Death by any means is always remorseful. Death by means of punishment is even worse. History is evident of so many pathetic and scary torture methods that would really convince you that death is far better than this sort of painful survival.

The ones who have invented such methods have been extremely creative in their approach. They made sure to treat their victims as harshly as possible. The torture before the execution took many forms in the past era. All the efforts were oriented to slow down death and fill each second of the target person with great agony. This not only served as a punishment to the offender but also inculcated enough fear so that no one else could dare the same.

Below are listed 10 such horrible torture methods which would really plunge you into grief.


10. Bamboo Torture


This was a  method prevalent amongst Japanese to execute American prisoners. It included shards of bamboos to pierce through the fingernails of the victim. Bamboo is considered to be the fastest growing plant in the world. In 24 hours it can achieve a growth of 3 feet. The bamboo inserted once kept growing. This caused enormous pain to the person which can be compared to slowly dropping him on a bed of sharp stakes.


9. Rat Torture

Being chawed by rats to death is one of the most painful measures to die. In this method, various rats would be placed on the stomach and chest area of the victim. The victim was tied in a way in which any sort of movement was impossible. After this with the help of a barrel rats would be trapped in the specific area. The barrel then would be set on fire. Rats crazy with fear in order to save their lives would gnaw their way into the abdomen. With the help of their sharp incisors, they used to penetrate through all the vital organs. Sometimes starving rats were employed in place of flames who as a result of hunger would chew victim’s flesh. To make conditions worse, the bodies were slit beforehand.

8. Sitting in the Tub

Sounds lenient? No, it wasn’t. This barbarous method of punishment would once again force that sigh of yours. Here the victim was made to sit in the tub with only is head sticking out. Thereafter his face was painted with milk and honey to welcome flies for some delicious stuff. It doesn’t end here. The victim was fed regularly so as to keep him alive for a long time. Consequently, he was compelled to swim in his own excrement. After some days worms were introduced in the tub which would devour his body resulting into an alive decomposition. Alas! What could be worse?

7. The Breast Ripper

You would be amazed to know that there were various deadly tools used in the past to ease the work of the torturer. Breast Ripper was one of these. This device consisted of two big sharp prongs that were capable enough to tear off the women’s breasts. This method was specifically employed on women who were accused of adultery or self-performed abortion. Another form included either heating or freezing the tool first to rip off the breasts.

6. Lingchi

One of the most brutal methods of torture- Lingchi- also known as a ‘slow slicing’ or ‘death by a thousand cuts’ involved removal of the flesh of the victim’s body slowly with the help of a sharp knife. For a prolonged death it was made sure that the victim doesn’t bleed too much. According to Sir Henry Norman in his book The People and Politics of the Far East, the executioner sliced off pieces by “grasping handfuls from the fleshy parts of the body, such as the thighs and the breasts…then the limbs are cut off piecemeal at the wrists and the ankles, the elbows, and knees, the shoulders and hip. Finally, the victim was stabbed in the heart and his head is cut off. It was applied to those who committed unethical crimes like revealing secrets to the enemy or killing a V.I.P.

5.  The Chair of Torture

Also called as Juda’s chair, this method of torture was used in Middle ages until late 1800 in Europe. A chair full of spikes was used as the main instrument. To avoid movement victim’s arms and limbs were tied. The spikes would eventually penetrate the body. The wound was closed by the spike itself which delayed blood loss. In some versions, certain holes were made in the bottom of the chair where the savage placed coal to cause severe burns. The victim was usually naked causing further humiliation. The chair was never washed leading to serious infections and eventually death.

4.  Sawing

This was an incredibly cruel method used in medieval Europe. The criminal was hanged upside down and then a large saw was passed through his body to slice it in half. The way they were hanged made their brain receive massive blood flow which kept them alive, only to endure more and more. The agony was deepened when the abdomen became a barrier in the saw’s path and the victim was left in that pathetic condition to his fate.

3.  Impalement

Vlad Dracula- under whose reign this method was prevalent in the 15th century, Romania- used to enjoy his meal with this terrific sight. In this ruthless act of punishment, the victim was compelled to sit on a sharp pole. The pole would eventually rise. The person would then move down slowly owing to his own weight. It is indeed terrifying to imagine the pole emerging through different parts of the body of the victim. This punishment was particularly used in response to ‘crime against the state’.

2. Boiling

Even a single drop of boiling water causes so much of pain, right? Just imagine what being boiled alive would mean? The criminal was thrown naked into boiling liquid or cold liquid which was then heated to the boiling point. The liquid could be anything- water, oil, tar or molten liquid. Boiling gradually destroyed skin, fatty tissues and exposed the muscles. The victim went through every stage of being cooked alive. The torturer controlled the position of the victim to cause more pain. Sometimes the temperature was not taken to boiling point but kept unbearably hot to torture the victim even more.

1. The Rack

The rack was used throughout Europe for centuries. The victim was attached to ropes that would be wound with a leaver. The mechanical device tightened the victim’s body dislocating his joints and eventually tearing off the limbs right away. This was also sometimes accompanied by another form of tortures. Fire would be laid down the rack which would extinguish with the downpour of the blood of the victim.