ISIS- One of the most terrifying terrorist organizations in the history of the world. It has induced irreconcilable trauma on an international domain through the brutal tactics it employs. Pathetic news describing the brutality of this giant monster flood our screen every now and then. The rapid rise of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria as a major international terrorist threat has been the most unfortunate event striking the Middle-East. The jarring images of suicide bombings, beheadings, rapes, and stonings, bombing the internet, push us to ask ourselves, “Does humanity still exist?”.

ISIS’s rapid development is a cause of concern to the entire world. It bows down to no one. The only language it understands is that of barbarism.  It is high time we, as a collective, join hands to quell it, rather than just being a mere spectator. Its destructive potential can wipe off humanity from the only planet which is known to nurture it.

Let’s jump to some interesting facts about the most successful militant group ever.

8. The Origin of ISIS

Religion has never engendered a problem, it is the people who manipulate it to gain power. ISIS is a religious-fanatic group consisting of Muslim extremists involved in the Sunni Islamic Movement. Abu Musab al- Zarqawi, in 1999, laid its foundation. The group, from 2004-2006 was associated with Bin Laden’s al- Qaeda. It became popular as Al-Qaeda in Iraq or AQI.  According to a British online newspaper Independent’s report, dated 7 July 2015, the evolution of ISIS as a separate entity began in 2006. This was basically due to certain ideological differences pertaining to the violent enforcement of Sharia Law. Consequently, Al-Qaeda denounced ISIS and there was a split.

7. Main Aim – To Create an Islamic State

The principal goal of ISIS is to build an ultra-conservative Islamic state, called the ‘Caliphate state’, across the areas of Iraq and Syria that strictly enforces Sharia Law. The Law advocates some of the central teachings of the Quran. According to BBC’s latest news, dated 28, March 2018, ISIS has 10 million of the population under its control. A supreme religious and political leader, called Caliph, rules the area.

Another fundamental goal of ISIS is to eradicate and persecute Christians and other religious groups, in whatever way possible. The merciless genocide towards  Christians, Shia Muslims, Assyrians, Chaldeans, Syriac and any person who disobeys Sharia is evident of the fact that ISIS is firm in establishing its superiority.

6. The Richest Terrorist Group in History

Any guesses? You would be shocked to know that, according to The Fiscal Times Report, dated December 7, 2015, the estimated fund gathered by ISIS is more than $2 Million per day. Surprised? Now the question arises, “Where does this money come from?.” For the most part, it is earned through the oil fields under its control. ISIS has been selling barrels in the black market. It has indulged in massive bank robberies and looted hundreds of millions in US Dollars. It also earns a substantial amount by kidnapping people and collecting ransom. It has recently introduced a new form of currency so as to compete with Western Capitalism and emerge as a unique and powerful financial player. It imposes a huge tax on people residing in the area under its control. Someone who refuses or fails to pay the taxes is simply executed.

5.  The Reward of Victory in Battlefield – RAPE

Astonished? Yes, you heard it right. It is indeed lamentable to hear that these mammoths take pride in raping a female as a reward for their cruelty. In fact, most of the victims are underage. The survivors believe that if a woman converts in Islam she is sold to a fighter. If she doesn’t, then she is kept in prison and raped daily. The women are taken from their families and sold to random people. The most outrageous fact is that, younger the girl, higher the price.

4. ISIS Knows How to Hack!

No, it is not just about killing, looting, and digging tunnels. ISIS members are not behind in technological skills too. According to Business Insider’s report- ISIS supporters have hacked multiple Pentagon Social Media Accounts, of Jan 12, 2015, the hacking of the Youtube and the Twitter accounts of the United States Military Central Command announced itself as a nightmare.  Though it didn’t do any sufficient loss, yet it let the realization dawn on people that if such a well-secured account can be hacked, then hacking civilian accounts would be a piece of cake for them. The hacking capabilities differentiate ISIS from the traditional terrorist groups and give it an edge over them.

3. Branding Tool – “Beheading”

Nothing can be disheartening than this woeful deed of beheading humans as an effective marketing and propaganda strategy. The Youtube videos showing the same is the most crucial part of their terrorist campaign. Videos are used to leave an indelible impression of theirs on the masses.

These videos serve a two-fold purpose. First of all, they attract the Islamic-fanatic followers. The supporters consider this act as a symbol of supreme power and great control of ISIS. The potential recruits see this videos as a sign of ISIS’s willingness to be completely ruthless so as to uphold their duties as Muslims. Secondly, it inculcates fear in the masses and asserts the group’s ideology.

Children are frequently swayed away by ISIS and are forced to undertake executions. Young recruits almost always know nothing about the religion itself. They fall into the trap easily and follow their doctrines like puppets.

2. ISIS’s Greatest Weapon – Social Media

To reach out to a wider audience, ISIS makes excellent use of all the latest social media as a medium of its propaganda. The army is continuously growing and flourishing due to social media and virtual messages. In fact, ISIS loves Twitter. It uses it not only as a branding tool but also to recruit. A constant ban on their twitter accounts has led to death threats for Twitter employees. The sole reason why ISIS has attracted and gained support from Islamic-fanatic followers worldwide is their active presence on social media.

1. ISIS Members Consider Themselves as Agents of Apocalypse

The Apocalypse- an allusion to the Bible- means the final and complete destruction of the world. ISIS’s members are obsessed with this idea. According to them, from the establishment of the Caliphate state, all of their activities are oriented to bring the end of this world. ISIS holds a deep belief in the prophecy which states that only 12 caliphs will walk the earth with current leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi acting as their eighth incarnation. As per the sayings of the prophet, an anti-Messiah, known in Muslim apocalyptic literature as Dajjal, will come and kill a vast number of caliphate’s fighters. The second most revered prophet in Islam, Jesus, will return to earth, spear Dajjal, and lead the Muslims to victory.