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12 Best Hollywood Film Directors of All Time

Most people appreciate what they see on-screen and tend to forget that there is a lot more to it than just the actors and the actresses present on the screen. While the actors do what they are told to do, it is the director, who brings the whole together. Generally, people decided to watch a movie based on the actors present or simply after watching the trailer. But a true movie enthusiast knows his movies well, and builds his viewing list based on not only the ratings or the actors but also based on the content and the directors. While actors are the aesthetic part, directors are the creative planners that make or break a movie. Now, there are several directors whom people love and who are critically acclaimed, but finding the best out of the lot is the toughest job. And to make this job easier, and to introduce you to the world of good cinema, here is a list of 12 Best Hollywood Film Directors of All Time

12. Billy Wilder

Samuel Wilder popularly known as Billy Wilder is an Austrian director who contributed a lot to the 1940-1960s Golden Age of Hollywood. His films like Sunset Boulevard(1950), Double Indemnity(1944), Some Like It Hot(1959) are famous for their superbly written dialogues and characters. It is also believed that he is responsible for launching great actors like Marlin Monroe and William Holden.  He has received 8 Academy Awards nominations for the category of Best Director and won it twice for The Apartment(1960) and The Lost Weekend(1945).

11. Sergio Leone

Sergio Leone was born into an Italian cinema family. He is known as the founder of the Spaghetti Western genre and is known for making movies that place extreme close-ups alongside long shots. Some of his famous movies include Once Upon a Time in America(1984), The Good, the Bad and the Ugly(1966), Duck, You Sucker! (1971) etc. Unfortunately, he died at an age of 60 without even being nominated for the Academy Awards.

10. James Cameron

James Cameron is the director of the famous movie Titanic(1997). He has been known for making sci-fi movies and has received a lot of fame in his career. Some of his famous movies include Titanic, Avatar(2009), The Terminator (1984-2019) series etc. This Canadian director has been nominated for Academy Awards 6 times and has won it thrice.

9. Woody Allen

Woody Allen is someone who has been making good films for over 6 decades. This American director is known for his romantic and comedy movies. It is said no other director can make as good romantic movies as he can, and why not? After all, he has been credited for making beautiful movies like Manhattan(1979), Annie Hall(1977), To Rome with Love(2012), Blue Jasmine(2013), Midnight in Paris(2011) and many more. He has been nominated for the Academy Awards 19 times and has grabbed it 4 times till date.

8. Charlie Chaplin

The Little Man of Hollywood, Charlie Chaplin is known as the greatest comedian, but that’s not all. Besides being an excellent actor, he is an amazing director. He began his directorial venture with The Kid(1921), which can be easily considered one of the masterpieces of silent cinema. Though mostly associated with comedy films, his movies tend to deal with various serious problems like poverty, love, loss, and greed.  The Circus(1928), Limelight(1952), Modern Times(1936) are few other directorial works of his.

7. Christopher Nolan

Every other 20th-century film enthusiast has watched at least 4-5 Nolan movies and is a fan of this astounding director. This English gentleman, in his 20 years of career has given more hits than any other director. While he started his career with a film called The Following(1998), his big releases include Memento(2000), The Prestige(2006), The Batman series(2005-2012), Inception(2010), Interstellar(2014), Dunkirk(2017) etc. He has been nominated for the Academy Awards 5 times and unfortunately has not won it till date.

6. Francis Ford Coppola

The maker of The Godfather(1972-1990) series, Coppola is known for bringing a huge change in American cinema of the 70s. While The Godfather series is considered as his most famous work, one can’t deny that Apocalypse Now(1979) is his best work. Known as the director who has a keen eye for human condition and abstruse philosophy, Coppola is in a way the path-breaker of mid-century American cinema. He has been nominated for the Academy Awards 15 times out of which he has won it 8 times.

 5. Martin Scorsese

This Italian-American director is known for taking up challenging and innovative ideas and presenting them beautifully on-screen. His career stretch for over 40 years and what makes the span special is that his movies still has the same charm that they had back in the beginning. Some of his best movies include Silence(2016), Taxi Driver(1976), Shutter Island(2010), The Wolf of Wall Street(2013) and many more. Till date, he has been nominated for the Academy Awards some 12 times and finally in the year 2007 he won it for the 1st time for his movie The Departed(2006).

4. Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg is the bridge maker between artistic and commercial movie. He began his career with a thriller called Jaws(1975) and since then he is known for taking up different genres and making movies like E.T: The Extra-Terrestrial(1982), The Jurassic Park(1997), The Schindler’s List(1993), Saving Private Ryan(1998), The Post(2017) etc. Spielberg has been called an artistically hollow director, but that does not shun him from shinning and becoming people’s favourite. Among the 18 nominations, he has won it 4 times.

 3. Quentin Tarantino

There are not many directors who saw success with their debut movie, but Quentin Tarantino is one such who actually did. His debut movie Reservoir Dogs(1992) received high critical acclaim and brought him to fame.  Besides that, his Pulp Fiction(1994) is popular for transforming violence in cinema. He has directed many other successful movies like The Hateful Eight(2015), Inglorious Basterds(2009), Death Proof(2007), etc. and has won the Academy Awards twice.

2. Alfred Hitchcock

Another British gentleman, who took the world by storm with his dumb-founding mystery thrillers. Alfred Joseph Hitchcock’s films were hardly considered art because of their commercial value, but time has made them legendary, making him a legend of cinema. His movies are known for dealing with various aspects like voyeurism, the female psyche, multiple identities and more. Some of his great movies include Vertigo(1958), The Psycho(1960), The Birds(1963) etc. He won the Academy Award only once but was nominated 6 times.

1. Stanley Kubrick

A director, who has been known for inspiring a whole generation of filmmakers, surely deserves to be the no. 1. Kubrick over his 5-decade film career never stepped back from experimenting. He dealt with different genres, styles and themes. His movies portray a different sort of ambiguity, which makes his movies all the more interesting even today. He has been known as one of the best filmmakers Hollywood has ever seen and his movies like 2001: A Space Odyssey(1968), Dr Strangelove(1964) are among the greatest and finest movies ever made. Though he had won Academy Awards only once, his works have won the hearts of many and that is what makes him, one of the best Hollywood film directors of all time.

Top 10 Differently Abled Prodigies

JUST IMAGINE “Differently Abled” people who are considered the weaker sections of society. They are denoted as physically or mentally disabled and handicapped. They are considered to be dependent on people for their survival and run on their daily life. Just imagine our problems getting solved by people, our bread is earned by person of our same age and feeling gratitude for people working for us but innerly losing self-confidence feeling worthless. Who decided their life is useless? and who decided they are weak? who decided they are going to end their lives feeling thankful for people working for them? They are Differently-ABLED, They are into a chronic problem which may be they aren’t getting rid of, but they have the power, the ability to solve it themselves. The one given proper guidance can fly with wings of success. They have the power to make best out of them. They are the strongest people fighting with the world and struggling along with themselves to lead a better esteemed life. They are the PRODIGIES of  the universe we should always be proud of. Those counting in the glory are worth knowing.


Jacob Barnett, one of the youngest prodigies in the world overcomed his weakenesses and landed with a jet of success. He was diagnosed with autism at the age of 2. He was guided by his parents privately and considered he had brilliant IQ of 170, more than Albert Einstein. His interest in maths and science made him passionate towards this subjects and made him mathematician and astrophysicist. He could read college-level astrophysics book at the age of 3. He went to Canada for graduate school at Perimeter Institute where Stephen Hawking taught. It’s  harder to get into Perimeter Institute than into Stanford University, Harvard University and MITs. It was claimed through media that he disproved the Theory of Relativity by Albert Einstein and expanded it. He takes his autism as a boon and says it’s because of it that he is a physicist now, his weakness was his strength. His parents were told that he will not be able to speak. He started speaking 4 languages at age of 3. Being a reasearcher and approaching a Nobel Prize, he is definitely a prodigy.


Oscar Pistorius , whose both legs were amputated when he was 11 months old is called as a “BLADE RUNNER”. He was the tenth athlete to run in Paralympic games and Olympic games. He is a South African former sprint runner. being a Paralympic champion, he tried to attempt international non-disabled competition, when he was objected by IAAF for the unfair advantage of his artificial limbs. He prevailed in this dispute and became the 1st amputee to win non-disabled world track medal in 2011 World Championships in Atheletics.he became 1st double leg amputee to participate in olympics in 2012 Summer Olympics.  He was arrested for convicting murder of his girlfriend in 2013 and was sentenced in 2015 for 6 years. On appeal of longer sentence, he was imprisoned for 13 years and 5 months. The sporting motto of this legend was “you are able by the abilities you have.”  Beside the sporting career, he also started studying Bachelor of Trade and Commerce in Bussiness Management and Sports Science at the University of Pretoria in 2006.


Sudha Chandran, well-known personality in Indian Flim industry who lost a leg due to gangrene in a road accident near Tiruchirappali, Tamil Nadu never kept a setback on establishment of being a Bharatnatyam dancer. An astonished actress, dancer. She started her career as an actress in movies and TV serials of Hindi, Telegu, Tamil, Malayalam and Marathi languages. She was awarded Special Jury Award in 1986. The accident was the toughest period for Sudha, but this was a motivation for her. She kept on working for her aim even after the serious injury to leg. She became Indian Classical Dancer, movie actress and achieved a lot of fame and name.


Ludwig Van Beethoven, a German composer and pianist displayed musical talents at a very early age. Being an esoteric personality in composing symphonies, he was giving an ear to the world being deaf himself.  His compositions are famous worldwide and he was virtuoso pianist. By his late 20’s, he was almost completely deaf and he stopped performing publicly but didn’t give up on composing. His works are admired since then and his melodies are mind-sturning. His loss of hearing was a great challenge before him, but dealing with it made him more courageous. He never knew where it will take him but this made him powerful forever. he lost his ears but he is heared all over the world and remembered and is truly a Prodigy!


Christ Brown was an Irish painter and writer who could write only with the toes of one foot. He had cerebral palsy. His revolutionary  and astonished paintings were famous worldwide. His revolutionized work is carved in his autobiography “My Left Foot”. This great painter never felt the work tough, however this was the most enjoying stuff for him. He was a very passionate man and despiye all problems, he stood firm with his goals.He is a motivation for many painters who are pursuing the career with a perfectly abled body. His health started deteriorating when he married due to unhealthy relationship as per the depictions in his book. Besides all this, his professional life has a sturning effect on people to stand by the goal whatever situation comes.


Nick Vijucic, motivational speaker, with a rare disorder called phocomelia is a great fighter to the situations that life created to him. Borned without limbs made him unacceptable by his parents at first as written in his book but later realizing this is the God’s plan for their child, they pampered him with great care. Being bullied at his early ages in schools, colleges he wasn’t deteriorated from his aim and completed his Bachelor of Commerce degree from Griffith University.He eventually became Australian Christian envagelist and motivational speaker who continued to motivate people from place to place to believe in God and never give up in your life.


John Forbes Nash, famous Mathematician who made contributions in game theory, differential equations and was passionate about everything that appeared to him as codes. The movie “A Beautiful Mind” is the life journey of professor John Nash. He developed mental illness reffered as paranoid schizophrenia. He spent almost 13 years in hospital after which he started focussing on his normal life as a professor at MITs. he was awarded Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences , Abel Prize. Despite his mental illness of chronic hallucinations, he never stepped back but started focussing on his weak points ignoring all the things that kept him back, and thus became a successful story.


An illness can take everything from you and left nothing in you except the point that you believe in yourself. That is perception.He was French actor ,editor and author. Jean Bauby went through a severe heart attack and went into coma at the age of 43. When he woke up, he found he wasn’t able to move, talk. His whole body was paralyzed. He could only blink with his left eye which he took as a productive challenge. He started working on the novel “The Diving Bell and Butterfly” by blinking at the correct alphabet when recited to him. His determination of achieving something in worst situation motivates a lot of people to keep working.


Helen Keller, being deaf-blind, was the first person to complete bachelor of arts degree.Despite of being deaf-blind, she learnt to speak from her teacher by touching her lips and understanding the reciprocating way of her words. She indulged in social activities and is an author of many novels and articles. Her autobiography “the story of my Life” depicted her works for women suffrage, labor rights. She was inducted in Albama Women’s Hall of Fame. Her story inspires a lot due to her never give up attitude. Despite of all the physical problems,constant mental pressure of politics, she never gave up on her social acts. She is surely an inspiring Prodigy every person feel proud of.


Stephen Hawking was an english theoretical physicist, cosmologist and director of research at the Centre of Theoretical Cosmology.He was awarded with Prizes and Medals for his contributions in Quantum mechanics and Science. He was paralysed and suffering from motor-neurone disease. The slow progress of the disease led to his paralysis and he lost the ability to move, see. This fact inspired him even more to work. His wheelchair was designed in such a way that he could connect his words and reciprocate them through the transmitters. His theories has always inspired many scientist and his extraordinary journey to achieve it is even more inspiring and gives hopes to make life meaningful in difficult situations. He is really an esoteric personality and a real Prodigy of Mankind having the brightest mind.


Top 10 Negative Effects of Using Cosmetics and Makeup Daily

Cosmetics and Makeup industry is leading the economy these days. I can bet that you cannot find a girl who ventures out in the open without applying at least 5 beauty products before leaving. Now I’m not saying that all cosmetics are bad for you, but there are proper ways and limits of using it. We live in a world where the profile pic of your social media handle is not acceptable if it is less than perfect. Times like these only just add to the societal pressure for every girl to look perfect. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I am anti – cosmetics. But I am against all the consequences a person has to face after using Cosmetics and Makeup daily. So, today I bring you all the negative side effects you are working against if you are an avid user of Cosmetics and Beauty products.


10. Mental Addiction

I’m sure everyone has heard the saying ‘Any good thing can be bad if used in excess’. That’s the case with Cosmetics. There are a lot of girls out there who apply makeup as they enjoy doing. There is not a hidden motive as they are not trying to cover something up. Then there are girls who rely on makeup to cover up every imperfection they have. Ladies, this kind of behavior and thinking can lead to some serious mental addiction. Relying on Cosmetics to that extent can also lead to self – esteem and self – confidence issues. So you are welcome to use these products as long as you are fine with yourself when you take them off. Remember the day you are not to accept yourself as who you are without applying makeup, I’d say that’s when you give using Cosmetics a long needed break.

9. Eye Diseases

Even two hands won’t be enough if I start counting the number of eye products out there on my fingers. A kajal is something that every girl has, even the ones who don’t apply makeup heavily. Kajal is one of the basic staples of Cosmetics. What you are not aware of is that the product that makes our eyes pop on a daily basis can prove to be very bad for their health. Other eye products along kajal when applied to the waterline of eyes can lead to numerous diseases. Chemical development, glaucoma, dry eye, discoloration of eyes, and, infective conjunctivitis are a few of those diseases. In fact, studies suggest that frequent use of Mascara can thin your eyelashes and make them fall quicker. Worst case scenario, it can lead to corneal ulcers due to containing Pseudomonas Aeruginosa which a very harmful bacteria for eyes.

8. Nail Deterioration

Long and manicured nails are something that every girl craves. Most of the girls have to resort to Nail Art. It’s not even harmful to your nails if you do it at home or get it done from outside on your own nails. Where it gets tricky is most girls don’t have the kind of perfectly manicured nails they desire. So they opt to get fake extensions and then get Nail Art done on them. The process starts with drilling your nails with a buffer. Sounds a terrible thing to put your nails through right? In fact, the glue they use to put fake nails on can degrade the quality of your nails very quickly. So while Nail Art is not a quick death for your own nails, I’d advice taking breaks in between. Just so your nails can have time to breathe and heal back to their original thickness.

7. Lead Poisoning

I know you are probably head over heels in love with the newest matte shade you saw in a lipstick. What you don’t know is that just a simple product as a lipstick can cause lead poisoning and various brain abnormalities. This can happen due to lipstick containing lead. Now the amount that’s usually present in a lipstick is perfectly fine for usage. Where it can get dangerous is when you touch those lips up multiple times a day. A lipstick also contains mineral oil which can clog up the pores on your life. How is it bad you ask? Well, it can stop skin cell development and deter the proper functionality of lips. So while it’s safe to use a lipstick on a daily basis, make sure that you take it off properly while going to bed. Give them time to rejuvenate and I’m sure they won’t disappoint you.

6. Breathing Disorders

I know it can sound pretty farfetched when someone associates Cosmetics with Lung Diseases. Let me explain and it will all make sense. There are tons of powder-based cosmetics out there. The fallout from them is a pretty normal thing to happen. We don’t even give it a second thought. But what most people don’t know is that inhaling the fumes from these products can cause several breathing disorders. Silicate is present in talcum powders that can lead to lung infections and allergies if inhaled. Lipsticks, as I mentioned above, contain Lead which is harmful to our health. It is very common for a person to ingest the product they have applied to their lips. Hence, the Breathing Disorders happen. What I’d suggest is avoid inhaling powder products and never use fake copies of big brands. The fallout from them may look harmless but it can be pretty deadly.

5. Permanent Wrinkles and Damage

I talked about eye diseases that can occur due to harmful chemicals present in eye products. Well, there are other issues that can happen due to excessive use of eye products. The skin around our eyes is the most sensitive part of our face. It’s ironic that we use these Cosmetics to make our eyes look flawless but they deteriorate the skin according to the frequency of our usage. Products like Eye Shadow, Concealers, and Foundations can leave permanent wrinkles around our eyes. The bags under our eyes that we cover using concealers and foundations can stay there permanently with time. Girls apply products to cover their dark circles. Then those products lead to more bags under their eyes. Therefore, a never-ending chain is created. My suggestion? Going out with a few dark circles is still better than inviting them to stay under your eyes for the long haul.

4. Acne and Blackheads

I know acne and blackheads seem like a very light thing when compared to other things on this list. But trust me the possibility and frequency of acne and blackheads are also way too high. Girls around the world know the pain of discovering a new pimple especially before you have to attend an event. What a lot of people don’t know is that there are Cosmetics which can increase the occurrence of acne and blackheads. Products like Primer and Foundation are used to even out your skin so the rest of the products can go on easily on your face. These products end up clogging your pores and entrapping impurities inside them. This can lead to acne and blackheads appearing all over your face. So always remember to clean your face thoroughly whenever you apply these products and give your face an interval every now and then.

3. Skin Discoloration

There are Cosmetics which can have bleaching and/or discoloration effect on your skin. Skin Toners, Sunscreens, Blushes, and Fairness Creams fall under this class of items. These issues are heightened when you use fake copies of big brands. Issues like skin discoloration, patches, redness, brown pigmentation, blotches, and unevenness can easily happen when you use these products for a prolonged period of time. What you should keep in mind is to never use these products excessively and throw them out as soon as they expire. If you have a natural discoloration, then I would strongly suggest against using cheap Cosmetics. Use organic Makeup that doesn’t further worsens your condition. Switch to natural remedies to treat these imperfections on your face instead of always covering them up with Makeup. Your skin will for sure feel the difference.

2. Allergic Reactions

The most common issue that occurs due to excessive use of Cosmetics and Makeup is Allergies. There are chemicals present in several Beauty products that can lead to allergies in skin, hair, and eyes. Parabens are chemicals used to stop bacterial development in Cosmetics can cause numerous allergic reactions like skin irritation and discoloration, blemishes, and blotches. It is obvious that no person can avoid Cosmetics altogether. What you can do is invest in Organic Cosmetics and Makeup. It is a bit on the expensive side, but it’s the best option for you especially if you have sensitive skin. Observe the ingredient list if you are selecting a new brand to check out if there are any harmful chemicals present in it. Just keep in mind that it is better to pay a few extra bucks and some attention while selecting the products than dealing with negative consequences later.

1. Cancer

If nothing on the list so far has grabbed your attention, I’m sure this point sure will. The worst case scenario when it comes to Cosmetics is the occurrence of cancer. A lot of Beauty products are present in the industry which can cause diseases like skin cancer, breast cancer, and blood cancer. These are the most deadly issues that you can face when you use toxic Beauty products regularly. Perfumes contain phthalates while products like Deos, Nail Polishes, and Shampoos contain benzene; all of these ingredients can cause cancer. The thing that makes these items so dangerous is that very few people are aware of the harms associated with them. Articles like this one are written to make sure the consumers out there note the ingredients that go into the products they use on a daily basis. So always investigate a brand thoroughly before applying anything new on yourself.


There you have it, folks. I hope after reading this you will pay more attention to the details. As I have mentioned numerous times in here that I am not opposing the use of Cosmetics. But the thing that nobody should condone in my opinion is such dire side effects from products that are supposed to make you look pretty. So choose wisely when it comes to buying beauty products and always give your skin enough time to heal and a good night’s rest before slathering more makeup on and calling it a day. Trust me, your skin will definitely appreciate it.


10 Controversies Related to the Death of Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe, the famous American actress is a symbol of beauty and stardom. Leading a life of an orphan, her roots changed routes when she was just 16 years of age. She started her modelling career and began to be identified as the most popular “sex symbol” of the 1950’s. After leading a life with several ups and downs, her death too did not pacify her struggle. Her unnatural death at the age of 35, digged out a greater controversy and is still an affair of uneasy suspense.

Here are some engaging controversies and doubts that arose after her untimely death.


10. She was unhappy and forlorn

The first fact that comes to our mind when we think about Marilyn Monroe’s death is that she was relieved from a life where she struggled to fight against melancholy and desolation. She had been subjected to multiple yet unhappy relationships which all proved to be bothersome in some way or the other. These unsuccessful relationships might be a cause that made her isolate life and embrace death.


9. Auther Miller’s view on Monroe’s death

Auther Miller, Marilyn Monroe’s ex-husband and one of the renowned playwrights, confronts the public in one of his unpublished essays about not attending her funeral. He had a great empathy for his ex-wife and believed that most of the people who attended her funeral where just social mockers. These mouners also had a role is destroying and killing her, he argued.  Miller found it comforting to mourn over her death staying at home rather than attending her funeral just to have a picture clicked. He did not want to be a part of the social hypocrisy, where all where busy with an insincere show of sympathy.


8. Monroe and the devils she fought

Monroe has always been looked upon as a sensational figure and later as an inspiration. But her inspiring life was a no less than a nightmare. She still carries with her the scars of sexual abuse, the damages incurred by her relationships and the pain of psychotherapy. The damage done on her by her last husband, Aurther Miller, who had betrayed her can also be counted as a reason for her death. It was only nineteen months after their seperation that she was found dead. In her career as well, she had to fight or rather satisfy many wolves that chased her. Her getting involved into sexual relationships only to hold up a place in Hollywood  and recieve unsolicited offers was a common practise of the day. Marilyn can be sighted as a figure who had been subjected to what we call today as “sexual harrasment”.


7. Family reports

According to Vanity Fair, a famous magazine who wrote about Monroe’s suspicious death, her half sister confirms that Marilyn’s business manager, Inez Melson looked into all her belongings just after her death. She even witnessed Inez burning Monroe’s papers all day long and he had also changed the lock on one of Monroe’s cabinets. Such secrecy is bound to carze up controversies. What could have been in those papers? Highly suspicious!


6. Her alleged relationships

It is also assumed that Monroe was killed by John F Kennedy or Robert Kennedy, with whom she had alleged relationships. Several theories regarding her death claims that she was killed by the Kennedys because they feared that she would make their love affairs public along with other government secrets that she was gathering and was considered a communist spy. She was found to possess a diary in which she kept records of all the informations she gathered while she overheard the Kennedys speak. Interesting!


5. The role of Robert Kennedy

Another journalist, Anthonny Summers in his book, “Goddess: The Secret Lives of Marilyn Monroe” wrote that Monroe had threatened Robert Kennedy that she would go public about their affair after he broke up ties with her. Robert Kennedy and his brother-in-law tried to prevent Monroe from doing so by fueling her growing addiction to drugs and alcohol. It is thought that Marilyn Monroe took her last breath becoming an drug addict in the ambulance and her death was later staged as a suicide.


4. Informations from Eunic Murray

Eunic Murray was the oldest housekeeper of the famous actress Marilyn Monroe. It is well said that servants know better details of their employers more than anyone else. Such a role is also played by Eunic Murray, who was present in the house when Monroe was found dead. For the rest of her life Murray was ensnared in numerous controversies regarding Marilyn’s death. She had announced that Robert Kennedy had visited Marilyn Monroe’s house at night and she found them quarelling over some issues. Later in the early morning Murray found the most famous and talked-about lady of the world dead and naked in her bedroom. Heartbreaking and thrilling at the same time! Isn’t it?


3. Mafias killed Monroe


Some other theories claim that Monroe was killed by the mafias as a revenge and a message to Robert Kennedey, masterminded by American union leader Jimmy Hoffa and Chicago mafia boss Sam Giancana. They killed the hollywood star by giving her an enema with deadly drugs. This was done to warn Kennedy, the US Attorney General to back off his crusade from the mob.

A lot of connections it seems!

2. Missing evidences.

According to The Independent News, the forensic reports of Marilyn Monroe was found missing only a few days after her death. The witnesses present on the night of her death also came up with contradicting stories later on. These various outlooks and lack of evidences on this single case constantly went on complicating and blurring it.


1. The unresolved mystry

As theories go on and controversies swell up high, Marilyn Monroe’s death still remains an unsolved puzzle. Contrary to the other theories, Monroe’s suicide is another among them. When she was found lying dead on her bed with barbiturate overdose, the first thought that came to most of their minds was that she had killed herself. A bottle of sleeping pills was also discovered by her side and nobody knew from where it had come.


On 5th August,1952, the death of the living legend was declared but nobody knows it still whether it was her own choice to embrace death or was it incurred upon by someone else. The contradictions and conflicts will surely carry on forever but Monroe’s rememberance is not limited only to her death and we look at Marilyn Monroe as someone more than a star. She was a seductive cocktail of glamour and damage, a rare combination we get to witness. She remains a mysterious women till date, an unfathomable truth difficult to peirce into.


Top 10 Reasons Why Family is Important

Since the time you were cradled, till the last fleeting moment of life, a family happens to be one of the most integral support systems in one’s life. From trying to write that piece of composition “My Family” in early childhood days, we all have grown up to realize the true essence of contentment, each of our family members has to offer. The unconditional love and support extended from the near ones, help shape us as distinctive beings in the society. Try we might, but we can never negate the consequential impact of one’s upbringing that evidently transforms one into a better being. However, beyond the prescribed notion of considering those people as a family who is related to you by blood, there exist few others whom we choose in the roller-coaster journey of life, and they gradually become a part of us. Such people could be tagged along too as “family” as they stand by you throughout without flinching. So dedicating it to all our families, here is a list that might help you to rethink and contemplate about a family’s role in our individual lives.

1)Home Warmth.

Those four concrete walls that encompass you, would have remained cold if it hadn’t been for the family. Regulating immense warmth, a family is solely responsible for turning your house into a home which otherwise would have just been an existing non-entity. After a tired day, when you get back to the mouth-watering aroma of mother’s meals or see your sibling gearing up for the impending fight, then all other problems get relegated. The enveloping space of love and concern gets its life from the people that inhabit it.

2)You Belong!

The utmost sense of belonging that one treasure is initiated through the kindred ties. Come what may, days of rejoiced bliss or the turbulent storms, the extending arms of your family members would always remind one that You belong. This fruitful quality that gets imbibed through familial bonds, help one to procure connections with other beings in the wider world. As a result, the efficient growth of an entire society depends upon the singular unit of a family. Thus, man’s utmost need of social belonging as stated by psychologist Abraham Maslow, derives its fulfilment through a family.

3)Facing those crises.

Often in life, when we tend to dive into the nadir of despair, the strong support of the family members function as an effective remedy. Tackling the heap of difficulties becomes easier when patient ears pay heed to your adversities. Sometimes, the mere presence of the life givers and their acknowledgment that “You will overcome” help to re-initiate the lost trust that you had in your own self. Thus, the unflinching mental strength that one cultivates, has its basis in the familial values. Be it confidence or the very act of tackling a daunting task, you owe a lot to your family for what “You Are”.

4)Repository of Values.

Back in school, while attending those moral science classes, one must have been a part of those discussions regarding the intrinsic nature of values which help in our becoming of responsible and sensible beings in the society. Certain inherent qualities that distinguish us from other living beings is simply because of our growing up amidst an environment of determinate values. At the very core of one’s being, lies his fundamental principles that allow him to judiciously adopt and adapt for his productive survival. The joy of sharing, the satisfaction in helping, the felicity of integrity, the gladness in shouldering of responsibilities, are distinctly bestowed upon a person in the presence of the folks.

5)Lender of Last Resort.

Remember that piggy bank you once possessed? From collecting coins by running small errands to receiving pocket money, you knew how to persuade your parents for some extra pennies. The college trip that father had financed, the sudden movie plan that was made possible by extracting money from elder sister can never go unmentioned. As a settled, independent being also we tend to reach out to our families, in case of any financial emergencies. Thus, besides catering to our emotional imbalances, a family always stands to aid if need be for our legitimate needs.

6)A Multi-provider.

Thriving as a respectable being in the society would have been impossible without the potent presence of a family. From providing us with the basic amenities of life, tending us when we fall ill, educating us and catering to many of our nugatory demand, a family suffices in all respects. Protecting us from every hovering danger, the well-grounded company of family secures us and ensures a less perturbed existence. In the company of the loving faces, life becomes a bit easier to deal with.

7)A Facilitator.

Often in our lives, we tend to get clouded by wrong decisions. The reasonable voices of our near ones facilitate in setting us back on the righteous track. It also inevitably assists in our being and celebrates us despite our shortcomings. In the very shelter of a family, we grow, learn and generate. Thus, the family is solely responsible for the eventual formative growth of an individual.

8) Constant Reliance.

With our growth, we often turn blind to the unconditioned assistance offered to us by our very own family people. You might have raised your voice on your mother at her constant nagging as to why you look sullen. Or you might have consciously try to hide the undesired result of your latest endeavor from your father, fearing his scolding. Despite, turning into a matured being standing at the threshold of adulthood, a family always comes to your rescue irrelevant of the nature of the problem. Always enabling one to have shoulders to rely on, parents and siblings together stand as the ultimate support one can fall back upon.

9)An Ardent Critic.

Teaching us not to pay heed to the disapproval of others when one is resolute about his/her own choice, a family integrally helps to transcend into a higher state of being. Contrarily, reasoning minds in the family will also evaluate our deeds and condemn us if need be. What can be a better way to evolve when you have the felicitous guidance of your own family!

10)Procreate and Recreate.

As the renowned philosopher and theorist, Michel Foucault had rightfully observed that abiding by the panoptic natural laws, the need for a family is for procreation. However, there lies another need which gets distinguished as recreation. Thus, early times man being on a superior pedestal has been encouraged to multiply. However, the recreational reach of the family should not be left unconsidered. The reveling moments spent in the proximity of family members is a bracing act we all look forward to. The basic need to love and to feel loved originates from the family that sustains us. And, as long as the human race continues to thrive, families will continue to hold an upper hand in the creation of a being.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Jobs in the World

In today’s world, our jobs dictate our lifestyle and personality. All jobs in the world come with their varied pros and cons. Often, we are required to make a difficult trade-off between job satisfaction and higher pay. However, there also exist jobs where the worries transcend such choices. Certain jobs that people take up either voluntarily or involuntarily, are dangerous in nature and can be threatening to one’s life. Yet, these jobs have to be done as they are in some cases, a necessary means of income for people. The following is a list of some of the most dangerous jobs in the world:

10. Construction Worker

The job of a construction worker involves intense hours of hard labor and working in difficult conditions. They need to handle coarse raw materials like bricks, cement, sand, and gravel for day-to-day tasks. In countries like India, where labor is cheap and unskilled, working conditions are inhumane as workers often have little safety equipment. They handle materials with their bare hands, and carry heavy loads from site to site on their backs and heads. Accidents on construction sites are also common. With the amount of complex machinery, and the tall heights of buildings nowadays, injuries take place frequently. There is also the risk of falling to death from the building under construction.

9. Electrician

After water, electricity is one of the most fundamental utilities needed for our daily sustenance. While electricity is available to us easily, it is not as easy for the people who bring it to us. Power outages, short circuits, domestic problems – all require electricians to fix them. The job of an electrician involves a high amount of danger. They are in direct contact with live wires and circuits while fixing issues, making them prone to powerful electric shocks. Moreover, they are even required to climb tall poles and towers, which exposes them to the risk of falling from such heights.

8. Stuntmen

Stuntmen appear to be the most daring and fearless persons when viewed on television or in stunt shows and competitions. However, only they truly know the amount of risks they take in order to do their jobs. Be it jumping from buildings, running through fire, or riding vehicles in dangerous ways – they perform the most extreme tasks. While we may see them and get entertained, and consider them to perform their tasks with ease, only they truly know the amount of courage that goes into performing their job. They belong to one of the few sets professionals who risk their lives and play with danger in order to make their livelihood.

7. Mountain Guide

Mountain climbing is a deceptively difficult job. Unlike trekking or rock climbing, mountain climbing requires intense amounts of stamina, determination, and courage. While mountaineers do so as an occasional activity, mountain guides are required to perform this dangerous job on a daily basis. As they are the leaders of group, they always have to be at the forefront, deciding the way and ensuring that it is safe for the others. Especially in mountains like the Himalayas, where weather conditions are extreme and breathing is difficult at higher altitudes, the jobs of mountain guides are made even tougher.

6. Sanitation Workers

Cleanliness and hygiene are essential to maintain an environment that is disease-free. Sanitation workers ensure this by disposing our waste properly. While our jobs are only limited to taking out the trash, it is these hardworking individuals who remove the trash from our vicinity, sometimes using their own hands to so. It may not seem so, but sanitation workers are often exposed to various risks while doing their jobs. Contracting diseases from handling waste does not take much time. This is more so in case of those workers who handle radioactive and biomedical waste, which has the potential of causing life-threatening diseases.

5. Firefighters

The jobs of firefighters are very strenuous, not to forget extremely dangerous as well. They have to constantly be alert and prepared for any emergency that might arise. Situations in their job are highly unpredictable. There’s no knowing how bad a fire can get. Firefighters often have to give up on their personal lives and give in their best for the safety of the public. They often have to enter blazing buildings to rescue people, and fighting large fires can sometimes take even days. They take up all these risks as a part of their daily job – doing what they can for the masses.

4. Bush Pilots

Flying a plane has its own pros and cons. On one hand, there’s the elegant feeling of being a master of the sky and commandeering a plane. On the other, there is a constant risk of any unpredictable issue or disaster that might arise. These chances of these risks converting into reality is much higher for bush pilots. As they are required to fly over uneven terrains without proper landing grounds, they have to be extremely dexterous and alert at their job. Malfunctions like engine failures and running out of fuel are common, putting them in dangerous situations as they often do not even have access to proper airstrips and runaways.


3. Lumberjacks

Lumberjacks are frequently involved in intensive tasks. Their job involves chopping down trees, sawing them into timber logs and transporting them. This leaves them highly prone to accidents as most forests are on hilly landscapes. Falling trees and landslides are quite common, and many lumberjacks end up injuring themselves or losing their lives in the process. Despite how many precautions they might take, such accidents are often unpredictable. They risk their lives on a daily basis, performing such hard jobs and knowing that they might not get back home in one piece at the end of the day.

2. Miners

The mining industry is a colossal one globally. Millions of miners are a part of this dangerous industry, working in the most difficult environments. While they spend their time underground, there are chances of various mishaps. Mine blasts, gas leaks, suffocation, and mine collapses can not only injure, but also kill miners. Working conditions in mines are very poor and miners can also contract dangerous diseases because of the amount of dust and chemicals present.

1. Military personnel

A military personnel job is one of the most dangerous and difficult in the world. They are required to go through intense training, live in severe conditions, and always be prepared for unfriendly situations. Even today, various army men are stationed in conflict zones around the world. Their jobs require them to sacrifice everything for their country and people. Military personnel often have to go without food and water while doing their job. In fact, they even sacrifice their sleep to ensure that their people can sleep in peace. In today’s world, the geopolitical scenario is tense and uncertain. This has made the role of military personnel even more important, and at the same time, more dangerous as well.

Top 10 Worst Floods of all Time

Over the centuries, natural disasters have largely been unavoidable. They are hard to predict, almost impossible to withstand, and the after-effects are devastating. Earthquakes, famines, volcanic eruptions – humans across the world have witnessed enough of these. Moreover, floods have also been a great cause of disaster. While we consider water to be a fundamental element that enables crops to grow and helps sustain livelihoods, it can also leave a drastic impact in excess. Too much of anything can be harmful. The following is a list of some of the worst floods that have wreaked havoc on the lives of people and caused immeasurable damage:

10. Saint Marcellus’ Flood

One of the oldest recorded floods to have had a severe impact, the Saint Marcellus’ flood took place as long ago as 1362, over six hundred years ago. Also known as ‘Grote Mandrenke’, which means the great drowning of men, the disastrous event hit Holland, the British Isles, and Denmark. It is believed the flood originated from a massive gale from the Atlantic Ocean, and then found its way to the aforementioned areas. The disastrous event destroyed a plethora of towns across the countries. In fact, as many as 25,000 people are known to have lost their lives in the calamity. The flood made inhabitants in those areas aware of how damaging and unpredictable the weather can be.

9. Yangtze River Flood

The Yangtze River floods were a series of deadly floods that impacted the Hubei province of People’s Republic of China. They hit the region for a period of three months – from June to September in 1954, and caused extensive damage. Although the Yangtze River is the largest Asian river and is of great importance to China, it has also been catastrophic in nature. The river is so violent that when the floods struck, all efforts to stop them went into vain. Three floodgates were open to stop the water level from rising, and yet the flood ended up taking as many as 33,000 lives.

8. Bangladesh Famine

Bangladesh went through a dark phase in 1974, characterized by poverty and the deaths of many people. The Brahmaputra river, one of the largest in the world, that flows through India, China, and Bangladesh was responsible for the famine. Because of massive floods along the river, the famine took place in Bangladesh, resulting in a pathetic situation where people starved to death. While official estimates say that there were approximately 27,000 casualties, unofficial figures place the number at close to 1.5 million. The floods led to a situation of calamity and disaster throughout the country for a long period of time.

7. Eastern Guatemala Flood

Guatemala is a country in Central America that is bordered by Mexico on one side and the Pacific Ocean on the other. The Pacific Ocean has been infamous for the number of storms and hurricanes that originate in it and end up affecting nearby coastlines. In 1949, one such hurricane hit Guatemala and caused one of the worst flooding disasters the country has ever witnessed. Not only did the flood kill as many as 40,000 people, but it also left countless number of people without homes to live in. The flood caused great losses to the country, in terms of human life, as well as money.

6. The Hanoi Delta Flood

During the Vietnam War, things were difficult and tense in Vietnam. However, the bad situation was made increasingly worse with one of the worst floods in the region. The Red River, flowing through Vietnam’s capital city of Hanoi, flooded the region known as the Hanoi delta. Heavy downpours of rain that wouldn’t seem to stop destroyed the delta region, ending in widespread loss of life. A whopping 1,00,000 people lost their lives in the vicious flood. The fact that the flood took place during the time of war made things even worse as most of the region’s crops were also destroyed.

5. St. Felix Flood

Another deadly flood that struck the Netherlands, the St. Felix flood took place hundreds of years ago in 1530. Since the flood took place on the name day of St. Felix, it came to be named after him. The flood was so huge in size that a major portion of the Netherlands was washed away in it. Only a few small towns were able to survive its fury. It is estimated that the flood killed over 120,000 people, making it one of the worst Dutch floods of all time.

4. Yangtze River Flood of 1935

The Yangtze River has a tumultuous history of flooding. In 1935, a disastrous flood hit the Southeastern Region of China. This flood was much more dangerous and catastrophic than its successor which took place in 1954. The flood not only killed over 150,000 people, but also caused far-reaching damage and destruction in the entire region, preventing economic growth and sustenance. The flood also brought with it various water-borne diseases like malaria and typhoid that further worsened the situation. Those who were able to survive drowning, contracted life-threatening diseases.

3. The Banqiao Dam Failure

Situated in the River Ru in the Henan province of China, the Banqiao Dam is known as a structure and symbol that is associated with a major disaster. A typhoon by the name of Nina struck the region in 1975, and various dams were damaged or destroyed during the ordeal. It was assumed that the Banqiao damn would be able to withstand the heavy rainfall. However, the rainfall was twice the threshold amount and the dam collapsed. The typhoon along with the overflowing river caused massive floods in the region. More than 160,000 people lost their lives and millions of people were left without homes. The flood also cost China hundreds of millions of dollars in damages.

2. Yellow River Flood

The second longest river in Asia, the Yellow River, is as infamous as the Yangtze when it comes to natural disasters. In 1887, the Yellow River flood took place. It was one of the worst natural disasters in history. Due to overflowing, the river submerged surrounding areas, leading to as many as 900,000 people losing their lives. Besides the myriad deaths, the floods also left people without homes and destroyed their means of sustenance, that is, their crops and agriculture.

1. The China Floods

China has withstood various flooding disasters over the centuries. However, none have been as devastating as the China floods of 1931. The ordeal began in 1930, when a drought struck the entire country. Soon after, abnormal weather conditions such as heavy snowstorms and rains brought up water levels to an unimaginably high level. The situation was exacerbated with deadly cyclones in 1931 which made rivers overflow throughout the country. It is estimated that the death toll from this flood was one of the highest ever, with as many as four to five million dead.

10 Most Common Lies That People Speak

We often hear people claiming that they hate liars. Ironically, we fail to realize that we have all been liars at some point in our lives or the other. We live with a pre-conceived notion that a lie is considered a lie only if it hurts other person’s sentiments. But the reality is slightly different from it. A lie spoken to defend ourselves from unwanted situations is also a lie no matter whether or not it is hurtful to someone else.
Ever faked sickness to avoid going to school or work? Liar!
Made faux excuses to skip a function? Liar!
Faked an emergency to get out of a boring meet? Liar!

We have all been there. Yay!

We have never had the realization that a liar lives in all of us. It’s just the degree and the nature of it that varies. Some of us are petty liars who doesn’t mean harm to others but just have a selfish motive of protecting ourselves. While some are the ‘pro-type’ liars who are nothing but a bunch of deceits. They would go to any level to forge genuineness but in reality have a masked liar residing behind that innocent face.

Some of us just believe that telling a lie is better than saying the truth which is not a melody for ears. Or that a lie said to save a relationship or to make someone feel better is not a lie. We also live believing the myth that telling the half-truth or molding the truth according to our convenience is different from a lie, but it isn’t. It is equivalent to lying. And not just to others, we are in an era where everyday people are telling lies to their own selves.  They are living a lie without even realizing. From little fibs to serious prevarications, here are top 10 most popular lies that we often encounter:

10. I’ll be there in 5 minutes: One of the topmost lies

Oh I mean that I haven’t even left my home till now and though I have to eat my breakfast, get ready, cut through that traffic and do a bevy of other stuff before actually meeting you- I will still miraculously be there in just 5 minutes!
Yeah, the 5 minutes actually mean till the time you can’t wait anymore.


9. I am almost done with it

That’s the instant reply that we get when we have some last minute submissions while the reality is the work has not even started yet.
We all live with this habit of procrastinating our work until the nth hour and then staying up all night a day before the deadline to get the work done.

8. I didn’t even get ready

This is the favorite lie of all the ladies who love to do make-up but never admits using it. They will take hours to adjust their eye-liner, have a perfect patch of all those beauty creams, wear a top-notch piece of garment and what not but in the end, still they didn’t even get ready. It’s difficult to ever figure out what actually is their definition of getting ready?

7. Come on! Just One more

These are the motivating liars who know just how to get a work done. A series of questions and you are tired of solving them?  Come on, just one more then we will wind up and the ‘one mores’ don’t end until you are really left with just one more.

6. Sorry, have some important work to do

That’s the most used and the perfect savior kind of lie. Not willing to join friends for an outing? Want to escape from a bizarre conversation and don’t know how to say it? This lie serves you just right. So, if a person uses this very often in a conversation and till now you just believed that he/she is a busy person, it’s time for you to have a reality check!

5. You look awe-some!

That’s a lie that most of the males resort to if they are in league of winning over a girl’s heart. After all, every girl likes to hear compliments right? But follow your instincts to know which ones are genuine and which ones just a try to win you when they actually don’t even mean it.


In the time that we live in, this phrase that’s meant to be the binding force between two souls; is the most heart-breaking lie. And the sad part is that it’s being used a lot and people don’t even hesitate or think twice before using it. It may be just a lie for you but it can mean a lot to the other person and can evade their trust in relationships once they encounter the harsh truth.

3. I will start working out from tomorrow

A perfect example of our procrastinating habits, this is the lie that we tell to ourselves almost regularly. We know that we need to hit the gym and start working out, courtesy that sudden weight spurt but we keep telling ourselves that tomorrow will be our way to fitness day but in reality that tomorrow never comes.

2. Single? What’s that?

We live in a generation where peer pressure has compelled us to be in a relationship even if we are not in love. Those who are single are made to feel out of the place and this fear of not being accepted or being thrown out of the group, it leads to the most drastic lie of having/faking someone as you boyfriend just to conform to the standards of your peers.

1. I am FINE

With a smile on our faces and a cheerful tone in our voices, we keep on saying ‘oh! I am totally fine’ but are we? I am fine is the lie that we often use to hide our problems or to avoid sharing our sorrows. We live in a fear that we will be judged for saying the truth but it’s time that we come out of our fake shells and address ourselves honestly. It’s okay to not be okay at times. Face it rather than faking it.

In a world full of lies, it’s important to acknowledge the importance of truth and honesty. Remember that one lie spoken leads to thousand others to cover it up. Even if saying the truth may not be favorable in the time being, but in the long run, it will always be better than the lie.

Top 10 History’s Worst Torture Methods

Death by any means is always remorseful. Death by means of punishment is even worse. History is evident of so many pathetic and scary torture methods that would really convince you that death is far better than this sort of painful survival.

The ones who have invented such methods have been extremely creative in their approach. They made sure to treat their victims as harshly as possible. The torture before the execution took many forms in the past era. All the efforts were oriented to slow down death and fill each second of the target person with great agony. This not only served as a punishment to the offender but also inculcated enough fear so that no one else could dare the same.

Below are listed 10 such horrible torture methods which would really plunge you into grief.


10. Bamboo Torture


This was a  method prevalent amongst Japanese to execute American prisoners. It included shards of bamboos to pierce through the fingernails of the victim. Bamboo is considered to be the fastest growing plant in the world. In 24 hours it can achieve a growth of 3 feet. The bamboo inserted once kept growing. This caused enormous pain to the person which can be compared to slowly dropping him on a bed of sharp stakes.


9. Rat Torture

Being chawed by rats to death is one of the most painful measures to die. In this method, various rats would be placed on the stomach and chest area of the victim. The victim was tied in a way in which any sort of movement was impossible. After this with the help of a barrel rats would be trapped in the specific area. The barrel then would be set on fire. Rats crazy with fear in order to save their lives would gnaw their way into the abdomen. With the help of their sharp incisors, they used to penetrate through all the vital organs. Sometimes starving rats were employed in place of flames who as a result of hunger would chew victim’s flesh. To make conditions worse, the bodies were slit beforehand.

8. Sitting in the Tub

Sounds lenient? No, it wasn’t. This barbarous method of punishment would once again force that sigh of yours. Here the victim was made to sit in the tub with only is head sticking out. Thereafter his face was painted with milk and honey to welcome flies for some delicious stuff. It doesn’t end here. The victim was fed regularly so as to keep him alive for a long time. Consequently, he was compelled to swim in his own excrement. After some days worms were introduced in the tub which would devour his body resulting into an alive decomposition. Alas! What could be worse?

7. The Breast Ripper

You would be amazed to know that there were various deadly tools used in the past to ease the work of the torturer. Breast Ripper was one of these. This device consisted of two big sharp prongs that were capable enough to tear off the women’s breasts. This method was specifically employed on women who were accused of adultery or self-performed abortion. Another form included either heating or freezing the tool first to rip off the breasts.

6. Lingchi

One of the most brutal methods of torture- Lingchi- also known as a ‘slow slicing’ or ‘death by a thousand cuts’ involved removal of the flesh of the victim’s body slowly with the help of a sharp knife. For a prolonged death it was made sure that the victim doesn’t bleed too much. According to Sir Henry Norman in his book The People and Politics of the Far East, the executioner sliced off pieces by “grasping handfuls from the fleshy parts of the body, such as the thighs and the breasts…then the limbs are cut off piecemeal at the wrists and the ankles, the elbows, and knees, the shoulders and hip. Finally, the victim was stabbed in the heart and his head is cut off. It was applied to those who committed unethical crimes like revealing secrets to the enemy or killing a V.I.P.

5.  The Chair of Torture

Also called as Juda’s chair, this method of torture was used in Middle ages until late 1800 in Europe. A chair full of spikes was used as the main instrument. To avoid movement victim’s arms and limbs were tied. The spikes would eventually penetrate the body. The wound was closed by the spike itself which delayed blood loss. In some versions, certain holes were made in the bottom of the chair where the savage placed coal to cause severe burns. The victim was usually naked causing further humiliation. The chair was never washed leading to serious infections and eventually death.

4.  Sawing

This was an incredibly cruel method used in medieval Europe. The criminal was hanged upside down and then a large saw was passed through his body to slice it in half. The way they were hanged made their brain receive massive blood flow which kept them alive, only to endure more and more. The agony was deepened when the abdomen became a barrier in the saw’s path and the victim was left in that pathetic condition to his fate.

3.  Impalement

Vlad Dracula- under whose reign this method was prevalent in the 15th century, Romania- used to enjoy his meal with this terrific sight. In this ruthless act of punishment, the victim was compelled to sit on a sharp pole. The pole would eventually rise. The person would then move down slowly owing to his own weight. It is indeed terrifying to imagine the pole emerging through different parts of the body of the victim. This punishment was particularly used in response to ‘crime against the state’.

2. Boiling

Even a single drop of boiling water causes so much of pain, right? Just imagine what being boiled alive would mean? The criminal was thrown naked into boiling liquid or cold liquid which was then heated to the boiling point. The liquid could be anything- water, oil, tar or molten liquid. Boiling gradually destroyed skin, fatty tissues and exposed the muscles. The victim went through every stage of being cooked alive. The torturer controlled the position of the victim to cause more pain. Sometimes the temperature was not taken to boiling point but kept unbearably hot to torture the victim even more.

1. The Rack

The rack was used throughout Europe for centuries. The victim was attached to ropes that would be wound with a leaver. The mechanical device tightened the victim’s body dislocating his joints and eventually tearing off the limbs right away. This was also sometimes accompanied by another form of tortures. Fire would be laid down the rack which would extinguish with the downpour of the blood of the victim.



Top 15 Best Tattoo Ideas for Women

Getting inked or not getting inked, that’s the question! Tattoos have been in fashion for quite some while now but still many people think a gazillion times before getting one, specially for the first time. The reason behind this indecisiveness is simple – people don’t actually get what tattoos mean. Tattoos is a description of your personality on your body. Many people get tattoos just to make an impression which is not the right way to go about it. One should go for tattoos that represent them and connotes a special meaning. Once you know yourself you’ll know if tattoos are for you are not. Getting a tattoo does not mean permanently scarring yourself, it is just an expression of a person.

This is for the beautiful ladies out there, if you want to get a tattoo, stop thinking and go out there and get one. It is your choice, what to get and where to get it. We might just help to facilitate matters. So listed below are 15 best tattoo ideas for women. Your body is a canvas, paint in all shades beautiful.


Every girl is a queen in her own right. The crown shows power infused with grace. The crown tattoo is perfect for all the women who want to embrace their inner strength and do it with poise. In the beginning it is better to start to small and gradually delve into intricate designs. So don’t go for over-the-top, fancy crown when a simple one looks just as elegant.


Wings symbolize freedom. It denotes the wish and the right of every girl to fly away and chase her dreams. Having a pair of wings inked where you can see them, acts as an inspirational source. The tattoo is a reminder of breaking the shackles and treading on your own road of success. Wings are a very beautiful and delicate design which looks extremely good and also conveys a message. Consider them while entering a tattoo parlor.


Carry the world on your feet. This wonderful tattoo is especially to satisfy the wanderlust of travelling fanatics. The map of the whole world is a way to express one’s desire to explore each and every corner of the world. It reflects passion for travelling. This one calls out to all the globe trotters and those whose hearts are always busy planning the next trip.



This tattoo is for those who need a constant reminder to take a break and just breathe. It is to show that once in a while just breathing is enough. It provides an escape from the hassles of daily life. This tattoo is simple yet deep and will resonate with people who always feel burdened and entwined in their work.


We all have our moments where in we feel that nothing is going according to the plan. There are times when you feel like quitting and start questioning your resolve of staying strong. These are the moments this tattoo will make a world of difference. It motivates people to live through their darkest times to experience the brightest dawns. Stay strong ladies and for daily inspiration, go get this one.


We have all grown up listening to Peter Pan and her forever companion Tinkerbell. This tattoo is a journey down to our childhood and to remember that, no matter what age we are, we can always do with a little extra magic in our lives. The tattoo is very aesthetically pleasing and the element of magic enhances its beauty. I know you all want to get this one because life is better with pixie dust.


This one is just gorgeous. A dreamcatcher is a legend that states that having it rids you of all bad dreams and only good dreams find you in your sleep. Need I say more? This lovely tattoo is a believe in sweet dreams that not only embrace us in our sleep but also for the ones we watch with our eyes open. It radiates good energy and we all need that.


Who run the world? GIRLS! This is for all the girls out there who know their worth and have faith in their capabilities. This represents the era of women empowerment. Show the world who’s the boss by adorning this sassy tattoo.


Now this is super cute. This tattoo is small, simple and classy. What else do you need? Paint constellations on your body. Starts personify elegance and grace and this tattoo does the same too. It’ll embellish your every outfit and it is super adorable. Go and get some stars, you superstar!


Rose with a twist. This is a symbol of femininity infused with strength. It represents the bold streak, every women has. This tattoo is a work of brilliance and is abstract yet structured. It is for all the fierce girls out there who wants the world to know the power of a rose.


Every lady is beautiful and this tattoo throws a punch at all those who are always judging beauty. This tattoo is to increase a woman’s self esteem and self confidence. It is to make you realize that there is beauty in each and every one of us. The tattoo is a marvelous depiction of breaking stereotypical standards of being beautiful and infusing every girl with courage to shout that I am beautiful.


Bejewel your wrists with this delicate bracelet tattoo. It looks really sophisticated and refined. This tattoo is for those who don’t like extravagant designing but a modest and stylish one.


Be unconventional and choose the path less traveled. White tattoos are not all that popular but look extremely amazing. This simple heart in white ink looks super chic. It is desired for those who don’t want to highlight their tattoo too much.  The simplicity of the tattoo speaks volumes about its beauty. Try out something different and you won’t regret it.


Butterfly represent beauty of transformation and colors represent the beauty o life. Put them  together and you get a marvelous tattoo. This tattoo is so rich in life and cheerfulness. It is  definitely a must have kinda thing. It is extremely vivacious which just adds to its charm. The tattoo is perfect for free spirits and people high on life

15. Believe

That one is a classic.  The calligraphic writing enhances the appeal of the tattoo.  The tattoo is cute and simple. It is about believing in yourself, before believing in anyone else. It is about the importance your faith carries and how your faith has the power to turn things true for you. This tattoo is open for every girl who needs a little push towards believing in things and that they happen for good.


Tattoos are a self- expression and they can be as elaborate or as simple you want. Don’t let the tattoo define you instead you yourself give meaning to your tattoo. Just follow your heart and the right design would come to you. Have fun designing your body