Top 10 Dangerous Sports that will give you Adrenaline Rush

From jumping off perilous cliffs to being chased by bulls through the streets of Spain, we humans do it all. An array of dangerous sports has become part of the posh lifestyle of the rich and famous. The youth who are always struggling to prove themselves as unique beings are the one’s who are mostly attracted to these severe forms of enjoyment. Here are the top ten deadly sports which are bound to give you an adrenaline rush whether you participate in it or just be a distant viewer.


10. Base Jumping

Though it may seem to be an exquisite form of lifetime activity, it is one of the riskiest and life-taking sports in today’s world. Written as B.A.S.E which stands for Building, Antenna, Span and Earth(cliff) refer to the four objects from which one can jump from thousands of meters above ground level. This is obviously an act of insanity where people experience a free-fall from an incredible height and land (if lucky) on some distant land with somebody sprains and sometimes broken bones. The jumpers certainly don’t have any control over their movements and their reliance is only on their parachute. Sometimes fear causes mishandling of the jumping suits which may lead to an accident. Base Jumping is illegal in most of the countries.

9. Running of the Bulls

One of the most popular and savage sports in Spain, it dates back nearly 700 years ago. The bulls are made to run from their shade to reach the bull-fighting ring and the people who are inclined upon showing their bravery jump in between the bull race with red waistbands to attract the bulls and make them run after them. It is a kind of run or die situation created which has absolutely got no meaning but of course, people of Spain and many tourists from all over the world take part in this sport, sometimes landing up severely or even fatally injured.


8. Heli Skiing

Heli skiing is a sport which is very similar to normal skiing on ice but its difference lies in the fact that a helicopter is used to take people to some distant and inaccessible places where normal skiers are unable to reach, the places where the snow is steeper making it an avalanche prone area. There are high chances of people getting buried in the snow due to sudden avalanches that are very common. Many other risks and danger prevail in this not so famous sport. These include unknown cliffs that accidentally come in their way, the sudden presence of creeks and the dangers of the skiers getting lost in the vast snow lands. If this is your sport you should be ready to explore the inner realms of the snow!


7. Street Luge

The participants of this sport sit in an inclined position on a partly modified skateboard and slide down the slopes of the mountainous roads keeping their feet just an inch above the ground and having just gravity to motion their boards. This sport is also practiced in busy roads. Huge numbers of injuries have been claimed as well as witnessed, so as a preventive measure helmets and well-built shoes have become compulsory before getting on board. It’s just a crazy thing that one would ever want to do. Just imagine skating down a hilly road and getting yourself knocked against some stony obstruction on the road. It will hurt! Won’t it?


6. Big Wave Surfing

Imagine yourself surrounded just by the blues and you are breezing through the splashes of water like some Hollywood star in action. Wow! That’s something really cool to think about. But big wave surfing isn’t always such a delight. It can be deadly to come over with such a huge force along with the wave and strike against some rock cliffs or hard surfaces. People who aren’t a pro may also be held underwater and drown themselves by consecutive waves passing by. Even if you are able to save yourself from the rage of the waves, many lose their lives because of the deadly sharks in the water. So one really needs to be cautious if they don’t want the sharks to feast on them.

5. Sky Diving

It’s one of the most popular adventure sports but not an easy one though. They take you up in the sky , thousands of meters above the ground level and all you have to do is jump out of the plane. You must be having your full faith on God and should consider your parachute the most sacred thing in the world. The people are trained and their physical fitness is checked before they are allowed to do stunts while hovering in the air. Still many get injured and even die if they jump in inappropriate and unfavorable weather conditions and also if they have not followed proper instructions. The sky is of course not a place to experiment!


4. Mountain Biking

Cycling is always considered good for human health as well as the health of nature. But packing your cycle and moving to the mountains and hills to take part in mountain biking is really a dangerous thought. Though specially gripped and featured bikes are used in place of normal cycles, mountain biking is one of the deadliest sports ones can enjoy. It really gives a thrilling experience to bike downhill the mountains and cliffs but it may also turn into a nightmare.  It is more difficult and dangerous than downhill skiing and one out of ten people bike riding is bound to get injured.


3. Kayaking

Kayaking is one of those special sports that is used as a stress reliever and can do wonders equivalent to meditation. Moving across the river water in a kayak can also serve as a good competition among fellow travelers. It only gets worse when the river currents are strong that can make the riders to lose control of the direction. They can smash against the shore or a hard surface or even can tumble them into the water which can lead to drowning. Kayaking in the ocean has a real calming effect. Yet one can never ignore the threats of the sharks or sea storms in the middle of the blues.


2. Cave Diving

Cave diving is an exceptional kind of underwater sport that is indeed a risky job yet an interesting one. But the risks of this sport can be fatal. Firstly, because the underwater silt and mud can be mixed into the water decreasing its visibility. Secondly, the water currents inside the caves are mostly strong and cause the divers to lose control of directions. Divers often get lost inside the water caves but the irony is that the cave divers are mainly used to search for the lost divers. Just imagine yourself floating inside a dark and chilly water cave and losing directions! It’s really eerie.



1. Bull Riding

This is different from the running of the bulls, unlike the former here the participant is on and not in front of the bull. The rider has to stay on top of the bucking bull for eight seconds in order to complete the game. However, often the furious creature flung them in the air.

Adventurous Sports always sound interesting and these unique sports are just worth every risk. Precautions and a good training are the important requirements that one needs while getting involved in these activities. But the dangers involved in these sports can make you come closer to your maker. Fun and excitement stand hand in hand with life risks and danger but still, it cannot prevent the audacious and resolute hearts from diving into this uncertainty. As long as fear confines you in your boundaries, you will only survive, not live!

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