There are numerous reasons why horror movies are so widely popular till date, regardless of how cheesy and illogical they could get. It gives us an adrenaline rush- the whole chills running down your spine, lip biting anticipation and heart thumping stuff- without placing ourselves in actual danger. It’s human nature to want to get ourselves in trouble and scary movies are a way to do that without affecting the physical world in any way. So, people looking for that rush but coming up empty because you’ve gone through most of them; here’s a list of slightly lesser known scariest horror movies you can watch. 

10. The Innocents (1961)

Based on the novella, The Turn Of The screw by Henry James, the 1961 British psychological horror film is as terrifying as its counterpart. The plot revolves around a governess, Miss Giddens, who looks after two children and eventually believes the mansion they live in is haunted and the children might be possessed. While the happenings look like a straight up haunting on the surface, the suggestion that the events might be a product of Gidden’s mind lingers. This fact has led the film to be severely dissected and critiqued since it’s release over the years. Deep focus cinematography, low lighting, and striking soundtrack- the film pulls you in and makes you wonder at each turn.

9. Reincarnation (2005)

A Japanese actress comes in contact with a plethora of spirits after signing a horror film that is based on a true story. Filmed in the original location of the killings, what horror awaits her there?. Reincarnation ranks pretty high on the original scale, with its stellar plot, slow pace, an emphasis on subtlety and disturbing imagery that are hard to forget.

8. Silent House (2011)

Sarah, a young woman, and her dad find themselves trapped in their family’s secluded lake house with only something sinister to keep them company. Silent House is an example of how much shaky camerawork and rightly timed jump scares can provide to a horror film. Elizabeth Olsen does a great job of conveying her terror, which serves to make the audience as tense as her. Silent House is definitely among the horror movies you should try out once.

7. Into The Mirror (2003)

South Korean supernatural horror film Into The Mirror is regarding the mystery of strange deaths involving mirrors in a departmental store. An ex-detective who is now working as a security guard in the store tries to solve the mystery in repentance for the accidental death of his partner.

Sounds somewhat familiar? This is the original version of the 2008 American film Mirror, though the plot differs largely at times. The distinct dark atmosphere, creepy visuals and an expert hand at editing, and a bit of drama thrown in, the horror film sets itself apart on a class of his own from its remake.

6. 1408 (2007)

Based on Stephen King’s short story of the same name, 1408 is a 2007 American psychological horror film with more positive reviews than negative, which is a feat in of itself. The story starts with Mike Enslin, a writer unbelieving of the occult, writes books by spending time in supposedly haunted places and disproving the mystery. He finds himself in unexpected hot waters when he checks into room 1408 of Dolphin Hotel, a room rumored to have never let it’s guest leave the room alive. 1408 is terrifying as much as it is heartbreaking, spewed with twists and sudden shifts in space and time, it focuses on the protagonist’s nightmarish past.

5. Lights out (2016)

Rebecca has no choice but to return home after her little brother Martin asks for help and deal with the shadow named Diana who haunts her mother. Rebecca and her boyfriend have no choice to investigate the mystery behind the entity to protect her brother and find the truth and connection of Diana with her mother, one that will lead to some terrifying revelations. In theory, it should be easy to avoid the supernatural entity. If the ghost only appears when the lights are out, don’t turn off the lights, right? That would have made for a dull movie. Use of clever plot points, suspenseful music, jump scares and the right build-up of tension keeps the movie from becoming anything remotely near average.

5. Shutter (2004)

While the 2008 American remake is more widely known, Shutter was originally a Thai film, recognized as one of the best horror film from Thailand worldwide. The plot revolves around a young photographer Thun and his girlfriend Jane who discovers mysterious images in their photos after being involved in a case of hit and run of a young woman. As the events unfold, it becomes clear that the haunting is a result of more than that meets the eye. Excellent acting, well thought out plot, satisfying climax and most of all, the use of special effects and classical horror film techniques that gave the movie a unique advantage, Shutter is the kind of film that is guaranteed to appeal to all movie lovers.

4. The Eye (2002)

Mun, a 20-year-old blind girl gets cornea transplant in the hope she could see again, after losing her vision as a 2-year-old. She got way more than she bargained for when she discovers she can see otherworldly beings too.

As far as checking under your bed for boogeyman goes, this is certainly the type of film that will have you performing these actions before you realize it. The second half of the film can be disappointing for some people, as it leaves the spirit of thriller and turns its focus to the investigation of the cause. However, the first half, with its tricky camera work, claustrophobic atmosphere and the strong feeling of isolation and helplessness that emits from the protagonist, more than makes up for it.

3. The Others (2001)

Similar to The Innocents in terms of plot, The Others is a film about a story about a woman, Grace, who lives with her two photosensitive children, convinced beyond doubt their home is haunted. The Others is a good example of what true horror feels like. It’s never about the dangers that you know, it’s about the danger you think exists. It’s in the suggestions, in the doubt niggling in the corner of her mind. Chilling in its execution, The Others is a good film to watch from historical and religious context too.

1. Ju-On: The Grudge (2002)

How many of you guessed this one? It’s quite impossible to bring up horror and not mention The Grudge. While it’s a widely known and popular movie, it has been years since its release and surprisingly, there are a lot of people there who still haven’t seen it. Hopefully, this post will give them a little push to get on it.

Two vengeful spirits, Kayako and her son Toshio, cursed Rika Nishina after she visits a house that keeps the imprint of their grudges till date. Ju-On is a slow-paced jump scare film that once has caught your heart in your throat, refuses to let it settle down to its original destination for the rest of the film.


How to Reinvent Yourself: 12 Best Life Changing Tips

Have you been through a lot already? Started and ended.? Struggled and failed. Betrayed or let down. Have been clinging on to things, only to make things worse. Now you need an up gradation of yourself. You need a new version of yours. You need to make yourself feel worthy. Thus arises a need to reinvent yourself.

“You’re never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream,” says C. S. Lewis.

It’s high time you have been struggling with yourself. I know you want to feel that solace which everyone deserves to have. You have worked possibly harder to let go of things or to excel in your job. Remember nothing or no one in this entire universe has the right to stop you from being YOU. It’s your self-made software. It belongs to you and then when you are attacked by viruses and malware, it’s time for you to install an antivirus program and to upgrade your software and thus reinvent yourself.


 Let’s check out 12 different ways by which you can embark on a new journey to reinvent yourself and consequently live your life blissfully.


12. Set A Goal

A man without a goal is like a ship without a rudder.  His mind is nothing but a wanderer in the cradle of nature swinging from left to right without any ambition. First of all, set a goal. Work for it. Setting an aim will make your mind active. It will help you in exploring the hidden, inner talents of yourself. As a result, You’ll be able to encounter your strengths and weaknesses.

Challenge yourself continuously. Set a limit. You’ll eventually see yourself progressing.

11. Talk to Yourself

Find a cool and calm place. Take a dive into the pool of your thoughts. Ask yourself what exactly is happening? Why do you need a reinvention? What are the possible reasons? What do you honestly want to get out of this process?

A half-hearted desire won’t work. Your reason should be compelling enough to push yourself. Only then you will be convinced that reinventing yourself is very much necessary, you will do what is needed to make the changes stick.

After identifying compelling reasons to change, now it is time to identify your passions and skills.

Ask yourself what you are interested in? What are your skills, talents, and abilities? Similarly, what you truly want in your life? As a result, what will it take to make these changes? How will you know that you are making progress? This self-evaluation and introspection will help you to discover yourself and hence you will be able to develop a strong mindset to make full use of opportunities that are presented to you.

10. Learn to Set Priorities

Not all the work is important with the same intensity at the same time. Sometimes you need to distinguish between your “will” and your “need”, and prioritize your tasks accordingly. You need to have patience and do smart work along with hard work.

Creating a to-do list coupled with the use of time management tools can be beneficial over here. Set deadlines for specific tasks. Learn to be responsible towards your work along with spending quality time with your beloved ones. Manage your schedule accordingly and be prepared for uncertainties.

9. Get out of your Comfort Zone

The need of the hour is that you should start doing what is required rather than what you prefer. Leave those long hours of chatting, sleeping, hangouts, as soon as the realization to renew yourself dawns upon you.

We all are creatures of habit. But breaking out your comfort zone helps you to overcome your laziness, have fresh experiences, set bold targets and learn something new.

Breaking your own mold can only makes you stronger and more confident to reach higher levels in your professional and personal life.

8. Let Go of all the Stuff that Pulls you Back

You may want to achieve a particular goal, but at the same time, there may be other goals, commitments, obligations, and responsibilities too, obstructing your path to change.

Let go of all the stuff that doesn’t support your vision or the vision of the person you want to become. It eventually means letting go of people, places, situations and literally anything that isn’t aligned with your vision.

You need to diagnose what is pulling you back and consequently what short-term sacrifices you will need to make.

You cannot be the person you want to be, by holding the person you are today. Sacrifice the stuff that no longer serves any purpose otherwise, that stuff will pull you right back to where you started.

7. It is just a Slip, not a Great Fall

Chill! We all face setbacks in life. Experiences teach and bitter experiences teach even better. You don’t fail when you fall but when you refuse to get up. Make your failure a stepping stone towards success. Look around and see, you will find many people who don’t even have what you are blessed with right now.

Thank God and get started to make the maximum use of your potential. It is just the matter of your will-power. Take a deep breath and begin a new chapter.

6. Take a Break

Pack your bags and go on a lovely trip. Spend time with family and friends. Pen down your thoughts, paint, listen to soothing music, Move your feet, dance! Do whatever you like.

Don’t blame yourself, Don’t feel guilty for what you were in the past or are right now. Rather realize your worth. Take a break to rejuvenate yourself.

Take your time, and return with a different outlook and real YOU.


5. Use your Support Group

You will require your support group even before you take the decision of reinventing yourself. The group can include your parents, guardians or your friends. Make sure to choose the right people whom you can trust completely and whom you consider important in your life.

Your group will keep you away from taking wrong turns and guide you throughout the reinventing process. It will double your happiness and lessen your sorrows.

4. Remind yourself each day of your Commitment

Write your goals on paper and stick them on the walls of your room and office, similarly, set related wallpapers on your laptops/mobile phones. These visual aids will help you to keep yourself streamlined in your reinvention process and remind you daily where you want to be.

3. Take Risks

Experiment with things around you. Don’t always go according to the set traditional paths, assert your individuality, take stands, there should be uniqueness and originality in your thoughts, no matter whether they work on not, at least give it a try. Don’t fear to lose. Some may result into success, some into failures. Most noteworthy is the fact that, you are not afraid to try.

2. Take one step at a time

Rome was not built in a day. Reinventing is not a process which can happen overnight. You need to gradually climb a staircase step-by-step to get fruits of your hard work.

Take small steps to accomplish your end goals. For example, if you want to get in better shape first step would be starting going for a morning walk, then getting a gym membership, eating healthy and finally sticking to the routine. Don’t overwhelm yourself by getting consumed on the big picture.

1. Visualize your future vision

As soon as you get up in the morning and before going to bed in the night, just close your eyes and paint a visual image as if you have achieved your end goals, you have become successful and have accomplished what you had desired for.

Live the happiness, you will get a glimpse of how the world would be when you will experience this in reality, this will drive you more towards your commitment. Visualize it continuously along with genuine efforts to make this happen in reality and see what wonders Law of Attraction brings to you.


Top 10 Dangerous Sports that will give you Adrenaline Rush

From jumping off perilous cliffs to being chased by bulls through the streets of Spain, we humans do it all. An array of dangerous sports has become part of the posh lifestyle of the rich and famous. The youth who are always struggling to prove themselves as unique beings are the one’s who are mostly attracted to these severe forms of enjoyment. Here are the top ten deadly sports which are bound to give you an adrenaline rush whether you participate in it or just be a distant viewer.


10. Base Jumping

Though it may seem to be an exquisite form of lifetime activity, it is one of the riskiest and life-taking sports in today’s world. Written as B.A.S.E which stands for Building, Antenna, Span and Earth(cliff) refer to the four objects from which one can jump from thousands of meters above ground level. This is obviously an act of insanity where people experience a free-fall from an incredible height and land (if lucky) on some distant land with somebody sprains and sometimes broken bones. The jumpers certainly don’t have any control over their movements and their reliance is only on their parachute. Sometimes fear causes mishandling of the jumping suits which may lead to an accident. Base Jumping is illegal in most of the countries.

9. Running of the Bulls

One of the most popular and savage sports in Spain, it dates back nearly 700 years ago. The bulls are made to run from their shade to reach the bull-fighting ring and the people who are inclined upon showing their bravery jump in between the bull race with red waistbands to attract the bulls and make them run after them. It is a kind of run or die situation created which has absolutely got no meaning but of course, people of Spain and many tourists from all over the world take part in this sport, sometimes landing up severely or even fatally injured.


8. Heli Skiing

Heli skiing is a sport which is very similar to normal skiing on ice but its difference lies in the fact that a helicopter is used to take people to some distant and inaccessible places where normal skiers are unable to reach, the places where the snow is steeper making it an avalanche prone area. There are high chances of people getting buried in the snow due to sudden avalanches that are very common. Many other risks and danger prevail in this not so famous sport. These include unknown cliffs that accidentally come in their way, the sudden presence of creeks and the dangers of the skiers getting lost in the vast snow lands. If this is your sport you should be ready to explore the inner realms of the snow!


7. Street Luge

The participants of this sport sit in an inclined position on a partly modified skateboard and slide down the slopes of the mountainous roads keeping their feet just an inch above the ground and having just gravity to motion their boards. This sport is also practiced in busy roads. Huge numbers of injuries have been claimed as well as witnessed, so as a preventive measure helmets and well-built shoes have become compulsory before getting on board. It’s just a crazy thing that one would ever want to do. Just imagine skating down a hilly road and getting yourself knocked against some stony obstruction on the road. It will hurt! Won’t it?


6. Big Wave Surfing

Imagine yourself surrounded just by the blues and you are breezing through the splashes of water like some Hollywood star in action. Wow! That’s something really cool to think about. But big wave surfing isn’t always such a delight. It can be deadly to come over with such a huge force along with the wave and strike against some rock cliffs or hard surfaces. People who aren’t a pro may also be held underwater and drown themselves by consecutive waves passing by. Even if you are able to save yourself from the rage of the waves, many lose their lives because of the deadly sharks in the water. So one really needs to be cautious if they don’t want the sharks to feast on them.

5. Sky Diving

It’s one of the most popular adventure sports but not an easy one though. They take you up in the sky , thousands of meters above the ground level and all you have to do is jump out of the plane. You must be having your full faith on God and should consider your parachute the most sacred thing in the world. The people are trained and their physical fitness is checked before they are allowed to do stunts while hovering in the air. Still many get injured and even die if they jump in inappropriate and unfavorable weather conditions and also if they have not followed proper instructions. The sky is of course not a place to experiment!


4. Mountain Biking

Cycling is always considered good for human health as well as the health of nature. But packing your cycle and moving to the mountains and hills to take part in mountain biking is really a dangerous thought. Though specially gripped and featured bikes are used in place of normal cycles, mountain biking is one of the deadliest sports ones can enjoy. It really gives a thrilling experience to bike downhill the mountains and cliffs but it may also turn into a nightmare.  It is more difficult and dangerous than downhill skiing and one out of ten people bike riding is bound to get injured.


3. Kayaking

Kayaking is one of those special sports that is used as a stress reliever and can do wonders equivalent to meditation. Moving across the river water in a kayak can also serve as a good competition among fellow travelers. It only gets worse when the river currents are strong that can make the riders to lose control of the direction. They can smash against the shore or a hard surface or even can tumble them into the water which can lead to drowning. Kayaking in the ocean has a real calming effect. Yet one can never ignore the threats of the sharks or sea storms in the middle of the blues.


2. Cave Diving

Cave diving is an exceptional kind of underwater sport that is indeed a risky job yet an interesting one. But the risks of this sport can be fatal. Firstly, because the underwater silt and mud can be mixed into the water decreasing its visibility. Secondly, the water currents inside the caves are mostly strong and cause the divers to lose control of directions. Divers often get lost inside the water caves but the irony is that the cave divers are mainly used to search for the lost divers. Just imagine yourself floating inside a dark and chilly water cave and losing directions! It’s really eerie.



1. Bull Riding

This is different from the running of the bulls, unlike the former here the participant is on and not in front of the bull. The rider has to stay on top of the bucking bull for eight seconds in order to complete the game. However, often the furious creature flung them in the air.

Adventurous Sports always sound interesting and these unique sports are just worth every risk. Precautions and a good training are the important requirements that one needs while getting involved in these activities. But the dangers involved in these sports can make you come closer to your maker. Fun and excitement stand hand in hand with life risks and danger but still, it cannot prevent the audacious and resolute hearts from diving into this uncertainty. As long as fear confines you in your boundaries, you will only survive, not live!

Top 15 Ways to Pass Time When you are Bored

In the daily humdrum of life, we often crave for some idle hours to seek for some repose and recreation. However, much of slothful time greets one with sheer boredom and leads in the frantic search of how one can indulge in the constructive use of time. In this era of fast communication, fast knowledge and fast speed, creative processes of spending quality time are relegated and from the very beginning, we are being brought up in the cult of technology. Irrelevant of the age group, a person is often seen to be hooked on to his assuring electronic gadget trying hard to find some interesting tactics to kill his time.

Let’s, delve in further to hunt for some simple but unconventional ways to make constructive usage of the time at your disposal when you are bored.

1) Scribble Giggle!

Smiling Board Emoticon White Smile Smiles

The power of a smile can work wonders and often it is seen that even drawing a happy face on a piece of a paper can actually enliven one’s present state of drudgery. Thus, small acts of kindness like helping one’s mother with the household chore or your friend with his/her chock-a-block schedule can actually fetch you contentment and bring relief to the people around you also. As Ralph Waldo Emerson beautifully remarks that the “purpose of life” is to be “useful” and “compassionate” and to “make some difference” for those around you and also for your own self.

2) Food Feeds!

Most of us love gorging on our favorite scrumptious dishes but when why not explore our hands in preparing them also? Cooking can actually be a stress reliever and significantly help to lift one’s weary state of mind. Not only does it act as a respite but a delicious meal prepared is a feel-good factor also.

3) Grow a Life!

Those who are not keen enough for gardening can sometimes try their amateur hands with a few flowering plants. Such plants often bloom to please the eyesight but growing a life around always help in an individual’s transformation despite being an effective way to spend some time in catering to the plants.

4) Pour your Heart Out!

Often some figments of obscure visions that originates from the soul, gets absorbed in the mind. Often these thoughts indulge in a chaotic play with the heart and cannot be communicated easily. Try penning them down. Let the paper be the canvass where you can paint all your unspoken words and even your inhibitions. It need not be impressive but it might leave you with a good feel. Even if it is not happiness, feel what you feel, and voice them. You will breathe better.

5) Take a Stroll!

The feeling of claustrophobia often creeps in if for an entire day or a two one is shut inside the four walls and caught up in the loop of sheer nothingness. At such times, just simply lift yourself up and push yourself outside into the free air. Walk around your neighborhood or if you are of the archetypal adventure seeker, take a desultory bus or metro rides. After all, we are not bound by destinations always.

6) Street Iconography.

One’s city has a myriad of beautiful sights to offer. If you are a possessor of those keen eyesight which never fails to sight a mesmerizing sunset or the trickling raindrops on a leaf’s edge, then gear yourselves to capture them. Click! Click! Click!  Not only do you freeze a moment but photography being an art is an associated feeling also. With the hues of countless shades of life, you feel never get bored.

7) Archiving Hours!

Archive stores are an engaging means of employing leisure time. With their fascinating records of history and other facts, they never fail to beguile anyone. Often a gatherer of all ages, such stores have a plethora of collection where one can freely explore. One can be hooked onto a vintage find or a relatively contemporary object of interest and spend hours in adoring them.

8) Bookworm’s Paradise!

For those who are into reading and willingly indulge in the company of books for long hours, libraries or bookstores can be the perfect nexus for you. Mark Twain appositely observes: “Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.” Thus, book lovers can never have the time to even contemplate about boredom as the cornucopia of knowledge and contentment availed by reading is something unparalleled.

9) Flashback!

Often caught up in the monotonic existence of life, we tend to become detached from our close ones and the undesirable feeling associated with ennui finds its easy path. Rummaging through your old cupboard or storeroom in free time can astonish one by bringing back startling memories. A childhood album, or an old letter from a friend, or simply an object that ushers in the nostalgia of bygone years, can help one to introspect and even if the choking lump in your throat is an evanescent feeling it brings with it the essence of being rooted even when you are flowing.

10) Pampering your Room.

Look around. In the regular hustle and bustle of life, there lies a heap of unfolded clothes calling for your attention. The dust has accumulated on the books, don’t they deserve some care? What about the walls? Grab a brush and simply doodle on them. Let them come to life and speak to you. Even reorganizing your room demands a considerable span of time. Waking up or arriving in an organized and clean room, gives one a sense of gratification.

11)  Music Fervor.

Often when bored, we seek refuge in music as music is to the soul what words are to the mind. As everything in this world has a harmonious rhythm to it, be it the pattering sound of the falling rain or the rustling of leaves, thus music offers wings to the imagination and life to everything.  Thus, when words no longer are able to enwrap you, let the music begin.

12) Recycling!

Plenty of discarded handy objects surround us which could be given some concrete shape with the flow of creativity and patience. Candle making, some artwork with newspapers, paper mache crafts and such other things can be done for home decors. These engagements can help one to utilize time in a productive and inventive way. So reflect and make the best use of your resources.


13) Motion in Movies.

What can be more captivating then seeking a retreat in films! Most of us have that “must watch list” eagerly waiting for us to attend to them. Considering that some reel life sessions can be equally engaging, pick the one topping the list and make a beeline for it.

14) Shopper-Hoppers.

Pampering yourself with some new clothes or your favorite products once in a while can act as a kick-start in one’s boring routine. Even the simple process of window-shopping is time-consuming and requires worthwhile scrutiny. Bid adieu to boredom with some money in your pocket and take a leap towards the shopping mode.

15) Attain New Skills.

With boredom creeping in and with ample time at your disposal, why not devote it towards the blending of some knowledge with some creative intent. With the Youtube waving at you from a hand’s distance, go for some makeup tutorials or some Photoshop acquirement skills, or simply listen to some educational videos available online. It would surely assist in your accomplishment of some new skills or understanding and thus would be a fruitful usage of your time.


Top 10 Amazing Facts about Stars

Stars have always caught the imagination of the human brain even before it started realizing its own potential. The very sight of the dim, sparkling light amidst the dark blanket is not just appealing, but soothing as well. Numerous poets, writers, romantics spent days imagining adjectives that resonated with the sheer beauty of the pearl that hung in the sky. And it is not the just the poets who felt that their creative desires were fulfilled because of it, a certain Polaris star has given the idea of the direction for centuries where even veteran eyes failed.

Here are some amazing facts about Stars:

1. Stars Don’t Twinkle

One can blame Jane Taylor for initially making us believe about the twinkling with her famous “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” rhyme, but it is understandable. It took 3 centuries for mankind to realize that it is Earth’s atmosphere that causes the apparent twinkling. As the light emitted from the stars enter our atmosphere, it has to go through several layers with differing density. This causes a phenomenon named Diffraction. Now when the light goes through such layers, it starts bending away from its original path, which causes to change it in intensity and the color of light which enters inside our eye.


2. They all Start the Same.

Don’t be surprised. Despite of existing mammoth distinction in size and color, all the stars are formed from the cold molecular Hydrogen cloud as they collapse in gravity. After the collapse, it fragments turn into individual stars. Initially, ratio of the gas was 75% Hydrogen and 25% Helium during Big Bang, however, a material is formed into a ball that keeps collapsing under its own gravity till it can create Nuclear Fusion at its core. But over the course of time, stars convert the Hydrogen into Helium. However, all the stars begin with 3/4th of Hydrogen, 1/4th Helium with a trace of other elements.


3. But then, Who’s Who?

Scientists categorize stars on the basis of special characteristics they possess. On the basis of information contained in the light radiated, stars are categorized as O, B, A, F, G, K, M, R, N, T, Y; while the group of stars is recognized on basis of temperature, luminosity, and color. O and B are blue looking and generally the hottest stars, and R, N, T, Y are the brown dwarfs which are too cool to be categorized as stars.


4. There are No Green Stars.

While the spectrum of released colors include green and our sun itself is a green-blue star; however, there is no such thing as Green Star. While the wavelength of our sun varies between blue and green due to the surface temperature of the Sun,  and once in contact of a human eye, we see the light as white or yellow in color. The same phenomenon applies to other stars too, our eyes mix green and blue with other colors, thus making it difficult to recognize. So if someone claims to see a green star like Beta Librae through their telescope, it is probably an optical illusion.


5. Stars are Black Bodies

Black bodies are a hypothetical perfect absorbent and radiator of energy, with no reflecting power. However, a star absorbs all the electromagnetic radiation that falls over it and gets radiated back into space with more intensity. This is why there are so many colors for stars. While a cooler star and they radiate the waves in red wavelength, a hotter star emits a wavelength in yellow/green half of spectrum.  Its infamous cousin though, Black Hole absorbs all the radiation without glowing any light what so ever.


6. Black Holes Don’t Suck

Speaking of Black Holes, it is a common misconception amongst the misinformed; they are widely thought as vacuum cleaners, sucking everything around them inside their mystique black belly. But it is not so. There is no suction involved in Black Holes, instead, a very strong gravitational attraction pulls the matter inside them.


7.Red Dwarfs!

Most common types of stars are red dwarfs. These tiny dwarfs, about 167,000kms are only 20% bigger than Jupiter. Small, aren’t they? But these dwarfs are like a slow-burning lamp. With a lifespan of 10 trillion years, scientists believe that every 20 out of 30 stars near to Earth are Red Dwarfs. Staying true to their name, these stars can be a bit too difficult to be recognized from the naked eye. This is due to the low temperature they possess inside them, which causes a low emission of light.


8. Supernova

When a star finally runs out of energy, it simply doesn’t disappear into the dark fabric of space. Instead, it explodes and bombards its particles in every possible direction, leaving us with unparalleled brightness, thus becoming a Supernova. And when Supernova explodes, it unleashes countless nuclear reactions. Scientists believe that Supernovae’s reactions are the reason why Earth has elements heavier than Iron. This is also because the center of Supernova is like a super laboratory in itself. The center of it can accelerate particles a thousand times faster than the Large Hadron Collider, which effects the excitation of the particles needed to form a new element.

9.  The Shining star

Unlike the red stars, O Stars are make up the minority the of the population in the galaxy. But they possess a violent phenomenon with them which makes it to have a disproportionate effect on its surroundings. The winds and shocks coming from O stars can both trigger and stop star formation. And their supernovae enrich galaxies with heavy elements crucial for life.


10. It’s all about the size!


As big as our Sun looks like, it is tiny as compared to other stars present in our galaxy. There are plenty of stars that are  thousand times bigger than the sun and have a mass of more than 100 times than our star in the solar system. One of the largest known supergiants, VY Canis Majoris is up to 2100 times the size of the sun. And it’s nemesis? UY Scuti. With a radius of 1,708 solar radii and volume of nearly 5 billion times more than that of Sun. It is so huge, if we place it in the center of Solar System, its photosphere will engulf the orbit of Jupiter! Pistol Star is about 100 times brighter than Sun, but it is 10,000,000 times brighter. This young star is another blue hypergiant star is approximately 25,000 light years away from Earth, in direction of Sagittarius. It would be visible to the naked eye as a fourth magnitude star if it were not for the interstellar dust that completely hides it from view in visible light. Let’s not forget that despite complaining about the scorching heat every day, Sun is not exactly the hottest star in the Milky way! One can only imagine.

Top 15 Simple Tips to Avoid Pimples

They are ugly, bloated, red and awfully nasty things that feature in our worst nightmares. Yes, you guessed it right. I’m talking about pimples. These sadistic little bumps take pleasure in making our lives a living hell, starting from the very moment one hits puberty.

When the skin’s oil glands become blocked and infected by bacteria, they result in those awful red bumps called pimples. They are painful and annoying, and it takes everything one has to resist popping them.  Thus, rather than crying, complaining and trying every product that claims to help you get rid of this nuisance called acne,  it is always better to follow some simple tips and tricks to prevent these tiny devils from making an appearance.

So, without further ado, let’s look at some of the most effective hacks to avoid pimples and keep these troublesome zits at bay.

15. Wash that Oil Away

Make it a habit to wash your face twice a day. This simple act, when done regularly, helps to remove excess oil, impurities, bacteria and dead skin from your face, resulting in healthy, glowing skin. Steer clear of any harsh soaps and scrubs, using only a mild facial cleanser and your hands to wash your face. Rinse properly and use a fresh, clean towel to dry off.

14. Cut Down on Makeup

While we all love to look like an out-of-a-magazine-cover model by slyly using makeup to conceal our flaws and accentuate our features, this habit might be detrimental to our delicate skin, in the long run. Heavy, greasy foundations, followed by layers and layers of blush, highlighter, and concealer, all leave our skin and pores gasping for air. The result? Clogged pores and dreadful zits that make it impossible to step out the door.

Thus, take my advice, and avoid makeup as much as possible. And suppose that you absolutely cannot go makeup-free, try opting for light, oil-free, or non-comedogenic products. If you are still not convinced then check out this article which goes deep into the effects of makeup on the skin.

13. Eat Healthy, Wholesome Meals

A healthy, balanced diet is the key to achieving healthy, clear skin. Cut down on carbs and other dairy products, substitute them with fresh fruits and veggies. After all, your body is a temple. It’s your duty to keep it pure and clean.

12. Moisturize, Moisturize and Moisturize

Now, let me stop you there before you start droning about how acne-prone skin is already oily, and moisturizing will only make things worse. That’s a myth. Nothing but a myth.

Never skip moisturizing your skin. Ever. Why? Cause when you don’t supply your skin with moisture, it starts proactively producing more oil and sebum to make up for the loss, thus drastically worsening the situation. So, the solution to this problem is to pick a light, oil-free moisturizer that replenishes your skin and leaves it hydrated, but not greasy.

11. Don’t Skip your Workouts

Exercise for just 30 minutes every day. Working out can be a great pimple-buster, as it maintains hormonal levels in the body, helps to release harmful toxins and reduces stress, thus greatly reducing the chances of another pimple outbreak.

10. Refrain from Touching your Face

Even though we try our best to keep them clean, our hands are home to countless infection-causing bacteria and viruses. Thus, it is best that we avoid touching our faces with them. Same is the case with hair, as it also carries such microscopic troublemakers, and it is therefore advised to keep it away from the skin, as much as possible.

9. No Popping

Do not pop that pimple. Agreed, it is painful, scratchy and absolutely hideous, but popping it can make things SO much worse. Once you pop it, it further spreads the infection and results in inflammation and permanent scarring, in addition to causing a lot more pimples to appear, all because you popped that one tiny pimple. You don’t want all of that, now do you? You can read further about what happens when you pop a pimple here.

8. Wash those Filthy Towels

Maintaining proper sanitation and hygiene is very important when it comes to preventing an acne outbreak. Dirty, unwashed towels, pillow covers, and bed sheets serve as an ideal breeding ground for countless infection-causing bacteria, which spread to the skin, resulting in dreadful pimple breakouts. And, while you’re at, also give those long-forgotten makeup brushes and sponges a good wash, as they too have quite a role to play in case of germ propagation.

7. Let Aloe Vera Work its Magic

Aloe Vera is a popular go-to ingredient for multiple skin concerns, including acne and pimples. It helps the skin to get rid of excess oils, thus making it a perfect all natural pimple-fighter. How to use it? Grab a fresh leaf and slit it to obtain the gel. Regularly apply this gel all over your pimple-prone areas to beat those resilient zits and, at the same time, obtain bouncy, healthy skin.

6. Save some Orange Juice for your Skin

Orange juice contains citric acid, which acts as a great skin cleanser. To effectively prevent pimples, simply take some freshly squeezed orange juice and apply it using a cotton ball. Leave it on as you sleep, and rinse off in the morning. Stick with this routine to effortlessly get clean, oil-free skin free of any zits or pimples.

5. Try Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is loaded with antibacterial properties, and thus has the power to work wonders on your oily, pimple-prone skin. It helps to clean out oily pores and glands, while also killing off those pimple-causing germs for good. To get rid of acne, just apply the oil on your face directly and let it sit for a couple of hours, then rinse off. Incorporating tea tree oil into your daily beauty routine will leave you with beautiful, clear skin that others can’t stop envying!

4. Give it a Shot with Honey

Thanks to its antibiotic properties, honey makes a great ingredient to fight off pimples. Apply this viscous syrup to your face and leave it on for an about half an hour. Then, wash it off. This simple hack helps to reduce inflammation and lends the skin a soft, natural glow.

3. Make a Mask using Baking Soda

Baking soda finds its use beyond the boundaries of your kitchen as well, as it also serves as a great tool to get rid of and prevent pimples. Start off with a clean face. Then, make a thick paste by mixing baking soda with water. Apply this on the pimple-prone skin and let it sit for not more than 5 minutes. Moisturize the skin after washing it off, and you are good to go.

2. Drink lots of Water

Staying hydrated is extremely important. If your body feels a scarcity of water, it immediately reacts by producing more oil on the skin’s surface. What’s more, your skin becomes highly prone to inflammation and carries a dull, tired appearance. I’m sure you don’t want any of that. So, to prevent all of that, plus another acne outbreak, be sure to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. Many research has been already published on the benefits of drinking water for your skin.

1. Just Chill

I couldn’t stress this anymore: don’t take so much stress! Why? Other than all the other detrimental effects it has on your body, it also increases the chances of having an outbreak of acne. Studies have shown that long-term stress and tension results in the body producing more oil-simulating hormones, thus leading to oily skin and pimples. To summarize, just take a chill pill and relax, dude!

10 Proven Home Remedies to Get Rid of Mosquitoes Fast

Mosquitoes are the little villains of our everyday life that we cannot seem to get rid of no matter how hard we try. Not only are these insects just plain and simply irritating, they can also prove to be quite dangerous wreaking havoc of diseases like dengue, malaria, yellow fever, and much more with just one of their little lethal bites.

Not to mention even without the diseases, the bites leaves our skin red, swollen, itchy, and painful which is not a pleasant experience to bear.

There are a plethora of mosquito repellent products available in the market these days and after having the opportunity of trying of them all (the cons of living in an area where mosquitos breed in a large capacity), I can honestly say that even though some of them do work but still none of them can get rid of the mosquitos in your home in a hundred percent effective manner.

So here are 10 tested and proven remedies that you can achieve at home to get rid of the nuisances flying around you.

1. Coffee Grounds

One of the staple ingredients present in every household is coffee powder. It is a natural antioxidant which acts as a contamination threat when it is released in a habitat.

All you need to do is sprinkle some coffee grounds or powder on any area of your home and especially where stagnant water is present. The coffee powder forces the mosquito eggs present in the water to come up on the surface where they tend to die due to lack of oxygen. This technique is a prevention hack as it can help you to kill the mosquito eggs before they grow up and start breeding.

2. Garlic

As you have probably guessed by now, most of the items in our list will be among the everyday household staples and garlic is again one of them. Garlic has an element called Allicin present in it which makes the odor of garlic so strong and pungent that you cannot get rid of it easily once you have touched it, even if you wash your hands thoroughly. For this hack, you need to take a few garlic cloves, crush them and then boil them in water. Just put the mixture in a spray bottle and use it around your home as an anti-mosquito spray and you will be good to go.


 3. Salt

Salt can be used in two ways when it comes to using it against mosquitos. The prevention technique is to make a potion of water with iodized salt and putting it in a spray bottle. It can be used as a mosquito repellent spray or you can make it into a fine paste and apply it on your skin to get relief from a bite. Either way, the mosquitos won’t be troubling you anymore for sure.

4. Dry Ice

This item on our list is a bit on the non – conventional side but it works nonetheless. This hack is best for the areas where a lot of mosquitos are gathered in groups and breed. A piece of dry ice should be kept in a wide open container which will attract all the mosquitos in its vicinity. You just need to cover the container as soon as the mosquitos enter inside trapping and killing them all at once.

 5. Neem or Neem Oil

You can make a potion by boiling Neem leaves with water or use a readymade Neem Oil instead. The antibacterial and antifungal properties of Neem will help in keeping the mosquitos just by either spraying it around your home or rub it on your skin.

6. Lemon

Lemon is one of the articles in this list that can be used to repel mosquitos without doing much work. All that needs to be done is spraying lemon juice around your home or placing a few slices of lemon in an open bowl near a mosquito infected area. The fragrance of the lemon acts as a refresher and a mosquito repellent all the while making your smell fresh and summery.

7. Mint

Mint is another one of those items in the organic bunch that can be used in many different ways to repel mosquitos. While most of us love the refreshing smell of mint, mosquitos find it pungent and hard to tolerate. You can just make a solution of mint and water by boiling mint in water and spray that as a vaporizer around your home. Another way of utilizing mint is to rub Mint Oil on the exposed parts of your body. The last but not the least technique is to grow a Mint shrub, you will fight the mosquitos and get fresh mint leaves to use at the same time.

8. Tulsi / Basil

This is one of the hacks that have been passed to generation after generation since the ancient times. Tulsi is meant to be a sacred herb according to the Indian religion but the fact that in unknown to a lot of people is that Tulsi also has antibacterial and antibiotic properties which makes it a natural mosquito repellant. The herb makes it impossible for mosquito larvae to survive and breed further. So go ahead and plant a Tulsi plant near your main doorway or any other place in your home that is filled with mosquitos. Fight the mosquitos while supporting a green and healthy environment.

9. Lilac Oil and Coconut Oil

Lilac Oil is a natural mosquito repellant and when it’s mixed with Coconut Oil, it can be enough to keep the mosquitos at bay effectively. All you need to do is combine both the oils in a ratio of 1:1. This will create such a pungent smell which will make it really hard for the mosquitos to be around. Spray the mixture into your curtains or apply it on your exposed skin, it will do wonders either way.

10. Camphor

Making it last on the list are Camphor leaves which are one of the most effective ways to get rid of mosquitos around your home. Camphor has some properties which make it very hard for mosquitos to even stand next to a camphor tree. All you need to do is to close all the doors and windows around your home. Now light a few camphor leaves and wave them throughout the place, especially getting in places where mosquitos breed the most. Now leave them for approximately an hour, and you will have a lovely mosquito free house.



So there you have it folks, a list including so many items that you can find laying around in your house in everyday life very easily. Despite all the devices like coils, mosquito – repellant sprays, fast cards, electrical rackets and traps being there in the market, we still have to deal with mosquitos plaguing our own home without having any control over it. Now you have some ideas that are foolproof and are guaranteed to work so you can enjoy living peacefully in your home and also avoid the harsh chemicals present in all the mosquito – repellent products out there. Go ahead and give them a try and don’t forget to let us know which your favorite one is so far.

10 Life Experiences you can learn when you Live Alone

In every youngster’s life, there comes a point of time when they have to leave the cradle of the comfort of their parent’s house and start a life of their own. It’s nonetheless a milestone in itself to start with. Terming the saga of living alone as an important benchmark of life won’t fall in the wrong detail. Coming out of the ease instills values that life at home will never teach. Whether you accept it or chose not to, living alone is something that everybody wants to try, if not follow, at least once in their life. The experience of living alone, away from the indispensable people, helps you develop into an individual. It is important to be comfortable with yourself before being so with other people.

Living alone comes bundled with its own set of ups and downs, like someday you feel like sitting alone and crying, someday you crimson in anger, someday you are the happiest, and someday the feeling of leaving everything and run back home shadows over. More than anything, life teaches to live and living alone only lets you face it. I am sure reading this would steer many to give it a shot.

To everyone who did, here are 10 extremely defining experiences you gain when you start living alone.

1. Your mess is on you, clear it!

Do you even remember the last time you got harangued by your mother on cleanliness? Well, as a harsh reality, living alone doesn’t make the place dazzling. No parents, no room service, nothing but you yourself. Consequently, you learn to clean up. And if you wait for the magic box to open up and come with a cleaner, you are in a dreamland; no magical transformation ever happens. The lazy lad won’t procrastinate for long if one day either your parents or your people crash over at your place. Time will take you through that tiring journey of getting your stuff in place. A long day of work is a dreary imagination but is also a unique experience in itself. Your manual labour and lost calories will poke you to mention how proud you are of yourself. Also, you never know if you land up in the stories of appreciation of people who keep their places spotlessly clean.

2. The onus of your finance falls on you

Days into all that mathematical mind-boggling, you realize how bills actually make people sick. Paying for you is just the start. Eventually, you learn to think twice before shelling out on luxuries. Cents are spent wisely, be it on food, water, electricity, or healthcare etc. You start cooking, as it is cheaper than ordering food daily. The slow and steady path to frugality gets head on from here. The sale days are at the tip of your tongue. You learn the art of becoming economical as being wastrel is no cooler. Bills start appearing enormous. You know that whatever you look at will cost you dearer and might go down the tangent. But then as a conscientious purchaser, you know your deals and have the knack of it.

3. You become your own validation

The identity and validity as an individual get established once you start living alone and cater to your set of responsibilities. Count of people in your life may be infinite, but then you will realize that you have an independent existence and you need no podium to declare it. The true realization of your worth comes by envisaging yourself as an individual entity. Not only is it extremely helpful in dealing with life situations, but also helps familiarize with them. An established validation helps you flourish as a person.

4. Independence- more than ever!

If there’s one thing that will come more than you need or ask for, will be Independence. Now there might be an immediate question popping up about what’s so different between freedom and independence. While freedom is singular, Independence combines different aspects- like validation, freedom, and autonomy. Living alone is synonymous with independence. What you do with it, attests to your maturity and intellect. You can exercise it to any degree you may wish to, guilt-free. Enthralling as it is, it feels tedious at times too.

5. You become worried about socializing

When living alone, socializing develops a wholly novel sense. You have a place of your own and you invite your circle of people over. Throwing parties around people more comfortably start and you get to socialize better. Also, you have friends you can call over on your own. But there’s a catch. With freedom comes a lot of responsibility. Different groups, different habits, and all that you have is your conscience to rule. You no longer share a family fridge so there’s a greater chance you stock it with alcoholic beverages carefree. Then you start with one, two, and the cycle goes on. A couple of drinks become a couple of bottles, and there is no one to make a judgment. It’s highly likely that you begin drinking regularly and end up more worried than ever.

6. What you can do on your own comes as a surprise to you

Seeing your friend, senior, or a family member grow and mature might have always fantasized you about how accomplishing life is. However, the real test of it lies in living alone. Whatever is to be done is to at you own skill. Times comes when you are unaware of your own potential and gradually realize the small accomplishments you have made while living alone, Things, large and small, render you a sense of self-accomplishment and self-satisfaction. A new confidence develops and you realize how living alone empowers in ways never known.

7. You learn the song of freedom

Freedom comes in forms more than that just meets the eye. Living alone, without an iota of doubt, is an energizing experience. Being non-explanatory and responsible is another stirring skill. The thrill of being the king of your own choice falls short of words with its matchless experience. With the rhythm of liberation on the tips, life becomes meaningful, its understanding becomes better, and perceiving others grows by leaps and bounds. Freedom, responsibility, and independence driven in without being assisted by others impulses personal growth and enriches your experience of life.

8. You learn the lesson of adjustment

A life in isolation teaches the art of adjusting in circumstances and with a diverse crowd. The maid, the neighbor, and the landlord, they all teach the art of tackling people and situations. A saying for children goes- ‘You won’t learn how to walk until you fall’.
A large chunk of troubles come handy in living alone. Troubling experiences carve out the tough character by removing the soft area of exposure. Life thus prepares for the adversities that might come.

9. The only person that can help you is YOU!

In facing a storm, a giant animal, a break-up, or an exam failure, the only person that comes to liberate is you yourself. In the adversities of your life, you’re on your own. It is wisely said that adversities make a man perfect. Our commitment to ourselves helps us stabilize better at the boundaries of smooth and wild.
Freedom and silence are great refreshments sometimes but then there are times when you get stuck in a confusing point, like what to wear on a date. Small but crucial, it lets you develop an insight and a correct approach to living alone.

10. You learn the difference between being alone and lonely

A striking realization makes way by learning the disparity between being alone and being lonely. You can be comfortable alone with yourself, most probably with your favorite novel, hopefully, happy and enjoy yourself. It takes the realization of being at comfort with you in order to be at ease around others and effectively communicate. It is sure to increase confidence and develop healthy relationships.

This piece of experience may sound little exhaustive, but these are the simple things that form the truth of life. Cherish if you have found it. And if not, take the chance, and face them. Live, learn, and develop, because life is endless.

Top 10 Usual Problems Every Teen Faces

So Netflix recently came out with the second season of their popular series “13 Reasons Why”. Although this season is all about healing, we thought there is no other way to pay tribute to their first season by talking about what teens around the globe are going through. It doesn’t matter if you are familiar with the series or not as the problems we will discuss today have been troubling teens from the most densely populated country to the least populated one.

High school is one of the toughest journeys in an adolescent’s life and when it comes to their parents protecting them, all bets are off when their kids get out of their house and go to school. The school has an environment where we are supposed to learn and flourish ahead in our life but for many kids, it’s just not that simple. If you look at research reports, it can be seen that most of the students undergo some type of bullying in their school, may it be physical, verbal, social, or political and seem like it’s never going to stop but giving up is never the option to any of your problems. Teen suicide is the third leading cause of death when it comes to adolescents and it’s high time that we take a minute to stop and find out the vicious issues that the teens are or might be facing. So let’s take a look at some issues that teens face in there every day and then we’ll discuss how to deal with them.


 10. Eating Disorders

let us start with an issue that every female adolescent has gone through at some point of her life or the other. A major belief in many households when it comes to eating disorders or Anorexia is that it’s not a real disease and the parents think that their kid is just going through a face. Well, let me be the one to enlighten you if you share the same train of thoughts, that it is, in fact, a real disease which needs to be treated under a professional’s supervision. The constant pressure of being ultra-thin and having a model’s body is weighing down so many bright girls out there. So if you see you kid doing things like skipping meals, complaining about their body on a regular basis, displaying disgust over their eating habits, or anything related to this, don’t disregard it as a phase. Several deaths have been reported due to Anorexia, so keep your bias aside when it comes to teen problems and talk to your kids or get them professional help before its too late.


9. Depression

So Depression is another one of those problems that parents to young adults call a phase. We have come so far when it comes to evolution but some parents are still not ready to acknowledge the fact that Depression is in a fact a medical condition which needs to be treated by a professional in the medical field. Millions of teens battle depression on a daily basis without getting the proper help. In fact, I recently read about a girl who didn’t comb her hair for a year as she was facing depression and didn’t have enough energy in her body to perform the task and her parents had no clue. These kinds of incidents are a big inspiration to all the parents out there to get up and get their kids the help they need and deserve.


8. Bullying

We discussed bullying in the introduction and how it can be done in various forms and shapes. Every school no matter what region it resides in has various groups formed by the students. There is a constant power struggle going on always in the corridors of every school and every teen wants to be the famous one. The groups you can easily spot are athletes, cheerleaders, students from a particular and famous club, etc. But what most of us miss are the quiet students walking down these hallways who slip in the shadows and have an invisible status when it comes to the social ladder. There are some kids deal out there who deal with bullying in a healthy manner by reporting it to the right authority even if there are dire consequences for them to face afterward.  Even after that, most of these bullies go unreported as the students are always too scared to raise their voice. I urge all the parents out there to get away from your busy lives and ask your kid how they are feeling or how their day went. I will also ask all the students to stop hiding things from your parents and treating them with hostility. Just keep in mind that there is no one else out there other than your parents wishing for your best interests always. So no matter how much trouble you are in, just have some faith in them and share; who knows, after all, it might be the solution to all your problems.


7. Alcohol and Substance Abuse

There is a constant pressure on kids these days to match the activities of their peers and a lot of kids are unable to come up the rabbit hole once they have entered it. Parents may think that their kids doing drugs or consuming alcohol in school premises, but what they don’t know is that this thing most definitely exists in many schools may it be a school for rich or the poor. Teens like to experiment around this phase of their life but unfortunately, some of those experiments can turn out to be a poor life choice that haunts them till the very last. Smoking pot or ingesting alcohol is a common activity for the students and once they get a hang of it, they get good at keeping it a secret too. Adolescents dealing with abuse issues most of the time are not ready to acknowledge the fact that they are turning into addicts. This is because some of them do it for reasons other than to get high. It includes athletes taking steroids and other substances to improve their performance on the field, kids dealing with anxiety issues taking drugs to take the edge off and feel calm, kids dealing with eating disorders consuming drugs to get thin, etc. I want to convey the message to all you guys out there today, it’s never too late to stop but you have to take the initiative. So start looking and find the reasons that make will your life grateful and lead you down the road of recovery.


6. Peer Pressure

As I just explained in the previous section, Peer Pressure is something that a teen faces every day in their life may it be about a minuscule thing like what color of clothes they are wearing or a personal decision like whom they are dating. Young adults always want to be a part of the famous clique in school and if it means going to dire lengths to get entry into that group, they will do anything happily. A lot of straight – A kids get into trouble by doing something that they wouldn’t do without peer pressure. I want to say to all the parents out there to talk to your kids if you feel that they are acting out and don’t just let them get away with it by giving them any sort of punishment. I also want to tell all the teens out there that there might come a time when someone pressures you to do the thing that you know is wrong. Just resist the temptation because no matter how safe your friends make it sound or make you feel at that point of time, they will always pick themselves before you. So always look out for yourself and say NO wherever you should. Trust me, it may seem hard at that time, but it will save you a lot of trouble afterward.


5. Social Media

While the discussion about whether the social media is good or bad for teens has been going around for years, there is one thing that most people fail to notice. A lot of parents still believe that Cyber – Bullying is not a real thing as you are not even facing your attacker. Be that as it may, a lot of young adults are under immense pressure to achieve the most followers on their social media accounts or posting pictures of them looking perfect. Even the most popular students in school can be a victim of cyberbullying as there are a lot of trolls out there who just cannot see their peers being happy. Even if bullies insult people online, they can still garnish a lot of issues in their victims like low – self-esteem, anxiety, depression, and many other things. So I would like to request all the parents to monitor their teen’s online activities without invading their privacy and I would urge the teens to report it to their parents if they are facing any issues online may it be big or small. Just remember it doesn’t take a lot of time for a troll to do real damage in your life even if they are just writing mean things in their home on a computer which might sound harmless but can be really deadly.


4. Downfall in Academics

A lot of kids out there are fighting hard to keep with their parent’s expectations from them. Even though the competition is building up, a lot of kids are dropping out of school. Earlier when it came to dropping out of school, people always blamed the teen’s inadequacy to study properly. Teens are so eager to get perfect scores that they are burning themselves out. Getting into good colleges is at the number one priority of every teen. I would like to suggest the parents to find out more about the cause of the issue if their kid is failing in studies. I would like to urge the kids too to talk to their parents if they feel the pressure is too much for them. Your parents are your best allies so always try communicating with them about your problems so they can give you the best possible solution.


3. Graphic Content

There is a lot of violent content out there on the internet these days which is not suitable for the age of the audiences they are catering to. Teens can get access to games, videos, magazines online which contain graphic content not suitable for them. On the cover, it seems like a small thing as every teen gets curious to acquire new knowledge in this phase of your life. But what most people don’t know is that this kind of content can traumatize teens in a way so it might haunt them in their future too. Games filled with barbarity, videos filled with aggressive content, magazines filled with sexually disturbing content are a few examples of this issue. I would like to sternly urge the parents to monitor their teenager’s activity online and offline too. The teens should also avoid indulging in articles not suitable for their age and should go to their parents if they have any curiosity. I suggest this as parents will never give you false information so you’ll have all the facts before making a rash decision.


2. Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse comes in many forms and shapes and often goes undetected in a lot of teens. It is usually doled out by someone close to them. Millions of teens face this issue on a daily basis in their life. An alcoholic or a junkie parent, a bully in school, a mean teacher, etc. may be the sources from which the abuse comes. These innocent teens are made to feel worthless and that they are deserving of the abuse they are getting. I would like to tell all the teens out there going through this that it is not your fault no matter what anyone says. Nobody deserves this in their life and things will get better once you find your way out of it. Never blame yourself and try talking to a trusted adult about this as soon as possible. Remember, it will only get better from the day you say NO and stand up for yourself.



1. Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment is one of those things most females deal with at some point in their life. But what a lot of people are not aware of is that the rate of sexual harassment among teens has been increasing since long now when it comes to both boys and girls. Yes, it may be hard to hear, but boys go through sexual harassment too and while the girls may have the courage to speak up about it, a lot of guys remain silent due to the fear of shame. Sexual harassment can happen in a lot of forms including name calling, inappropriate touches, spreading false rumors and private pictures about some, etc. A lot of these activities go unnoticed by teachers as the attackers are always discreet when it comes to harassing their victims. The silence of the victims also plays a key role in nobody suspecting anything wrong is going on. I am not blaming the faculty of the school or the victims themselves but I just want to give out a quick reminder that nobody can attain justice until they take the first step towards it.


Now after listing out the most common problems teenagers face in their life, I would like to remind all the teens once again that no matter how far gone you are, asking for help will only make it better. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a parent, talk to any adult around you whom you trust. Just know that it will get better once you open up and let the pain and anger bottled inside you flow out. You must share so you don’t have to carry that burden on your shoulders anymore. Finally a note for the parents, communication is the key when it comes to helping your kids and patience will make you go a long way with them. This is for all the Hanna Bakers and Tyler Downs out there. Keep fighting and it will work out, in the end, no matter how long the road is.