Are you looking for some of the top-notch military schools to enroll at across the world? Well then, you’ve come to just the right place. Making a conscious decision to join the military is a tough one indeed, and choosing which one to enroll at can be a daunting experience as well. However, there’s no need to panic. We have a well-curated list of the top 10 best military schools around the globe, just for you. This list will be sure to give you a sneak peek into some of the best academies in the world and will help you make a well-informed decision.

  1. South African Military Academy

Situated in South Africa, this academy is modeled after the American military academy system. This prestigious academy was established in the year 1950 and has been training individuals to be midshipmen and officers in South Africa ever since. The academy overlooks the Saldanha Bay and gives about 300 men and women the chance to train amidst the scenic beauty of this location. Students that graduate from this academy, do so with a bachelor’s degree and experience to back them up and support their work on the field.

  1. National Defense Academy of Japan

Since the year 1953, this academy has been training young individuals to bravely serve as Japanese self-defence personnel. Once enrolled at this academy, students get paid for their time at the institute. This is what makes this academy different from all the others on this list. This is because when an individual is accepted into the institute, he/she is considered an employee of the ministry of defence. Additionally, once students graduate, they are required to go to officer candidate schools at any military force they choose. Alumni of this academy include astronauts, military officials, and other high-ranking government personnel.

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  1. Hellenic Military Academy

Located in Greece, this academy is one of the best in the world for those aspiring to be part of the military. The institute came into existence in 1828 and has not only taught some of the brightest military personnel but has also produced some of the best scientists, engineers, and other professionals. Although the academy hosts majority of students of Greek origin, it also accepts individuals from across the globe who match the requirements needed by the academy.

  1. General Staff Academy

Genera Staff Academy is one of the unheard military schools in the world. However, its graduates have served in the Russian military successfully for years and have showcased the best skills and methods on the field. Located in Russia, this academy came into being in 1936. The aspect that sets it apart from the rest on this list of the top 10 military schools in the world is that admission into this academy requires one to have previous military experience. Many who enroll in this academy are well into their 30s and often hold the rank of Colonel or General.

  1. Royal Military Academy Sandhurst

If you do not wish to get into the air force and still want to study in the United Kingdom, this academy is a prestigious choice. This is one of the academies in the world that believes in training officers, not just academically, but also for life on the field. It believes in training its students with everyday life skills like leadership and excels in doing so. What sets this academy apart from the rest is that those who pass out of it do not get a Bachelor’s degree, but with enough training to lead a rigorous life on the field. This institute has a long history of world-renowned names including Prince Harry, and it continues to teach and educate the best of the best.


  1. PLA National Defense University

This prestigious university is located in China and is run by the state of Beijing. The university came into being in the year 1985 and continues to produce some of the best defense personnel to date. The university has an interesting history, as it was built from the ground up by bringing together some of the existing political and military schools. This is one of the top military academies in China and is well-renowned across the globe.

  1. The Special Military School of Saint-Cyr

Situated in France, this prestigious military school holds a mighty reputation in the world. The students that are accepted into this school are trained rigorously and are pushed to reach their full potential. Above all, they graduate with a Master’s degree as commissioned officers. The interesting part about this academy is that it was established by Napoleon Bonaparte himself in the year 1803. Graduates from this school have been part of every European war and their alumni include French President, Charles De Gaulle.

  1. Unites States Naval Academy

Located in Maryland, this is an academy that came into being way back in 1845. Since then, it has worked tirelessly to train Maries and Navy corps and continues to do so even today. The academy hosts a fantastic campus that has now become a national landmark. Like The United States Military Academy, students aspiring to get admission into the United States Naval Academy also require to be endorsed by a member of Congress. Although about 1300 students get admission into this prestigious institute, only about 1000 graduate. The accepted students are expected to serve in the military for about five years, in exchange for tuition fees. This institute hosts about six alumni that flew to the moon, two Nobel Prize winners, and also one President.

  1. Royal Air Force College Cranwell

This is an institute that was initially established as a naval training center during the First World War. In the year 1919, the institute became the world’s first air academy and it took the world by storm. However, during the Second World War, the academy put a stop to training officers and began training recruits for the British Air Force. It trained some of the big names of the world, like Prince William, Prince Charles, and many others. Fascinating, isn’t it?

  1. Unites States Military Academy

The United States Military Academy is one of the most prestigious military schools in the world. It is located in New York and has a reputation that precedes it. Getting admitted into this school is no walk in the park, and individuals are required to get nominated by the U.S. Congressman or congresswoman, in order to be considered as a potential student at the school. However, aspirants from outside the United States can apply too. Once admitted, students are not only expected to excel academically but also but to also build core skills like leadership. Apart from this, the academy has a scenic view of the Hudson River and hosts some of the world-class alumni.


These are some of the best military academies across the globe and they all admit only the best of the best. They also work day and night to ensure the students are well-prepared and knowledgeable when they step out into the field. Now that you are aware of the top 10 military schools in the world, you are all set to embark on a path of prestige and righteousness.