JUST IMAGINE “Differently Abled” people who are considered the weaker sections of society. They are denoted as physically or mentally disabled and handicapped. They are considered to be dependent on people for their survival and run on their daily life. Just imagine our problems getting solved by people, our bread is earned by person of our same age and feeling gratitude for people working for us but innerly losing self-confidence feeling worthless. Who decided their life is useless? and who decided they are weak? who decided they are going to end their lives feeling thankful for people working for them? They are Differently-ABLED, They are into a chronic problem which may be they aren’t getting rid of, but they have the power, the ability to solve it themselves. The one given proper guidance can fly with wings of success. They have the power to make best out of them. They are the strongest people fighting with the world and struggling along with themselves to lead a better esteemed life. They are the PRODIGIES of  the universe we should always be proud of. Those counting in the glory are worth knowing.


Jacob Barnett, one of the youngest prodigies in the world overcomed his weakenesses and landed with a jet of success. He was diagnosed with autism at the age of 2. He was guided by his parents privately and considered he had brilliant IQ of 170, more than Albert Einstein. His interest in maths and science made him passionate towards this subjects and made him mathematician and astrophysicist. He could read college-level astrophysics book at the age of 3. He went to Canada for graduate school at Perimeter Institute where Stephen Hawking taught. It’s  harder to get into Perimeter Institute than into Stanford University, Harvard University and MITs. It was claimed through media that he disproved the Theory of Relativity by Albert Einstein and expanded it. He takes his autism as a boon and says it’s because of it that he is a physicist now, his weakness was his strength. His parents were told that he will not be able to speak. He started speaking 4 languages at age of 3. Being a reasearcher and approaching a Nobel Prize, he is definitely a prodigy.


Oscar Pistorius , whose both legs were amputated when he was 11 months old is called as a “BLADE RUNNER”. He was the tenth athlete to run in Paralympic games and Olympic games. He is a South African former sprint runner. being a Paralympic champion, he tried to attempt international non-disabled competition, when he was objected by IAAF for the unfair advantage of his artificial limbs. He prevailed in this dispute and became the 1st amputee to win non-disabled world track medal in 2011 World Championships in Atheletics.he became 1st double leg amputee to participate in olympics in 2012 Summer Olympics.  He was arrested for convicting murder of his girlfriend in 2013 and was sentenced in 2015 for 6 years. On appeal of longer sentence, he was imprisoned for 13 years and 5 months. The sporting motto of this legend was “you are able by the abilities you have.”  Beside the sporting career, he also started studying Bachelor of Trade and Commerce in Bussiness Management and Sports Science at the University of Pretoria in 2006.


Sudha Chandran, well-known personality in Indian Flim industry who lost a leg due to gangrene in a road accident near Tiruchirappali, Tamil Nadu never kept a setback on establishment of being a Bharatnatyam dancer. An astonished actress, dancer. She started her career as an actress in movies and TV serials of Hindi, Telegu, Tamil, Malayalam and Marathi languages. She was awarded Special Jury Award in 1986. The accident was the toughest period for Sudha, but this was a motivation for her. She kept on working for her aim even after the serious injury to leg. She became Indian Classical Dancer, movie actress and achieved a lot of fame and name.


Ludwig Van Beethoven, a German composer and pianist displayed musical talents at a very early age. Being an esoteric personality in composing symphonies, he was giving an ear to the world being deaf himself.  His compositions are famous worldwide and he was virtuoso pianist. By his late 20’s, he was almost completely deaf and he stopped performing publicly but didn’t give up on composing. His works are admired since then and his melodies are mind-sturning. His loss of hearing was a great challenge before him, but dealing with it made him more courageous. He never knew where it will take him but this made him powerful forever. he lost his ears but he is heared all over the world and remembered and is truly a Prodigy!


Christ Brown was an Irish painter and writer who could write only with the toes of one foot. He had cerebral palsy. His revolutionary  and astonished paintings were famous worldwide. His revolutionized work is carved in his autobiography “My Left Foot”. This great painter never felt the work tough, however this was the most enjoying stuff for him. He was a very passionate man and despiye all problems, he stood firm with his goals.He is a motivation for many painters who are pursuing the career with a perfectly abled body. His health started deteriorating when he married due to unhealthy relationship as per the depictions in his book. Besides all this, his professional life has a sturning effect on people to stand by the goal whatever situation comes.


Nick Vijucic, motivational speaker, with a rare disorder called phocomelia is a great fighter to the situations that life created to him. Borned without limbs made him unacceptable by his parents at first as written in his book but later realizing this is the God’s plan for their child, they pampered him with great care. Being bullied at his early ages in schools, colleges he wasn’t deteriorated from his aim and completed his Bachelor of Commerce degree from Griffith University.He eventually became Australian Christian envagelist and motivational speaker who continued to motivate people from place to place to believe in God and never give up in your life.


John Forbes Nash, famous Mathematician who made contributions in game theory, differential equations and was passionate about everything that appeared to him as codes. The movie “A Beautiful Mind” is the life journey of professor John Nash. He developed mental illness reffered as paranoid schizophrenia. He spent almost 13 years in hospital after which he started focussing on his normal life as a professor at MITs. he was awarded Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences , Abel Prize. Despite his mental illness of chronic hallucinations, he never stepped back but started focussing on his weak points ignoring all the things that kept him back, and thus became a successful story.


An illness can take everything from you and left nothing in you except the point that you believe in yourself. That is perception.He was French actor ,editor and author. Jean Bauby went through a severe heart attack and went into coma at the age of 43. When he woke up, he found he wasn’t able to move, talk. His whole body was paralyzed. He could only blink with his left eye which he took as a productive challenge. He started working on the novel “The Diving Bell and Butterfly” by blinking at the correct alphabet when recited to him. His determination of achieving something in worst situation motivates a lot of people to keep working.


Helen Keller, being deaf-blind, was the first person to complete bachelor of arts degree.Despite of being deaf-blind, she learnt to speak from her teacher by touching her lips and understanding the reciprocating way of her words. She indulged in social activities and is an author of many novels and articles. Her autobiography “the story of my Life” depicted her works for women suffrage, labor rights. She was inducted in Albama Women’s Hall of Fame. Her story inspires a lot due to her never give up attitude. Despite of all the physical problems,constant mental pressure of politics, she never gave up on her social acts. She is surely an inspiring Prodigy every person feel proud of.


Stephen Hawking was an english theoretical physicist, cosmologist and director of research at the Centre of Theoretical Cosmology.He was awarded with Prizes and Medals for his contributions in Quantum mechanics and Science. He was paralysed and suffering from motor-neurone disease. The slow progress of the disease led to his paralysis and he lost the ability to move, see. This fact inspired him even more to work. His wheelchair was designed in such a way that he could connect his words and reciprocate them through the transmitters. His theories has always inspired many scientist and his extraordinary journey to achieve it is even more inspiring and gives hopes to make life meaningful in difficult situations. He is really an esoteric personality and a real Prodigy of Mankind having the brightest mind.