Top 10 Indications that you are Friend-zoned

Updating relationship status on social media platforms is a new trend these days. From ‘single’, ‘in a relationship’ to ‘it is complicated’- social media platforms have all these options for their users to update. It is a shout-out to the world whether or not are they available. But an important status that has still not found its way to the list of relationship status options is the ‘friend-zone’. The most dangerous and the most heart-breaking zone to be, friend-zone is the place that nearly each one of us has found ourselves in at some point in our lives.
The situation where on one hand we are dreaming of spending our life with our love and on the other they consider us to be just a ‘friend’. They either really don’t have any idea about our feelings for them or pretend like they don’t know anything. It’s as if you are stuck in a place where you yourself are not able to figure out if you are available or not.

You see someone, feel attracted towards them and spend a lifetime to be in their good books and to grab their attention. Finally when you have it and you are all excited to express your romantic feelings for them, you end up getting the biggest shock of your life in the sentence ‘but I look at you just as my best friend.’ Suddenly all the instances when you were trying to win their heart and they referred to you as a friend comes flooding and you curse yourself for being over optimistic and believing that every relationship starts off as friendship. It’s heart wrenching to accept the fact that you have been friend-zoned. Here are 10 indications that says that you have been friend-zoned and it’s time to move on to save you from all the pain:


10. No BABY, It is BRO, BUDDY or DUDE for you

When you are romantically involved with someone, it’s natural to call them with sweet nicknames and baby is the most common of them all. But when you are friend-zoned, you dream of acquiring such sweetheart names, but all that’s served to you is bro, buddy or other such friendly names.
‘Hey bro!’
‘It is always a good time with you buddy!’

You get to hear all these phrases very often and the baby league is way too far.

9. You go out, but it’s never really a DATE

When you go on a date, it’s a very special and different feeling. You are nervous and excited at the same time and even though you guys don’t do anything special as such, but you can both feel the beauty of that moment and the romantic feelings associated with it. You don’t want the day to end. But when you are friend-zoned, you don’t go on dates. You simply hang out and all the romantic feelings are just one-sided. All you can feel from your crush’s side is a friendly feeling which you see when they are in in the vicinity of their other friends. No unique, special feelings for you.

8. His/her entire family knows you; you are friend-zoned and family-zoned

When you love someone, introducing them to your family becomes an important and a very difficult thing to do. You are nervous and scared as hell to think if your family will like him/her or and their opinion and approval matters. Oppositely, when you are considered just as a friend no such nervousness creep in your crush’s mind. They very normally and conveniently introduce you to their family and within a short span of time it’s as if you know your crush’s family better than they do.

7. They are constantly setting you up with other people

You guys check out other people together and while doing that, you don’t see a tinge of jealousy in your crush’s eyes. Rather they are very excited to set you up with other people. Initially you thought that they are just pretending to be okay or checking if you are interested in them but wake up! It’s the reality.  They really are setting you up with someone else and the thought of being with you as a girlfriend or boyfriend hasn’t even crossed their minds once.

6. You are the one they come to with all their ‘Crush Talks’

While you can’t stop dreaming about how beautiful life will be with them, they are doing the same with someone else. They seek your advice in all their crush related problems and you are the ears to all the crush related talks that they have to do. You tolerate it all and with a heavy heart listen to everything that they have to say in a hope that someday that will be talking about you in the same manner. They will realize your worth and you will get your happily ever after but that’s not happening any time soon.

5. No romantic hugs, just ‘Bro Greets’

Our gestures and body language speak a great deal about our emotions and state of mind. With friends, we share a different body language while with our girlfriend or boyfriend it changes.
While you wish to be greeted with a romantic hug every time you guys meet, all that you get is a friendly bro greet like a high-five or a side hug.

4. They shrug off all your flirting attempts

They themselves do not make any moves at you and when you do, they shrug it off each and every time. At first you think that they are probably too shy but then it has become a routine and a major sign that you have entered the friend-zone.

3. No extra efforts to look good

Usually looks really matter when you want someone to fall for you. You try to dress your best and look perfect. But when you are friend-zoned, looks really doesn’t matter. You share a great comfort zone and they can probably show up in front of you in pyjamas and loose fitted t-shirts.

2. No signs of any sexual attraction

Even if you guys are in close proximity, when your heart is beating at a racing speed and all you can picture is you two cuddling together, you see no signs of any sexual attraction from the other side. They are way too comfortable with you to such a level that they can easily share a bed with you without any physical feelings as such.

1. They leave no opportunity to remind you how awesome friend you are

Every now and then you get to hear ‘what would have I done without a friend like you.’ They leave no chance to remind you that you are just a friend for them and that you guys have no future as such. If you hear yourself being referred to a friend at least twice a day, welcome to the friend-zone buddy.


All these indications are a reality check that you have been friend-zoned  and that the other one is just not interested in you in the way you wish they were. The more you stay here, the worse it gets. So its better that you accept the reality and get yourself out of this dangerous zone before it ends you up in an emotional unrest that you can’t handle.



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