Healthy diet is not about staying thin or following unhealthy eating habits and depriving yourself of food. It’s about eating what you like in a healthy amount, having energy and feeling great about yourself.

“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.” – Mahatma Gandhi

It’s a myth that staying thin and slim is a sign of healthy eating while having fat is a sign of unhealthy eating.

Healthy eating is not about following a strict diet, it’s never too complicated. One need not eliminate food categories from diet but select the best ones. The change need not be sudden,  but rather change should be slow and step by step procedure. Otherwise, one will only end up cheating or giving up.

For beginners, start preparing your own meals with the right ingredients, drink plenty of water, read the list of ingredients every time you buy food from outside, limit your snack stack at home, avoid late-night eating. Follow a balanced diet of fat, protein, carbohydrates, fibres, minerals etc in your daily meal and start noting down the number of calories you consume in a day.


Given below are 10 food one must avoid :


10. Potato chips

While potatoes are healthy, fried potatoes are not. They are salted or flavoured which means they have high sodium content. They are deep-fried in oil, which makes them have heavy fat content. Frequent intake of fried potato chips can contribute to high levels of cholesterol.

Always look for healthier options like unsalted Pretzels which are low fat, low calorie, making them a better snack than chips. Another alternative is baked vegetable chips with low sodium content.

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9. Fruit Juices

It’s no secret that all of us love to drink fruit juice. Most parents think that fruit juices are healthy but they aren’t as they have extra sugar, color and flavor added in them. Eating fruit is much healthier than drinking its juice. Fruits contain fibre which has shown to reduce colon cancer, lower blood pressure and cholesterol. Since the skin and pulp are removed while making juice, vitamins don’t make it to the juice. Fruit juice contains more sugar than fruit which is a lead cause of obesity.


8. Candy

A candy or two doesn’t hurt anyone. Eating candies on a regular basis can have a negative impact on health. It contains too much fat and sugar which play a major role in development of high cholesterol and dental cavities respectively.

According to fitness and health magazines, one candy contains around 250-280 calories and having candies regularly can lead to obesity. One may find themselves craving for something sweet, eating berries, sweet fruits or even dark chocolate can satisfy your cravings. Some candies can be diet-friendly, one must make sure to read the labels and reviews before consuming.


7. Pizza

Pizza is no doubt everyone’s favorite around the world. There’s no harm in having one once in a while but it comes as a bad news for everyday pizza lovers.

Just like any other junk food, it’s a cause for obesity, high cholesterol, heart diseases etc. crust- the main part of a pizza is made up of refined flour which is deprived of vitamins, fibers or any other nutritional ingredients. The high fat and sodium content leaves you wanting more slices. It gets you feeling too full and that makes you lose your energy and leaves you feeling sluggish. The best topping- cheese upsets the stomach and can cause acidity.

You can have pizza but only as a snack once in a blue moon and not as an everyday meal. Bake one at home with much healthier ingredients.


6. White bread

Bread has been the world’s staple food for the longest time and it still is because of its nutritional contents. There are various kinds of bread such as whole grain bread, flatbread, sweetened bread etc. Out of which white bread is unhealthy with very little nutritional ingredients. It’s made out of refined flour which has undergone a process that removes proteins, minerals, healthy fat and proteins.

Carbohydrates are the primary unit in a bread but processed carbs lack fibers. Manufacturers add proteins and vitamins later on but they cannot replace the ones lost.

The best alternative for white bread is whole grain bread. They increase overall health and reduce the risk of obesity and other diseases.


5. Sweetened Yogurt

Natural sugar present in milk and yogurt isn’t bad for health but additives in flavored yogurts are bad for health. They contribute to weight gain and Type 2 diabetes. Most flavored yogurts contain sugars added during the processing which gives it a sweet flavor and makes it taste more creamy. Fruits also contain natural sugar, therefore its best to choose plain yogurt and add fruits to sweeten it to your taste.


4. Ice cream

“I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ice cream!” There’s never too much ice cream, especially on a hot sunny day. It’s unfair to say it’s healthy because of its high sugar content. Each scoop of ice cream contains about 250-300 calories and no one settles for just a scoop. High sugar content is bad for health and the amount of sugar ice cream contains, the risk of contracting cardiovascular disease is very high.


3. White Rice

Rice is the most commonly consumed grain in the world. White rice is processed and can increase sugar level. It’s more commonly used because of its long storage period and faster cooking time. It’s not unhealthy but has very less nutritional value.

Whereas brown rice is a good source of fiber and is very rich in minerals such as phosphorus, Magnesium etc.


2. Granola Bars

They are considered to be the healthiest snack but alas! Some aren’t. There are Granola bars which are loaded with sugar and artificial ingredients making it more of a chocolate bar, so make sure to check the label at the back before buying. Ideally, they are supposed to contain fibers, proteins, fats and vitamins in the correct amount. The best Granola bars should have very little sugar and sodium content.

For example, Phyter plant-based bars contain healthy ingredients such as whole grain, nuts, berries, oats, fruits and have very little sugar and salt content.


1.Pasteries, cookies and cakes

It’s just a piece of cake! Honestly, it depends on the baker. If it contains a lot of chocolates, cream, frostings, and is made of refined sugar and flour then it’s very unhealthy.

It’s best to bake at home with healthy ingredients and appropriate quantities. Use whole wheat flour instead of white flour, add fruits for sweetness so you won’t have to use much sugar.