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Top 10 Negative Effects of Using Cosmetics and Makeup Daily

Cosmetics and Makeup industry is leading the economy these days. I can bet that you cannot find a girl who ventures out in the open without applying at least 5 beauty products before leaving. Now I’m not saying that all cosmetics are bad for you, but there are proper ways and limits of using it. We live in a world where the profile pic of your social media handle is not acceptable if it is less than perfect. Times like these only just add to the societal pressure for every girl to look perfect. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I am anti – cosmetics. But I am against all the consequences a person has to face after using Cosmetics and Makeup daily. So, today I bring you all the negative side effects you are working against if you are an avid user of Cosmetics and Beauty products.


10. Mental Addiction

I’m sure everyone has heard the saying ‘Any good thing can be bad if used in excess’. That’s the case with Cosmetics. There are a lot of girls out there who apply makeup as they enjoy doing. There is not a hidden motive as they are not trying to cover something up. Then there are girls who rely on makeup to cover up every imperfection they have. Ladies, this kind of behavior and thinking can lead to some serious mental addiction. Relying on Cosmetics to that extent can also lead to self – esteem and self – confidence issues. So you are welcome to use these products as long as you are fine with yourself when you take them off. Remember the day you are not to accept yourself as who you are without applying makeup, I’d say that’s when you give using Cosmetics a long needed break.

9. Eye Diseases

Even two hands won’t be enough if I start counting the number of eye products out there on my fingers. A kajal is something that every girl has, even the ones who don’t apply makeup heavily. Kajal is one of the basic staples of Cosmetics. What you are not aware of is that the product that makes our eyes pop on a daily basis can prove to be very bad for their health. Other eye products along kajal when applied to the waterline of eyes can lead to numerous diseases. Chemical development, glaucoma, dry eye, discoloration of eyes, and, infective conjunctivitis are a few of those diseases. In fact, studies suggest that frequent use of Mascara can thin your eyelashes and make them fall quicker. Worst case scenario, it can lead to corneal ulcers due to containing Pseudomonas Aeruginosa which a very harmful bacteria for eyes.

8. Nail Deterioration

Long and manicured nails are something that every girl craves. Most of the girls have to resort to Nail Art. It’s not even harmful to your nails if you do it at home or get it done from outside on your own nails. Where it gets tricky is most girls don’t have the kind of perfectly manicured nails they desire. So they opt to get fake extensions and then get Nail Art done on them. The process starts with drilling your nails with a buffer. Sounds a terrible thing to put your nails through right? In fact, the glue they use to put fake nails on can degrade the quality of your nails very quickly. So while Nail Art is not a quick death for your own nails, I’d advice taking breaks in between. Just so your nails can have time to breathe and heal back to their original thickness.

7. Lead Poisoning

I know you are probably head over heels in love with the newest matte shade you saw in a lipstick. What you don’t know is that just a simple product as a lipstick can cause lead poisoning and various brain abnormalities. This can happen due to lipstick containing lead. Now the amount that’s usually present in a lipstick is perfectly fine for usage. Where it can get dangerous is when you touch those lips up multiple times a day. A lipstick also contains mineral oil which can clog up the pores on your life. How is it bad you ask? Well, it can stop skin cell development and deter the proper functionality of lips. So while it’s safe to use a lipstick on a daily basis, make sure that you take it off properly while going to bed. Give them time to rejuvenate and I’m sure they won’t disappoint you.

6. Breathing Disorders

I know it can sound pretty farfetched when someone associates Cosmetics with Lung Diseases. Let me explain and it will all make sense. There are tons of powder-based cosmetics out there. The fallout from them is a pretty normal thing to happen. We don’t even give it a second thought. But what most people don’t know is that inhaling the fumes from these products can cause several breathing disorders. Silicate is present in talcum powders that can lead to lung infections and allergies if inhaled. Lipsticks, as I mentioned above, contain Lead which is harmful to our health. It is very common for a person to ingest the product they have applied to their lips. Hence, the Breathing Disorders happen. What I’d suggest is avoid inhaling powder products and never use fake copies of big brands. The fallout from them may look harmless but it can be pretty deadly.

5. Permanent Wrinkles and Damage

I talked about eye diseases that can occur due to harmful chemicals present in eye products. Well, there are other issues that can happen due to excessive use of eye products. The skin around our eyes is the most sensitive part of our face. It’s ironic that we use these Cosmetics to make our eyes look flawless but they deteriorate the skin according to the frequency of our usage. Products like Eye Shadow, Concealers, and Foundations can leave permanent wrinkles around our eyes. The bags under our eyes that we cover using concealers and foundations can stay there permanently with time. Girls apply products to cover their dark circles. Then those products lead to more bags under their eyes. Therefore, a never-ending chain is created. My suggestion? Going out with a few dark circles is still better than inviting them to stay under your eyes for the long haul.

4. Acne and Blackheads

I know acne and blackheads seem like a very light thing when compared to other things on this list. But trust me the possibility and frequency of acne and blackheads are also way too high. Girls around the world know the pain of discovering a new pimple especially before you have to attend an event. What a lot of people don’t know is that there are Cosmetics which can increase the occurrence of acne and blackheads. Products like Primer and Foundation are used to even out your skin so the rest of the products can go on easily on your face. These products end up clogging your pores and entrapping impurities inside them. This can lead to acne and blackheads appearing all over your face. So always remember to clean your face thoroughly whenever you apply these products and give your face an interval every now and then.

3. Skin Discoloration

There are Cosmetics which can have bleaching and/or discoloration effect on your skin. Skin Toners, Sunscreens, Blushes, and Fairness Creams fall under this class of items. These issues are heightened when you use fake copies of big brands. Issues like skin discoloration, patches, redness, brown pigmentation, blotches, and unevenness can easily happen when you use these products for a prolonged period of time. What you should keep in mind is to never use these products excessively and throw them out as soon as they expire. If you have a natural discoloration, then I would strongly suggest against using cheap Cosmetics. Use organic Makeup that doesn’t further worsens your condition. Switch to natural remedies to treat these imperfections on your face instead of always covering them up with Makeup. Your skin will for sure feel the difference.

2. Allergic Reactions

The most common issue that occurs due to excessive use of Cosmetics and Makeup is Allergies. There are chemicals present in several Beauty products that can lead to allergies in skin, hair, and eyes. Parabens are chemicals used to stop bacterial development in Cosmetics can cause numerous allergic reactions like skin irritation and discoloration, blemishes, and blotches. It is obvious that no person can avoid Cosmetics altogether. What you can do is invest in Organic Cosmetics and Makeup. It is a bit on the expensive side, but it’s the best option for you especially if you have sensitive skin. Observe the ingredient list if you are selecting a new brand to check out if there are any harmful chemicals present in it. Just keep in mind that it is better to pay a few extra bucks and some attention while selecting the products than dealing with negative consequences later.

1. Cancer

If nothing on the list so far has grabbed your attention, I’m sure this point sure will. The worst case scenario when it comes to Cosmetics is the occurrence of cancer. A lot of Beauty products are present in the industry which can cause diseases like skin cancer, breast cancer, and blood cancer. These are the most deadly issues that you can face when you use toxic Beauty products regularly. Perfumes contain phthalates while products like Deos, Nail Polishes, and Shampoos contain benzene; all of these ingredients can cause cancer. The thing that makes these items so dangerous is that very few people are aware of the harms associated with them. Articles like this one are written to make sure the consumers out there note the ingredients that go into the products they use on a daily basis. So always investigate a brand thoroughly before applying anything new on yourself.


There you have it, folks. I hope after reading this you will pay more attention to the details. As I have mentioned numerous times in here that I am not opposing the use of Cosmetics. But the thing that nobody should condone in my opinion is such dire side effects from products that are supposed to make you look pretty. So choose wisely when it comes to buying beauty products and always give your skin enough time to heal and a good night’s rest before slathering more makeup on and calling it a day. Trust me, your skin will definitely appreciate it.