“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
-Nelson Mandela

Education: one word that bears the potential to change your life and the world that surrounds you. This term or rather the concept of being educated is often misapprehended as being literate. Not a major proportion of people know that they are two entirely different things altogether. Being literate means acquiring the ability to read and write while being educated is a much wider concept. Education is something that helps you develop an identity and an optimistic view about self and others. It’s not restricted within the walls of theoretical knowledge rather gives more importance to the experiences that the various aspects of life have to offer.

It enables individuals to open their minds and perceive things in a different way. The main aim of education is to create a rational personality that is free from the pre-conceived notions of prejudices, superstitions and other evils that pertains in the society. It is not necessary that a literate person will always be educated and vice-versa. A person might be literate but completely lack any moral values or the ability to utilize his skills effectively or he might be educated and well-behaved but hasn’t necessarily attended any school or other institution.

Every country sears a dream to increase its literacy rate and to have literate citizens but we need to think is that enough? The answer is no. The road that leads to development demands its travelers to be both literate and educated.

Here are a few important points that will help you to realize why is it crucial to not just be literate but also be educated-

17. To have a confident and an appealing persona

People often judge you by the way you carry or conduct yourself. How you dress up, how you speak and how you treat others-all of it matters. You don’t even know how many eyes are keeping an eye on you, judging and making notions about you while you attend a gathering or any event. Education provides you with ample opportunities to learn from your experiences and inculcate a spark of confidence in you.

16. To give a life to your dreams

Acquiring literacy provides you with the tools to accomplish your dream whereas education gives you the clarity to give birth to a dream and the will to raise and realize it. Being educated not only helps you to give a direction to your life but also to know the importance of your dream and the right way to achieve it. It provides you the confidence that you have what it takes to stand apart and shine.

15. To have a comfortable lifestyle

No one wishes to have a meager lifestyle and the ultimate goal of survival is to be able to lead our lives with a luxurious home and a decent lifestyle. The most essential requisite in order to achieve this is education. Until and unless you don’t have a hold on yourself and the ability to implement your skills and realize your talent, you will not be able to hug a successful life. Literacy can teach you numbers, algebra, and math but the practical knowledge of calculations, where and how you should spend your money-education teaches it.

14. To help you realize that Family is precious

It is with an education that the realization strikes ‘no gem is more valuable than family.’ Money, luxury, and all other materialistic possessions are all short-lived and exhaustible. At the end of the day, what stays with you, having your back and ensuring your well-being is your family. No treasure is more precious than the bond of love that we share with our family and education helps us to strengthen the roots of that bond.

13. Facilitating socialization

We all have often heard this phrase that man is a social animal. Education serves as a platform for an individual to interact with fellow individuals and get to know them. It helps you to share experiences and learn from other people’s experiences. You get to develop your good-will, make friends and live your life in a peaceful and amicable manner. It facilitates one’s socialization process and helps to grow as a person.

12. Bid adieu to Identity crisis

Identity crisis defined as a period of uncertainty and confusion in which a person’s sense of identity becomes insecure; is resolved by the means of education. It helps you to be a part of the society and develop an identity of your own. It keeps all the societal expectations and norms at bay and enables you to meet your real self and perceive an identity that defines you. Education frees you from the shackles of all the stereotypical constructs like gender bias and enables you to live on your own terms and drive your life on a self-chosen path.

11. Introduces you to the realm of knowledge

The most basic thing that education provides is knowledge in abundance. Not any area specific theoretical knowledge but practical and rational knowledge about how things work in the real world. This worldly knowledge helps to protect you from the shrewd, cunning minds out there who do not leave a single opportunity to take advantage of someone’s innocence. Also, it makes you capable to understand the world around you in a different and effective manner.

10. Unleash the creativity within with education

Education helps you to introspect and meet the version of yourself that you were not aware existed. The creativity that was dumped deep within under the stress of leading a successful life gets some air to breathe and room to grow. It makes you cognizant with the fact that it is important to unleash your talents and engross yourself in some recreational activities to ensure that your mental peace proliferates.

9.  Say Hi to Hard work

Education compels you to know that life begins at the end of your comfort zone. We have heard the age-old adage that hard work is the key to success but very few of us actually implement it in our lives. Education makes sure that we stay away from the stagnancy of thoughts, emotions and actions and welcome hard work in our lives with open arms.

8. Emphasizes on empowerment

Education and empowerment goes in hand in hand. It makes you aware of your rights and responsibilities and puts a halt to our dependency on others. It empowers you financially, emotionally, socially and spiritually and endows you with the capability to make your life decisions without relying on any external source. If you are educated you won’t be subdued by any societal pressures and won’t ever make a silent cry about something that needs a loud shout-out. Education teaches you that tolerating an atrocity is as much of a crime as doing or being a part of one and one must have the courage to raise his/her voice against what’s wrong.

7. Creating a safe environment

Education helps us to develop a conscience that tells us the distinction between good and bad. We understand the worth of other humans and learn to respect their dignity.

6. Staying away from sedentary lifestyle

Having a healthy and balanced lifestyle is very crucial to ensure a happy and long life. These days, we seem to have forgotten about the need and importance that yoga, exercise or being indulged in physical activities play in our lives. All that we are interested in is becoming couch potatoes and sticking to our phones or laptops all day long. We are so entrapped in the cobwebs of the virtual world that we are drifting poles away from real connections. Education instills the much needed imbue of healthy life back to our monotonous, junk lifestyle.

5. Contributing to the Economic growth

Education enables us to do well in our lives in different ways. It enhances one’s communication skills thus helping him/her in networking with people whose resources might benefit them in any possible way. Also, it creates job opportunities thus making a person financially independent. And once you start earning, the country’s economic growth benefits as unemployment decreases and it brings economic prosperity to the country.

4. Embracing the diversity

India is a diverse country with different states having varying cultures. People following different religions reside together within our country and in such a scenario, the possibilities of having riots are very high. Education instills within you the respect for all the religions and makes you embrace the diversity of our nation with smile. We realize the power that lies in the saying ‘unity in diversity’ and extend a friendly hand towards people from every corner of the map. Judging someone on the basis of their race, color, religion or culture is not acceptable and we respect and love every individual on humanitarian grounds.

3. Keeping a track of the technology

With the advent of technology, it has become essential to be up to date and keep a track of all the ongoing innovations. There was a time when social media platforms didn’t even exist and now we live in an era where our mornings start off by checking our mobile phones for notifications. In such a time, education plays a pivotal role to help us understand such new adept technology, be a part of it and use it to our discreet advantage. Also, being able to discover our own innovations also requires getting education. It is not wrong to say that education is more or less the starting point of pretty much everything.

2. Having empathy for others

Being able to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes to know what they must be feeling or going through is empathy and it is a one of the most important emotions to exist. Having empathy is very much needed as it helps us to connect with the other person and know their situations in a better way. Education is the key to possess empathy.

1.Overall development of self and the country

Literacy provides the base for development and education facilitates and ensures the overall development of an individual as experiences teaches a great deal of things. In turn, an empowered, independent and settled individual proves to be an asset for the country as well. Thus, education benefits both the person and the country.


Hence, we can conclude by saying that education is just like the soft mud that is required in order to shape a pot in a beautiful and perfect way. It shapes our character, moral, capacities, talents and thus our life. Without it, we would roam meaninglessly in our journeys.

Stop, think and analyze: are you really educated or just literate?