“Some gifts are big, others are small but the ones that come from the heart are the best of all.”

                                   – Tinku Rozaria


Life is a gift for all of us, but when it comes to love, the definition modifies a little. They say money can’t buy happiness. Well, true, but it can surely buy presents for your partner which further puts a smile on their face, and that can surely bring happiness to you.
In a love relationship, ‘sorry’ and ‘thank you’ might not come in the bigger picture but ‘surprises’ surely are the show stealers! Gifts just help in showing love in different ways to your special one. And when it comes to making your girl smile, with a gift it’s more difficult. It is a hell of a task!

Although there are plenty of things that can make her smile wider, deeper, you need to find the one that aptly suits her personality and has a meaning. Finding something like that in this busy hustling world can be quite difficult. Nowadays, when life is so fast-paced and everyone is career-oriented, busy in making their life their way, you still got to make time for the things that matter to you. So here are some things that you can gift your girl on different occasions to make her feel that she is precious!
P.s a fight is no less than an occasion, so tight up against your pants!

We have decided to reduce your difficulty with a handful of unique gifting ideas for your girlfriend who expects you to bring a gift and make her feel special.


 Starting from the easiest yet the cheapest one is the CHOCOLATES, although they are not cheap anymore and you can find a variety of them in the market these days. But since these come in a wide range you got to find the one your girlfriend likes the most, the flavour, brand, smell, etc. Well, scientifically chocolates trigger your brain to be happier and more relieved. You can always choose the sugar-free one or the diet ones if your girl is a health freak. A lover boy should always think wisely!


The soft, pushy toys are the cutest gifts that can make your girl smile. Even I fall for them! And why not? Soft toys make you feel cared for and loved. You know when my bf gave me a teddy, which stretches its arm wide open and there was written, “I love you this much”, my heartfelt like I am the luckiest one in love. The soothing hug with the soft toys is the sweetest memory ever! Trust me, these cute softies work always!


Today girls are more cautious about their attire, what to wear-when-how, seems their priority. They cannot compromise with their looks. Although, After this covid-19 has entered our lives, the last year of 2020 was all about wearing casual clothes. But still, if your girl is very particular about her clothing, you can give her the clothing of her choice.
These days “YOU & ME” clothing is very in….Go for it. She will like it.


 How many of you want your girl to look fit… if not 36-24-36 figure, but healthy and glowing, you can also give her sports shoes. Undoubtedly, now “health is wealth” and you want to bless her with that, gift her some running shoes. I know it sounds different from those flashy party heels but heels are for fun and sports shoes keep one healthy to have fun forever. Sports shoes are available in various styles and colours that will certainly steal her heart.


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 Girls are girls, even if they are equal to men, nowadays. They can not say “NO” to jewellery of any sort. Girls love to wear, mixing-matching, traditional jewellery with western outfits. Give your darling a pair of silver jhumkas, or some rings, or maybe an anklet, She will smile enough!
Since eternity, traditional jewellery, be it silver -gold- copper- or some folk-jewellery associated with some particular always attracts women worldwide. You can buy these online or if you go places, buy them.


Yes, This is something that will work, easily. Gadgets come according to the work you do. Find an appropriate gadget that can help her work more efficiently, in a lot easier way. Gadgets are easier to install and help do things more quickly. Even if not related to work, Gadgets come to make you feel relaxed after work. Go for some music gadgets that play songs of her choice. And let her fall for you more… Make sure to give this one…She listened to Jashn-e-bahara but Dhaakad. Just kidding!


 It always sounded off the grid but nowadays, It’s becoming a trend to give someone some spa-vouchers or channel subscription. A salon/spa voucher will work and so does a shopping voucher, but you have to go with her for that and carry all those bags strolling in the markets.
With a channel subscription…TO say…NETFLIX or AMAZON, you get hours, sitting beside her, watching different genres of life, with all those excellent performances. Imagine watching “32 Shades Of Grey” and then…. You got my point!


 This is the word that comes when you will enter a Lingerie shop to buy some sexy stuff for your gal!
You might wanna surprise her with this, more often. And trust it’s a good investment for you both. But don’t just go for Reds, You know she will look sexier, no matter what colour she’s in!


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Work from home is the most depressing part these days, happening to almost everybody. Although the Covid vaccination has started worldwide but still offices are not open yet as those were pre-covid. And when it comes to being stuck inside a wall for so long, a short surprise trip with you will make her feel thankful. Not if a trip to someplace but a long drive or even a one night stay to some luxury hotel will give her a day-off her work-tensions. But make a sure boy, you got your masks on and get vaccinated before!


This is going to do a pretty big hole in your pocket but for the girl you love, diamonds are a girl’s best friend!
Diamonds have always been a weakness of women. Imagine she is tired doing her household chores or is pissed off with her job-targets, or even if you had a fight with her and always you are the faulty one, Gift her a diamond and patch-up. Although this patch-up is going to be a bit more costly, she will cherish it for life. At the same time, why are you earning if you can’t give her a diamond? Also, Diamonds shows the depth and purity of your love.
Go for LOVE BANDS, but buy only certified diamonds!

These gifts shall always remind her of your love and she will be able to smell your affection for her. These gifts shall always stand as a symbol of your beautiful relationship with her.
Well, this is the list boys always look for, ask for, from their friends or google it, mostly. But this article will give you a clearer look at what you should give to your beloved sweetheart and make her come closer to you, deeply!