Is your first love food, too? Specifically, fried foods? Well, here’s the unfortunate truth for us fried food lovers. Eating fried foods is not much of a healthy choice. They offer practically no beneficial nutrients. In fact, they almost always contain a high amount of fats, calories and even salt.

Fried-foods – fried prawns, french fries.

Most of the popular commercially fried foods served in fast-food joints are cooked in industrially processed hydrogenated oils. These oils are high in trans-fat. They lower your good cholesterol level(HDL) and raise the bad cholesterol levels(LDL), thus leading to health issues. Although these fats and oils give the food a delicious taste and a satisfying crunch to it, they are unnatural and act like plastic in our bodies.

So, even though deep frying food is a common and inexpensive option all across the globe, fortunately, there are better alternatives available easily. In spite of knowing that frying almost any food makes it ten times tastier, you are better off roasting, baking, grilling or even steaming your food instead of frying it!

Now, let’s take a quick look into the 7 major reasons you should stay away from eating fried foods :

7. Obesity

Fried foods are known to be highly rich in trans fats and calories. While a gram of protein or carbohydrate contains 4 calories, a gram of fat contains 9 calories. Hence, if you eat fried foods regularly, you are most likely to gain weight rapidly and become overweight or obese. Obesity, in turn, will lead to many other health problems like heart diseases, blood pressure issues etc. Moreover, trans fat plays a significant role in weight gain because they often also affect the hormones that regulate appetite and fat storage.

Studies have also repeatedly shown that consuming fried foods more than four times a week increases the risk of obesity as opposed to consuming these foods less than two times per week.


6. Diabetes

According to the studies published in ‘Diabetes Care’ (April 2011), regular consumption of fried foods has a direct link with an increased risk of type-2 Diabetes. The risk of diabetes is not merely connected to eating deep-fried foods. Multiple studies show that women who eat even shallow fried foods regularly, are at high risk to suffer from type-2 diabetes than those who eat fried foods less frequently.

Another study found that people who eat fried foods more than two times per week are more likely to develop insulin resistance, compared to those who eat it less than once a week. Similarly, those who eat fried foods six or seven times per week are 40% more likely to develop type-2 diabetes, when compared to those who eat less fried foods less than twice in a week.


5. Heart Diseases

Several studies in adults have shown an association between eating fried foods and a risk of developing a chronic heart disease.

Eating fried foods contributes to high blood pressure, low levels of good cholesterol (HDL) and obesity which are all risk factors for heart diseases. A diet high in fried foods is linked with a significantly high risk of heart attacks. A study found that women who ate 1-3 servings of fried fish in a week were more at risk of developing a heart disease when compared to women who ate 1-3 servings or even less of fried fish per month. In fact, most patients who suffer from heart diseases and have experienced heart attacks, have been found to indulge in diets dangerously high in fried foods and fast food.


4. Cancer

Consuming fried foods on a daily basis has direct connections to developing cancer. Limiting the intake of fried foods lowers the risk of prostate cancer to a great extent. People who eat a lot of the common fried fast foods like fried fish, fried chicken, french fries, doughnuts and other such fried foods, at least once a week, have a higher risk of getting prostate cancer than those who consume these foods less than once in a week.

Besides, the chemical known as Acrylamide, which is present in most fried foods like french fries is proven to be a potential cause of cancer.


3. Stroke

You will increase your risk of getting a stroke by 41% if you eat fried foods six times per week when compared to people who eat fried foods less than six times a month.

Foods with trans-fats, made in partially hydrogenated or hydrogenated oils are most likely to affect your cholesterol. They eventually have a negative impact on your overall health and often lead to a stroke. The worst offenders are fried fast foods like onion rings, french fries, fries fried chicken.


2. The harmful Acrylamide connection

Acrylamide is another worry centering fried foods. It is a chemical that forms in foods cooked in high temperatures like fried and baked foods. This chemical can form in many different fried foods but is most commonly found in potatoes which are very high in sugars like fructose and glucose.

How deeply a food is fried also matters. For instance, a darker fried potato cracker or a darker fried chicken would contain more Acrylamide. So, the deeper a food is fried, the higher is the Acrylamide content.

Acrylamide is, therefore, a rather toxic substance which is even proved to be a risk for several types of cancers.


1. Acne

Do you still suffer from those annoying, pesky pimples? Well, you are not the only one. More than half of the women over the age of twenty-five happen to suffer from acne. While teenage acne generally appears on the upper part of the face, adult acne occurs in the lower parts, like the chin areas. They generally appear like cysts and are present under the skin. But if you thought these were all caused by those raging hormones, you might be mistaken.

Fried food is one of the biggest triggers of adult acne. Trans fats present in fried foods are extremely damaging to the health of our skin. So, if you are consuming these unhealthy fats on a regular basis, your body will be forced to use these fats in forming new skin cells. These cells will naturally not function properly and result in the manifestation of acne and other skin diseases. Some of the common fried foods that cause acne and you should best stay away from, include french fries, doughnuts, fried chicken, onion rings, mozzarella sticks and Chinese fast food.

The bottom line, therefore, is that regularly consuming foods that are fired in unhealthy oils often have several negative impacts on your health and well-being. So, it is best to severely and strictly limit or if possible, avoid, the frequent intake of commercially fried foods.