Some of the most beautiful animals on the planet are insects. Butterflies add color to gardens all around and bees are one of the reasons why we have so many flowers on the planet. It’s not an exaggeration to say that our world is the way it is because of insects. 

Even though there are a ton of beautiful and incredibly useful insects on our planet, there are also those that don’t have many charms. You’ve probably been creeped out or scared by a cockroach or a spider before but the insects on our list will make those animals look puny. Read on to find out more about the top 10 creepiest insects on earth: 

10. Giant centipede

The Amazon is known for its massive collection of creepy crawlies. From massive tarantulas to hordes of ants, Amazon has it all. However, the giant centipede tops nearly all of them. This insect can grow up to 12 inches at its maximum length. But its creepiest feature is the number of legs that it possesses. 

Like most centipedes, Amazonian giant centipedes are known for their large number of legs. Although this insect doesn’t have a hundred legs, it still has a massive 42 to 45 legs. Furthermore, the front two ‘legs’ of this animal have actually modified appendages that have venom. When the centipede needs to attack its prey, it grabs them with all of its legs and then injects the venom into it. Giant centipedes have been known to attack tarantulas and even small amphibians. 

9. Giant Water Bugs

The next animal on our list is also another insect that has earned the name ‘giant’. The giant water bug is an insect that doesn’t quite reach up to the size of the giant centipede. However, this insect is still one of the largest insects in the world. They can grow up to 2 or even 4 inches. They usually grab 

These bugs have earned also another name that sounds quite ominous, toe-biters. The reason for this is because they tend to live in water bodies. This means that they might accidentally bite humans for the sake of defense. However, they don’t usually attack humans so they don’t pose much of a threat to humans. 

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8. Velvet Ant

The velvet ant isn’t an ant at all but a wasp. This wasp has the appearance of a fuzzy ant that is covered in hairs. This is where it gets its name from. The fuzzy hair of these ants can come in a variety of colors like black, brown or even orange. However, anyone that feels tempted to touch its hairs will be in for a huge shock.

Velvet ants are well known for their extremely painful sting. The females of this species are the ones that administer the stings. However, the sting is so painful that this wasp has the nickname of cow killer. The pain of this sting also lasts for around half an hour. Although the sting is very painful, the venom of this wasp isn’t fatal to humans. 

7. Asian Giant Hornet

You might have heard about these hornets because they made headlines last year. The media dubbed the swarm of Asian giant hornets that came into certain parts of America the ‘murderous hornet.’ Although this hornet originated in Asia, it has been spotted in other places as well. 

As the name suggests, this hornet is one of the biggest hornets in the world. Its body length comes in at a bit under 2 inches. Additionally, these hornets live in colonies which can make them deadly. Each hornet injects a venom that acts as a neurotoxin, a venom that affects the nervous system which can be fatal. 

6. Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches

Another insect that has received a ton of media attention is the Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches. This insect has been depicted in many movies as dangerous creatures that are famous for the hissing sound that they make. These insects can also grow up to 3 inches making them look quite terrifying. However, these insects aren’t all that dangerous. They feed on vegetable matter and are herbivores by nature. Therefore they don’t pose any threat to humans. 

5. Puss Caterpillar

This caterpillar goes by many names like puss caterpillar, wooly slug, and so on. It is known for its fuzzy appearance and the ‘fur’ on its body. This caterpillar also grows into a moth is commonly known as the southern flannel moth which also has this distinct fuzzy appearance. 

However, touching this caterpillar can be extremely dangerous. The ‘fur’ is actually thin poisonous spines that pierce into any animal that touches it. They act as a very effective defense mechanism for the caterpillar. When a human touches the spines it can cause nausea, headaches, rashes, and other similar ailments. This can lead to further complications which make this caterpillar one of the most dangerous on the list. 

4. Ticks

These blood-thirsty insects certainly earn their place on this list. Ticks are some of the creepiest insects due to the fact that they are quite small and relatively invisible. However, once these insects latch onto an animal they start to expand in size till they are bloated with blood. One might not cause a ton of damage but if multiple ticks are on one animal they can cause serious blood loss. 

Apart from looking creepy, these insects transmit many deadly diseases. Because of the fact that some of these ticks move from one host to another, they serve as prime carriers. Some of these ticks also lay eggs on their host which can cause a bunch of tick larvae to hatch. This only serves to make them more terrifying.

3. Flesh flies

When a body starts to decompose multiple insects start to break down the body. Flesh flies are insects that feed on the flesh of dead animals. These flies can grow up to be as large as 22 mm and their hairy abdomen gives them a creepy appearance. Flesh flies can also carry diseases amongst certain animals. They are usually found around dead bodies and can be very useful for forensic science. 

2. Ichneumon wasps

These wasps don’t seem all that creepy at first glance. Apart from a few bright colors, all of them look like generic wasps that are common in the forest. However, the creepy part of these insects is the way that they reproduce. 

Ichneumon wasps are parasitoids. This means that in order to reproduce they lay their eggs in the body of an unsuspecting host. These wasps usually lay their eggs in the body of larvae. After a while, these eggs will hatch and live in the body of their hosts. They get all the nutrients and food that they require from their host. Eventually, once they mature, they kill their host and the cycle repeats. These parasitoids have found a sinister yet effective method of survival in their environment. 

1. Amazon ants

Amazon ants, that are also known as Polyergus, are some of the most ferocious insects in the Amazon. The interesting thing about Polyergus that separates them from most ants is the fact that Polyergus workers cannot look after their brood. These workers have sharp piercing mandibles that damage eggs. In order to have a thriving colony, these animals capture other ant colonies and make them their slaves. 

The amazon ants belong to a small group of ants that are known as ‘slave-making ants. The queen of the Polyergus is able to go into the colony of another ant and kill their queen. From here the amazon ants act like parasites, using the workers to do their bidding. This form of parasitism is quite rare in the animal kingdom and it is why these insects have earned their top spot on our list.