The most energetic life phase of a human being is his youth. Where one has the ability to learn, practice, conquer and see the beauty in each and everything. They say youth gives you lessons but age gives you understanding to those lessons, which is pretty much clear and visible noticing the bad habits or the idiosyncrasies of today’s youth.

The 21st century’s youth is spirited, opinionated and open to modern customs and beliefs. They truly have the guts to bash the older and ineffectual norms and mindsets of older generations and bring the change that society indeed is waiting for. But these millennials and Generation Z or centennials are not really known for their revolutionary stories because there hardly are! Rather these stories or events are merely the product of their beliefs and they live only in their minds.

But when one wants to see the real change in this world, actions are needed to be taken. And for that, real events should have to take place; revolution should have to take place. And the first step towards that would be identifying the bad habits and the mistakes 21st-century youth are making. Here are the top 10 of them:

10. Peer pressurizing: The youth today is just following the trends that other youngsters are following. Basically, what most people like or believe in groups up and boycotts the one or might make feel the other person inferior if he is not following the same. For example, alcoholism, most youngsters are into it, but the ones who are against it are peer pressured to take a sip or just one pint of beer or just one shot of vodka. The fact that many youngsters do not keep their heads on their shoulders is extremely upsetting.

9. Junk food: The fast lives of today’s youth have made them think it’s good to eat outside every now and then. Hanging out with friends more often than rare and going to parties and get together make them socially attractive to people. Sitting with them having the party treats and shots will make them the talk of the town, the sheer amateur mindset does not let them even think of the junk food that is being consumed by their bodies. The homemade healthy cooked food is a new uncool thing millennials have discovered.

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8. Lacking social awareness: The 21st-century youth where wants to be the hot potato are the ones who possess the least social awareness. The irony continues with the example, where one has to teach even a 20-year-old about driving and walking habits. No matter how much you honk at a youngster wearing earphones on road, all your energy is going to get waste because he will be least aware that he is being an inconvenience. They will know all the social media trends but will fail miserably on street knowledge.

7. Money unvalued: Every parent wants for their child a financially secured and safe future. For that, they genuinely do their best to make up for their child’s financial affairs in every way possible. But instead of spending them on important things that can actually make them more skilful and smarter like books, they spend it on things so that they can have fun. They value temporary pleasure over an immortal personality that they can build. Even if the youth start earning on their own, they get even more power to spend it on the things that they are fond of without saving it for an unseen future.

6. Social media 24×7: Social media is a boon and a curse both today for the youngsters. Where it proves to be an informative and supportive media, it is also blamed for wasting youth’s precious time. But the young minds of the 21st-century generation fails to understand that more than half of theirs esteemed time is wasted on social media. No matter how much Twitter is informative, no matter how much entertainment Instagram or YouTube has to offer, if you are not building your intellect in personal development, all this will not be of any use. Its high time that youth should introspect and plan their routines with social media content intakes.

5. Excessive hanging-out: When one thinks of the word ‘youth’ the first thing that comes to mind is energy, enthusiasm, and excitement. And this truly defines this phase of life where one only thinks about having fun and is happy in the world’s temporary pleasures, hanging out with friends, gossiping, blabbering on hopeless debates. Hanging out with friends is not a bad habit, what accounts for a bad habit is the wastage of time. The same long hours can be made of some productive use for their growth and development that too with their friends’ involvement. Universities after lectures can turn into a fun and growing period if they really plan something that can assist them to grow.

4. Indulging in unprotective sex: No youngster party is alcohol-free today. They rather plan a party to drink and have after-party get together sittings with their groups but end up having pre-marital sex. The problem is not pre-marital sex, the problem is the unawareness that today’s youngsters have with sex education. Their unaware actions lead to illegal abortions and make female’s bodies go through severe pains and processes that they surely won’t want at a stage where their future is at the cost. Since their brains are not properly functioning with the alcohol booze they even forget about the consent and end up being a rapist or a victim.

3. Drugs: One of the biggest reason youth indulge in drugs is their experimenting nature. Every youngster wants to try every new thing now and then. And amidst the hue and cry of drugs and their magical effects rather abnormal effect that makes a body go through, it becomes the most exciting thing of their life. They think a try will not make them an addict but after the first few tries, they already know they are an addict.

2. Alcoholism: An escape or a buzz, whatever you call, alcoholism is a major part of any youngster’s party. The world can sometimes be challenging where one feels like everything is drowning, to escape that drown one take a shoulder from alcohol and drugs. Since alcohol does a little less damage than drugs, they feel reliable with it. The amateurish nature of today’s youth believes that they will not be able to create memories if they are not one shot down. With such little mind, they then start pressurizing their group members too to try a sip or a shot until they also get drunk and becomes their habit too.

1. Smoking: You ask a youngster, why they smoke? The most prevalent answer you will get is, that it calms down their brain. Merely a 20-year-old really have so much going in his/her life that they need a cigarette to calm it down? Is it so? Well, quite bizarre to believe. Either our strengthening systems have barred really low, or the youth is following some very peculiar trends that make them just look COOL.
It’s big-time that youth must understand their duties towards the societies and their own lives so that the world can have better leaders tomorrow.