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10 Controversies Related to the Death of Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe, the famous American actress is a symbol of beauty and stardom. Leading a life of an orphan, her roots changed routes when she was just 16 years of age. She started her modelling career and began to be identified as the most popular “sex symbol” of the 1950’s. After leading a life with several ups and downs, her death too did not pacify her struggle. Her unnatural death at the age of 35, digged out a greater controversy and is still an affair of uneasy suspense.

Here are some engaging controversies and doubts that arose after her untimely death.


10. She was unhappy and forlorn

The first fact that comes to our mind when we think about Marilyn Monroe’s death is that she was relieved from a life where she struggled to fight against melancholy and desolation. She had been subjected to multiple yet unhappy relationships which all proved to be bothersome in some way or the other. These unsuccessful relationships might be a cause that made her isolate life and embrace death.


9. Auther Miller’s view on Monroe’s death

Auther Miller, Marilyn Monroe’s ex-husband and one of the renowned playwrights, confronts the public in one of his unpublished essays about not attending her funeral. He had a great empathy for his ex-wife and believed that most of the people who attended her funeral where just social mockers. These mouners also had a role is destroying and killing her, he argued.  Miller found it comforting to mourn over her death staying at home rather than attending her funeral just to have a picture clicked. He did not want to be a part of the social hypocrisy, where all where busy with an insincere show of sympathy.


8. Monroe and the devils she fought

Monroe has always been looked upon as a sensational figure and later as an inspiration. But her inspiring life was a no less than a nightmare. She still carries with her the scars of sexual abuse, the damages incurred by her relationships and the pain of psychotherapy. The damage done on her by her last husband, Aurther Miller, who had betrayed her can also be counted as a reason for her death. It was only nineteen months after their seperation that she was found dead. In her career as well, she had to fight or rather satisfy many wolves that chased her. Her getting involved into sexual relationships only to hold up a place in Hollywood  and recieve unsolicited offers was a common practise of the day. Marilyn can be sighted as a figure who had been subjected to what we call today as “sexual harrasment”.


7. Family reports

According to Vanity Fair, a famous magazine who wrote about Monroe’s suspicious death, her half sister confirms that Marilyn’s business manager, Inez Melson looked into all her belongings just after her death. She even witnessed Inez burning Monroe’s papers all day long and he had also changed the lock on one of Monroe’s cabinets. Such secrecy is bound to carze up controversies. What could have been in those papers? Highly suspicious!


6. Her alleged relationships

It is also assumed that Monroe was killed by John F Kennedy or Robert Kennedy, with whom she had alleged relationships. Several theories regarding her death claims that she was killed by the Kennedys because they feared that she would make their love affairs public along with other government secrets that she was gathering and was considered a communist spy. She was found to possess a diary in which she kept records of all the informations she gathered while she overheard the Kennedys speak. Interesting!


5. The role of Robert Kennedy

Another journalist, Anthonny Summers in his book, “Goddess: The Secret Lives of Marilyn Monroe” wrote that Monroe had threatened Robert Kennedy that she would go public about their affair after he broke up ties with her. Robert Kennedy and his brother-in-law tried to prevent Monroe from doing so by fueling her growing addiction to drugs and alcohol. It is thought that Marilyn Monroe took her last breath becoming an drug addict in the ambulance and her death was later staged as a suicide.


4. Informations from Eunic Murray

Eunic Murray was the oldest housekeeper of the famous actress Marilyn Monroe. It is well said that servants know better details of their employers more than anyone else. Such a role is also played by Eunic Murray, who was present in the house when Monroe was found dead. For the rest of her life Murray was ensnared in numerous controversies regarding Marilyn’s death. She had announced that Robert Kennedy had visited Marilyn Monroe’s house at night and she found them quarelling over some issues. Later in the early morning Murray found the most famous and talked-about lady of the world dead and naked in her bedroom. Heartbreaking and thrilling at the same time! Isn’t it?


3. Mafias killed Monroe


Some other theories claim that Monroe was killed by the mafias as a revenge and a message to Robert Kennedey, masterminded by American union leader Jimmy Hoffa and Chicago mafia boss Sam Giancana. They killed the hollywood star by giving her an enema with deadly drugs. This was done to warn Kennedy, the US Attorney General to back off his crusade from the mob.

A lot of connections it seems!

2. Missing evidences.

According to The Independent News, the forensic reports of Marilyn Monroe was found missing only a few days after her death. The witnesses present on the night of her death also came up with contradicting stories later on. These various outlooks and lack of evidences on this single case constantly went on complicating and blurring it.


1. The unresolved mystry

As theories go on and controversies swell up high, Marilyn Monroe’s death still remains an unsolved puzzle. Contrary to the other theories, Monroe’s suicide is another among them. When she was found lying dead on her bed with barbiturate overdose, the first thought that came to most of their minds was that she had killed herself. A bottle of sleeping pills was also discovered by her side and nobody knew from where it had come.


On 5th August,1952, the death of the living legend was declared but nobody knows it still whether it was her own choice to embrace death or was it incurred upon by someone else. The contradictions and conflicts will surely carry on forever but Monroe’s rememberance is not limited only to her death and we look at Marilyn Monroe as someone more than a star. She was a seductive cocktail of glamour and damage, a rare combination we get to witness. She remains a mysterious women till date, an unfathomable truth difficult to peirce into.


Top 10 Worst Floods of all Time

Over the centuries, natural disasters have largely been unavoidable. They are hard to predict, almost impossible to withstand, and the after-effects are devastating. Earthquakes, famines, volcanic eruptions – humans across the world have witnessed enough of these. Moreover, floods have also been a great cause of disaster. While we consider water to be a fundamental element that enables crops to grow and helps sustain livelihoods, it can also leave a drastic impact in excess. Too much of anything can be harmful. The following is a list of some of the worst floods that have wreaked havoc on the lives of people and caused immeasurable damage:

10. Saint Marcellus’ Flood

One of the oldest recorded floods to have had a severe impact, the Saint Marcellus’ flood took place as long ago as 1362, over six hundred years ago. Also known as ‘Grote Mandrenke’, which means the great drowning of men, the disastrous event hit Holland, the British Isles, and Denmark. It is believed the flood originated from a massive gale from the Atlantic Ocean, and then found its way to the aforementioned areas. The disastrous event destroyed a plethora of towns across the countries. In fact, as many as 25,000 people are known to have lost their lives in the calamity. The flood made inhabitants in those areas aware of how damaging and unpredictable the weather can be.

9. Yangtze River Flood

The Yangtze River floods were a series of deadly floods that impacted the Hubei province of People’s Republic of China. They hit the region for a period of three months – from June to September in 1954, and caused extensive damage. Although the Yangtze River is the largest Asian river and is of great importance to China, it has also been catastrophic in nature. The river is so violent that when the floods struck, all efforts to stop them went into vain. Three floodgates were open to stop the water level from rising, and yet the flood ended up taking as many as 33,000 lives.

8. Bangladesh Famine

Bangladesh went through a dark phase in 1974, characterized by poverty and the deaths of many people. The Brahmaputra river, one of the largest in the world, that flows through India, China, and Bangladesh was responsible for the famine. Because of massive floods along the river, the famine took place in Bangladesh, resulting in a pathetic situation where people starved to death. While official estimates say that there were approximately 27,000 casualties, unofficial figures place the number at close to 1.5 million. The floods led to a situation of calamity and disaster throughout the country for a long period of time.

7. Eastern Guatemala Flood

Guatemala is a country in Central America that is bordered by Mexico on one side and the Pacific Ocean on the other. The Pacific Ocean has been infamous for the number of storms and hurricanes that originate in it and end up affecting nearby coastlines. In 1949, one such hurricane hit Guatemala and caused one of the worst flooding disasters the country has ever witnessed. Not only did the flood kill as many as 40,000 people, but it also left countless number of people without homes to live in. The flood caused great losses to the country, in terms of human life, as well as money.

6. The Hanoi Delta Flood

During the Vietnam War, things were difficult and tense in Vietnam. However, the bad situation was made increasingly worse with one of the worst floods in the region. The Red River, flowing through Vietnam’s capital city of Hanoi, flooded the region known as the Hanoi delta. Heavy downpours of rain that wouldn’t seem to stop destroyed the delta region, ending in widespread loss of life. A whopping 1,00,000 people lost their lives in the vicious flood. The fact that the flood took place during the time of war made things even worse as most of the region’s crops were also destroyed.

5. St. Felix Flood

Another deadly flood that struck the Netherlands, the St. Felix flood took place hundreds of years ago in 1530. Since the flood took place on the name day of St. Felix, it came to be named after him. The flood was so huge in size that a major portion of the Netherlands was washed away in it. Only a few small towns were able to survive its fury. It is estimated that the flood killed over 120,000 people, making it one of the worst Dutch floods of all time.

4. Yangtze River Flood of 1935

The Yangtze River has a tumultuous history of flooding. In 1935, a disastrous flood hit the Southeastern Region of China. This flood was much more dangerous and catastrophic than its successor which took place in 1954. The flood not only killed over 150,000 people, but also caused far-reaching damage and destruction in the entire region, preventing economic growth and sustenance. The flood also brought with it various water-borne diseases like malaria and typhoid that further worsened the situation. Those who were able to survive drowning, contracted life-threatening diseases.

3. The Banqiao Dam Failure

Situated in the River Ru in the Henan province of China, the Banqiao Dam is known as a structure and symbol that is associated with a major disaster. A typhoon by the name of Nina struck the region in 1975, and various dams were damaged or destroyed during the ordeal. It was assumed that the Banqiao damn would be able to withstand the heavy rainfall. However, the rainfall was twice the threshold amount and the dam collapsed. The typhoon along with the overflowing river caused massive floods in the region. More than 160,000 people lost their lives and millions of people were left without homes. The flood also cost China hundreds of millions of dollars in damages.

2. Yellow River Flood

The second longest river in Asia, the Yellow River, is as infamous as the Yangtze when it comes to natural disasters. In 1887, the Yellow River flood took place. It was one of the worst natural disasters in history. Due to overflowing, the river submerged surrounding areas, leading to as many as 900,000 people losing their lives. Besides the myriad deaths, the floods also left people without homes and destroyed their means of sustenance, that is, their crops and agriculture.

1. The China Floods

China has withstood various flooding disasters over the centuries. However, none have been as devastating as the China floods of 1931. The ordeal began in 1930, when a drought struck the entire country. Soon after, abnormal weather conditions such as heavy snowstorms and rains brought up water levels to an unimaginably high level. The situation was exacerbated with deadly cyclones in 1931 which made rivers overflow throughout the country. It is estimated that the death toll from this flood was one of the highest ever, with as many as four to five million dead.