“Desserts are the fairy tales of a kitchen. A- happily-ever-after to supper.”


Desserts are a common weak point for everyone. Whenever we pass by a sweets shop, the aroma of tasty desserts captivates the soul. The heart and mind go behind the source of aroma and eyes search for the sight of the tasty sweets. Desserts are not just sweet but they play the role of filling sweetness in lives though for some time. 

Do you crave a delicious and sweet dessert after a meal? Desserts have a very crucial place in a meal. A meal is considered complete with a dessert that has a similar role to the climax of a film. According to science, a heavy meal results in a large burst of insulin that creates a desire for something sweet. A dessert at the end of a meal gives an unconditional feeling of a delicious meal. It is a popular belief that eating sweets is a good way of starting something new. The reason for it is that sugar tends to improve mood and calm the mind.


Are you an ardent dessert lover? If yes, then you need to try rich and delicious Indian desserts that are traditional, captivating, and popular throughout the world.  We have listed the top 10 delicious Indian desserts sure to take over your mind:-

10.Gulab jamun-  Gulab jamun is one of the most loved deserts of India. They are small berry-sized balls fried and soaked in sugar syrup. Gulab jamun is served hot and is commonly found during festivals and celebrations. They are also very popular in Nepal, Myanmar, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. The name is derived from a Persian word meaning rosewater because that essence is added to it. The balls are made up of mixed flour and saffron, cardamom, and rose water are added for flavor. You shall find several different colors and sizes of gulab jamun in India. Every region and community have their specifications for the dish. They have a strong, sweet taste with a rich zest.

9.Kheer– Kheer is a milk pudding made with boiled milk, sugar, and rice. It is immensely popular among children and kids and everyone has childhood recollections of it. Kheer has numerous names in several communities like phirni in north India and payasam in South India. The rice is sometimes replaced with vermicelli, saviyaan or sweet corn. Kheer is commonly served during religious ceremonies and processions. An additional flavor of pistachios, cashews, cardamom, almonds, coconut, or raisin is added as per preference. Traditionally kheer is served in a small vessel made up of pottery. It is served cold or in a hot manner.

8.Gajar ka Halwa- Gajar ka Halwa is a popular fest during the cold winter seasons of India. It is a north-Indian dish also known as Gajrela, gajar pak, or carrot halwa. Gajar Halwa is a carrot pudding cooked with milk, sugar, water, cardamom, and dry fruits. It has a rich texture with clarified butter (Ghee) and milk cream. Carrot pudding is very prominent during winter festivals and celebrations. The trend of fusion dishes has created variations of gajar halwa like papaya carrot pudding, beetroot carrot halwa, rose water, and red velvet version. This dessert symbolizes affection, tradition, and lots of calories still the taste is worth it. Some diet-conscious people even eat sugar-free versions and enjoy the delicacy.

7. Sandesh- Sandesh or Shondesh is a dessert from the eastern region of Bengal from India. It is made from cheena or cottage cheese with milk and sugar. In Bangladesh, it is known as pranhara or heart stealer. Sandesh is a common offering to god during festivals. The name ” Sandesh” means message in Hindi. This sweet message of love is given to families and friends. Sandesh is filled with sweet sugar syrup and served with nuts or coconuts in different shapes. Some communities add jaggery into the traditional sweet.

6. Shahi tukda- Shahi tukda or royal piece is a rich and traditional Mughlai dessert. It will surely give a royal and luxurious taste in the first bite itself. Sushi tukda has a rich taste, sweet aroma, and strong flavor of cardamom or saffron. A bread piece is fried in ghee till it gets golden brown and dipped in sugar syrup. Then it’s coated with aromatic thick, sweet creamy milk that is rabri and topped with rich nuts. It is cooked during the iftaar occasion of Ramadan. Additionally, it is consumed throughout the country by various communities.

5.Rasgulla- Rasgulla or roshogulla is a Bengal sweet dish. It includes small balls made of cheena or cottage cheese dipped and served cold in sugar syrup. They are tasty, addictive and very gorgeous. Rasgulla has a soft spot texture that pours out sugar syrup when held in hands. Rasgullas are white in color that are a popular treat during festivals. Additionally, canned rasgullas are delivered throughout the country and even in foreign nations

4. Jalebi- Jalebi is known as jilapi and zulbia. It is a popular dessert throughout the country. All-purpose flour batter is prepared and deep-fried in round shapes. Then it’s added into the sugar syrup and cardamon or saffron flavor is added as per requirement. Jalebi is commonly available at any sweet shops, wedding, or other festival occasions. Jalebi and Rabri is a popular combination in weddings. It is served hot and cold with a liquid crystal coating and has a crunchy texture. Sometimes rose water or any other scented water is added and it’s a popular after supper snack in households.

3. Ghevar- Ghevar is a traditional royal Rajasthani sweet. It is generally eaten during the festival. Ghevar is made with clarified butter or ghee and is a common sight at Raksha -Bandhan. It is a disc-shaped chewy cake made with all-purpose flour and soaked in sugar syrup and topped with nuts or milk cream. Ghevar is closely associated with monsoons and people send ghevar to their relatives and married daughters during that season.

2. Falooda- Falooda or rabri falooda is a cold Indian dessert concealed as a drink. It is popularly made with rose syrup, vermicelli, basil seeds, dry fruits, and cold sweetened milk served with kulfi or ice cream. Falooda is chilled, sweet, refreshing, fulfilling, crunchy, and thick in texture. Nowadays there are several flavours available of falooda like saffron, paan, pistachios or black current, etc.

1. Malpua- Malpua or Indian pancake is traditionally made during the months of Ramadan. Other than that, it’s popular throughout India during festivals. The sweet cake of flour and jaggery/sugar are cooked in ghee or clarified butter and sealed in thick sugar syrup. Malpua is also known as the oldest dessert of India with an 8000-year-old history. It is topped with chopped fruits, milk cream, or notes. Cardamon, saffron, or ginger flavor is added to the dish. Malpua is popular in Pakistan where it’s paired with egg.

Desserts are not just mere dishes in India. But, they are a historical asset that has been shared from one generation to the other. A dessert lover should enjoy the taste and the relevance of a dessert in a culture. These desserts will surely make you come back to it.

Do these delicious desserts make your heart skip a beat? If yes, then you surely need to read about the benefits of eating desserts to support your love for desserts even more.

  • It improves the mood
  • A few bites will make you cherish life.
  • Prevents stroke
  • It balanced blood pressure
  • A good amount of carbohydrates
  • It provides different nutritional content to the body.

These tasty Indian desserts give a special and rare excitement when eaten. Everyone desires to endure it and satisfy their taste buds with a heavenly emotion. Don’t just eat them rather celebrate them!