A major population of human beings are born with a homogeneous physical appearance. What makes them different from one another is their likes, dislikes, beliefs, disbeliefs, morals, values, culture, and ethics, ultimately forming their unique individual identity called PERSONALITY. 

“Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it.”
— Bruce Lee

Over the past 25 years, psychologists have come up with a concept signified as the ‘Big Five,’ which basically means that personalities revolve around five primary attributes, namely- cordial, veracity, neuroticism, introvert and extrovert. No one entirely owns one specific trait, and people are usually a blend of the aforementioned characteristics, which eventually resonates their own unique personality.

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Every person owns a distinctive set of qualities and traits which make him or her exclusive. Holding a strong and distinguishing personality has become more than essential to survive in this competitive society and that is where personality development steps in. People often mistake personality development with maintaining a likely style of dressing and being fluent in the English language. But in reality, it is an inclusive term that considers the physical as well as the mental state of an individual.

Below given are the top 12 most important personality development tips:

12) Hold A Perspective: 

Holding a strong perspective regarding the recent happenings and being able to put them forward in society is certainly necessary. Being an opinionated person highlights your personality/character and makes it appear more likely. It additionally makes you look more versed and influential amidst other people.

Not having any opinion in particular or not being able to share them is often a sign of an unpleasant personality. In order to develop an eminent persona, having a clear viewpoint and the ability to put them out in the open irrespective of how other people will perceive it is definitely crucial.

11) Study Your Ownself: 

Having a clear understanding of your own self with respect to likes, dislikes, creeds, and values is rather more important than developing a whole new ideal personality. 

The personality you hold speaks a lot about the type of person you are. In order to generate a unique personality out of your existing one, it is imperative that you should completely know the ins and outs of your inner self. People often romanticize a unique personality and try to put their feet in someone else’s shoes without realizing that each individual has a different persona.

A personality basically defines your inner self. Idealizing a unique personality in the front is entirely different, and trying to become one is another. In order to develop an influential character, try to hold on to your natural self.

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10) Discover And Develop New Interests: 

A person with a limited arena of interests has very little to communicate about and is often entitled as a less likely personality. Whereas if you are well aware and informed and foster new interests, you automatically develop a pleasant persona. Meeting new people can always be a thrilling experience.

Sharing your expertise and gaining the same from the opposite party will help you discover the unknown, thereby adding to your personality development.

9) Desirable body language: 

Developing, obtaining and maintaining a desirable body language is a vital step towards generating likable personality quirks. KINESICS is a study of an individual’s body postures and gestures which truly includes the way one sits, talks, walks and reacts under a certain circumstance.

Having an ideal body language leads towards greater personality development. People usually do not pay particular attention to their body gestures, unknowing that they hold an essential part of their personality. A desirable body posture and a peculiar personality go hand in hand and are two crucial facets that define your character.

8) Be Social And Interactive: 

A social and interactive person is more favorable than a dull and boring person. Avoiding social interactions and shunning away from meeting new people is not at all an option if you are working towards your personality development. 

Rather, hone your social skills. Interact with as many people as you can, attend maximum events, be participative, and never shy away from social gatherings. The more socially adaptable you are, the more you will tend to develop a pleasing personality.

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7) Step out of your cocoon: 

You are less likely to grow in your own comfort zone because you tend to settle, which ultimately restricts your growth aspects. If you aim towards personality development, then stepping out of your cocoon and discovering the newness is utterly important.

Challenge yourself for new difficulties and work towards adapting to the freshly established change, rather embrace it to the fullest. Additionally, keep an open-minded, positive, and welcoming attitude to all those turning points that your life takes. Failures are part and parcel of your journey, embrace all of it and have faith in your abilities because that will eventually enhance your personality.

6) Discover, Develop And Descend: 

Discover your strengths, weaknesses, unknown interests and hobbies and the most appropriate way of doing that is introspection. 

Introspecting will enable you to examine your own core thoughts and feelings. Developing ideal traits in your personality requires complete study of self. Upon discovering your hidden talents, the next step is to ascertain how you will use them to your advantage and once you determine that process, you are all set to achieve new milestones in your life. Discover, develop and descend is the most felicitous formula towards personality development.

5) Positive Approach:

 Keep a positive approach towards things happening in and around your life. Generating a negative aspect will negatively impact your personality. Try to formulate a positive and be optimistic. A pessimistic person will only spread negativity in the environment, whereas an opportunist is welcomed by all, and in addition to that, it a very potent personality trait.

4) Practice Self Confidence: 

Being confident in your own self and what you are doing is a crucial step towards constructive personality development. Overcome your fears, self doubts and insecurities and practice self confidence. Having faith in your capabilities and being complacent about yourself is essential to achieve a pleasing personality.

3) Be Presentable:

 The way you present yourself totally reflects your personality. Dressing right as per the occasion gives you the sudden boost knowing that you look good. Make sure that your style complements your personality. Therefore, be certain to choose that look that will let you outshine amidst all.

Dressing against your style will negatively reflect your personality and detail your outlook. Presenting yourself well counts as a significant part of your personality. Your means of dressing will pave the way for people to perceive your personality.

“Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved.”
— Helen Keller

2) Accept the way you are: 

Idolizing someone is completely different and trying to be someone else is another. Learn the difference between the two and accept the way you are. Your personality reflects your own character and it is your own individual identity. Being yourself is definitely better than being someone else.

1) Self Evaluation: 

Self-evaluating yourself is undoubtedly necessary as it aids in developing a desirable personality. Assess your skills and abilities and find out the areas of improvement.

Constant self-evaluation is essential. Appraising yourself for small achievements and giving a pat to yourself for coming through keeps you motivated and helps you obtain a more likely personality.


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