“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.” – Plato

Music is the universal language. The origin of music is from the very ancient times,  and music is being practised from the very beginning of human existence. Without music, the world would be never moved. The endless, magical sounds of nature in the world are all music. Then humans slowly learned to feel the music and accordingly, they started making various musical instruments. Music and musical instruments can do the magic and touch the human heart in any situation, in any environment. And not only humans but also animals and birds carry this magic of music. All of the human emotions can be expressed through musical instruments in their own way.

Some instruments were made from the beginning of our existence which we are still playing today, such as the flute. Generally, a musical instrument made of strings is called a string instrument such as guitar, ukulele, violin, banjo, harp. Some musical instruments make sound with the help of wind such as flute, saxophone, harmonica, trumpet. Some are percussion instruments such as drums, bells. And some music instruments are called keyboard instruments. Let’s talk about the 10 most expensive music instruments in the world.

10. Robbert Bouchet’s classical guitar ( $122,500)—

Robert Bouchet was a world-famous french classical guitar maker. He lived in Paris and loved painting. His guitars are some of the best guitars in the world.  Well, the sound of all his guitars is attractive. Robert Bouchet has made 154 classical guitars in total, in his life and this particular guitar is the 87th of them. This particular guitar was made in 1964. The weight of the guitar is 1448 grams. And its air resonance frequency is very remarkable. It was sold in October 2009 for 122,500 dollars whose Indian value is Rs 91,33,397.

09. Antonio de Torres’s classical guitar ($157,000 )—

Antonio de Torres Jurado was born on 13 June 1817 in Almería, Andalucía and died on 19 November 1892. He was a Spanish guitarist and guitar maker. Antonio is a very important and noteworthy guitar maker of the 19th century.  The design of the guitar he created is considered to be the world’s first modern classical guitar. Actually, most of the acoustic guitar we see now is inspired by Antonio’s design. Many expensive guitars made by him are available and popular all over the world.  There are some of his guitars which are kept in museums and his display house.


All the guitars he made are very expensive. But the most expensive among them was the guitar that was sold for 157,000 dollars in 2007 and was made in 1864. And the Indian market value is approx 1,17,13,361.80 Indian Rupee.

8. Giovanni Battista Ceruti’s violin($258,947)—

Giovanni Battista Ceruti was an Italian violin maker. He was born in 1756 and died in 1817. Giovanni was a master violin maker of the 18th century. He has gifted us numerous violins to the world. Battista wasn’t a violin maker from the very beginning. Then, he changed his profession and discovered his passion for making violins. He was about 40 when he started playing violins. Surprising right? There were a lot of political difficulties in Italy when he started his work. Which made it very difficult for him to use the right material for his violin. His passion for violins showed him the path to success. This violin was sold for $258,947 in March 2013. This guitar’s Indian value is 1,93,06,920.00 Indian Rupee.

7. Pieter Rombouts ‘s Viola da Gamba ($212,500)—

Pieter Rombouts was a famous violin maker from Holland. He was born in 1667 and died in 1740. Pieter worked mainly in Amsterdam.  He learned the craft of violin from his stepfather Hendrik Jakobs.  Rombout built this piece in the early 18th century. Later viola da gamba came to Europe and became very popular. Having a large size, the violin was played on the lap or between the legs. For which it is called “viola on the leg”. In 2009, the viola da gamba sold for $212,600 at an auction in New York. It was the highest price it has ever had. And, Viola da gamba’s Indian value is1,58,53,911.53 Indian Rupee.

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6. Carlo Giuseppe Testore’s violin ($218,500)—

Carlo Giuseppe Testore was born in Novara. He was born in 1665 and died in 1738. His family’s livelihood was making violins only. Carlo was the most famous and skilled violin maker in his family. He was also one of the finest craftsmen of his time. Carlo learned this craft from his teacher – Giovanni Grancino. He hasn’t made a lot of instruments though. He built this violin in 1690.

The maximum price of this violin was $ 281,200 in an auction in March 2021.

The Indian price is Rs 2,09,72,472.46.

5. Gennaro Gagliano’s Violoncello ($362,500)—

In the early 18th century, there was a family from Naples who’s named Gagliano. Gagliano made the violin. Gennaro Gagliano was the best violin maker in his family. He was born in Italy and was a very skilled craftsman and violin maker. Gennaro’s works in musical instruments are appreciated all over the world.  Many of his violins are no longer available. Violoncello is one of the available violins. He made this violin in 1765. All the available violins are very expensive.


In April 2009 violoncello sold for 362,500 at an auction. The price of the instrument is Indian rupees 2,70,42,989.38.

4. Gasparo Bertolotti da Salò’s viola ( $542,000)—

Gasparo da Salò was the earliest and one of the first famous violin makers. He was born into a musician family. Gasparo da Salò was born on 20 May 1642 in the city of Salo, Italy. He has made all kinds of violins, big and small. And, almost 80 violins made by him have been found so far. This particular piece is one of the most expensive violins.

The Viola was sold at an auction in April 2010 for $542,500. This viola’s Indian price is 4,04,52,082.12 Indian rupee.

3. C.F. Martin and Company’s Guitar ($554,500)—

F. Martin & Company is an American guitar manufacturing company founded in 1833. This company was founded by Christian Frederick Martin. From Acoustic guitar, flat-top guitar, to electric guitar – if you are into guitars, C.F Martin and Company should always be at the top of your buying list. Moreover, mandolin and ukulele are made here. The company is about 188 years old. This company has made about 160 types of guitars. So, this particular guitar from the C.F Martin and Company is one of their most expensive guitars. This guitar was made in 1930. The name of this guitar is OM-45 DELUXE. It was sold for $ 554,500 in April 2009 and has set a world record. This guitar’s Indian price is 4,13,78,176.25 Indian rupee.

2. Fender Stratocaster guitar ($959,500)—

Stratocaster guitar is a very famous electric guitar. This guitar was designed in 1954 by Leo Fender, Bill Carson, George Fullerton, and Freddie Tavares.

It was sold at an auction for $ 959,500. In Indian rupees, the price is about 7,15,97,890.00.

1. Antonio Stradivari’s violin ($3,600,00)—

Stradivarius is one of the best violins in the world. And Antonio Stradivari was the creator.  Moreover, all the violins he made set a world record in auctions. It was built in 1680. At the 2010 Tarisio auction, violinist Anne Akiko Meyers bought it for $ 3,600,000. The Indian value is 26,88,39,000.00 Indian Rupee. And this is a world record. It is currently the most expensive musical instrument in the world.