Top 10 God’s Greatest Gifts To Mankind

“Judge not the God by feeble sense, but trust him for his grace; Behind a frowning providence, he hides a smiling face”

Man is possibly the luckiest living creature in the universe. From the tiniest proof of his existence, he’s been gifted with so many awesome gifts from the Almighty.

Remember when you were inside the womb of this beautiful lady and you used to kick her every now and then just to make her feel your presence inside? It was the first shelter you were given to, to protect you from any and every dangerous or life-risking environment. Since then gradually as you have been moving on, the supreme power has kept bestowing his showers of blessings on you.

If you will look around and take a deep insight into your own life, you will find that God is passionately busy loving the mankind.

Though the gifts we receive are endless, nevertheless here are some of them listed which will really compel you to thank the Almighty for whatever you have, before wishing for anything else.

10. Nature

Holiday plans!! We all love it. While planning a trip mostly we decide places such as hill stations or beaches. A place where we can enjoy in the lap of nature. The greenery of the forest, the coldness in the mountains and the warmth of the beach. These all are nothing but the bewitching gifts of God. The paramountcy of the time spent in the lap of nature is incomparable to any other feel of gaiety.

When the cold water touches your feet taking away all the pain there within, that solace which can be felt only when you decide to fall asleep in the arms of this enchanting nature.

Even a small walk in the garden or a warm cup of tea on a winter morning makes the inner us so delighted. This contrasting behavior of the universe, like the day for night, summer for winter, rain for drought are the best fancies of nature which are also God’s way to teach us that there is always a joy for sorrow.

9. Friends

“God knew my mother couldn’t handle us both together, so he made him my friend.”

The ultimate truth of life is, friends are that other half of us without which our lives are incomplete. They are the ones with whom we paint the town red and at the same time, they are the ones with whom we have sparring matches.

At times when our ship was going to wreck, they played the role of the ‘CAPTAIN’ and turned around the ship from drowning. With them we have had our best and the worst moments, ending up blaming the other for any wrong. They are the diamonds of our life, truly precious truly valuable, the other form of our siblings are friends, and when you don’t feel like talking to anyone they are always there to back you up.

Just imagine how our life would have been without that helping hand, friends indeed are one of the most valuable presents that the divine being has gifted us which we cherish till our last breaths.


8. Emotions

Your first cry after your birth and your mother’s beautiful smile as a way of welcoming you to this world. The anxiety you felt before the board results. Your excitement when you got your dream college or a dream job. Your astonishment when he knelt down to propose you. The passion you feel for your hobbies. These all add to our emotions.

Emotions are the most vital element of a man’s life, without them his life would be a complete void. Close your eyes and imagine a life without emotions! Not possible, right?? There will be no love, gratitude, expectations etc. Human beings would be completely like robots.

Emotions are those varieties of spices added by God into our lives that gives our lives the real taste. The best part of life is that we can express how we feel. Our smile can bring a smile on other’s face. Thanks for that emotions. Thanks to those expressions.

7. Knowledge

Man of the twenty-first century has stretched his feet from the depth of oceans to the immense height of mountain peaks. Technology in today’s era has made life comfortable and luxurious. Research activities are going on in various fields every day to find new solutions and discoveries for the betterment in all the areas – health, education, lifestyle, administration, defense etc.

Would it have been possible to achieve such great advancements if we weren’t blessed with knowledge and wisdom? Knowledge is power. Mankind has been blessed with the tool of knowledge to give shape to his ideas and device ways to find solutions to his problems. An investment in knowledge pays the best interest!

6. Human Body

Ever thought what would have happened if we were bound to drink with our tongues like cats and dogs? What would have happened if we were as bulky as an elephant? Or if we could just swim, and jump to catch our food like a whale? Life would not have been this easy, right?

The human body is the best work of art of the divine power. We all have been blessed with such amazing organs, senses and vital energy that enables us to be at par with any other creature in this universe.

5. Festivals

The aura surrounding festivals persists till date. They bring together the entire community on the same platform. Offering prayers, feasting heartily, singing and dancing and buying new clothes make us wait for festivals with bated breath.

Festivals teach us to live in harmony and give us an opportunity to get united together leaving all grudges aside.

This is God way to make us happy and celebrate our lives to the fullest with our loved ones.

4. Flaura and Fauna

Look around at those beautiful flowers, those beautiful trees that cover the road to your destiny. Flowers are our companions from birth to our death beds. Then do you hear those birds chirping early morning when you wake up? That’s among the most melodious voice. The sight of the peacock dancing – MAGNIFICIENT.

Animals, birds, plants, and trees are that creatures of the planet whose existence make this earth worth living. Our creator has been successful in gifting us with these admirable creatures which keep on surprising us with their charisma.

3. Creativity

We are ourselves creations. We are meant to continue creativity by being creative ourselves. This is the God- force extending through us. Creativity is God’s gift to us and using our creativity is our gift back to God.

Have you reflected on the fact that how creative the celestial being is? Each one of us has been blessed with unique talents and qualities. No two are alike. There is something creative about each one of us which is the evidence of God’s impartial love for every child of his.

2. Family

You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you. We have our father as our backbone, mother as our shelter and our brothers and sisters as our very first best friends. Here’s from where we first imbibe those values, principles, and culture.

Those stories from your grandfather or grandmother give you an insight of a different world. Parties and holiday with trips with your cousins render you with so many memories to cherish forever. That love and care from your elders and those pillow fights with your siblings give you that comfort and smile, which is hardly possible to find in anything else. Amongst our family members, our happiness is doubled and sorrow is halved. Listening to their voice itself gives peace and refreshment.

They are the ones you can trust blindly, for they never betray you. A family is the God’s perfect gift in the imperfect world.

1. Life

The list for the best gifts cannot start without this amiable thing. All the other gifts are only after this ‘LIFE’. There are different stages that we go through. We are an infant, then we grow to be smart and beautiful teenagers to adulthood, to grown-up men and women and then old us with broken teeth.

We have been gifted this life and the life as a human being is the most adventurous, lovable and full of fun with its ups and downs like the rollercoaster from birth to death. The quality and quantity of a man’s life are far better than any other living creature.

It is sad that many of us don’t live our lives to the fullest. We should make the best use of this wonderful present. Life is too short, a little hope, a little dream and then good night.

We are lucky to have this precious gift and we should be thankful for, not all the walking legs have got the life in the form that we have.


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