Are you an avid reader? Have you ever fallen in love with a character of any novel you’ve read? Even if reading is not your thing, you must have felt the tentacles of the charismatic personalities on television or on big screen engulf you. If you pay deeper attention to the reasons behind this inexplicable liking, you are sure to hit the jackpot answer— all these people have amazing characteristics! The protagonist of a book or of a film is intentionally showered with boldness, amiability, wit, and many other traits so that the readers or the audience empathize with him/her and not with the antagonist, who in turn possesses his/her load of negative qualities.Refreshingly, we also come across certain villains who strike us as solid and immensely captivating. Satan in Paradise Lost, Severus Snape in Harry Potter, Cersei in Game of Thrones and Joker in Batman are perfect examples of detestable yet potent characters and it is a pity that they are all concocted personalities.

If we shift the frame of focus from reel life to real life, we’ll realise that we often meet people whom we find extremely attractive; yet, there are some whose mere presence in the room gets on our nerves.Then, there are some others who can’t be categorized as extremely good looking or particularly sophisticated but they have “something” which is quite exclusive. It is this exclusiveness or uniqueness that marks every individual’s personality. Our personality depicts our selfness and it is vital to hold on to it because it can become really hard to remember who you are when the world functions like a machine. There is nothing great in becoming like somebody else. The difficulty lies in refusing to become a cog in the machine when everybody else is happily doing so.

So, take a deep breath and follow these 12 personality development tips to retain your uniqueness.


It is important to be in tune with ourselves. Hectic schedules, job targets, family troubles and societal pressure work together to make us run the race of survival. We get so engrossed in the worldly affairs that we forget the meaning of solitude. And often, when we do not expect it at all, we face an existential question— “Who am I?” We try to find impressive answers to this question, answers that can leave a mark on others. But, we rely on outside sources or on the people around us for the same whereas the best answer remains hidden within us. Introspection helps us in uncovering those answers. It makes us realise that being in our own company is an invigorating experience. Proper understanding of one’s own self fortifies one’s personality.

Enjoy Solitary Trips

It is a good idea to take a break at least once in a year. Dedicate this time to yourself. As social beings, we function around human beings and life is unthinkable without human contact. But this mechanical lifestyle makes us indifferent to other beautiful things that exist around us. We go to our work places every day, making the same journey, traversing the same roads, yet we do not truly see anything because our minds are always preoccupied with numerous thoughts. Our brains are too stressed to notice the new flowers that have been planted across the road or the man sitting on the footpath. These things or people stop existing for us. So, before stress takes over all our senses, break free from the material forces and go on a solitary trip to discover yourself. Travel different places, bond with new people, eat a variety of cuisines. The new experiences will help in the development of your personality and will provide you with new outlooks on life.

Don’t Judge

Emily Dickinson’s famous poem, “I’m Nobody! Who are you?”, tells us that it is not necessary to be a “somebody” in this life. It is like being a public frog to an admiring bog. In a world, where everybody wants to become like somebody, those who do not follow the crowd are constantly judged. We envy their guts, therefore, we try to cover up this feeling by making fun of them. One’s personality is all about one’s selfness, that is why, it is time to say goodbye to one’s judgmental attitude and start seeing others in new light.

Express Yourself

Majority opinion is not necessarily the right opinion. Human beings are subjective beings and it is not wrong to have an individual opinion about something. Do not hush your voice to impress the crowd. Express your thoughts clearly and confidently because to some extent, your thoughts define your personality.

Deconstruct the Appearances

Our personalities have nothing to do with our looks. Good looks are the result of good genes, so we should probably thank our parents for that and stop acting like some celebrity. It is our choices that make us who we really are, thus, learn to look beyond the appearances. Good looks do not guarantee good personality.

Have a Positive Attitude

A person who cries about every small thing that goes wrong emanates negative vibes and nobody likes to mingle with a crybaby. The most beautiful thing about life is its unpredictability and we should accept its challenges positively. Learn to face your problems because evading them leads to more stress which is an obstacle in the development of your personality.

Be Confident

Remember the cliched saying— “confidence is the key to success”. Have faith in yourself because nobody can judge you better than you. Failures are a part of life and these should not demotivate you. Learn to embrace your weaknesses so that no one can use them against you. Remember, perfection is a utopian concept, so, approach others confidently.

Smile, Smile Again

One of the things that people notice about you when they first meet you is your smile. Artificial smiles fail to stir us because they lack genuine emotion. When you learn to accept your flaws, you start getting comfortable in your skins and this comfort leads to contentment. The smiles of contented people are reflected in their eyes and we feel lively in their company. Be the owner of a genuine smile and spread happiness around you.

Don’t Destroy, Build

Have an empathetic attitude towards others. We can never know what the other people are going through in their lives, so, rather than becoming a stern critic of their situations, be the support they need in their difficult phases. Help them in regaining their confidence.

Make Efforts

Never give up. Make persistent efforts to achieve your goal. You can achieve our goals only if you have faith in yourself. Facing all the hurdles in the way of success makes us stronger and more efficient. Do not tire of standing up every time you fall because it is worthwhile to follow your dreams.

Hone your Skills

Your personality is defined by your uniqueness and your uniqueness is attributed to the skills you possess. Just like a person can never be “too educated”, in the same way, s/he can never be “too skilled”. Keep working on yourself because there is always room for improvement.

Do not Emulate

Almost all of us have our idols who motivate us to do better in life. It is good to be positively influenced by somebody but it is fatal to lose oneself in the process of emulating one’s idol. Your individuality defines your personality so never take yourself for granted.

There are different ways to define sky. Some may define it as a part of the atmosphere while philosophers may see it as a web connecting us all. One perspective or one point of view can never suffice to explain a phenomenon or an event. An individual is even more complicated. No definition can completely describe an individual. So, don’t limit yourself to a single definition. Break the walls of your own mind and soar high.