“Drawing is vision on paper.” Andrew Loomis

Drawing, sketching, painting is an adroit art, pretty hard to accomplish and impossible to master but the optimal part is that art asks for passion, not perfection so take out your old musty sketchbooks and start painting your ideas.

Drawing is the abstract art of expressing your thoughts with pictures, figures and designs, bright colours and add life to your masterpieces. It is absolutely fun but “what to draw” is a persistent question. Many take inspirations from their chain of thoughts or find something in the range of their eyes but if you are running out of concepts or you are a newbie and looking for some easy stuff then here are 30 things that can be of your use.



 1)     Flowers

What can be the best thing to start with other than flowers? Flowers are always beautiful and quite easy to draw. You can start with a simple four petals then move on to complicated structures. Add leaves and background to compliment your piece or you can express an emotion also like withered rose can be a sense of loss or blooming flowers under the vast sky can simply signify growth and prosperity. Choose any particular flower and just start with the drawing part.

 2)  Cartoons

Cartoon artist is a paid profession so you understand it is a bread earning mode for many. It is absolutely funny and interesting to sketch some out of the blue characters that do not really exist. If you do not have anything new to start with you can just switch to the most famous cartoon characters like Tom n Jerry, Doraemon, Pokemons or Pooh. These are one of the most iconic characters created in history so just start with them and then probably you will be able to design new cartoons on your own.

3) Trees and twigs

Nature is magnificently beautiful and without trees, it is incomplete. If you are a beginner then sketching trees, trunk and branches are always the best options. They are often used as wall stickers or decorators to amplify the ambience of the area. It is very basic and once you are done with drawing branches you can augment it by adding leaves, buds, birds, a nest or a treehouse, squirrel hole or fruits. You won’t believe how much simple and beautiful it would be.

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4)     Emoticons

Living in a chat dominant world you know the value of emoticons. They are adorably cute, so simple and perfect to give a try. You can draw one big emoji probably your favourite or a bunch of them. You can modify the expressions and make them comical and amusing. Eye wink, sheepish smile and rosy cheeks are always charming or you can go for angry face hysterical laughs or evil smirks!!!

5)     Animated animals

Drawing original animals can be a tough job but animated creatures are love and so adorable. You can choose to draw a cat, a horse, a dog or any creature of your choice. Add a fitting background and tada! Your masterpiece is ready. Drawing humans with animals is another way to make it more lovely and bewitching. Showing affection for the human-animal bond through art is very mesmerizing.

6)     Butterflies

Butterflies are indubitably one of the most beautiful souls on earth. While drawing them you have to keep a track of minute details otherwise they are insanely easy. A butterfly would be incomplete without its vibrant vivid colours so make sure you have all your paints, sketch pens and crayons ready on the table. Colouring is the most important part of drawing a butterfly so choose the best colour combinations and add a flower or twig to the picture. That’s it and beautiful art is ready.

7)     Inanimate objects

Have you ever looked at your bookshelf, or a vase of flowers or a fruit basket or things as simple as a couch, windowpane, dog house, treehouse or your own house, how aesthetically beautiful these all are. They may not exactly look like a first choice for drawing but this is so because we look at them every day. If we will draw them they will look exceptionally beautiful.

8)     Humorous ghosts

By ghosts, we always think of haunting images but no, ghosts always need not to be scary they can be pretty humorous and amazing like in cartoons. All you need to do is imagine a picture or take a scene from such cartoons and start sketching.

9)     Minions or Zuzu

Minions and Zuzu have a separate fan base. They look absolutely adorable and easy to draw so why not fill your sketchbooks with these super cute characters.

10)  Cards

Designs of cards is just magnificent an ace of spade, a jack of heart or a diamond and clover card. You can go for a joker as well.

11)  Feathers

Like colouring, shading is also an imperative ingredient in the drawing. Though there is no hard and fast rule for using them but indeed they enhance the charm of art so why skip using them? Shading can be critical, it also requires extra focus and delicacy but it looks phenomenal once done. Feathers are best to start developing shading talent.

12)   Skylines

one of the most amazing hacks of drawing is skylines. They are much like plain sailing and looks flawless especially after using dark colours. If you do not have much time to invest, skylines are probably the best to choose to sketch. Skylines are basically drawing the outlines or boundaries of buildings against the sky.

13)   Leaves

Like feathers like leaves, shading just transforms their looks. They are always used at the places of minimal, elegant designs like on the wallpaper of the art book or your personal diary. 

14)   Globes

Yes, you read it right. Drawing globes do not appear a significant artwork but art is something that transmogrifies normal stuffs into extraordinary piece just by clubbing it with imaginations. That’s exactly what you need to do with your basic globe drawing just add two hands and two legs and show it like the earth is sweating and whoa your masterpiece is ready with an important message of global warming, similarly, you can use any idea and club it with globe like recent COVID pandemic or plastic waste or anything.

15)   Monuments

Monuments are naturally made to awoke a wow then why not their sketch would produce similar effects. Choose your favourite historical monument and try to sketch it with keeping it simple. Do not involve too many details it will complicate the structure and so your sketch. 

16)  Hot air balloons

hot air balloons may look normal but adding background and filling appropriate colours would definitely make it a perfect treat for the eyes. It is simple to draw and it gives away so vibrant and optimistic vibes so why not try it.

17)  Clouds and mountains

When in doubt, look into nature for inspirations, it has plenty of them. Just draw a sky view a top view of clouds and mountains, they are easy to sketch and looks pleasingly beautiful.

18)  Teddy bears

Soft stuffed toys always fill you with a sense of innocence. Pick up your favourite teddy bear and start sketching it.

19) Superheroes

Our cinema is responsible for our undying craze for a superhero like a superman, batman or Iron man. The marvel universe is there to give more than enough characters to admire so take out your pencils. if you find it hard, sketching the original picture then go for an animated one. Just imagine drawing hulk in all his aggression and glory!

20) Dinosaurs

Though they were extinct long back yet nobody is over with their obsession so why not draw one. The large creature has always been a fascinating topic drawing them will be extremely interesting.

21)  A scenery

From time immemorial, a natural view has always been a top choice of artists no matter what. A park view, a landscape or just any normal scene of a place can be your choice. It won’t be very smooth and not so difficult either. Choose the view according to your skills and start sketching.

22) A sailing ship

A large ship sailing over the vast ocean, isn’t it the perfect view to draw. The ship can be of pirates and the weather can be a little drastic and thus the perfect setting for sketching.

23)  Human eyes

Human eyes can be a bit tricky but if you are a persistent artist then it is worthy enough to give it a try. The fine details of the eyes require the use of a special charcoal pencil so before sketching, keep it handy.

 24)  Designs

You must have seen on the internet various designs with fine details and shading. Well, they are not bad for a try.

25)  Human figures

Though making human figures is pretty hard in the beginning and we must do the smart work. All you need to do is to make the outline of the human physique and face and then fill it with some dark colour and add a bright background to it and here is the masterpiece ready.

26)  Animes

The animated humans are a bit easier than actual ones any day. You just need to select a anime picture and start sketching it.

27)  Mandala

Mandala is a Sanskrit word meaning circle. Now how to amplify the look of a circle by just adding some designs to it is a creative process. This won’t be tough it is like a flower sketching but with finer details.

28) Pictures conveying a message

Have you seen posters, they are depicting some serious issues that need to be acknowledged if you want to draw something meaningful go for poster making select a picture depicting may be pollution, pandemic or any problem that needs to be addressed.

29) 3D pictures

it can be slightly tricky for a newbie but worth a try. A 3D art will definitely look magnificent.

30) A knight/ warrior

A knight or warrior is always fascinating and will be equally fun to draw it. It won’t be too hard just need some time and focus.