How to Reinvent Yourself: 12 Best Life Changing Tips

Have you been through a lot already? Started and ended.? Struggled and failed. Betrayed or let down. Have been clinging on to things, only to make things worse. Now you need an up gradation of yourself. You need a new version of yours. You need to make yourself feel worthy. Thus arises a need to reinvent yourself.

“You’re never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream,” says C. S. Lewis.

It’s high time you have been struggling with yourself. I know you want to feel that solace which everyone deserves to have. You have worked possibly harder to let go of things or to excel in your job. Remember nothing or no one in this entire universe has the right to stop you from being YOU. It’s your self-made software. It belongs to you and then when you are attacked by viruses and malware, it’s time for you to install an antivirus program and to upgrade your software and thus reinvent yourself.


 Let’s check out 12 different ways by which you can embark on a new journey to reinvent yourself and consequently live your life blissfully.


12. Set A Goal

A man without a goal is like a ship without a rudder.  His mind is nothing but a wanderer in the cradle of nature swinging from left to right without any ambition. First of all, set a goal. Work for it. Setting an aim will make your mind active. It will help you in exploring the hidden, inner talents of yourself. As a result, You’ll be able to encounter your strengths and weaknesses.

Challenge yourself continuously. Set a limit. You’ll eventually see yourself progressing.

11. Talk to Yourself

Find a cool and calm place. Take a dive into the pool of your thoughts. Ask yourself what exactly is happening? Why do you need a reinvention? What are the possible reasons? What do you honestly want to get out of this process?

A half-hearted desire won’t work. Your reason should be compelling enough to push yourself. Only then you will be convinced that reinventing yourself is very much necessary, you will do what is needed to make the changes stick.

After identifying compelling reasons to change, now it is time to identify your passions and skills.

Ask yourself what you are interested in? What are your skills, talents, and abilities? Similarly, what you truly want in your life? As a result, what will it take to make these changes? How will you know that you are making progress? This self-evaluation and introspection will help you to discover yourself and hence you will be able to develop a strong mindset to make full use of opportunities that are presented to you.

10. Learn to Set Priorities

Not all the work is important with the same intensity at the same time. Sometimes you need to distinguish between your “will” and your “need”, and prioritize your tasks accordingly. You need to have patience and do smart work along with hard work.

Creating a to-do list coupled with the use of time management tools can be beneficial over here. Set deadlines for specific tasks. Learn to be responsible towards your work along with spending quality time with your beloved ones. Manage your schedule accordingly and be prepared for uncertainties.

9. Get out of your Comfort Zone

The need of the hour is that you should start doing what is required rather than what you prefer. Leave those long hours of chatting, sleeping, hangouts, as soon as the realization to renew yourself dawns upon you.

We all are creatures of habit. But breaking out your comfort zone helps you to overcome your laziness, have fresh experiences, set bold targets and learn something new.

Breaking your own mold can only makes you stronger and more confident to reach higher levels in your professional and personal life.

8. Let Go of all the Stuff that Pulls you Back

You may want to achieve a particular goal, but at the same time, there may be other goals, commitments, obligations, and responsibilities too, obstructing your path to change.

Let go of all the stuff that doesn’t support your vision or the vision of the person you want to become. It eventually means letting go of people, places, situations and literally anything that isn’t aligned with your vision.

You need to diagnose what is pulling you back and consequently what short-term sacrifices you will need to make.

You cannot be the person you want to be, by holding the person you are today. Sacrifice the stuff that no longer serves any purpose otherwise, that stuff will pull you right back to where you started.

7. It is just a Slip, not a Great Fall

Chill! We all face setbacks in life. Experiences teach and bitter experiences teach even better. You don’t fail when you fall but when you refuse to get up. Make your failure a stepping stone towards success. Look around and see, you will find many people who don’t even have what you are blessed with right now.

Thank God and get started to make the maximum use of your potential. It is just the matter of your will-power. Take a deep breath and begin a new chapter.

6. Take a Break

Pack your bags and go on a lovely trip. Spend time with family and friends. Pen down your thoughts, paint, listen to soothing music, Move your feet, dance! Do whatever you like.

Don’t blame yourself, Don’t feel guilty for what you were in the past or are right now. Rather realize your worth. Take a break to rejuvenate yourself.

Take your time, and return with a different outlook and real YOU.


5. Use your Support Group

You will require your support group even before you take the decision of reinventing yourself. The group can include your parents, guardians or your friends. Make sure to choose the right people whom you can trust completely and whom you consider important in your life.

Your group will keep you away from taking wrong turns and guide you throughout the reinventing process. It will double your happiness and lessen your sorrows.

4. Remind yourself each day of your Commitment

Write your goals on paper and stick them on the walls of your room and office, similarly, set related wallpapers on your laptops/mobile phones. These visual aids will help you to keep yourself streamlined in your reinvention process and remind you daily where you want to be.

3. Take Risks

Experiment with things around you. Don’t always go according to the set traditional paths, assert your individuality, take stands, there should be uniqueness and originality in your thoughts, no matter whether they work on not, at least give it a try. Don’t fear to lose. Some may result into success, some into failures. Most noteworthy is the fact that, you are not afraid to try.

2. Take one step at a time

Rome was not built in a day. Reinventing is not a process which can happen overnight. You need to gradually climb a staircase step-by-step to get fruits of your hard work.

Take small steps to accomplish your end goals. For example, if you want to get in better shape first step would be starting going for a morning walk, then getting a gym membership, eating healthy and finally sticking to the routine. Don’t overwhelm yourself by getting consumed on the big picture.

1. Visualize your future vision

As soon as you get up in the morning and before going to bed in the night, just close your eyes and paint a visual image as if you have achieved your end goals, you have become successful and have accomplished what you had desired for.

Live the happiness, you will get a glimpse of how the world would be when you will experience this in reality, this will drive you more towards your commitment. Visualize it continuously along with genuine efforts to make this happen in reality and see what wonders Law of Attraction brings to you.



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