Inferiority complex? The first thing we need to understand is that it is completely normal. And, almost every one of us has felt inferior to someplace, person, or situation. Secondly, you need to accept the fact that you are suffering from an inferiority complex. When you learn to accept and say to yourself that it is okay, half of your job is done.

Now the question arises – What actually is an inferiority complex? Before we really focus on fighting or dealing with it, we need to understand what the complex is all about. And, most of us have these wrong perceptions and that’s not going to help you anyway. The feeling of being inferior to others, of claiming that people are superior around you, puts you in an inferiority complex.

Medlife says – “An inferiority complex is defined as an unrealistic feeling of generalized inadequacy caused by actual and supposed inferiority in one sphere, sometimes marked by aggressive behavior in compensation.”

You would start feeling that you have created a boundary and distanced yourself from society. Your relationships might fail, your career will get out of the line, you will start noticing performance tragedies at work. Your life might get distorted and all you would want to do about it is simply – Nothing. You might start suffering from anxiety, depression, frustration, and start feeling negativity spreading in your veins. You will start sensing that massive drop in your confidence.


Another way people suffer from an inferiority complex is totally the opposite of what said above. Sometimes, we are marked by aggressive behavior in order to overcome the negativity. So, we try to outperform others, even our closed ones. We might start feeling competitive 24/7. And, you might start noticing that you have been rude and arrogant to almost everyone throughout the day.

However inferiority complex hits you, you need to be calm and know that you can overcome it without pushing yourself further in. There are a lot of ways to do the same. Go through the tips given below, you never know which one works for you the best.

10. Avoid uncomfortable places

Most of the time it is these high-end parties and events, where most of the people around us look superior to us. Just by looking at them, you might start feeling inferior to them. Accordingly, you would start feeling small and very little about yourself. You might suffer from anxiety and depression later. And you might start hating yourself and observe that drop in your confidence within an hour.

But if you really observe places like this, you will understand that most of the people around are faking it. People might be wearing expensive dresses and eat expensive foods. But that’s it. It’s not what you eat or wear, it’s actually how you live. Actually, wearing expensive dresses or using different accents doesn’t raise your standards. You need to be down-to-earth and polite. It’s better that you avoid such places.

9. Practice positive thinking

Positive thinking is a way to overcome almost all of your problems. Because the more positive you are about your life and yourself, the better you start living. If you can practice positive thinking, you will start observing how your life changes within a few days. You will understand how little and ineffective the daily tantrums really are. The less damn we give about them and focus more on the positive part, the better. Society and life have almost made us negative-minded.

Negativity actually has more power these days. A fight between two strangers in the middle of the road generally attracts us more than the little boy planting a sapling in the park. We need to practice observing these beautiful things more and more. If we can learn to control these thoughts of ours, life is going to be magical. All those little things count. ‘You are what you think.’

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8. Psychotherapy

This is one of the best and most common ways to deal with the inferiority complex. If you are unable to deal with it on your own, take professional help. Contact a counselor or mental health professionals. Understand that it is completely okay these days to take help from a professional. Because they are professional, they will understand you better and guide you accordingly. Tell them all you feel and be open about it. The more you hide and feel shy about it, the difficult it would be for the expert to help you. And the more information he/she gets from you, the more he/she understands you and the more he/she can help you.

7. Meditation

Meditation is another proven way to fight depression and anxieties. Not only if you have a problem, but meditation is also being practised by people who are completely fit both physically and mentally. It relaxes you and calms you. It can help you be stronger so that you can handle situations better.  There are many ways to practice meditation, you can simply go through the web to learn about meditation or take professional help.

6. Ignore the trolls

One of the main reasons people suffer from an inferiority complex is the trolls and bullies. Especially if you are a parent, ensure that your child feels safe when he is at school or when he is outside. Children are not mature enough to understand how dangerous bullying can be for the other person. And this can affect your child a lot. It is important to understand that your society is not as good as it should have. So just ignore or accept the negative part of it before it harms you.

5. Take a  break

If you start realizing that something is affecting you mentally and you might be suffering from an inferiority complex. Take a break from your work. We sometimes need it. You might plan a trip with your close ones. Travelling is always good for our mental health. Take that break and see the world.

4. Talk to a friend

We all do need those close peoples in our life. Life without them might get hard. If you face these problems in your life, talk to some people close to you. Explain that life is getting hard and it’s getting hard for you to deal with it. That support from someone is positive and is beautiful. They can help you fight it.

3. Find the good in people

People are complicated. They get rude, they might be hard to deal with, and confusing. But, people are just people, right? You need to forgive them sometimes. Find the good in them. Talk to them, try to understand them. As I said, people are just people.

2. Deep Breathing

Whenever you feel inferior, frustrated, or depressed. Take a pause, close your eyes, and take some deep breaths. It’s just life and life is hard. You can also practice deep breathing regularly. Before you go to bed and after you wake up practice deep breathing. Take some deep breaths, let the oxygen in. This makes you feel fresh and give you the energy to accept and fight the negative in the world.

1. Avoid people that make you uncomfortable

It is true that not every person makes you comfortable. There are bullies, people trying to show off, people faking, or people trying to make you feel little about yourself. You are going to find all kinds of them. What should you do? It’s simple – avoid them. You don’t need them, you are just fine without them. Well, you are better, actually.