The tourism industry has been rapidly growing all around the world over the past few decades. Travel around the world has become easier and quicker due to the plethora of airlines that operate nowadays. Flight tickets can be booked instantly via online platforms and people can travel to their desired destinations as and when they want. Tourism happens to be a lucrative sector for various countries. It generates large amounts of revenue and also contributes to GDP growth. It also generates employment for people, thereby creating a win-win situation for all. While countries like USA and China generate the most revenue from tourism, their economies don’t entirely depend on it. However, there are certain smaller countries which heavily rely on tourism for revenue and sustenance.

10. Jamaica (8.9% of GDP)

Located in the Caribbean Sea, Jamaica is a large island country that is also an exotic tourist spot. Tourism contributes more than half of its entire economic activity, and millions of tourists visit the island every year. Jamaica is rich in culture, especially music, which forms a significant part of the country’s heritage. The island has various picturesque areas to visit – consisting of waterfalls, wetlands, mountains, and coral reefs. Although the weather can get quite humid, the beauty of the place makes it all worth the visit.

9. Thailand (9.4% of GDP)

Officially known as the Kingdom of Thailand, Thailand lies in Southeast Asia. The country is a hot vacation spot for those looking for tropical vacations. The climate is mildly pleasant throughout the year, and there are myriad things to do. Tourists can relax at the calm beaches in Pattaya or they can enjoy the hustle-bustle of Bangok, Thailand’s capital city. Bangkok’s malls and streets are famous all over the world for the availability of good quality, cheap apparel. A significant percentage of people visit Bangkok only to shop. The city is also famous for its wild nightlife and in contrast, its various Buddhist temples and Thai massages. Tourism contributes to almost 10% of Thailand’s GDP, making it a profitable industry for the country.

8. Croatia (10.9% of GDP)

The European country of Croatia makes for a scenic tourist destination. Old cities with detailed architecture, luscious hills and valleys, and a long coastline along the Adriatic Sea provide for a plethora of exciting adventures. One of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, Croatia boasts of varied nautical events at hundreds of marinas that line its coast. Resorts along the mountains and hot spas provide experiences and activities for people with all sorts of preferences. Moreover, being one of the major shooting locations for the popular drama series, Game of Thrones, has enabled Croatia to attracts millions of tourists yearly.

7. Malta (14.2% of GDP)

Malta is such a small island country that quite a few people have never heard of it, and most can’t even find it on a world map. It lies south of Italy in the Mediterranean Sea, and is a densely populated yet beautiful country. Over a million individuals visit Malta annually because of its warm climate and recreational areas. The very fact that Malta has more than twice the number of tourists than it has residents, makes tourism such an important aspect of its economy. Plentiful historical sites, scenic beaches, and the lovely vibes make Malta an ideal holiday location – for families as well as for couples.

6. Monaco (15% of GDP)

The small European country of Monaco, surrounded by France and the Mediterranean Sea, is an extremely expensive and posh destination. The gambling industry thrives here, with many casinos for the millionaires who form a part of its rich population. Tourism also adds significantly to the country’s GDP, and the GDP per capita is one of the highest in the world. The Monaco Grand Prix also draws in thousands of tourists and Formula One enthusiasts from all over the world annually.

5. The Bahamas (19.4% of GDP)

The sound of The Bahamas more often than not brings a mental picture of the bright blue ocean and white sandy beaches to one’s mind. The small country is an archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean, south of the American state of Florida. It relies heavily on tourism for revenue which plays a major role in enabling its economy to keep functioning. More than half of the country’s GDP is generated through tourism alone. Most tourists visit The Bahamas for the various luxurious cruises offered. The quiet and peaceful country is great for a long summer getaway.

4. Seychelles (21.3% of GDP)

Seychelles is small archipelago that lies to the east of Africa, in the Indian Ocean. The country once used to be an agrarian economy; however, it has now grown manifold times and tourism contributes majorly to its economic output. A group of several island constitute the country, which is also known for its diverse wildlife that comprises rare and endangered species. The tropical climate has led to the establishment of hotels and resorts where tourists can forget their worries and bask on the beaches under the clear blue sky.

3. British Virgin Islands (30.3% of GDP)

The British Virgin Islands, commonly known as the Virgin Islands, is a small cluster of islands in the Caribbean Sea. Its economy runs primarily on tourism, which brings in hundreds of thousands of tourists annually. Most of the tourists visit the islands via cruise ships, which anchor at the islands’ ports. Tourists who visit the islands often sail from island to island, exploring and relaxing away. The islands are rich in culture, allowing tourists to revel in the various forms of music and dance that are practiced there. However, it is the islands’ white sand beaches that steal the show, and are inundated with tourists all year round.


2. Maldives (41.5% of GDP)

Located in the Arabian Sea, southwest of the Indian subcontinent, lies the archipelago of Maldives. Its economy is heavily dependent on tourism, with over half a million tourists visiting it annually. The growth of tourism led to the development of lavish resorts and condominiums along the plethora of beaches. Tourists can also observe and explore the rich marine wildlife in and around Maldives by engaging in thrilling activities like snorkeling and scuba diving. Vacations in Maldives are not harsh on the pocket, which make it a very popular spot, resulting in a considerable surge in tourism.

1. Macau (43.9% of GDP)

A special administrative territory of China, Macau is a small territory with a large population. The high population density area is also famous around the world as a prime gambling hub. Millions of high net worth individuals visit Macau frequently for recreation and vacation purposes. Its dazzling casinos and gaming centers have propelled economic growth substantially. Although Macau is still a growing metropolitan zone, the influx of revenue from tourism and gambling has helped ensure financial success and stability for the region.