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Top 10 Best Airports in the World 2018

Traveling is fun, but is it really fun when you are stuck in an airport waiting for your next flight, or when your oh-so-important flight is delayed. Well, honestly it is not, but then if you are stuck in one of these 10 airports, it is surely fun, because they are among the best. So next time while booking a flight, when you have a connecting flight or a flight change take a notice of the airport you are dropping in.

Here is a list of World’s Top 10 Best Airports:

10. Frankfurt Airport, Germany

Frankfurt Airport, also known as the Rhein-Main-Flughafen is located 12kms southwest from the central part of the Frankfurt city and is Germany’s largest airport. It is spread over an area of 5,683 acres and is known for hosting approximately 65 million passengers a year. The Frankfurt airport is the central hub for Lufthansa. It is not only the largest but also the busiest airport in Germany and is considered among the top 3 airports in Europe. It has a total of 3 terminals, of which the 1st and the 2nd are the most important one and the 3rd is only for the first class passengers of Lufthansa. Besides this, Frankfurt airport is known for having 98 airline services and connecting 250 different destinations.

9. Zurich Airport, Switzerland

Zurich Airport is Switzerland’s largest international airport and is located 13kms north of the city of Zurich. The airport is also known as the Kloten Airport and was opened in the year 1921. The airport takes up an area of 1,620 acres and has 2 terminals. Zurich Airport is the main hub for the famous Swiss International Airlines and hosts almost 30 million passengers a year, with an increment of 6.5% every year.

8. London Heathrow Airport, England

Heathrow Airport popularly known as the London Heathrow is the second busiest international airport in the world and is the first in Europe. It is located 23kms from the city of London. The airport holds a record of hosting approximately 78 million passengers in the year 2017. The London Heathrow Airport is the main hub for the British Airways. It is also the base for the Virgin Atlantic Airways. This airport has over 80 airline services and connects some 84 countries throughout the world thus serving 185 destinations. It has 4 terminals in total named from 1-5 of which the 1st is permanently closed.

7. Central Japan International Airport, Japan

Central Japan or the Chubu Centrair Airport is located on an artificial island called Ise Bay. The airport is 35kms from the south side of Nagoya, i.e. central Japan. The airport is labeled as the first class airport of Japan and was bestowed with the title of World’s Best Regional Airport in 2018. This airport holds a record of hosting 10 million passengers every year and is re-known for connecting various Asian travel destinations. It is the hub for AirAsia Japan, Jetstar Japan, and All Nippon Airways. The main terminal of the airport is ‘T’ shaped.

6. Munich Airport, Germany

Munich Airport titled the Best Airport in Europe 2018 is located 28.5kms from the city of Munich. It is the seventh busiest airport in the whole of Europe and is responsible for hosting almost 44.6 million passengers every year. While Frankfurt Airport is the main hub, Munich is the secondary hub for Lufthansa. The airport has 2 terminals, but what makes it popular are the many shops present inside the airport. The Munich Airport is known for having almost 150 different retail shops and over 50 places to eat. The airport is like a mini city, where the travelers can spend their day very easily.

5. Hamad International Airport, Qatar

Hamad Airport replaced the previous Doha Airport and became the main international airport of Qatar in the year 2014. This airport is located 5kms from the previous Doha airport and is spread across an area of 5,500 acres. In present, the airport has only 1 terminal, but there are plans for constructing another one based on the passenger growth.  It is the main hub for Qatar Airways.

4. Hong Kong International Airport, China

Hong Kong International Airport is located in the Chek Lap Kok island and the colloquial name of the airport is after the same island. The airport was inaugurated in the year 1998 and since then it has been an important airport for different destinations in the Mainland China. It is a hub for various airways like the Cathay Pacific, Air Hong Kong, Hong Kong Airlines etc. It provides service to almost 100 different airlines and connects 180 locations in the world. It is also known for connecting 44 different locations in the Mainland China itself. The airport has 2 main terminals and 2 concourses.

3. Tokyo International Airport, Japan

Also known as the Haneda Airport it is bestowed with the title of the World’s Cleanest Airport 2018. It is located 14kms from the Tokyo Station at a place called Ota. It is the primary hub for All Nippon Airways and Japan Airlines. This International airport has 2 terminals and is known for handling over 85 million passengers a year. The airport has a long history as it was established in the year 1932, in the Empire or War era, and since then has been through various improvements. Of the 2 terminals, the 1st was opened in the year 1993 and the 2nd in 2004.

2. Incheon International Airport, South Korea

Incheon International Airport is the largest airport in South Korea and is located 48kms from the west of Seoul. The airport was opened to the public in the year 2001. It has 2 terminals and is the main hub for various airway services like Korean Air, Air Incheon, Easter Jet etc. Further, the airport has 2 terminals and is known for having the Best Airport Staffs. It has been awarded the winner for the same in 2018. Incheon Airport is also known for hosting over 57 million passengers a year and is among World’s 20 busiest airports.

1. Changi Airport, Singapore

The Changi Airport popularly known as the Singapore Changi Airport has been named the World’s Best Airport 2018 by Skytrax. It has been holding the Best Airport title for the past six years and is surely one of the busiest airports in the world. It is located 17.2kms from the Marina Bay and is the primary hub for Singapore Airlines, Jetstar Asia Airways, SilkAir etc. The airport is known for having over 100 different airline services connecting around 100 countries throughout the world. Not only that, Changi Airport is also responsible for hosting almost 62 million passengers every year. The airport has 4 terminals and 1 private luxury terminal. But what makes the airport world famous is the airport’s own Sunflower Garden which provides a different experience to all the travelers.

20 Simple Ways to Enjoy Being Single

Believe it or not, being single is one of the best feelings in the world. Why so? That is because the best and most important relationship in the world is the one that you share with yourself. While being with a partner is romantically attractive, being single is both romantically and spiritually attractive. Most people find being single as non-desirable and boring, but the truth is told, it is not. There are various ways through which you can enjoy your singlehood and make it even more interesting and fun.

Here are 20 simple ways to cherish your ‘Single’ life:

20. Make the most of Everyday

Being single means being carefree. So, stop planning and pre-planning things, and let go. Live each day as it comes and enjoy all the small moments, the small happiness that comes along every day in your life.

19. Enjoy your Freedom

We humans throughout our life remain dependent on someone or the other. First, it’s the parents, and then it becomes your partner. But being single is the time when you can actually enjoy your freedom and have a taste of what life is all about. Take this opportunity and make the decisions you always wanted to make. Lead life the way you want, and not the way others’ want you to.

18. Put yourself to the Front

Start making it about yourself. Being selfish is bad, but so is being selfless. Start prioritizing yourself, your life and your choices. Take the chances that come your way and start doing new things. It does not matter what you do and what you don’t just do not be a reserve and spend the time contemplating to do or not to do.

17. Know who you are

Singlehood is the best period to learn more about yourself. It is the time when you can spend time with just yourself, and slowly start learning things about yourself which were hidden from you all these years. Take your time, figure out the things you want, the things you value, you support and work towards understanding yourself more.

16. Show a Positive Attitude

While being in a relationship most people give up their positive attitudes. They stop taking risks and that’s what makes life mundane. But being single is such a period, where you can actually change your life and enjoy it more by saying a simple ‘yes’, by taking a step forward and by opening yourself to new possibilities.

15. Find the Thing you Niche

In case you feel like you haven’t found what you are good at, or what you want to do. Take time to think and observe yourself, take time to find what you are good at and then give it a go.

14. Make a Career Change

When you are single the responsibilities are a lot lesser and you get to choose what you want to do and what you want to become. So, in case you are bored with your job, take a chance and change your career.

13. Make New Friends

Meeting new people, making new friends is a major part of singlehood. Man is a social animal, and he can’t live without meeting new people. So, open yourself and start meeting new people. Learn more about them and share a little about yourself and grow your circle.

12. Enjoy your Tinder life

Make yourself available. Being Single does not mean not ready to mingle. So, take your chances and matches and go on dates. Keep it simple, keep it casual.

11. Do not let Sex Drive You

While sex is important and being single does not make your sexual desires disappear. Do not let those desires guide you. So, while on a date, do not make it all about sex, take some time and think before jumping into anything. Do not let your desires control you, but instead control your desires and lead a happy life.

10. Treat Yourself

Take your time and your money, and once or twice in a week treat yourself to some good food, some shopping, etc. After all, that is the fun of being single, you earn every penny for yourself and you spend every penny for yourself. What you have is yours and what you spend is yours.

9. Take up New Hobbies

The best way to enjoy life is by trying out new things. Take up new hobbies, or look into things that you always wanted to try, and then take a step forward and try it out.

8. Work Hard, Party Harder

Take your job, college, school seriously. Work hard to achieve what you want and then gift yourself some relief by enjoying the life you’re working hard for.

7. Enjoy the Nightlife

Being Single means no one waiting at home for you to return within a certain deadline. Take time out, enjoy the nightlife, stay out and enjoy your hard-earned weekends and then come home and sleep till late in the morning.

6. Spend Time with Friends

Most people who get into relationships tend to forget their friends. But singlehood is the phase when you can actually enjoy with your friends. Make plans with them, go shopping, go out for dinners, travel places, sleepover at each other’s places and make your bonds even stronger.

5. Netflix and Chill

In this modern world when most of us are Netflix lovers it is a lot more fun being single. Make your weekends fruitful by taking up Netflix and binge-watching anything and everything you want.

4. Read More

Another amazing way to enjoy being single is by drowning yourself in the world of fiction. One of the perks of being single is you get to choose how you want to spend your free time, and reading is one of the best things to do. It will not only entertain you but will also make you wise.

3. Travel Solo

Take time off and travel. Travel to all those places you have wanted to visit ever since you were a kid. Traveling alone is a whole different kind of experience and you won’t ever realize its value unless and until you make a plan and just do it. So, pack your bags, put on your hat and go enjoy the world.

2. Start Loving Your Company

Always remember this, nobody loves you as much as you do, and nobody understands you as much as you do. So stop dreading your single status and start loving your own company.

1. Appreciate your Singlehood

Finally, the most important thing is enjoying your single life. Being single is not just a status, it is a state of mind, which makes you believe in yourself and which makes you a strong person. Accept yourself and your singlehood and stop searching for love. Let the love come to you naturally, because, at the end of the day, self-love is the best love.



Top 10 Worst Common Addictions

The human nature is an intricate matter of study. It reacts in myriad ways to different situations, and all these reactions differ from person to person. Often at times, it is unable for the mind to control how it reacts to certain objects or events. If we like something, we use or consume it again. The frequency of reuse determines how healthy it can be. When this continuous reuse borders towards a zone that is potentially unsafe for the mind or body, it is often termed as an addiction. People today are more often than not, unable to control their addictions. While certain addictions are just considered as socially unacceptable and deplorable, some are fatal and can cause harm, even death. The following is a list of some of the worst addictions in today’s world:

10. Video games

Kids, adolescents, adults – people of all ages like to play video games. It’s an enjoyable pastime, brings happiness, and drives away stress. However, excessive video gaming can be harmful. In today’s world, there are multiple video gaming platforms, and video games have become generally expensive. A lot of people are consumed by their video gaming addictions, and spend hours and hours glued to their TV, desktop, or mobile screens gaming. This not only takes away their concentration and focus from other important things like studying or working, but can also harm their eyesight and brain’s functioning.

9. Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat – almost everyone these days has an account on at least one of these social media platforms. The social media craze has been growing since the early 2000s and doesn’t show any signs of receding. People spend more than half of their day in terms of cumulative minutes scrolling through social media or sending/receiving pictures to each other. Physical interactions have been replaced by video chats, and a person’s popularity is determined by the number of friends/followers he/she has on social media. The addiction has been known to significantly affect productivity and intellectual thinking, by preventing people from doing things that might really benefit them.

8. Shopping

There’s nothing inherently wrong or harmful in buying apparel or other products for yourself. However, with the multitude of shopping outlets in existence – both, physical and online, have turned the activity of shopping from an occasional one to a craze. Consumer culture has changed drastically and people are eager to buy the latest of everything. Even if it exceeds their spending budgets, people want to shop more and more, resorting to alternative forms of payment like EMIs and cashbacks. There’s a lot of wastage involved as well, as people keep buying new items and end up not using or discarding their old belongings before their life has expired.

7. Junk Food

Diabetes and obesity has become a global problem. Contributing to this pandemic disease is junk food. Tons of junk food is consumed by people of all ages around the world, and the numbers have only been increasing. While these foods taste really good, and can seem harmless even when consumed in small quantities, their harmful effects seep in gradually. They make people fatter, lazier, and unfit, leading to a possibility of catching a variety of diseases. Potato chips, friend foods, soft drinks – all contain unhealthy fats, making people averse to eating healthy foods and even ruining their appetites.

6. Pornography

Let’s face the facts – people do not easily admit to it, but many are addicted to watching pornography. The number of free pornography sites have grown manifold times and keep growing at an unstoppable pace. Lust and physical needs are feelings quite a few individuals find difficult to control, and hence watching pornography results in being the only release. While there are no dangerous effects of engaging in the activity of watching pornography, the addiction adversely affect one’s character. Many consider it morally wrong to do so, and it is also considered a taboo among certain cultures.

5. Caffeine

Caffeine is one of the most consumed drugs in the entire world. A significant constituent of coffee, energy drinks, and soft drinks, the substance is highly addictive. Caffeine is not a direct threat to one’s health; however, too much consumption can create cravings in the body, which if not satisfied, can lead to headaches and feelings of irritation. Office goers and students form the bulk of caffeine consumers, and they consume it on a regular basis, making them prone to addiction.

4. Work

The trials and tribulations of a nine-to-five job can be extremely taxing on the mind and body. Be it corporate jobs or those in any other fields, stress is not easy to avoid. Ever-increasing targets, piling up tasks, orders from the boss – all create mental pressure and tension. The need to meet targets and deadlines, and also the desire for a bonus drives people to work overtime. This increases the burden on them even more. Addiction to work is a serious problem in today’s world. As a matter of fact, people in Japan are known to die from heart attacks because of working too much and taking up excess stress.

3. Drugs

The war on drugs has been raging on for many years. Millions of people around the world are involved in drug abuse. The production and distribution of narcotics only keeps increasing and an increasing number of people, especially young individuals, find themselves caught in its web. Excessive usage of certain drugs like heroin and cocaine can not only create severe addictions, but also leave long-term side effects that can be damaging to a person. Thousands of people die annually from drug overdoses, highlighting how fatal and dangerous drug consumption can be.

2. Tobacco

It’s no myth that tobacco consumption is one of the most harmful activities a person can engage in. There are more than a billion people who consume tobacco via smoking cigarettes. In the short-term, the activity can create an addiction for nicotine, leading to people puffing their lungs away. Chest-aches and cough are also common among smokers. Long-term effects of tobacco addiction can take place in the form of life threatening diseases such as cancer, and increased possibilities of heart attacks. Even though the harmful effects of tobacco consumption are blatantly preached through all possible mediums, the tobacco addiction is hard to drive away.

1. Alcohol

One of the most damaging addictions of all, alcohol addiction can be extremely difficult to deal with. Alcohol is consumed all around the world. However, it is the quantity of consumption that is the matter of prime importance. Excessive consumption can create a craving in the body for alcohol that is frustrating to drive away. Most cases of domestic violence stem from alcohol addiction, and drunk driving persists to be a detrimental issue in today’s world. Moderation in terms of consuming alcohol is imperative. It can otherwise make an individual spiral down into a world of despair and exasperation.

Top 10 uses of Petroleum Jelly you didn’t know

A staple in all households, a classic blue and white tub of Petroleum Jelly is like that old friend we have all grown up with. A mixture of natural waxes and mineral oils, petroleum jelly’s main component is Petroleum, which primarily helps to lock moisture in the skin and relieve dryness. Petroleum jelly is also often called Petrolatum.

Mostly used for its lubricating and coating properties, petroleum jelly is a versatile product, many uses of which are still unknown to a lot of us! Although the product has not changed much since Robert Chesebrough had discovered and popularised it in 1859 as Vaseline, there have been many new and innovative ideas to use petroleum jelly to our benefit in different unique and creative ways.

Keep reading to find out about the top 10 uses of Petroleum Jelly that you did not know of before!


10. Heal minor scratches or burns

Studies have shown petroleum jelly to be helpful in keeping the skin moist at the time of post-surgery healing. So, petroleum jelly is a brilliant and quick fix to less dramatic or less severe injuries like a minor scratch, a razor burn or even a small bruise. Just make sure that you clean the affected area on the skin properly before applying the petroleum jelly on it, to disinfect the skin. This prevents bacteria from getting trapped inside, which in turn is rather likely to delay the healing process.


9. Moisturiser

Today, most skin lotions and creams use petroleum jelly as one of its main ingredients. This is due to its moisture sealing properties which prevents the skin from drying out.

Apply petroleum jelly on your face and body after a shower, as a moisturiser. It can also help to add moisture back to dry and chapped noses during cold or allergy seasons. You can also use petroleum jelly on your cracked heels, after cleaning your feet in warm water with bath salts. Apply a thick layer of petroleum jelly on those cracked heels and elbows at night and put on your cotton socks, to wake up with soft and healed baby feet. Use a coat of petroleum jelly on your hands if you have been doing a lot of washing and cleaning, to return the lost moisture to your hands.Finally, ditch the fancy and expensive lip products and go for the good old tub of petroleum jelly as your lip balm, to heal your chapped and dry lips, overnight.

You can also always add a layer of petroleum jelly on to your matte lipstick to instantly turn it into a lip gloss!


8. Makeup remover

Yes, you read that right. Nothing does a better job at removing your stubborn makeup than a dab of petroleum jelly. In fact, in a recent study on eye ultrasounds, it was found out that petroleum jelly is safer to use around the eyes than any oil, both of which are actually equally effective in removing resistant makeup.

Just take a little amount of petroleum jelly on a cotton pad or a Q-tip and gently rub on and around your eyes or lips to break that rigid waterproof mascara or the bright red lipstick!


7. Use with perfumes

Apply a little petroleum jelly on the pulse points of your wrist or behind your ears,  before you spray your perfume, to preserve the scent. Because petroleum jelly is an occlusive ointment, it helps the fragrance to last longer on your skin than if you were to apply it on dry skin.


6. Split ends

Regular exposure to sun and wind makes the hair dry. Even swimming-pool water has a similar drying effect on our hair. Reduce the look or appearance of the split ends by applying some petroleum jelly on to your hair, which also adds a nice, silky shine to the texture of your hair. You can also use a small amount of petroleum jelly to tame frizzy hair or baby hairs, to make it look smooth and silky.


5. Lash growth

Use a clean old mascara wand to apply petroleum jelly on to your lashes each night, before going to bed. This boosts the volume of your lashes and makes them thicker and longer over time, but only with consistent use. You can also apply the same technique to your eyebrows, to stimulate healthier growth of your brow hair.


4. Prevent diaper rashes

Petroleum jelly is proven to reduce the incidence of diaper rashes in babies. Properly clean and gently towel dry your baby’s skin before you apply a reasonably generous coat of petroleum jelly. This will form a layer of protection on the baby’s skin, protecting it from the harmful effects of constant exposure to moisture.


3. Pet care

Just like your skin, your dog’s skin can also crack and cause him/her a great deal of uncomfort. So, clean the paws of your furry friend with cotton gauze, let it dry and then apply a layer of petroleum jelly as a mousturiser. This should ideally be done after your pet has taken a walk and is resting or sleeping. Applying petroleum jelly on the cracked paws of your pets also prevents any bacterial or fungal growth in the area with open cracks.


2. Prevent skin stains

Applying a layer of petroleum jelly along your hairline before dyeing your hair prevents the hair dye from staining your skin. Do the same thing while painting your nails. Make sure you have coated the skin around your finger nails with some petroleum jelly before you start painting your nails. You can easily wipe away this barrier of petroleum jelly after you are done paining those nails! This way, you save yourself the time and the effort of removing those stubborn and annoying stains that dyes and paints often leave behind on our skin.


1. Cuticle care

Petroleum jelly acts as a barrier against moisture loss and thus is amazing for dry hands and palms, to be precise. Now, in order to add further protection, rub some petroleum jelly directly on to the nail beds of your finger nails and cuticles, before going to sleep at night. To fasten the process and ensure its effectiveness, go to bed with gloves on, after rubbing the petroleum jelly into your finger nails. As a result, you will certainly wake up with softer hands and shinier finger nails.


In fact, since mornings are pretty hectic for most of us, we are often forced to skip our skincare or beauty rituals in the day time. So, the easiest tip is to keep a small and handy tub of petroleum jelly in your bag or purse. This way, you can use some of it, whenever required and for whatever reason or purpose.

Top 10 Things That Are Extremely Important In A Relationship

Relationship: a single yet a robust word that has the power to make you or break you. A good relationship can be your life-guard when you are drowning in the pool of loneliness or if gone wrong, it can be the force that pushes you in that lonely state in the first place. We don’t realize but we share a relationship with every single person in our life. The only difference is that some of them are successful and mean a lot to us while others fade away with the passing time. Have we ever thought why is it that some people have so fortunate relationships that serves as their strength while some relationships die an unnatural death? At times, we are not even able to figure out what went wrong? Why things didn’t work out between two people?

The answer lies in the simple myth that most of us believe in that love is the only important thing essential to keep a relationship going. No doubt it is one of the most important and basic things but ‘is love enough to keep two people together?’

It’s easy to fall in love but it’s easier to fall out of it too. During such times, if certain other things are not there; that relationship will cease to exist. Here is a list of certain factors that decides the fate of a relationship:

10. Understanding

As the word speaks for itself, it simply means sharing a bond where the other person is willing and capable to know your feelings and emotions. They understand every word that you have to say even before you have said it. They understand your likes and dislikes, your sudden outbursts and your quirky behavior and focus on what is bothering you. The real test of understanding is during times of misunderstandings. A certain level of such understanding where one doesn’t let misunderstandings come in the way of the relationship is the key to every successful relationship.

9. Compatibility

Being compatible i.e’ being in a state where two people are able to exist or stay together without problems or conflict’ is very crucial for a happy relationship. If not a single day passes when you two didn’t have a fight regarding any issue, then you guys have some serious compatibility issues that needs to be mended before it blows away your relationship. Having a fight once in a blue moon is healthy, normal and alright but if it has become a daily affair, then it isn’t okay. Having entirely different choices is not a problem as if you are compatible enough, you will figure out a way to acknowledge both of your choices and co-exist in a peaceful manner.

8. Comfortability

The level of comfortability where you can share anything and everything with your partner is a must. Be it your mood swings, your emotions or feelings, your weird thoughts, period cramps, workout things or anything that comes to your mind- you can blurt it all out without having any second thoughts. You don’t have to be plastic or fake with them as you know they will never judge you no matter what. You can be your true self without any pressure of meeting certain expected standards. You are comfortable in sharing everything, from your bed to your life with them.

7. Communication

Maintaining a relationship for a long term is a very difficult task and the only way to accomplish it effectively is by learning the art of communication. Having conversations serves as the stairs that you need to climb in order to reach the goal of a healthy relationship. The most important thing to keep in mind in this aspect is that both quantity and quality matters. You should be on talking terms frequently if not regularly. If you expect that you have years of gap between two conversations and your relationship will still be okay, then it won’t. Also, the quality of communication is also necessary which means having talks that strengthens your bond.

6. Privacy

Sharing a relationship does not mean that you own one another. Each of you has your separate life and your own friends and family. For any relationship to be happy, it is very important to understand and accept the need for privacy. No matter even if you are married, having a personal space is everyone’s right and need and a good relationship realizes this.

5. Trust

Without trust you’ve got nothing. Trust is the founding stone of any relationship. Not just relationships, our entire world revolves around trust. If you don’t trust your partner, your relationship can never survive. The ones with a habit of constant scrupling about everything end up regretting not having trust and it’s too late to realize then.

4. Respect for each other

If you don’t respect a person for who he/she is, you can never have a fruitful relationship with them. It’s important to respect not just the person but their decisions and choices as well. Make sure that none of your actions or words hurt the other person’s self-respect or dignity. Just as your self-respect is valuable to you, it is to the other person as well. No matter however bad an argument you guys have, never say or do anything disrespectful.

3. Loyalty

If a person trusts you enough that he/she has decided to share their lives with you, never break that trust. Being loyal to a person is an essential requisite in order to build a healthy and happy relationship. Breach of loyalty once can never be fully mended irrespective of how hard one tries. It’s just like a broken glass that can never regain its original shape once broken.

2. Support

This is the factor that keeps a relationship going strong. The basic reason why we look forward to relationships is to seek a supporting hand. A hand that will stick by us in all odds, that will be our guiding light from all the dark times and be our strength in all the lows.

1. Love

And obviously, the most important of all the things is love. No bond can grow without the existence of love. If you love the other person enough, you will be willing to work on all the other factors because when you love someone, you just can’t let them go. Just the thought of losing them is scary and you will go to any bounds to ensure that your relationship stays and grows.

Just remember that relationship is a two way street and it’s all about giving and taking. All of these things can never be established with a single-sided effort. If you wish a relationship to grow and be strong, both of you will have to put efforts in order to achieve it. A good relationship lights up your world and makes you hug happiness.

Top 12 Cutest Dog Breeds

They’re noble, they’re fluffy, and they never leave your side if you show them love. Dogs are undoubtedly one of the cutest pets to keep. Friends can come and friends can go, but your dog shall always stand beside you, with its tongue out and tail wagging. While people have various preferences when it comes to keeping pets such as cats, birds, or fish – a significant majority opt for dogs. The simple reason behind this choice is that dogs are the cutest pets one can have. Here’s a list, in no particular order, of the cutest dog breeds you can find:

12. Beagle

Beagles are absolutely adorable dogs with their tricolor coat of brown, black, and white. They are super easy to maintain and don’t grow too big in size, making them the perfect dogs for apartments and small houses. They can get extremely active and playful, and are sure to keep you on your feet at most times during the day. Beagles are known to have powerful noses, and can sniff out even the most remote objects, if they appeal to them! All in all, beagles are fun to have around, and make very cute companions.

11. Welsh Corgi

Native to the country of Wales, Welsh Corgis have gained widespread popularity owing to their cameos in movies and other media of popular culture. The fact that they are Queen Elizabeth II’s favorite dog breed adds to their appeal. The small dogs have big, pointy ears, and small legs, making them appear unconditionally cute. They definitely are very playful, and can illuminate even the dullest of places with their shrill bark and excited jumps.

10. Poodle

These fluffy dogs are often classified as ‘feminine’ dogs, because of their paltry appearance. However, looks can be deceiving! Poodles are known to be one of the most intelligent dog breeds. They are also fashionably cute, and are known to be very good at learning tricks and being obedient. Poodles can be very versatile when it comes to doing any type of activity, as a result of which they often end up winning dog shows.

9. Golden Retriever

Regardless of whether people know their breed, most individuals have seen Golden Retrievers – be it on the packages of dog food, or in movies and advertisements. These handsome dogs are very popular around the world. Golden Retriever puppies are one of the cutest animals on the planet, and can grow up to be healthy, strong beasts. The dogs make for very good hunting assistants, and love to engage in physical activities. Their bushy, golden coats are extremely soft and add to their cuteness quotient, although they do tend to shed a lot of hair!

8. Dalmatian

Dalmatians are popular dogs that are instantly recognizable because of their spotted coats of black & white. Their popularity comes from their feature in multiple kids’ movies such as 101 Dalmatians and Operation Dalmatian, which portrayed them as cute, intelligent dogs who are loved by children. Dalmatians can grow to be considerably tall animals, adding to their charm. Many owners often enter them into dog competitions, as they can be fanciful and just as stylish.

7. Shiba Inu

Shiba Inus are a distinct breed of dogs that are native to Japan. Although they were initially bred to be companions for hunting, their faces give off very calm and cute vibes. Shiba Inus found global popularity as the cutest of dog breeds on the internet recently, through meme culture and viral videos. Often called ‘Doge’, they are very obedient pets to have around the house and are also well-behaved. Add to that their bushy cuteness, and it makes them an entire package!

6. Cocker Spaniel

Well known for their long, droopy ears, cocker spaniels are another breed of dogs that children love to be around. These cute beasts, although very hairy, love playing ball and running around with people in parks and open spaces. Cocker Spaniels’s are great to have around the house, and maintaining them is a fairly easy job. While they were primarily found in the United Kingdom and the USA, their growing popularity has taken them all around the world, and people from various countries and climates love to keep them as pets.

5. Pug

Pugs are a dog breed with a unique set of physical characteristics. Their wrinkled faces, small button-like eyes, and long tongues make them seem very cute. Pugs are very calm and well-behaved animals. Although they have a shrill bark, they very rarely bite. They have also found their way into the world of print and advertising, by featuring in multiple major advertisement campaigns, and even in movies. Although it can get tough to maintain them, because they are prone to developing health issues, in particular, blindness, they are still lovable pets that myriad people love to have around.

4. Great Dane

Do not mistake the nature of these giants dogs because of their size – Great Danes can be adorable pets. Often growing up to over six feet in height while standing, they’re one of the largest dog breeds. However, there is no definite correlation between size and cuteness. These giants are surprisingly gentle, and extremely obedient as well. They love to be around little children, and are fun playmates. You might need a big house with a lot of open space to keep one, but they’re absolutely worth the hassle.

3. Labrador Retriever

Another extremely popular dog breed, Labrador Retrievers are known to people all around the world and are often portrayed as the archetypal household dogs. They can be very sporty and athletic, and love to play outdoors. Labrador Retrievers are fairly easy to maintain and groom, and do not lose their cute charm throughout their lives. Their smartness has enabled them to often be used as service dogs as well, providing assistance to blind people, and also helping law enforcement officials sniff out mischief.

2. Dachshund

If you have often looked at a dog breed and unknowingly referred to it as the ‘hotdog’ dog, you’re talking about a Dachshund. These dogs, although bearing peculiar body shapes, are extremely cute in their mannerisms and behavior. They can be very fast, and at the same time, very lazy as well! Dachshunds come in two sizes as well – one is the regular and the other is the miniature. They tend to be great pets to keep around the house and are brilliant at keeping watch.

1. Siberian Husky

Known to be dogs of the ice-cold Arctic, Siberian Huskies are all-rounders. They’re energetic, they’re beautiful, and they’re just the right-sized dog to have around. Huskies have found immense popularity on social media platforms, where proud owners often share cute videos of their huskies doing funny tricks and activities. Extremely efficient at pulling sledges, these wolf-like beasts are majestic in their own way, and beyond cute.

Top 12 Greatest Unsolved Mysteries of All Times

The 21st century has been a witness to prominent technological advancements. We have explored the heights of the mountains as well as the depths of the ocean. With the aid of the internet, it has become far easier to procure the answers to all queries than before. But is it really all our queries? Have people today become so powerful as to unlock all the mysteries and justify every phenomenon which has been happening in the past and the present? The answer is most certainly not an affirmative.

We all are part of an infinite universe and there are uncountable mysterious incidents and strange activities which intrigue us. It compels us to embark on a quest for the answers to questions that are probably unanswerable.

Below are listed 12 such mysteries which will fascinate you to no end.


12. The Pollock Twins

Two sisters, Joanna and Jacqueline Pollock, were natives of England. They were of ages 11 and 6 respectively. On their way to visit Sunday church, they met with a tragic accident. Unfortunately, both of them died. They were extremely close to each other. Their parents mourned their death. After one year, Mrs. Pollock became pregnant again. Regardless of doctors’ convictions, their father had an intense belief that it would be twin girls. That was exactly what happened. The bizarre similarities and traits of the girls compelled the psychologists to perceive it as a case of reincarnation. The girls had the same scars and birthmarks. They used to ask for the dolls of their deceased sisters with the same name. Without any knowledge of their dead sisters, they used to force their parents to take them to the same park. Although the church is accepting of this bizarre coincidence, the underlying mystery is unsolved to date.


11. The Taos Hum

Taos is a small town in New Mexico, where a certain buzzing sound, similar to that of a distant diesel engine, can be heard. Though the sound is audible to the naked ear, various sound detection devices fail to pick it up. The possible reasons are often dismissed as the noise of the activists in the same active zones of humming, but it is not founded in any scientific explanation. The intensity of the sound increases at night while it fades during the day. It has also led to a couple of suicides and disturbances in the physical health of people in the past. Researchers accept that there is no natural reason behind it. Consequently, the “hums” remain a tantalizing mystery.

10. The Bermuda Triangle

This one is indeed famous and widely recognized. You might not be hearing it for the first time. Also referred to as the Devil’s Triangle, it is a stretch of the Atlantic Ocean bordered by a line from Florida to the islands of Bermuda.  The reason that it has garnered so much attention is because several ships and planes mysteriously disappear over that particular area. Pilots often complain of their instruments going haywire. There are many explanations given in this regard from magnetic force to aliens. The triangle does not confirm its isolation from paranormal activities too. It is indeed a much-debated topic amongst researchers and scholars who have an intense longing to solve this mystery.

9. The Shrine of the Bullet Baba

This one will really amaze you. There is a famous shrine in Bandai, Rajasthan. Lots of people come here to worship as it is believed to protect the travelers. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that people don’t worship the idols of god and goddesses, but a bullet motorcycle. The underlying mystery is that a man named Om Singh Rathore had died in this very place in a tragic accident while returning home. Since then, the police have tried emptying its tank, binding it in chains but every time the bullet would return to that very place before daybreak. After constant efforts, the authorities surrendered. Consequently, the place took the shape of a shrine.

8. Bigfoot

Also known as Sasquatch, Bigfoot is known to reside in the snowy lands of the United States and Canada. At first sight, it resembles a Gorilla. Its gait, however, resembles that of a human. These similarities have led many to claim that it might be an ancient relative of the subspecies. Though there have been various photographs of footprints of this suspicious creature, no physical body has been found yet.

7. Malaysian Airline Flight 370

This flight became the world’s biggest aviation mystery when it disappeared without any trace. The incident dates back to March 8, 2014. The flight took off from Kuala Lumpur and was heading to Beijing with 239 people on board as per the News UK Company, The Sun. At 12.14 am on March 8, 2014, Malaysia Airlines lost contact with MH370 close to Phuket Island. The most mysterious factor behind this event is the last words which the Malaysian authorities interpreted as: “Good Night Malaysian three seven zero”. The families of the victims desperately want an answer to the question. Not even a single trace has been found of its remains, which makes it one of the biggest contemporary mysteries.

6.  Bog Bodies

The Sphagnum Bogs in Northern Europe has been an area of burning curiosity after thousands of Bog bodies have been excavated in the same. These are naturally preserved human corpses. The bodies were not decomposed and the skins and internal organs were found to be intact. This can be related to the conditions that the bog provided to preserve the bodies. The bodies can be dated back to the Iron Age, and several signs reflect that these people were possibly murdered. Either they became the victim of some bizarre rituals or it was a result of some sort of punishment. The revelation of the thousands of corpses under such conditions was indeed surprising.

5. Jack the Ripper

Jack the Ripper is one of the most popular serial killers who had an active killing spree between the years 1888-1891 in Whitechapel, near London. His claim to fame was that of murdering female sex workers in Whitechapel. There was news that affirmed that the killer used to slit the throat of his victims and disemboweled them. He sometimes even removed the internal organs of the victims from their corpses. Even after centuries, the police have not been able to single out the murderer behind all these crimes. Many names have been put forward, including Prince Albert Victor Christian Edward, a grandson of Queen Victoria. Every day a new hypothesis comes to rise with the insertion of another suspect. Though Jack the Ripper might be dead, but his secret identity is still just as baffling. 

4.  Reincarnation of Shanti Devi

Shanti Devi was born around the 1930s in Delhi. It was only after she turned 4, that her behavior displayed a complete reversal. She said that her real name was Ludgi Devi; she even told her parents that they weren’t her real parents and that she didn’t belong to that place. She narrated her past life, the name of her husband and how she died giving birth to her child. Later on, when her parents tried to figure out the truth behind what she told, they found out that every incident that she narrated was surprisingly true. When Shanti Devi met her husband from past life, she recognized him in no time and expressed her affections. This mysterious incarnation remains unsolved to date.

3. The Mary Celeste

The Mary Celeste was found drifting 400 miles east of the Azores by the crew of another cargo-carrying vessel, the Dei Gratia, on 5 December 1872. The ship, also called the ghost ship, was found without a captain and no sign of any other crew member. The ship was loaded with food enough to last for about 6 months and was in a fine condition with no visible signs of damage. The mystery arises from the fact that a seasoned captain left a ship in a totally fine state for no possible reason or explanation. Thereby, it has retained its position as one of the biggest unsolved sea mysteries of all times.

2. Inuit village near lake Anjikuni, Canada.

This incident proves yet again that the Earth is indeed a mysterious place. The existence of an entire village disappeared under strange circumstances. A trapper used to visit that village frequently to meet the locals. Suddenly one night, he found out that the entire community had vanished, with the fire still burning. Their weapons were untouched. Food and other stuff were intact. Dogs were frozen and starved to death, though there was food left in bulk. There is no rational explanation as to what exactly happened there.

1. Prahlad Jani

A yogi from Gujrat, India, Prahlad Jani has been living without food and water for the past 7 decades. No signs of his deteriorating health have ever been observed. He was examined and put to test for 15 days, but to everyone’s surprise each time he passed the tests and continued without food and water and didn’t show any signs of starvation. The mystery remains unexplained. He claims that it is Goddess Amba who sustains him. But is it really a miracle?

Top 10 Best Luxury Clothing Brands in the World

The fashion and clothing world has evolved drastically over time. A plethora of fashion designers have made their mark in the industry, giving birth to their own lines of high-end products. While most individuals prefer buying clothes that are moderately priced, newer trends have been emerging. An increasing number of luxury clothing brands have cemented their position in the mass market. Brand-conscious consumers have welcomed luxury clothing brands in spite of their high-end prices. The fact that celebrities and influencers endorse these brands regularly has augmented their overall value. The following is a list, in no particular order, of the most popular and well-reviewed luxury clothing brands in the world:

10. Ralph Lauren

The Ralph Lauren brand came into existence over fifty years ago, in 1967. It’s founder, Ralph Lauren, started the company from nothing and built it into a globally renowned fashion brand within a few decades. The company now features a wide category of products in multiple segments – apparel, fragrances, and accessories, among others. The apparel segment forms the backbone of the business, with categories for men, women, and children. From stylish polos to chic suits, Ralph Lauren symbolizes excellence. Ralph Lauren also regularly sponsors sports events, maintaining it’s brand identity and image as one of the top-notch apparel companies.

9. Coach

Coach is an age-old American brand that specializes in leather goods for women. With its base in New York, the famous luxury brand is eyed by women in particular, all over the world. Although it has a major presence in the Northern American region, Coach has managed to build a strong brand image globally due to its strategic marketing tactics. Coach’s handbags and wallets for women range from $400 to $800 region, while some are priced even higher. Their attention to detail and quality is what has helped them find their place as one of the top luxury brands in the world.

8. Versace

The Italian fashion giant, Versace, is one that not only fashion enthusiasts but also teenagers and adults alike know of. Versace took the fashion world by storm with its creative designer apparel and accessories in the eighties and nineties, setting new trends like none other. From leather jackets to flashy dresses, they had it all. It even made significant success in the fragrance segment with its own lines of men’s and women’s perfumes. Versace was able to create its image as a famous luxury brand by catching the eyes of celebrities and Hollywood stars. Their endorsement of the brand took it to new heights and brought it to the top of the luxury clothing brand ladder.

7. Prada

The brainchild of Italian designer Miuccia Prada, Prada is a century-old luxury fashion house. Initially founded to cater to the needs of the Milanese upper classes, Prada was able to find a global audience over the decades. Its signature luxury handbags, suitcases, and footwear are priced exorbitantly but boast of extremely high-quality fabrics and its avant-garde fashion appeal. Gradually, Prada even expanded to other segments such as mobile phones and watches, to augment its standing as a luxury brand leader in multiple apparel categories.

6. Armani

The name of Giorgio Armani has become one that is known worldwide, to people of all social classes. The Italian luxury apparel company famous for its designer clothing, footwear, accessories, and much more, generates billions of dollars in revenue annually. With multiple labels under the brand name such as Emporio Armani, Armani Jeans, and Armani Junior, to name a few, the brand has been able to penetrate various age groups and market segments to establish its image. Moreover, the name Armani is now associated with elegance, class, and high-end style, making the brand one of the biggest luxury clothing brands in the world.

5. Dolce & Gabbana

Another Italian luxury fashion brand, Dolce & Gabbana is still relatively young as compared to its contemporaries. However, in a rather short tenure, the brand has made its way to the top, competing with the big players in the luxury arena. The brand is well-known for its suave clothing, fancy swimwear, and stimulating fragrances. Making hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue yearly, Dolce & Gabbana has been able to grab significant market share in the luxury clothing industry. This has enabled it to garner a loyal customer base across major fashion hubs around the world.

4. Chanel

Chanel is one of the few top-level fashion houses that caters only to women’s luxury clothing. The French luxury brand founded by Coco Chanel is over a hundred years old. Specializing in fashionable women’s dresses and accessories, the brand is revered among the female elites all over the world. Its stylish dresses and rich fragrances make it a favorite among celebrities. Most women who wear Chanel, do so not only for the aesthetic allure but also to make a statement. The brand stands for classiness, elegance, and plush fashion ethics.

3. Gucci

One of the biggest global luxury brands, Gucci is among the best of the best in its field. The Italian brand has grown exponentially over the decades, with hundreds of fancy, opulent retail outlets across the globe. Gucci’s designer clothing and leather goods are top of the line, selling for hundreds, and some for thousands of dollars. The high demand for Gucci’s premium products has enabled the brand to generate billions of dollars in revenue. Moreover, Gucci has a strong brand positioning strategy, which it carries out by using digital channels to reach out to its target customers.

2. Burberry

An age-old fashion giant, Burberry has been in existence for more than 150 years. The British company has proven to be timeless by staying at the top of the luxury clothing world for decades. From heavy, layered coats to chic fashion accessories and fragrances, Burberry has a broad product catalog. Its tailored suits have been a top preference for high-profile businessmen and celebrities all over the world. With the immense amount of revenue it spawns, Burberry has managed to create a physical presence in over fifty countries, with hundreds of retail outlets. The company is a brilliant representation of successful brand building and an inspiration for thousands of fashion designers.

1. Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is a brand that emanates luxury, class, and style like no other. Founded in 1854 by Louis Vuitton, the brand is a market leader when it comes to leather apparel, luxurious accessories, watches, and much more. Louis Vuitton is one of the most valuable luxury clothing brands in the world with a net worth that exceeds $20 billion. The most successful celebrities endorse Louis Vuitton, making the brand define a particular style statement. It declares that looking suave and being successful go hand in hand, and that is what Louis Vuitton stands for.

Top 10 Major Disadvantages of Online Shopping

The realm of shopping and retail has undergone a paradigm shift. Gone are the days when shopping was confined to visiting physical stores. Technology has taken such a drastic turn that all your purchases can be made without stepping outside your house. Be it apparel, lifestyle products, furniture, or just about anything – it can be ordered online within moments. Online payment platforms have further eased the entire process. While online shopping has made things easier for people all around the world, it isn’t perfect yet. Here are some major disadvantages associated with online shopping that make people think twice before doing so:

10. Lack of Tangibility

A fundamental aspect where online shopping lags behind physical shopping are tangibility. In the case of online shopping, it is not possible to touch and feel the product. It is very common for people to inspect, touch, and hold the product in their hands before they make the decision of buying it. However, online shopping lacks the possibility of being able to do so. While shopping from e-commerce and online stores, we need to solely rely on the images that have been provided. All the trust is put not in the product itself, but in its pictures and descriptions. Consequently, people are often dissuaded from buying their items online.

9. Absence of Interactivity

Online shopping involves no communication between the buyer and the seller. In the case of a physical store, sales assistants are always there to help customers. Be it picking out the right size, or getting advice for the right design, these sales assistants are often a great source of help. In essence, they make the shopping process easier. However, the lack of such assistance in the case of online shopping is a significant disadvantage. Shoppers have nobody to communicate with except virtual chatbots in some cases. This often makes the online shopping process slightly difficult and drab.

8. Time-taking deliveries

While online shopping makes things simpler through the physical convenience it offers, receiving the product can often be a hassle. Individuals often need to wait for multiple days until their purchased items reach them. Moreover, deliveries often don’t take place on weekends, which adds to the waiting time. Logistical issues like delay in transit time, improper handling of goods, and unforeseen events can make matters worse. People who purchase something online with an urgent need are unable to receive it on time. Thus, long delivery periods is a serious disadvantage of online shopping which needs to be solved.

7. Fixed Prices & Lack of Flexibility

The absence of a human element makes online shopping very rigid. Prices that flash on mobile and desktop screens are more often than not fixed. It is not possible for shoppers to negotiate in any manner. However, in the case of non-branded physical stores, relationships matter a lot. Regular customers are often given discounts and freebies for their loyalty. Sometimes, they can even negotiate with the seller and bargain for a lower price. Such flexibility is unavailable in the case of online shopping. There, the seller commands the price and we consumers have no option but to go with it.

6. No Real Shopping Experience

Shopping online is a very bland and straightforward process. It barely requires effort and individuals only have to scroll through catalogs and images to choose what they want. Physical shopping is, however, an entire experience in itself. Many individuals indulge in excessive shopping to drive away stress or boost their morale because it makes them feel good. After hours and hours of checking multiple stores, it feels great to go back home with hands that are filled with shopping bags. It gives a real feeling to the shopping experience and provides the happiness of having done something fun and self-fulfilling. Online shopping is unable to replicate this experience.

5. Extra costs and fees

It is very common nowadays to see multiple online banners and ads that provide discounts. However, these discounts are quite often misleading. Some e-commerce retailers use these sales promotion techniques to disguise their high shipping and handling costs. They do this so that the discount and shipping costs offset each other, thereby bringing the product price back to its initial level. Thus, a customer might be fooled into thinking of receiving a discount, but actually might end up paying the same amount he or she otherwise would.

4. Size Issues & Misfits

Shopping in a retail outlet is considered so hassle-free because people can easily try out clothes in trial rooms and purchase the perfect sizes. However, this isn’t possible in the case of online shopping. People must know their exact sizes while buying online. Even though there are size charts to guide shoppers, they don’t provide the assurance that trying the actual product does. Moreover, varying online stores have varying fittings which make things even more complicated. Often, the right size produces the wrong fit and the product has to be returned.

3. Problematic Returns Processes

If you’ve received the exact product that you saw online and expected to receive, that’s great. However, if not, then God help you. For most e-commerce companies, the returns process is quite complicated. Various formalities have to be fulfilled and it can take a long while before you can get an alternate product or cashback. Nowadays, social media handles such as Twitter and Facebook are filled with angry consumers ranting about bad shopping experiences. Thus, individuals need to be very careful while making any purchases online. Once ordered, returning can be very frustrating.

2. Lack of social experience

Above all, shopping is supposed to be a fun activity. When friends or family members go out shopping, they expect to have an entire day out that is filled with visiting multiple stores and malls, walking around, and eating out. Online shopping misses out on all of those. When you go out shopping with your friends or your family, they can guide you as to what you should purchase and provide their feedback. You can also seek their reviews of products that they might have already bought. However, online platforms lack a personal touch when it comes to the collective and participatory nature of physical shopping.

1. Possibility of Fraud

Looks can often be deceiving. You might order something online and end up receiving something that is entirely different. There have been numerous cases where people have received completely different products from what they ordered. As a result, it is very important to have trust in the e-commerce company you shop from and verify its authenticity. It is even possible for online stores to steal your credit/debit card information if you choose to pay via that medium. Thus, you must exercise caution while satisfying your demands by shopping online. The cons of online shopping can at times, considerably exceed the pros.

Top 10 Most Livable Countries in the World

It is a common occurrence for people to spend their entire lives in their motherland, growing up and living there till their last days. We owe a basic responsibility to the nation that gave us a home, and we strive to serve it in our own way. However, recent trends have shown that an increasing number of individuals prefer to move to greener pastures. Everyone aspires to procure a good lifestyle, a healthy environment, and stable living conditions. The following is a list of countries, ranked in terms of quality of life and citizens’ well-being, making the countries some of the most livable ones in the world:

10. Canada

The land of maple syrup has been in the limelight for the past few decades for being one of the most easygoing places to live in. The Canadian economy has grown significantly since the start of the 21st century, making it a cardinal hub for immigrants. Employment rates are high and the cost of living is not too harsh on the pocket, thereby making it an optimum place for those seeking to build a career and starting a family. Although the winters can get cold, the country’s beauty is breathtaking, especially when it comes to wonders like the Niagara Falls.

9. Iceland

Mountains, valleys, volcanoes, and endless expanses of green – all can be found in abundance in the Nordic island of Iceland. Iceland is one of the most productive countries in the world and is also pioneering the use of renewable energy sources. Low crime rates and advanced education systems have enabled the country to experience substantial growth. Due to the low population and low rate of unemployment, wages are above satisfactory in Iceland, making the quality of living excellent there. If you’re looking for a life full of peace and stability, Iceland is the go-to place for you.

8. Ireland

The emerald isle has consistently been on various lists of countries with the best quality of life. The people of Ireland are extremely warm and friendly, always cheerful and willing to raise a toast. A significant majority of Ireland’s citizens are able to afford to house and live comfortably – primarily due to the above satisfactory job market and wages. There is plenty of free space in the country, and the housing industry is continuously developing, providing opportunities for immigrants to settle and contribute to the country’s economy. Beer lovers and sports enthusiasts – this is where you need to be!

7. The Netherlands

One of the most liberal countries in the world, The Netherlands is renowned for its progressive policies and laws, and social tolerance. Often visited during the vacations, the country also happens to be a great place to live in. Its economy has been booming with a high GDP per capita and rich reserves of natural resources. Healthcare and education are affordable and highly developed in the country, making it ideal for people to start families. Above all, the work-life balance is optimum, making the quality of life excellent. Various surveys have shown that people living in The Netherlands tend to be happy and satisfied with their lives.

6. Singapore

The island country of Singapore is undoubtedly one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Singapore has performed excessively well in multiple fields – ranging from trade & commerce, to finance and technology. It is highly advanced in terms of innovation, making it a sought-after place by corporate giants all around the world to set up their offices in the Asian continent. Although living in Singapore can be exorbitant, the high quality of life in terms of healthcare, education, housing make it worth the pennies spent. For those well-suited to fast-paced lives that are filled with comfort, yet challenging, Singapore is definitely the place to be.

5. Denmark

The Scandinavian nation of Denmark might not always make it to the headlines in terms of major events or occurrences. However, the country has reached the peaks of economic development and living standards. Labor conditions are above satisfactory here and wage equality has been consistently maintained, leading to high levels of job satisfaction. Science finds its place very high in Denmark, leading to high levels of technological developments in varying sectors such as agriculture and trade. Although tax rates are high, additional green flags like low corruption rates make Denmark one of the most livable countries in the world.

4. Germany

Automobiles, technology, football – all significantly characterise the powerful state of Germany. One of the most developed countries in the world, Germany ranks high on multiple indices, especially the Human Development Index. Its highly productive automobile industry and the presence of major global companies make it a key junction for European trade and commerce. All of these factors combined have led to high wages for employees, excellent working conditions for all types of labor, and improved housing facilities. Living in Germany more often than not equates to living contently, and living successfully.

3. Switzerland

Unarguably one of the most scenic countries in the world, known for its snow-capped mountain peaks and lush meadows, Switzerland the country made of dreams. The country is highly developed and most of its residents are affluent. Economically advanced as well as technologically proficient, Switzerland has outdone its counterparts in a variety of fields. Average monthly incomes for the Swiss are well above global standards, ensuring financial prosperity for most of them. Above all, the quality of life is extremely high. Most residents live in luxury, breath clean air, and work in sophisticated environments.

2. Australia

Rich wildlife, diverse marine ecosystems, developed cities, and hectares of savanna – there is hardly a thing that Australia lacks. The continent/country, with its substantially low population density, has a well-growing economy. With every passing year, more and more people immigrate to Australia in hopes of finding better lifestyles and living conditions – and reports show that they do. The average wealth of its citizens is almost at par with those of Switzerland. They also enjoy significant economic freedom, among other social liberties. Although real estate in Australia is slightly expensive, over time people have managed to ameliorate their average conditions into better alternatives.

1. Norway

The remote peninsula of Norway, full of its signature fjords, lies far to the north of Europe. The country might not have a lot of citizens, but is a prime example of quality living. High per-capita incomes, low crime rates, and superior health care systems make it an ideal place to live in. Although its winters can be demanding, the beauty of the Northern Lights undoubtedly makes up for the cold. With one of the highest scores on the Human Development Index, Norway sets an example for all countries to follow. Its living conditions are excellent, and most importantly, its citizens are the happiest.