“You don’t play for the crowd, you play for the country.”

-M S Dhoni

Cricket is the second most popular game in the world, after football. And there are passionate cricket fans everywhere in the world. With talented players across the world, there’s no doubt why we are crazy about this game.

The main two fields are Batting and bowling.  But there’s this other department which is equally important for a team’s win – it is fielding. We don’t really find people talking about fielders as much as they gossip about the other two departments.

Cricket players are selected mainly on the basis of their bowling or batting skills. You won’t find a player getting selected just for their fielding. They must excel in any one of the other two departments. Although, this department requires the most attention and reflexes. A batsman bat only when he faces the ball, or till he faces the ball. Bowlers bowl for a limited number of overs. But a fielder is on the field for the whole inning.

Well, the fielders need to be appreciated more. There are very skillful fielders out there. Let us just bring them into the limelight this time. They deserve it. Here’s a list of the top 10 best fielders out there in the world. Some of them retired and some are still playing.

10. Ricky Ponting


He played for the Australian cricket team and captained the team to success with a win ratio of over 67%. Pointing retired in 2012 and currently guides the Australian cricket side these days. You will also find him commentating. He was known for his batting skills and was one of the best Australian batsmen. Another great skill Ponting had was his fielding skills. His reflex was one of the best. The Australian has taken some brilliant catches in his career. His speed in his fielding makes him one of the best. He mainly stayed inside the inner ring while fielding. With over 190 catches in test and more than 160 catches in ODIs, he has proved how fielding is one important department in Cricket.

Ponting has won many awards in his career including the award of Australia’s best Test player in 2003, 2004, and 2007 and Australia’s best ODI player in 2002 and 2007. He has also been named an Australia Post Legend in 2021.

9. Dwayne Bravo


Dwayne Bravo who is an active all-rounder is a complete package and is in great demand in domestic crickets too. The West Indian Cricketer is known for his batting, bowling, and his terrific fielding skills. Those big arms are responsible for those long sixes and those viral one-hand catches. He has won the American Sports award for one of his brilliant catches. The former West Indian captain is also known for his celebrations and his music covers. He has won the ICC T20 trophy twice for his national team.

8. Virat Kohli


Virat Kohli, the current Indian captain is one of the best active batsmen. He is known for swinging his bats and hitting boundaries and is considered to be the G.O.A.T in batting. His captaincy has been praised several times too.  Virat Kohli believes in fitness and you can see that whenever you look at him. He is the heartthrob for all the lady fans in the world. Kohli is also known as one of the fittest cricket players playing currently. His fitness is a great example and is one of the best fielders too. Virat’s agility, speed, reflexes have helped his team win. He is known for run-outs and brilliant catches and saves.

7. Faf-du Plessis


This South African player is known for his batting and fielding skills. He is the former South African Captain. Faf generally stays in the middle order while he bats for his team and has always proved himself. He has scored a century on his test debut. His fitness has gifted him the confidence, speed, and reflexes that he has used in his fielding. Faf has announced his retirement from test cricket recently in February 2021. His fantastic saves have always helped his team saving runs.

6. Steven Smith


Steven Smith, the current Australian Captain is considered to be the best test captain these days. His battings skills are appreciated by everyone around the world. Smith’s current form is brilliant and is leading international cricket with his skills. His reflex and speed are outstanding. He has taken more than 110 catches in his Test career as of 2019. Steven never thinks before diving and pushing his limits. His aggressive skills have always helped his team.

5. Trent Boult


We all know how good a bowler Trent Boult is. He has had lots of records under his name because of his bowling skills. We have seen him taking the stumps off with his bowl. At the same time, we have seen him taking the run-out credit a lot of times. His boundary saves has always saved his team one or two runs. Those runs counts, those saves counts, those run-outs do matter.

4. Suresh Raina

fieldingThe best fielders list is incomplete without Suresh Raina. One of the most successful Indian fielders, indeed. He might not be as fit as Virat, but he is exceptionally well at taking catches and saving boundaries. Raina has been one of the best T20 best batsmen for India and helped India to win many matches with his bat. He has done that with his quick fielding reflexes too. Raina announced his retirement from all formats in August 2020.


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3. Ravindra Jadeja


Catches win you matches they said. Rightly said. Fielding is an important department in the game of cricket. It keeps the batsmen under challenge and constant pressure. And when you talk about this stuff, you need to name this man. One of the best Indian fielders to date, Ravindra Jadeja is still playing and helping his teams with not only his batting and bowling but with his fielding too. He has left his own teammates and commentators awestruck many a time. His super diving saves and super throws for run-outs should always be appreciated.

2. AB De Villiers


This South African batsman is known for his 360-degree batting skills. He can hit any ball anywhere and you will see the ball getting out of the boundary line. His sweeps are top-notch. Bowlers do get confused when they face De Villiers at the other end. Not only the bowlers, but the batsmen are also afraid of hitting the ball where De Villiers field. How many times have we seen him taking a catch which should have been a SIX? It is frustrating for the batsmen. He is famous for his reflexes, and diving catches.


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1. Jonty Rhodes

Here we are, at the end of this list which is impossible without this South African cricketer. The legend himself. Jonty Rhodes is known for his batting as much as his fielding. He is considered to be the best fielder of all time. Jonty Rhodes is responsible for a lot of run-outs. Rhodes made the impossible look possible with his exceptional catches. He retired from all formats of cricket in 2003, he has been a commentator there since.